Episode 133 – Boosting Confidence to Achieve Success with Daniel Moses Part 1

Transitioning from your 9 to 5 job to doing your own business can be a challenging task that’s why we use different tools that we can get our hands on. For Daniel Moses, he managed to get his property business up and running with the coaching and mentoring of Adam Stott. In this first part of a 2-part series, Adam Stott and Daniel Moses talk about the importance of mentoring, coaching, focus, competence, and how being blessed and blessing to others can be a formula to success. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • How Adam Stott started coaching and mentoring Dan Moses
  • Adam Stott’s dream of having a business and his own boss when he was just starting
  • Investing with yourself with coaching and mentoring
  • How Dan Moses developed his confidence in business with Adam Stott’s guidance
  • How Adam Stott earned 50 million by innovating and using social media
  • Also how Dan Moses upped his property business to the next level
  • Importance of confidence and the primary reason why people are not confident
  • Why focus is one of the biggest part of someone’s success
  • Setting up a winning belief system and how coaching can help with your competence

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Daniel Moses:

Hello, everyone! Welcome on today’s live business and property conversation with Dan Moses. Today, I’m so super excited, guys, that I’m really, really fired up. I’m so super excited because my journey, obviously, most of you already know is quite the experience, a very interesting one.

I’ve gone out and have this friend go and learn about property and at the back of learning how to property, I wanted to scale my business. I wanted to take my business to the next level and one of the things is I love teaching people how to do property but once you do get in to property, then you realize, it’s not about property. It’s a business. You’re starting a business so on this journey, quite nice for me for starting a business and running my business very, very efficiently.

I met the man himself I’m interviewing today who  happens to be my business coach and mentor and I’m so super excited because he’s quite very busy, very, very, very busy person and in order for me to get him here tonight, he’ll be sharing his stories, his journey to motivate and inspire and for those of you watching me right now and watching us right now, it wasn’t easy but again, we got him here due to the fact of how he cares about people he deals with so I’m just kind of quickly share who is Adam Stott.

So, first of all, Adam Stott has taught me, he’s made me who I am. I’ve been working with him since January 2020 and he’s actually transformed my businesses and Adam Stott is an entrepreneur, he’s a business owner, he’s someone who has helped people build their business. It’s from nothing into something. He’s a multimillionaire. He’s also a member of the Ford Council. Adam has been in business for 15 years in his industry and trade. He has proven strategies and how to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He’s very innovative, I must say, very, very innovative. I call him the sales king. I call him the sales king. He’s super motivational and he has been featured in different national TV documentaries and business success stories and so on. Without further ado, I’m going to be welcoming Adam Stott. Welcome!

Adam Stott: 

That’s a lovely introduction, Dan, so well done, buddy!

Daniel Moses:

I can write a book about you. 

Adam Stott:

Alright, then, I don’t have to introduce myself. That’s awesome! Thanks, buddy.

Daniel Moses:

I can write a serious, serious book about you.

Adam Stott:


Daniel Moses:

Welcome to this live business conversation with myself, Daniel Moses on today’s Instagram, sorry, on Facebook. Adam, do you want to quickly share with the audience watching you now? Tell us your name, who you are and a little bit about yourself.

Adam Stott:

Dan kind of shared a lot of it, really, the things I’ve done and different achievements but my name is Adam Stott. Just an ordinary chap from Essex but I’ve managed to create such really extraordinary results just to be able to get myself the right coaching and the right training and all of you, at the moment, that are listening, you are in a journey. Wherever you’re at in that journey or just somewhere along that journey and I’ve been on that journey for a long, long time now in terms of building my businesses and building my results.

What I do now and what I’ve been doing for the last 4 years is with my company, Big Business Events, is help people to grow and build businesses and it doesn’t matter if it’s someone right at the beginning of their journey where they’re just starting up or they’re super successful already and they just want to get to the next level so someone like Dan came to us and we met at training and, for us, we’re always looking to spot people that’s talented, somebody that’s got passion and enthusiasm.

