Episode 146 – Benefits of Facebook Live and Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be tricky and annoying most of the time but it is a useful tool for reaching people who are not yet familiar with your business. On the other hand, Facebook live is very useful for spreading your message. In this episode, Adam Stott tells us the benefits of doing both Facebook Ads and Facebook Live.

Show Highlights:

  • Why Facebook has a habit of shutting down ads account
  • How reading Facebook’s ad policies can help you when you encounter problems
  • Differentiating the value you put on free Facebook live and paid content
  • Adding value to your facebook live
  • Building relationship and giving value using Facebook

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Joe was asking, does he have to delete a personal account notice to set up an ad account? The answer to that is no, you don’t have to do that. In fact, whenever somebody sets up with your Facebook profile, you’ll get an ad account anyway. Right? You actually get an ad account with your Facebook profile, you just need … most people just don’t know how to access it, right? So, you can actually use that ad account for your personal profile and it’s always good to set up a new, fresh add account and I’ll tell you why. Because you want more than one ad account where possible, because Facebook had this little habit of deciding that every now and then they just want to completely blow out your advertising, they have this little habit of occasionally shutting add accounts, right?

I know because why we train thousands of people on the subject, thousands paid for our training, without people that come to the training and set up a new ad accounts, set up there and then, and then being frozen that day, right? And then we’d go through the rigmarole of getting it back or overturning it or getting another one in place and it can be frustrating. That’s why you want to try and have a secondary ad account. It’s a few other, a few other tips on this, is if you are having trouble with that, you want to get your business verified, a lot of people don’t do that. You want to get your business verified so, you want to go and verify your business on Facebook and tell them that you’re a proper business.

If you’ve got VAT and I’m gonna give you a VAT number, give me a company number and go through the process of verifying your business to save you load of that growth in the long run and you want to do that for your different pages, you want to do that for your different ad accounts. In addition, I’d highly recommend this. I mean, most people won’t want to do this, all right, that’s the reality, but I’ll highly recommend this because anytime you have a problem, this is what they’re going to say to you.

You want to read their ad policies and you want to read their restrictions, if you read the ad policies and the restrictions, and you would heed to those and you can prove that you’ve read them as well, then that actually goes a long, long way if they ever ban your account, you can actually state that and you can tell them that you’ve read it. In fact, they can even see if you read it because that’s how clever they are. So that actually goes a long, long, long, long way. Let’s see what people are saying, we got a bit more in subjects. 

So, Shane is saying hello, we answered your questions darling, and right at the beginning. Andrew is saying, he hasn’t got a lead magnet, so that’s new wake up call. Brandon is watching, welcome Brandon, and we’ve got Rasta saying, “I spent a month making the lead magnet [00:02:16] I code the cover done.” It was really funny because Rasta is one of our Gold Circle clients and we had a coaching call and I looked for our lead magnet cover, I don’t know if she wants me to share that or not. But then I said, “So right, this is what you need to go and do.” And then she went and got another one done, it was really, really good and it looks awesome. You can post that here, if you want Rasta, it’s up to you. Ben’s saying, so Ben’s asking me a question.

How do you differentiate your content value education you provide for free, like doing Facebook lives like this, compared to content on your courses? I will be – this is a good -a very good question, and most people don’t ever consider this. This is a very, very good question. I will be creating a new, low-ticket product. I don’t want to cover the same information for free, more pages more growth. That is what I do, so I can tell you what I do Ben. Is for me, I do the Facebook lives and I do lives like this for two reasons, have more conversations with people that perhaps if have not been on our trainings or not been on our webinars or are not clients of ours yet.

So that would be one reason. Okay? And the second reason would be to touch base with people like you Ben, and people like Rasta. Ben’s one of our clients in coaching-based business and Rasta is on Gold Circle, Andrew’s on business Academy, Shane has gone and got a lot of the online training stands in Gold Circle. We’ve got lots of different people on here that are all in different programs of ours and they’ve worked for different programs.

I think that Ben, that you’ve been full with the program Ben and you will probably know the answer to that. When someone works with us in one of our programs, when they wrote with me directly, the way I will structure and work with someone when I work from directly is, I will give them the content that I need in that moment right now. So rather than it being – cause this is the thing, I can give you all the answers in the world on a Facebook live, but there isn’t any sequential process. 

