Episode 143 – Making It Happen and Producing Results

The decisions that you make today is the one that will shape the next few months, years or even decades. Have you been getting out your message with videos or a live broadcast on Facebook? How about Facebook ads? These are things that can help you and your business get the message out and one thing should be clear, you have to make it happen now. In this episode, Adam Stott shares how important for you to do and make it happen to start producing results because success isn’t going to wait for you.

Show Highlights:

  • How Adam Stott uses ads effectively
  • If you want to succeed, you have to try things that can give you a voice
  • How the Big Business Events Facebook group started
  • The sooner you start, the sooner the results follow. The later you start, the longer it takes for us to make it happen.
  • How important to use social media to distribute your products and services
  • Delivering results by being consistent about the stuff that you put out

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So it’s something that we all need to be looking at doing right now. It sounds so crucial to find your voice. For everyone that’s watching the scene, there’s quite a few of you that watched in, you know, tell me what stopped you.

Let’s gets some activity, let’s get some engagement, let’s get some interactions all right? If you haven’t used video, or you’ve not gone out there and you’re not spreading your message and you’re not being consistent and you’re not getting yourself out there, put your life – tell me a little bit about what the reasons might have been in the past and we’ll see if we can overcome some of those reasons and if you are using it and you’re using it right now to go and have conversations with people, then tell me about some of the benefits. So like, you know, what’s it done for you? 

And when I did – me and Chris, we did an interview earlier and Chris won the video challenge, fair play to in full respect so congratulations in that. For [0:00:44] say, well done Chris. He did a really, really good job because he had lots of fears around it and they overcome them. And this is the thing, we’ve heard this before, but every part of your success is on the other side of your fears. It’s that simple. The only — everything that we’re afraid of is really what’s stopping us from reaching our potential. And we don’t want anything to stop us from reaching our potential as entrepreneurs. When would now be a good time? Right now, right? 

Okay, so this is the thing, this is how easy and how quick it is to go and start communicating. You go, and you pick up your phone and you go and do it and you get it done. Will it be good? No. It’ll probably be terrible, but it’ll be over quicker than it started and it will be done. And that would be a great time. And, and you’re saying about investing in ads? You know, if you invest in ads, “Oh, it’s just such a big opportunity. It’s just — is — that’s the way other — you know, it’s so easy, because if I’m sitting on the other side of it, it’s really easy for me to say that, but I do understand that people got fears around it. 

But if you go back to when in 2008, when I started my first business and I was stuck in my tiny little office that was paying 300 pound a month for the, I didn’t know where my next customer was coming from. I didn’t know where my next client was coming from. I didn’t know how I was going to make a sale. All I know is I wanted to succeed. And I think that’s where you got to know is, if you want to succeed, okay, you just got to say, “Right, look, I know that I want to succeed. And therefore, if I want to succeed, I’ve got to go and try these things because I’ve got to make sure that I’m trying them and I’m assessing them.”

It’s always better if you can get advice and professional advice and professional coaching and professional guidance on the things you should – you could try, but I’m telling you now at least so that, you know, absolutely, you know, go and give it a try. Go, and uh go make it happen and go and get it done. And if you’ve got to set a date, set it very, very soon and just make it happen. The problem is when you set a date, is now you’re going to be, you know, your fear is going to move to the date, “Oh no, Tuesday is coming up. I don’t want Tuesday to come.” You know, and it’s going to come up very, very quickly and we’re going to find a new excuse.

Funny enough, I had Danny here the other day, Danny is one of our clients that’s just made 7-Figure Business Club. He’s worked with us for a year, he’s done over a million in sales. So big congrats to Danny Abrahams he’s a superstar. So Danny said to me, we – he was sitting down with me, Adam. And he said, “Adam, you gave me –” this is really funny, you’ll – life was really funny. — said to me, “have you — you gave me this, uh, this bit of advice.” And I said, “Okay, what was that?” He says, “Adam, you said to me, the problem is, is if, uh, if the, the swimming pool is there and you know what happens is you’re at this, you’re at the party, the sun is shining.