Dan certainly got that and a network of where he’s helping people and for me, working with someone like Dan, is easy and a dream because we can look at what Dan’s doing and we can say you’re doing great stuff but we need to tweak this here or we need to change this here and amend it and the results are going to come very rapidly after that and we do that for experience because I’ve been in business a long time. Some of the things that I’ve done that Dan didn’t mention is, for me, in my first business, I mastered social media, I built up a huge following, the biggest following in the industry that I was in worldwide.

We used social media and sold £50 million worth of products and services in that business and I used some of the lessons that I’ve learned on that journey to go and teach that to other entrepreneurs so for the past 4 years, when majority of people first meet me is because they want to get more clients or they want to get more leads or they want to build their business and then, very quickly, because I built a business up to 40 million in revenue, I’ve had hundreds of staff and I’ve had that stress and those process of building that up and I had to do it more efficiently.

That’s what I love doing, that’s what I am. I’ve done lots of things in terms of writing books. I ran events all over the world and we run events very, very regularly where we train people in multiple different areas of business and growth. We don’t do property so I’m not somebody that trains people on property, I train people on business and Dan is the property man. You want to work out your property, you go to Dan. You want to understand how to build that into a business then that’s certainly something that we can help it and we help people to do. 

Daniel Moses:

Fantastic, fantastic. Adam, tell us a little bit about your journey, your story.

Adam Stott:

A little bit about my story is pretty much similar to, depending on how far you want me to go back here Dan.

Daniel Moses:

We got one hour.

Adam Stott:

We don’t want it all in one story.

Daniel Moses:

A little bit, just the main stuff.

Adam Stott:

I started my first business in 2008 and in 2008, I was just someone who was full of passion, full of drive. I had a few skills, I was very [05:57] I had a great sales career but I wasn’t somebody reaching highest but I always dreamed about having a business. Always wanted to be my own boss, struggled to conform at times, certainly at school. Left school with no qualifications. I can’t ruin my career because I was very, very driven in terms of my corporate career but I made that leap when I was about 25 years old. I was going to start on my first business and I went on and made that leap to go and start my first business.

Very, very quickly, I found out that that was a very, very big cliff that I just jumped off because I realized I had a couple of skills and the skills was I was good with clients, I was good with sales, I looked after people but I realized I didn’t know anything about marketing. I didn’t know anything, in 2008, about finances and didn’t understand management. Didn’t understand recruitment, teams, leadership. I didn’t know that stuff and I had to go on this journey and I really took it seriously in that, you know what, I’m only going to be as strong as my weakest link.

I really worked hard on myself in terms of understanding finance, in terms of understanding how to raise finance. In terms of understanding how to build business, how to increase sales, how to drive sales teams and I just went on this self-discovery journey where I. invested massively on myself, hundreds and hundreds and thousands of pounds on mentors and trainings and off the back of that, some frustration in there, it wasn’t a dream journey but I started to breakthrough and then.

I continued to break through and the results started to follow and very quickly, before I knew it, my first year, I built the business into a million in revenue. The second year was 2.9 then it went to 4.3 and then it went to 6.8, 13.9, 22.9, £23.6 million pounds and we built this kind of empire and I built this empire with hundreds of stuff and did really, really well in the business but then also realized that I had a different passion and that passion was actually helping and training people and I started to get into that world and really.

I found my passion after building that empire and going through that challenge. To I bring all these skills I’ve learned to other business owners and help them build their companies and then for the past 4 years, I’ve been building a very, very fast growing events company that’s got thousands of clients in business.

We got clients all over the world, clients in South Africa and Australia. Got clients in America, got clients all over the UK and we built that company up to go and help people that want help and want to go to that journey and one of the quality, what we do, what I do is I deal with improving processes and systems and I’m a business owner first and speaker second.

Everything I’ve learned in business, in the trenches, in real life, I’ve had brilliant times, I’ve had bad days as well where things go wrong. I’ve been at the beginning where I’ve not known how I’m going to pay the wages, not know how I’m going to pay a £2,000 wage bill to then actually not knowing how I’m going to pay £450,000 wage bill and I’ve had those ups and downs and I’ve had massive results and I’ve had bad times as well.