So, this is like going to YouTube or going to Google to try and figure out how to use Facebook ads. Will you get a little bit further? Yeah, you will, you’ll find that some little nuggets and you find out some little things, but will you get the whole answer of how to do it and how to do it the right way? No, you won’t. And then you’ll have to watch 82 YouTube videos and you have to try and figure out where – that was the right one, and that was the right one, then you get the contrasting information.

When I worked with someone with one of the courses it’s very, very structured. So those of you that worked me for some time and certainly, Ben, you’ve just worked some coaching-based business, you saw that session one is about the thing that we need to do first and then it’s in that sequential order. We need to do this now and when we’ve got this sorted out, that is going to link into everything else that we do. So, then we’re going to do the second session. This is what you need to ask you, put number one in place, then we’re going to do third, then we’re going to do the fourth.

Then what happens is you all build it together to give you a step by step process to get you the end result, rather than having a piece and bits of information together, it saves you a lot of, lot of time and gets you direct to the result. Now, I’ve been training people for a long time now and I’ve been doing this for quite some time, or we’ve been helping businesses and helping business owners grow and I think that it does take some time to perfect that model, but I think the differentiation would be the live video is here to connect with people, build new relationships with people and actually get to know people and give people the opportunity to get to know me when I work with them directly. 

I think that some of you can certainly… you know, certainly in the Golden Circle, you know that, like I’m super happy and everything like that, but you know how serious I can be, but I can be so serious about getting your results.  You know, if we tell you … like the other day that we had a conversation when she was with us at this feature event and it kind of my commitment changes so, it’s like, someone’s in that program, they’ve invested and I’m like, I’m invested in you and when you’re not doing it right, you’re not doing this, we really need to do this and you get that kind of accountability that help and that pushing on in that drive.

So, I think that’s a big difference. That’s Ras, she’s laughing. You know like Ras, she’s in our Gold Circle so she knows, you know, she knows. And the other thing is that every time you get stopped, you pick up the phone and you get the answers. So that’s the kind of way that I do. I think that what you’ve got to do with things like Facebook lives, you’ve got to go out there, you’ve got to build relationships, you got to have conversations, you got to add value to people in the moment like there’s any … but this is what you’ll find is, is the people that are in a program, right? The people that are in Gold Circle or the people that are in Business Academy or the people that are in [00:06:47] coaching-based businesses.

They usually lot … a lot more serious and I know that that doesn’t, it could be a difficult one to say, but usually they’re super-duper serious about getting results and getting success so, they’re usually the ones that are asking more questions and they’ll put more comments out there or they’re engaging more because they’re like, “Right, let’s do this” you know. 

And this is kind of what I was like back in the day. I was so curious. I want to know the answers, give me the answers, right? And I think that even when we do a live Q and A, because this is the irony is, some people out there might really need help right now. I might really need to know right now. You know, you might … your business might have been fraternal, you might have had some stuff go wrong, but instead of reaching out and asking for the help or asking your question, people don’t do it and I think that you should is what I would say. I would start going out there and asking more questions.

Certainly, if you get an opportunity like this, I think that where I would say that that’s been different lately is where I’ve done Business Clinic, but if you’ve been on, if some of your is on Business Clinic, I’ve given a lot of content on that, that event each time and every time I do it and really actually people are really, really reaching out and they’re using that environment. I think like sometimes, a Facebook live is not the environment where you can go deep and go, “Oh Adam, these are my problems help me” you know, or whatever.

I think a lot of people were kind of nervous to do that, but the same time, I think, you know what, if you want to get better results, you gotta go out there and make things happen, you’ve got to ask the questions and hopefully that makes sense. I’ve been saying, I understand that’s good in terms of… this is a thing, right? A low-ticket product. A low-ticket product should solve a particular small problem. Right? 

So, for example, Well, I wanna say [00:08:32] how to conquer your first Facebook live, right? That is not a world changing problem. It’s a really good problem to figure out how to overcome that. Why? Because it will raise your confidence. It will mean that you get yourself out there more, it will mean that you have more conversations, it will mean that you start to get better results, but it’s not something you’re going to pay 15,000 pounds for, because you can’t see the intangible value there.

Now, if the value rolls over the course of the year, you’re going to create a business to get you to half a million pounds, well, that is what 15,000 pounds. Because not only are you going to do half a million pound this year, you’re probably gonna do 750 the next year, you probably can do a million the year after that, you’re probably going to do 2 million the year after that, you’re going to go on a lifelong journey. Now that is a lot more value than just cure your fear of Facebook live you know, and that’s why some will repair small amounts, to cure a small little problem. And that’s where your low-ticket offer needs to be positioned.

