Episode 123 – Staying Motivated During The Pandemic

Business Growth Secrets Podcast is back with new episodes. Currently, most of the world is on lockdown because of COVID-19 and we are on a strict quarantine at home. How can you stay motivated with the new normal? In this comeback episode, Adam Stott shares how he deals with the lockdown and what do you need to focus in order to get your business successful in these trying times.

Show Highlights:

  • Dan Moses’ breakthrough with his business during the lockdown
  • Adam Stott’s advice on changing the model of your business
  • How can you do your networking online
  • Adam Stott’s experience in creating webinars
  • How to know when to take your business online

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Adam Stott:

Hi everybody and welcome to Business Growth Secrets. Hope you’ve all been doing well. So, I’ve not done many specific podcast episodes lately and I think we need to get back on that trying to share these business growth secrets. What I been doing during this period of lockdown is doing lives every single day in my group, the big business events members network which is a free group, anyone can join and if you’re loving the podcast and enjoying it and you’re not a part that group yet, I would suggest you get over there for sure and really start to listen to some of the content we’ve been putting at has been amazing.

Having said that we’re gonna start doing two podcast episodes a week to keep in touch with all of our podcast listeners from now on, from this return episode. We’re also starting to get the show notes transcribed for you so you can go and check those out, you can read through them and you know, revisit these lessons and really go over everything.

Wanting to do today’s podcast and I wanted to talk to you really about staying motivated and staying on track and I just jumped off a coaching call with one of my clients, Dan and he’s a big breakthrough. I know they all appreciate being called out on the podcast because he’s a listener, his name is Dan Moses. He is in one of our coaching programs called circle and he’s worked with me now for six months and he’s just told me that he’s had a record month in the month of May, a record month for his business which is a property business and education business that helps people to learn how to invest in property and to become successful area.

I wanted to share a couple of the breakthroughs Dan’s had because I hope that it will inspire few of the podcast listeners to you know, to stay motivated. Because for me at the moment, there’s massive opportunity out there. There is massive opportunity for everybody listening and in times of crisis and when things go wrong, you can respond in one or two ways; you can either when the going gets tough, the tough get going and you can really apply yourself and get great results or you can kinda get a little bit down on yourself and think oh my god, you know what’s gonna happen and you know why is this happening to me.

The reality is always there has been a lot of trouble in the world and there’s been a lot of things that been changing and what we need to do is make sure that we change a move with the times and there is no doubt you probably heard the buzz words like you know, the new world, the new you, you gotta change, you gotta transition, you gotta be agile. And I’ve done a load of interviews on other podcasts during this time and they’re kinda the questions that get asked and it’s almost cliché but what I want to do is kind of encourage people. Many, many of my clients are experiencing actual growth and you know more success in these difficult times and you absolutely can too.

So, what is the process for making sure that you’re one of those people to start to get better results? Well, the first thing I would do is everybody at this stage is gonna have a little bit of a change to their model. So, for example, for the past two and half years I’ve been going out and doing a free event and it’s been a fantastic way for me to meet new people and this is Business Grow Secrets. So that’s kind of our funnel for meeting people getting new clients. Going out and doing that free event and meeting tons of people and making an impact on the life and building relationships, and it has been amazing right? It’s been absolutely fantastic, I’ve loved every minute of it, we travelled everywhere.

We’ve gone from a Manchester, to Bristol, to Birmingham, to Texas in America, to all over the place to meet new clients and really worldwide. And that’s been a fantastic way for us to gain hundreds and hundreds of clients over the past couple of years, and thousands of clients over the past couple years and it’s been awesome. Pretty much the same as any other business out there, we were stopped from doing that and we were not allowed to go and do those events and it has been a shame for everyone that loved attending, it’s been a shame for us.

Essentially, what I needed to do very very quickly, and this is something that I did do very very quickly, and part of the reason the podcast has not been as frequent as it should have been recently is because I put all my attention into looking after our existing clients and started to transition to master webinars.

What we’ve done over the past two months is we’ve done tons and tons of webinars and not just the one topic, we did webinars on social media which attracted a great audience of businesses that are up-and-coming and we did a webinar called build your Business From Home. And it was all about what is the fastest most profitable industry the being right now and how can you go there and you know start to build a business in difficult times and it was really really successful and it still is really successful. And then what we found is that there’s a lot of coaches, they want to understand how to do the transition and start to understand how to transition their businesses online so we started doing a webinar called a Build A Coaching based Business.

Off the back of these webinars, we’ve been able to meet more clients than we would have in the free event and it’s been awesome really because we been able to up our productivity we’ve been able to meet more people and we’ve been able to go out there and really create a massive brand and training people we possibly would have never met before because of the restrictions on location.