The key is you start off kind of trotting that journey and when I meet a business owner that goes on as well, is I’ve already been there and I had those experiences and that’s where I can really help people in a big way is by looking at where they’re at, seeing their frustrations and then showing them the process to get to that next level and one thing I’m really, really good at is obviously understand how to market your business.

If you want to get more clients, you want to get more leads, you want to get more sales and very quickly, we can be able to help anybody to do that to get those results. As long as they’ve got there, they’re a keen learned, they’re someone like Dan who has passion and enthusiasm and makes things happen, then that’s the perfect client that we work with.

Daniel Moses:

What a fantastic, fantastic insight. One of the things about people in business is when did you get started in that business is one of the thing is a lot of people do go out and look for how to start and how to get that momentum but thing is, you want to be having the right type of coach. You want to be having the right type of training and so on and most people, most trainers out there really haven’t worked.

They just got a little bit of success and they’ve gone out to do it so you want to be dealing with someone that actually worked the work, done the work and still doing the work and helping yourself and this is very, very important that you have to have the right type of coach and trainer and obviously, when we first met last year, I think about this time last year I first met you, the moment we met, I just knew. This is the man to take my business from point A to point Z. I’m here.

I’m not going anywhere and just 6 months of working with you now, things have changed from even the last time we met before the lockdown and my business and properties changed, my training business is changed. Everything about my current organization is massive like I can’t believe it. I wake up every single morning and I’m like how did this happen? God, how did this happen? I’m just laughing because one of the things, I must say, that you’ve done to me, not just a business coach, not just someone who is helping my skill, is the mindset, the belief system.

One of the biggest challenges that I had when I first got started was I have this terrible African-Nigerian accent and that couldn’t stop playing in my head and you said to me, Dan, are you going to keep looking at me every single day and you’re going to say that? That’s changed everything and 6 months down the line, I believe in myself so much so I want to say a big, big thank you, Adam, for doing that. 

Adam Stott:

My pleasure.

Daniel Moses:

You told us about your journey. Obviously, you mentioned back when you got started, what made you choose the business that you’re currently in and how did it get started? How you built Big Business Events?

Adam Stott:

That’s a good question. With Big Business Events, what happened, and thanks Dan, that’s awesome what you just said is I love helping people with that mindset because you shouldn’t let anything hold you back. Whatever the story you got in your head that you’re telling yourself that’s stopping you from getting where you want to be, you just going to replay that story and it’s really, really important. If we replay that story as more positive, it doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter who you are, if I can do it and Dan can do it then you can too. That is the reality. All you need is a bit of information, a bit of guidance and you’ll get the result and you’ll get there and that’s what I really believe in.

In terms of starting big business events, I was running, at the time I first started, I was running my automotive business, we’re selling thousands and thousands of cars per year, had hundreds of staff and I started to do some really innovative things and I was starting to do things that people haven’t seen in the industry before and one of the things that I did is, this is where it comes back to the mindset, every December in this industry, the whole industry shuts down, and everybody’s like December is going to be terrible because it’s just a terrible time to run your business and nobody buys cars in December and at the time.

I had a really good coach and he asked me a different question because he comes sits me, how are we going to make December great? I said I don’t know, I don’t know how you’re going to make it great, I’m going on holiday. It’s just terrible every year and he turned around and said Adam, that’s not like you. You don’t know the defeat, that’s your mentality. You don’t know defeat.

Even though you were going to make it great in December, how would you make it great? That’s the question he asked me and that’s a great question because a lot of time, we can get into a belief pattern and we’re asking ourselves the wrong question. Why is this happening to me? Why am I not getting where I want to be and if you just replace the question, instead you ask a different question that says how can you make this great? How can I make this a great learning experience?