So imagine you’re in this beautiful swimming pool, the sun is shining, you’ve got the people around the pool and you got the one person that just goes ‘Right! I’m getting in’ and they run they jump in and they dive in and they, they get in the pool and all of a sudden they’re having fun. And when that person dives in, they make this big splash. It’s like, ‘Ah!’ you know, that’s the leader, right? That’s the person that, that breaks the wave and it goes and does something first. So that’s the leader, right? Now, what happens after the leader goes first? Well, what happens then, is the people around the leader go, ‘Well, you know what, if he can do it and if she can do it, I can do it too.’

So you get another five people go and jump in the pool and they go, ‘Splash, splash’ you know. Then all of a sudden, you got six people in the pool, they’re all having fun. Right? They’re starting to enjoy themselves and then you’ve got a couple other people go and they don’t jump in, maybe they’re getting a bit slower and they go in and they start enjoying themselves in the pool and you still got somebody comes over there and they dip their toe in the water and they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s a bit cold. I’m not going to get in that pool.’ They sit on the sidelines and they watch everybody else having fun in the pool and enjoying themselves. Two hours later, they go, ‘Right. I’m going to do it. I’m going to get in that swimming pool.’ And they go and they jump in.”

And I said to Danny, “Danny, do you know what,”- I said, “A lovely analogy” but he goes – say, “I didn’t say that to you, it wasn’t me that said it.” So I’ve actually stayed in Danny’s line but he said that I said it, he must have heard it somewhere else. But I quite like that analogy of business as well. The reason Dan, and the reason I like it, is that’s kind of what happens, right? And I think you just got to get in the pool. Right? 

And that’s my advice to you tonight. Um, you’ve got the safety of this group, we’ve got 13,000 people in this group. You know, and I – someone said to me earlier, and I’ve one of our clients rushed and said to me, “Adam, you know, it’s all right for you. You want this, this group that you, you start.” she said, “I’ve got 12 people in my Facebook group.” and it’s just started. I said, “Well, do you know how this group started? And I’ll tell you how it started tonight. 

I was at an event in London. Stephanie was at the event, it was the first event Stephanie come to and she’s going on doing really well. Michelle was there, Lee was there and AJ was there. You know, a lot of people like their original people and it’s about four years ago. I can’t remember whose idea it was, but either Lee or me or Aja or someone at the event turned around and said, “Well we should start a Facebook group for everyone at this event.” So after the event they’ve, you know, they can communicate and share all of my great idea. So what did I do? I went and jumped in the pool and I set the Facebook group up there and then, while at was at the event. I went to everyone and said, “Great. We started this group, go and get in this group.”

What’s happened since then, is growing. We’ve been four years to 13,000 people. We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of events since then and hundreds of webinars and the business has grown massively. But the reason I tell you that is we will start somewhere, right? You don’t start something unless you actually go and jump in that pool.

So my advice to you is go and make it happen, go and do something, go and take an action, go and jump in that pool and let’s get rocking, because the sooner you start, the sooner the results follow, the longer we wait, the longer it takes for those results to come, the longer it takes for us to, you know, to make things happen, there’s – you know, the decisions you make today are going to be the things that shape the next six months, the things that shape the next year, the things that shape the next three or five years from the decisions that you make today.

Because every decision you make has a reaction. You make a decision, a reaction comes off the back of that and something happens. So start making more decisions to start getting more growth. I think that’s really, really important and hopefully you take that on board. I would say to you, you know, come and do the videos, just pick up your phone and start doing it. Then once you started doing it, you want to get better, then invest in it, whatever way you want to do round don’t mind, but go and take the actions and start making things happen and then you’ll start to see yourself getting more growth. 

