Episode 132 – Looking Back in the Last 4 Years – Part 2

Big Business Events Members Network is now four years doing service to a lot of businesses across the UK and the world. It has helped a lot of individuals to establish and grow their business. In this episode, Adam Stott is looking back to the most important events, individuals, and companies that have happened in the last four years including events with Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • Some of the different events that Adam Stott has organized and produced in the last four years
  • Adam Stott’s Gold Circle event
  • How Adam Stott is helping people in 4 years through creating meaningful products
  • Adam Stott’s experience in doing events in America
  • Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Helping people to run coaching and home-based businesses
  • Future plans of the Big Business Events in the next four years

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Adam Stott:

Let’s talk about some of the other stuff we’ve done as well like when we first started out 4 years ago, we did the events in Essex, we did the events in London. Very quickly, we accumulated a lot of people in those areas and we started to expand out just helping people in different places and just probably a year and a half ago, we started doing tours and on these tours, we would go to different cities so we went to places like Birmingham, places like Manchester and we went to Leeds multiple times, South Hampton, Dorner, Bristol, and other places as well to meet other entrepreneurs and what we found from doing that is we found some brilliant people that probably never had the opportunity. 

Maybe never because these conferences and seminars and stuff are only you can go to but I do believe that when we run those events, they’re different and there’s a good feeling there. We want to get to know everyone, we build a relationship with them and we got the chance there to speak to a lot of entrepreneurs and bring them to the systems and we’re seeing a lot of people from all over the place get great results in London, Manchester and beyond and as well, we’ve seen people that haven’t necessarily done our programs but have enjoyed coming back to our events again and again and again. 

One of the things I talked to Ross about, just prior to the lockdown happening, was the fact that when we were running events in Manchester, quite often we have 10 or 15 people come back and see them one other time. See, Leslie’s one of those, [01:27] is another one of those, but just the kinds of events, just being a part of it, just enjoy getting to know people and networking and obviously these events got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and when I started off doing them, and that’s a sign that it’s growing and it’s good and something that helps people is when I first started doing events, I remember doing it in Brentwood.

We met some great people in Brentwood but I remember doing an event in Brentwood in Essex where I had 14 people in the room and you’re there and whether you got a thousand or 14 people, you want to go and make an impact, you change people’s lives so you got to go and give it your all but it doesn’t bother me whether how many people turn up but we got to the point in Manchester just before lockdown where we had 350 people turn up to the point where we’re adding loads and loads of seats and Manchester’s been awesome and has been really great support for what we do so a big thank you to Manchester.

London’s always been the same being very, very busy and also, South Hampton, Bristol have been great and the events we’ve ran there have been really busy too so enjoyed all of those and enjoyed going to all those cities and if we haven’t been to your city after this lockdown, when we come out of it, we plan to do so. We want to do more and more and we do want to do continue all the free events and we’re all doing the webinars. 

I still think nothing beats achieving that relationship when you can see someone, you can talk to someone and the great thing is that for people that go into webinars, they’re becoming clients, they’re going to get to an event they can come to, they can mingle or they can meet people, they can create these relationships so that’s pretty cool so we’ve done all that but that will leave you now a lot of stuff.

What else have we done? Other cool events I did a gold circle event where I brought in one of my mentors like Bob and Bob sold his automotive business to one of the upmarket leaders for £450 million pounds and 10 people in the room with Bob asking questions and so that was really cool and I also brought him to the DeNiro event. I brought him along for that and you get a small mastermind for my clients there so that was really, really good. He was awesome and he gave a lot of lessons to people, advice that helped so I enjoyed having Bob at those events and that was cool.

I brought some people in and Joseph was another one that I brought to Gold Circle so Joseph Velante who I brought to Gold Circle enjoyed it so much it’s like hey, how do I become a part of this. I laughed at him and said Joseph, you’re here for me to interview. He said John, oh, I loved it! Why haven’t I become a part of it in Gold Circle and then we ended up in a relationship and I started doing some coaching with Joseph and he’s gone on to do some cool things and he’s doing really well so that was good.

We had James Locke came to my events last year for Business Academy and he did a talk on influencers so did Stefan and on the back of that, me and James created Instagram Secrets which has gone really, really, really well. It’s been a big help to a lot of people so that’s happened as well and we’ve had multiple different ways of helping people across the 4 years and I think this is important too.

As you meet more clients and you meet more people and you discover that they have more needs, that’s when you need to create more product so we had, in the early days, we just pretty much had a 2-day event, we had Business Academy and after that we created Gold Circle for those that wanted to have more exclusive experience then after that, we created Entrepreneurial DNA for those that needed a mind sense of business and then after that, we created other programs like Sales Domination, Social Domination. 