So I turned around to him and said, in December, if we were going to make it great, we have to do something really different. So we have to tap into that audience and the mentality that people have in December so he asked me a different question, he got a different answer and we started to focus.

We decided that we were going to hold this huge event and we’re going to hold this huge event in December in a car showroom and we literally cleared out the cars because no one was interested in cars and instead. So we brought in a giant ice skating rink and we put this ice skating rink in the center of the showroom. Then a couple of celebrity friends that I have to come in and speak, meet and greet. I got real owls so I got people walking around with real owls and then we got real reindeers so people are going around with reindeers and we gave away free candy floss, free mulled wine. We invited the local businesses, put marquees out and allowed them to do business there and we got a choir in and every Christmas thing you can ever think of.

In fact, you got Santa’s grotto in the showroom and we had a line of children, 2,000 children went in line for free presents and what happened was, the result was, we had 5,000 people visit this showroom, one of my 5 showrooms, and out of the 5,000 people that visited, we went on to sell, at 5,000 people, around 350 cars to people in December which is unheard of and off the back, I’m investing about £40,000 pounds. We were returning hundreds and hundreds and thousands of pounds in revenue.

We had the best December we’ve ever had and what happened was I told that story in a lot more detail and by the way, not everything was perfect. The reindeers pooed everywhere. The candy floss went all over the cars. There was a few, not everything was perfect but I told that story to a friend of mine and they asked me to come speak on it and they found it to be really innovative and it went into a lot of magazines, it went into a lot of media, it went into the press and so I went and spoke about this topic and I really actually enjoyed telling this story and I found that people I talked to initially, innovation.

How do you create innovation in a marketplace and how do you do things differently from everyone else and the principle was, instead of thinking inside the box, don’t think inside the box, don’t think outside the box, tear the box up and throw it away and I created this really cool thing and I went and spoke on it and it got really great reception and I was asked to speak on it a little bit more and I met a coach myself from America.

I started to work with that coach and he asked me to go speak in LA and I went to speak in LA and I got to kind of fulfill this lifelong, I’ll say, it was a lifelong dream. I didn’t ever think it would happen but he asked me if I wanted to come and interview Al Pacino and I interviewed Al Pacino live on stage and then I went and did an event with a load of other celebrities. People like John Travolta and 50 Cent and I just started loving this amazing transformation and lifestyle from being this guy running a big commune in Essex to actually being this guy that was helping people and inspiring people and getting results and the market conditions changed in that business and I made the decision to step out of that which was a difficult decision.

It’s a surprise decision for a lot of people to pursue this career but I know, this is the thing, sometimes everyone around you can tell you they’re in the wrong thing but sometimes you just know in your heart what’s right for you and I made this decision so I went off and I started Big Business Events and the first event I ever ran was with a friend of mine, I was actually in touch with him yesterday.

Great guy, Lee McQueen, who won the Apprentice and he said to me, Adam, I’d love to come run an event with you and we did this event, it went really well and we picked up some clients and then, these first clients we picked up, they were like Dan. They were really, really good people, really motivated and funnily enough, I was speaking to another one of them today, a guy called Adam Walker and Adam, we worked with, he was in the beginning of his journey.

He was an estate agent, he owns a really good estate agent called Walker Estates and Period Homes and Adam’s like a real A-player and we transformed Adam’s business and he did really, really well and he went on to become Britain’s best estate agent off the back of my training when I tell him to optimize his business and there were many more like Adam.

We started to kind of wrack up all these different success stories, all these talented people that listen to the advice and the guidance in our coach and we started these huge amount of success stories and off the back of that, we just kept getting more people to come, more people to come. People discovering us because of that, because of the results we were getting from other people and the business just grew and we started getting millions of revenue in that business and growing that business, we took it international and we’ll be doing international events and that business has grown massively over a period of 4 years as well and if you do the right things, you get the right results.

That’s the reality and if you put your client first and you see how you could really, I focus not on the money but instead on changing that person’s life and now, I know that that person, they’re not going to worry about the money because their life changed and then everybody wins and I think creating those win-win results really works out.