Now, the purpose of a low-ticket offer is literally, build relationship, show the value you give and give someone some value for small amount of money that get some … you know what, and this is the thing, I talk this the other day but I’ll go a bit deeper and I’ll come back to that, right? This is the thing, is to show something, well, actually you invest in a little bit of money and you got a lot more than what you invested and then some will go, “Wow, well, that’s pretty cool. So maybe I should go out and do the other training because we’ve got a lot more than what I invested.” And that is the purpose of a lower ticket offer. Okay?

So, then what that does is that get somebody to build the trust with you, to realize that they have value, to then go actually, you know, I’ve got a lot from that, I probably should do the next thing now, right? Because I’m ready. And that … so that way of warming someone up and building that relationship. And that’s the purpose of a purpose of a low ticket offer there. So hopefully that definitely, you understand that I’m looking at the messages on my phone, looking at … I’m not watching myself on the phone, that will be too vague, I’m looking at all the things that come up there say, “Wow, bless you. Thank you so much, that’s a detailed answer. Brilliant.” 

Okay. No problem, it was always absolutely my pleasure to give you that answer this evening. I think [00:10:45] we have loads and loads of questions in tonight, but if you have a question like Ben, you want answered. If you got something you done a hundred percent quite have grasped, well, you need to get some more information so, you’ve got that opportunity now, where you can go out and get more information, go and pop it in the comments and I’ll answer that for you now.

If not, we’ll wrapped-upped tonight nice and early so it’s up to you I’ll give you a couple more seconds. I’ll tell you a couple other things while I’m waiting to see if any more questions come in. So today our office was like, we tore the office upside down because we just … were refurbing it, and the reason we’re refurbing it is we’ve literally just torn all the carpets out and it’s been a bit of a mess today but for the greater good, because we’re just doing all that, we’re making it really, really nice.

We’ve got tons of events and things going on that are coming up in October and a couple other little events that are coming up. So, we’re doing that today and it’s been really, really busy and which has been quite fun. We didn’t have a webinar today, but we have got a webinar tomorrow at two o’clock so, I’m looking forward to that, and if anybody wants to jump on that social media webinar, you absolutely should do. They’ve been really, really good lately, we’ve been really busy again. 

I think weather … hot weather is, I mean the hot weather was frying everyone, but it’s not frying everyone’s much now so I think that people getting back into that mindset of learning and that mindset of grabbing. So that’s been pretty cool and we’re really, really looking forward to a lot of other things that we’ve got coming up in terms of events and different stuff.

So, some exciting times, I did business Academy as well. If you’re on business Academy the other day, let me know when you enjoyed that. I think we did some really cool stuff there where we really exploring that or in method which is how do you go and literally reconstruct your business for… you know, a lot of people said the new world, right? Whatever. You know, but how do you reconstruct your business to fit in today’s world where you actually understand that not everything has to be online, but we definitely want to have some online outreach, we all want to have some online systems in place.

So how do we reconstruct our business in the right way? How do we then go and reach the right people? And on top of reaching the right people, how do we then create that monetization? So, I said a little bit about load of your offers there, you know, and that alludes to some of the things that we were covering and were gone through, so, I really enjoyed that. And next week we’ve got some Gold Circle meet-ups so I’m looking forward to those Gold Circle meet-ups and if you’re coming along, pop a GC in the comments so I can see, not a general callings or general from what you see, so if you are watching [00:13:14] good to see you but if not, drop a GC in the comments for those of you who are coming to Gold Circle next week. 

And I think that’s it for tonight, I think it’s been pretty good. So, thanks everyone for watching. Hopefully you got some good answers there, those of you that asked questions. If you didn’t ask a question, try and ask question for next time, get your answers, I’ll be super happy to give them. And I look forward to seeing everybody really, really soon and thanks very much for watching tonight’s live and of course, if you watched all the way through, if you did watch all the way through go and comment, a player.

If you didn’t – if you watched on the replay and replay the [00:13:48] If you watched on the replay, you can call me B Player, or if you watch a little bit, you dip your toe in and out then comment [13:56] and if you like Adam, I just saw this bit. I’ve no idea what you’re talking about and give yourself a big C player. Okay, everyone. Well done. Thanks very much. I look forward in seeing you very, very soon.

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