And what’s was the lesson in this? Well, the first lesson in this is focus you know. We were not doing webinars prior to lockdown it wasn’t our main source of getting new clients. And very quickly because we’ve had a massive amount of focus on the thing that we wanna get working, we’ve been able to go out and pick up hundreds of clients during this lockdown period. And we’ve been able to keep our numbers and the business growth consistent during this period. So really, the first thing you gotta do is look at your model. If your model needs adaption, what you gotta do is deconstruct your existing model.

So, if your model previously was to go out, network to meet more people, and you would a lot of networking and that’s how you got your clients. Well, you do is take that networking online, go and find every single networking group that you can possibly find. You know, you’re good at networking, you’re good at talking to people, that’s how you got your clients previously and guess what, now instead of doing one networking [00:06:14.28] you can do five a day. So, you can up your productivity the same as I’ve done with webinars.

Instead of doing one presentation a day in one location a day, we do one presentation a day but to people from all of the country and all of the other countries which has expanded our reach. So, you got to embrace, embrace the new model that you can choose and if you embrace that new model that you choose, you can start to get some results much much much much quicker and it’s all about focus.

So, at first when you do your first online networking meet and we’re just using that as an example because I’m not encouraging everyone to go out there, I’m saying if your main source was networking previously, you got to go in the first one and is not gonna be successful as it probably was when you meet people face-to-face. But because you can do now 2-3-4-5 networking meetings a day, you’re gonna start to build those relationships very quickly and you’re gonna be at more places at once which gives you that freedom and that flexibility to make it work. So, you’ve got to embrace the benefits of new opportunity.

If you look at events versus webinars well, events are awesome because I get to go and meet people, build relationships, get to know those individuals and build a relationship with them, and you know you can’t beat that because you got a deeper relationship. But the kinda negative of the event is, [00:07:30.22] at one location, you know people got to come out to you know consume the content and get the information whereas on a webinar I can do that all over. I can go worldwide if I want to. So, It’s got different benefits and we got to tap into the benefits of what it is that you want to do.

My advice here is to deconstruct whatever it was that you were doing to get your clients previously, just deconstruct it and let’s see how we can take it online. And that’s kinda secret I wanted to share with you today and very recently I just did an article for Thrive global, really good publication and if you go to Google when you type how to transition your business online by Adam Stott and you’ll see that article and I gave a ton of information and content on how you make the transition and I took a lot more depth about the constructing and deconstructing your activities to get better returns and better results. I think it would be a useful resource for you to go and read that and see it and I think it probably add a lot of value to people out there.

So, whatever it is, look at the transition look at how you can deconstruct your activities, how you can take it online and then focus. Focus on that, push down on it, put more effort into it, put more time into it, make it work persevere because the results really come from perseverance.

You know, if the first webinar I did, it was certainly not the best webinar I did you know it wasn’t anywhere near the best webinar I did, but I had that perseverance where did the first one and the results were pretty good but not exactly where I want them to be, then I did the second one and again maybe they weren’t where I want them to be, then I did the third one, then did the fourth one and I did the fifth one, I kinda listen to the feedback from the audience and before I know it we’ve got 30 webinars under our belt, we got a fantastic model of educating people and helping people and I’ve got ways to reach new people, that impacts people all over the world. I mean that’s pretty awesome right?

You can do exactly the same thing. All you got to do these look at what was your model for getting clients previously, deconstruct it, see how you can take it online, the first step will be you know what are the positives of you actually taking it online and what the negatives. Then what challenges you can come up against, because if you know what the challenges are you know, before you start then you’re gonna persevere because you can overcome those challenges.

As to what I wanted to share on today’s forecast and I’m gonna be doing multiple like 10-15-minute episode of like real direct advice that can help you to go and grow your businesses and get better results and do that very, very quickly because I think that that’s can really provide the listenership with a lot of value. That’s kind of what I want to do right now and I think that you know the podcast this podcast has been number one in multiple different countries it’s been right up there in the UK, in management and business and it adds lots of value.

If you haven’t listened to the early episodes go back listen to them, make sure you subscribed because the amount of content coming to you over the coming weeks and months is going to be phenomenal, I hope you certainly enjoy it, I’m sure you will. And if you haven’t been to one of our webinars, go over to Big Business Events, our website bigbusinessevents.co.uk check out the resources – there’s a new section on their online training. We can get a ton of online training and things like that. There’s some free training on there and theres some free webinars.

Keep yourself motivated right now, I want to help you, I wanna get back to you, I wanna do whatever I can to make sure you stay motivated and you know you stay focus in order to get the results and hopefully you enjoy today’s short episode. And we’re gonna start giving you several short snappy practical advice as well as sharing some of the great interviews I’ve done recently. I did an interview for the Game Changer summit, I did a great interview with another podcast, I have done an interview with the Brits on the Bike Group, loads of stuff. I’ve tons of content to share with you so make sure you subscribe and I look forward to catching up with you very soon thanks very much I enjoyed today’s episode.

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