I haven’t spoken about Sales Domination but when you’re talking about Sales and Social domination, they’re like a 3-day intensive training and I did 2 of them in my house, my own personal house. I invited clients there and we spent time together. That was pretty cool and I did one at another house that I got in Hertfordshire which is a massive house and that was a brilliant event. We did the sales domination there and then, more recently, year 3, originally mainly did an event in Amsterdam, went really, really well. It was our first international event.

More recently, we went over to Texas and I hooked up with Damien and we started doing events in America so that’s pretty cool to kind of break into that market. We went into that market, you could say, relatively cold and picked up a lot of clients in Texas, in America, very, very quickly and a lot have embraced our trainings over there and a lot of people have gone over to train with Damien at his house, at his lake house and I had some great experiences. I’ve had times with Damien where it’s just a beautiful place to be and I really enjoyed going over there.

That’s been awesome and then Damien came over in the UK, did lots of training with us over here and in the beginning of this year, we trained with so many business owners and enjoying it like really, really enjoying it. It was lots and lots of fun and it’s been awesome and done lots and lots of cool things and I haven’t looked in the comment in a minute but in the comments, if you’re watching this on Replay, #replay.

If you’re watching it live, you can put live, tell me what your favorite event was and that doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to a Gold Circle event or you came to Rolls Royce or to meet DeNiro or you just loved the free event and you had a great time or you met people you did business with, just let me know. I’ll have a quick nip in a bit, I’ll say hello to everyone.

So, Maxine is saying hello. Hi Maxine, hope you’re doing well so you can take the kudos for me doing this. Ben, how you doing, buddy? Hope you’re doing well. Maxine, yeah, you haven’t gotten me any balloons so Michelle, Cam says hello. Lizzie says hi. Cam’s saying Joshua, DeNiro, Marbella, they’re the ones that he’s liked. I don’t know if that’s all of that in but that’s cool and obviously Cam says he’s done a 650,000 deal back in Marbella. No wonder that is his favorite. He’s matching the New Market sales score.

That’s the thing, for the last 2 years, I’ve ran like an anniversary competition where people run, come win like a really good experience because we didn’t do an event this year, I didn’t do it, maybe that’s something I might have to consider putting in place and Michelle, she says she loves Marbella. I think Chris says he’s late, I didn’t get a notification. Oh, yeah, of course, I took a lot of clients to meet Gary V as well so those of you, I forgot that but Cam’s just putting that in the comments so literally, we took, sorry, I really apologize if I forget anyone but I know that, I can’t remember now but me, Cam, I took Cam and AJ came and I can’t remember anyone else but we had a great time to meet Gary V, he’s really cool.

Go on photos and stuff with him. George says he wanted to come to that, Michelle said Mike’s was brilliant. Beth’s saying Marbella and New Market had been my favorite. Pete saying one event in London, everyone went home to hang out with Ross, Adam, Pete, Cam and Beth, having some beers. It was incredibly insightful but it’s been a great laugh too. That’s when I knew you could, I remember that, Pete! That’s when you came to drink afterwards which is good so Cam said Bob was great. Ben was saying he loved it in Manchester. 

Michelle’s saying [8:39] was a great event. Yeah, that was the first 3-day event with Damien and [8:42] with 100 people there, it was a 3-day event, 100 people for 3 days. Everyone came back for 3 days so it was a great event and everyone really enjoyed it and I enjoyed that event as well and my memory from that event was when, Damien was like and I was speaking and I come outside and Damien was getting a massage outside in the hallway! I’m like you’re getting a massage in the hallway?! How does that happen but there was someone giving massages which was pretty good. Sam was saying he loved Sales Dom. I loved Sales Dom. I always loved doing Sales Dom and yeah, [09:20] so lockdown, you see lockdown happen. 

Beginning this year, myself, Ross and Damien went out with tons of events, met loads of you, like loads of you and I am really looking forward to running our free events. We have 600 people booked on free events, not free events, 3-day events that we haven’t done yet and if you’re one of those people, you’re going to love it. We’re going to put on the best 3-day events you’ve ever seen.

We’re going to have a great time together. I’m really looking forward to it. We got lots of new content to share with people, lots of new things that we’re going to be doing and you’re going to get an even better version. You might be made to wait but you’re going to get the best version of that 3-day event, I promise you and we’re going to have a great, great, great time together so a big kudos to everybody. It’s the way to come to the 3-day events.

The same for everyone in Gold Circle as well, Business academy, during this lockdown, we thank you for your patience. Obviously, we’re waiting, we’re hoping to get this going as soon as possible when we can do live in person. Obviously, we’ve been doing them on zoom in the short term but we can’t wait to get those back in person. They’re going to be awesome events and they’re going to be great. I haven’t really mentioned like in lockdown, so I’ve put all the different things that we’ve done and all the different ways that we helped people in lockdown.