So we’ve got Susan saying hi, hi, Susan. Sam is the man, Sam Mine [0:07:01] congrats to Sam. I say – I had a call with Sam today, we had a call today. I literally had so much coaching today. Yeah, I really I’ve really enjoyed it speaking to our, like I’ve — got lots of our gold circle members and helping today, right? And Sam, when I first met Sam Co, I don’t know, was it four years ago? Sam has been a member of ours for four years now. He’s just like a new man. He’s got so much more confidence, he’s so much more professional. I found him on the call today to be really professional, to be taking lots of action. He’s just rebranded his company, he’s just introduced more services, he’s putting the things in place, he’s getting the results, right? Right?

It took him a few years to kind of get to where he’s got to today, if he made the decision today, he wouldn’t be where he is now for another four years. Right? Because that was his pace. Everybody has different paces, some people succeed quicker than other people. That’s absolutely true. But the quicker you get started, the quicker you start getting the results. So Sam’s doing really well. Check out his new brand, he’s doing Cole.

Uh, Suzanne, Sam, well done. Chris, it’s good to see support get in there, Suzanne. Um, so Eliza is saying, you say that, [0:08:08] um “Great video it’s helped me overcome a load of issues.” I love the feedback. I made a difference to so many people, that’s awesome. So Eliza, okay. Hopefully I’ve got that right. So let me know. Awesome. Hopefully I have, and I won’t forget it, I’ve got good memory and make sure that we do that moving forward.

So Suzanne’s saying, “I did a short live the other day, it was nerve wracking but the difference is that you did it.” We – you know, everyone watching, at some point you did something you were uncomfortable with in order to get a result that you wanted. Maybe it was asking someone out on a date, maybe it was going on a date, you know, whatever it might be. Everyone did something that they were uncomfortable with and because of that, their life changed or things changed from, and this is no different. You want your business to change, you’ve got to have your say right now.

Social media is the second word. It’s your media channel. So many people focus on the first word, the social bit and I want you focused on the media bit. It’s your ability to go and use it as a media channel to distribute your message to me and help and introduce people to your services, introduce people to your products, find clients, find people to build relationships with, it’s your media channel and it’s your way of doing that.

The people that do them really well understand this, the second word, and I want you to understand this. If you took that point on board, go and comment in the comments media and I’ll know that you’ve definitely took that on board, and that’s the way I want you to start using it and just start using it and using it as your outlet. And look, if you had the TV over here and we turned on the TV and every time you turned on the TV, there was nothing on there, you will be watching it very long, would you? All right? So you need to be a bit consistent and start putting stuff out there a little bit more consistently about you, about what you do, about your products about your services and you need to get some more growth if you wanna get some more results. 

Tonight, I wanted to just do this quick video for you to give you a bit of impetus and to share a very simple, yet powerful message. Hopefully you take that simple, yet powerful message on board and you go and put it in place and you understand that the potential, the potential and your opportunity is just huge, it’s huge right now. If you’re an avid news watcher and you’re filling your head with junk about the fact that, “Oh, things are terrible, this is rally, right.?” You use the card that you’re dealt and you use them in the best way and you create opportunity. That’s what an entrepreneur does. An entrepreneur creates opportunity from their cards that they’re dealt and they go and make things happen, right? And if we do that, um, we’re really going to, uh, we’re, we’re really going to get better results. 

Okay everyone. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed that short, yet powerful message and you’re going to go and take some action, uh, tonight on this group, uh, we’ve got — I would say quickly about, um, bounce-back series before we, uh, before we finish up, what Ross did, uh, during this period is, is he interviewed a lot of our clients, that we’re getting, you know, good results and how they were coping with everything that’s going on. And we put these interviews into something we called the bounce back series. 

Peace and love to everybody. I Look forward to seeing you soon. If you watched that tonight, go and watch a replay of the business claim or join me live on the business clinic, um, which is coming up, which would be awesome as well. Uh, that’s a Monday. And certainly, if you haven’t been on a social media webinar. Get on it tomorrow and there’s a load of new content in there too, which is pretty cool. So a big thank you and I look forward to seeing you all very, very soon. Well done everybody. Good to see you all this evening.

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