Daniel Moses:

Absolutely. That’s one other belief system I recently discovered on a book I recently read, How to Think like a Billionaire. It says even in the Bible or religious books, concepts saying you want to be blessed not for the money but blessed to be a blessing to others so one other thing I can say to you, obviously, you are blessed, man and you’ve been a blessing to many others.

People like myself; imagine, when I started, when I wanted to do property, I wanted to do it on a small scale and I met you and I have a conversation with you and you’ve changed that. You officially changed that and actually, today, I just bought a property valued at £453,000 and on the back of that, during this lockdown when people are complaining, I knock on the other to work for 1.4 million just on the back of me and you so when I first met you, I remember, when I first met you, it wasn’t like that because we had that sort of personal conversation.

One of the things that you did was Daniel, this is me, this is my journey. I’ve been broke, I’ve been this, I’ve been that, but I’ve gone to do something extraordinary and I have over £55 million pounds in revenue and I’m like what?! Because I’ve never met no one in my life, before I met you, I haven’t met physically on a one to one level who can show me that amount of success so when I met you, obviously, you literally changed my life. How does that happen?

One of the things is confidence. I love people asking and I’ve now been in the property space for about 3 and a half years and initially, since generally this year, I’ve taken my education and completed my portfolio and now buying properties to the next level so if someone had told me, I would be where I am in terms of being able to now position myself in the right way of thinking, you don’t do property but you’ve got me thinking in the right way where I know where I’m going and listening to that and transforming that.

This problem is confidence. People want to start but they don’t have the right type of confidence so how would you, obviously, I love my followers and I love my followers watching me right now, watching this interview from my page of newbies, new people thinking about what kind of business is out there. You sold over 55 million revenue, how did you manage to do that and after you set that, I want you to touch a little bit about confidence. How can they build confidence?

Adam Stott:

Confidence comes from competence. Whenever you start something new, you are not competent in it, therefore your confidence is low. Every single person is watching, no matter who they are, no matter what they’ve done, whether they feel that they’ve achieved nothing or whether they feel they’ve achieved great things. This is the reality: there are topics and things that you know much more about than I know about and the same for them and you’ve got a level of confidence when you speak about that and you discuss that because you’ve either had years of training or years of experience in that area and that’s why you’ve got the confidence in it.

Sometimes, since people talk about confidence, they’re not confident in business or they’re not confident in property. Why? The only reason you’re not confident is a lack of knowledge and the problem is you can go to do something and you’re like what is this? What is that? And the fear comes in.

Now, the fear comes in, the fear comes from the unknown. It’s when you don’t know what is the other side so you don’t know what’s going to happen, what it looks like and then fear comes in and that affects your confidence and it brings your confidence down so the only way that we can excel in the areas that we want to excel and raise our confidence is by getting the knowledge because the knowledge will bring the confidence which will bring the competence which means we will take more actions which means we will get more results so this is the reality.

You’ve got to study and you got to earn your subject. It’s not enough to dip your toe in the water. That’s what I’ll say. I’m totally transparent and say, I wanted to master social media and what did I do? Did I go and dip my toe and did I do a training course on social media? Yeah, I did every single training course out there. I read every single book out there. I studied every person, I asked every question. Why? Because for me, that was the thing that was going to get me from where I was to where I wanted to be and for many of you, that will be property and that’s the thing.

When you have to study every single thing about property, you have to know. You have to know the inside out, you have to build up your knowledge and that will build up your confidence and then you’ll start to take more action and before you know it, you’ll become an expert in the subject because you put the time and the effort into it. I heard of a really, really interesting stat the other day and this interesting stat, if you spent 4 hours per night watching TV, on average, the average adult human will spend 19 years consecutively watching TV. 19 years and people tell you they don’t have the time? The average adult watches 4 hours of TV per night. On that basis, you do have the time. It’s choices.