We decided to, one of the things that we were going to do is start helping coaches and we ran home-based business and coaching and we’ve actually got Ben’s coming on the Live tonight and he’s one of those but we’ve gone and got 35 people that we’re helping to build the coaching businesses even more than that but we’re separating some different groups of 5. I’m not quite sure, there might be 50 of them. We’ve helped them start their home-based businesses and their coaching-based businesses so that’s going really well and I’ve been really, really enjoying doing that. It’s a completely new content. We’ve never done it before. It helps a lot of people and I think that’s been awesome. I’ve certainly been enjoying doing that and I’ve also been enjoying the webinars.

We’ve now done webinars. We did webinars last week in South Africa where we picked up a lot of clients from South Africa. I already had clients from South Africa from the time I was speaking there and I always remember when a few years ago, I suppose it might as well been 5 tonight, I did the event out there when there was 2,000 people were there to hear me speak.

There was a queue, not many people, but 500 people went for a photo and that was an awesome experience and the South African people, lovely people, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do an event, a webinar there and we did that myself and did that last week and we’re doing another one for Australian clients tomorrow so we’re going to be speaking to lots of people from Australia, from down under, tomorrow so that’s going to be pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to doing that as well as lots of other countries as well so it’s cool to be helping people now internationally.

Along that line, we’ve helped thousands and thousands of business owners for a period of 4 years. We’ve had great fun doing it, we’ve had great experiences doing it. We’ve changed a lot of lives and helped a lot of people whilst still building a fantastic business so I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a great 4 years.

Lockdown has been a bit of a bugger for everybody but the reality is every one of you come for it and you’ll be back for it to building that business back up, getting it growing, getting it going and starting to get those results. I’m just looking forward to helping every single one of you to do that and I’m hoping to be able to announce some new events very, very soon and we’re able to run as soon as we can and when we do, I’m sure we’ll have a great time doing it and lots more fun in the future so let me know what you want to see more of.

Do you want to see more events like Stan’s event, 3-day, we got 100 business owners working together building their businesses? Do you want to go and get some celebrity experiences? How many of you, what kind of celebrities do you want to meet? What kind of people do you want to meet? Is there somebody that we should be bringing back to the events that you’ve seen speak that you would love to see again or someone that you’ve seen that’s been a part of what we do but you missed them and you’d love to see them again?

Put in the comments if you’d love to have experience like in Marbella or the New Market or you’d like to see something different like a Big Business Events skiing trip. Let us know in the comments and let me know what it is you want to see moving forward because obviously, we’ve got big plans for the future.

One of the things I’ve mentioned a couple of times on this live is that I’ve been writing a book over the period of lockdown which is nearly finished. It’s called Millionaire Business Secrets. It’s an amazing book even if I wrote it, it’s a bit bad. The other books were written very, very quickly. There’s been a lot of time, a lot of attention that’s gone into this book. I think it’s going to be, it’s going to help a lot of people and it’s a brilliant guide on how to become successful in business and get better results so that’s coming soon. That’s a new thing that we’ll be launching soon to everybody so it’d be great so I’m sure that will help a lot of people so I’m really, really excited to do that. 

Chris is saying celebrity plays and good stuff. We’d be looking to do some of those events and stuff like that since we can get that going. It’d be awesome. So, I wanted to do that live tonight. You can thank Maxine if you’ve enjoyed this evening. If you enjoyed it, you’ve watched all the way through, put a comment at the bottom as usual. [14:45] Looking forward to catching up with everybody very soon.

We’re just waiting for the green light to start getting some of these 3-day events going, waiting for the green light to get our Gold Circle and our Business Academy back to doing some in-person stuff even if to start small to start with and it expands outwards. Really, really excited for the next 4 years if, not if, when the next 4 years is even better than these 4 years then we know that we’ve created a great movement. 

If you’ve been a part of the last 4 years, I want to say a big thank you. A big thank you to every single one of you. I hope you’ve really enjoyed being a part of what we do. Also I hope you got a lot of value out of it, you got lots of connections. I want to say there’s some of these success stories.

One of the things that we do in the group is the bounce back series where we can interview some of the Gold Circle clients about their experiences during lockdown so that should be made in the short term knowing that the long term, we’re rocking and rolling and after lockdown, we’re going to be seeing great things together so you can look forward to some great experiences so you, too, can have some experiences like that if you haven’t already so big, big thank you to everyone this evening for coming on. I look forward to catching up with you soon. I hope you enjoyed tonight’s love. For me, that will be dinner time. See you soon everybody! Thanks very much!

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