It’s choices so if you want to become more successful, start making different choices and if you make those different choices, you’ll get different results. It’s like tonight, for me, I did a webinar at 2 o’clock where I have tons of people who I was coaching, I had a webinar at 6 o’clock, I had tons of people in that and doing this at 8 o’clock and I’ve also had, in between those 6 hours’ worth of conversations I’ve been having, I’ve had multiple different coaching and training I’ve been training people on and helping people but you know what?

I still bring the energy and I still bring the passion because I know that there’s other people that will listen to tonight that I know I might be able to make a difference to and that drives you and you don’t have to worry about your business and the nice way of putting your time and your effort to help people get results and then you get results so whatever it is you’re searching for, own it and then, the confidence will come. The problem is, most people will do, is I’m going to learn a little bit about property and I’m going to learn a bit about [24:41] and I’m going to learn a bit about social media.

Daniel Moses:

They will be all over the place now.

Adam Stott:

Focus. Focus is one of the real keys to success and let me tell you this, no matter what I’m training on, no matter what I’m training on, focus is a big part of it because this is even when I’m training people on social media, people say I’m doing this on YouTube, I’m doing this on Tik Tok, I’m doing this on Instagram, I’m doing this on Facebook and I want to do this and I want to do that and I’m doing a little bit of LinkedIn and the logistics is bad in all of it. Put your focus and attention into the one thing and the results will come from the one thing you’re trying to master and then you’ll get there but there’s no magic wand.

It’s hard work and if you put the hard work, then the results come and this is the thing, most people, I think this is it, like Tony Robbins, many years ago, I remember him saying most people underestimate what they can accomplish, overestimate what they can accomplish in a year but underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade and that’s so true for me because over a period of 10 years, I built a business from 0 to £40 million pounds in revenue. I didn’t think it was going to get there, I didn’t know I was going to get there, I just know that I was relentlessly focused and actually, when I had to come out of that business, the reason that I came out of there is because my focus has changed and I was like I can’t do this anymore.

I’m going to do something else and for me, it was about the challenge and sometimes, it’s about that challenge and now, my focus is purely on helping business owners and helping business owners grow and growing my own business in that space and if you really attune yourself to becoming more focused then your success and your results and your confidence is going to grow. 

Daniel Moses:

Interesting you said that you’ve just been on a, there’s 12 o clock and 2 o clock and I was actually 1 hour 45, there’s 2 hours webinar and I was there on that live channel and I had a webinar as well for rent to rent. Rent to rent for those who are looking to get inside the strategy and how they can make money from [26:50] and 15 minutes before, then I sent you the invitation for this so literally, this says if you want to be successful, go and be in the surrounding of 5 or 4 people so you can become the 5th so literally, I was on your webinar, you was on a webinar 6 o’clock and I just finished at 7:45. Literally, when I was on the webinar, I told the people I had a massive, massive turnout.

I said I got to go because I’m meeting my business coach so for those of you who know, make sure you follow me on social media because we have over 60 people attend and I said come on social media and come and listen to me interview the man with the magic fingers. So, how can they build their belief system? Belief system is one of the biggest killer of business ambition so how can people build a belief system? That can allow them to go out and accelerate and even get started on any property or social media business or whatever the case, how can people build a strong belief system?

Adam Stott:

I think the first thing you do is identify what you believe. You got to know yourself and whatever the things, you’re telling yourself this recurring story in your head about everything and there’s things that are holding you back. First of all, if you identify what’s holding you back and if you understand what’s holding you back, this is the thing where coaching comes in. When I kind of heard about coaching and growing and getting a coach, for me it was like I don’t really know if I want to do that because I was in the mentality that I wanted to do everything myself. That’s the truth. I kind of felt like I was on this mission.

I had a point to prove and I kind of wanted to do everything myself and I think somebody that is a very good coach can very quickly, when I spoke to Dan, I don’t want to go over everything. We’ve obviously had private sessions and in some of those private sessions, I see the passion, I see the enthusiasm, I see just a couple of things and those couple of things could have been very detrimental to him doing really, really, really well and when he said Adam, you’ve done things for me and this is great, but the reality of it is, what I was able to do is actually pinpoint some of those beliefs and he probably couldn’t pinpoint himself.

He didn’t quite realize that was the thing that was holding him back but what I can see and I can attribute that to his business and I look at the growth and I can understand it and I could pinpoint, I said look, this is the issue. He’s like shit, that is the issue and then that’s kind of like the light bulb moment but then, even the light bulb moment, it’s best to get a coach that gets you to get there but even that light bulb moment, you got to do something. In order to succeed, you have to change so now, we become aware. First stage, become aware. After we become aware, we’ve got to do something where you say look, I’m not prepared to accept that this is going to get in my way anymore and I’m not prepared to accept any different.

If you’re listening to this tonight, a lot of you, I don’t know but I can tell you there is no difference between you and between me. There is no difference between me and between Dan. There’s no difference between you and anyone else. The only difference is that the person that’s succeeding has probably been a little bit further on their journey and they’ve been through these challenges that you might be experiencing right now and that’s why a coach can help you so much. They’re just going to give you that great shortcut where you can go from where you are now to where you want to be so I would say you got to identify the beliefs that you got in your head that are holding you back.

You then got to replace that belief with a different belief that’s going to empower you and get you to start out there and making it happen and then, when you do that, you’re going to start to see different results and then you’ve got to commit to actually continuing and not going back to where you were and going out and this is the thing, when people say to you, there’s a lot of sayings in the industry.

In the speaking industry and one of the things that makes me different a lot of the time is I like to go deep and explain to people things in a deep level so when they say, if someone says to you, you’re as successful as the people you’re surrounded with; well, this is the reality, what people mean by that, is when you’ve got somebody, if you’re hanging out with me or you’re hanging out with Dan and you’re hanging out with someone who’s on a different level.

What actually happens is not actually what I say, it’s not even what Dan says, it’s actually that you see that actually, this is possible and let me give you an example in that, if I take you back to when I was younger, and my situation, when we’re growing up, my dad had a financial crisis back in the recession in the 90s and we lost everything so my family went from being wealthy to being literally living in a transport cab and I don’t usually share that. That’s kind of what happened.

That was a transition what happened and I used to go to school and at that time, I was at private school so we were literally, listen, we can’t take you to private school and I went out to go to a public school and it was like my whole world had fallen apart. I don’t cry over that. I’m glad I went to a public school. I don’t like being in a private school but that’s what happened.

My whole life’s changed. Yet, when I was mixing with other people and I met these other people, I had some good friends and started going around the houses and they have better houses than me and their house has a swimming pool, they had this and they had that and I started to think, if it’s possible, why haven’t we gotten that? It made me ask different questions and if it’s possible that they can do this and they can go and enjoy this and they can go, why can they go to America and we can’t?

Then you start asking questions and then, as I got older, it kind of lit a bit of desire inside of me to say you know what? I want my kids and I want to be able to do things that I want to do and I think that anyone, it’s just that getting around other people that are playing in that high level that succeed differently to you, once you get into that network, then you start to go, you know what? I can do that too and you start to realize that, and sometimes that can be uncomfortable. Sometimes that can be uncomfortable.

Sometimes you can feel like a fish out of water and sometimes you can feel like oh, am I in the right place? But if anyone that’s stretching you, if somebody’s stretching you and getting you to see things differently and showing you an example of how you can grow, then that’s the kind of thing you want to do. You want to get into that environment and this is the reality, if you are spending most of your time looking down and you’re spending most of your time looking down and you’re helping everyone below you and everybody’s coming to you for advice all the time and all you’re doing is looking down and you’ve got no one to look up to.

I’m afraid you’re not going to go up. You’re going to actually go down rather than up because you’re going to go down rather than up so you need information, you start looking up, getting around the right people and as you get around the right people, it will change your beliefs, it will change the way you think, it will change the way you act and it will change the way you believe in yourself, it will show you what’s possible and when you understand what is possible, then you’re going to say why not me? Because there’s no difference between you, me, Dan, anyone. 

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