Episode 162 – How to Up Your Social Media Game

Social media marketing is not just boosting your post, it’s about having patience and knowing what you need to do. In this episode, Adam Stott and Adam Strong talk about two social media games: Organic and Paid Advertising. Listen in to know what and how are you going to play the social media game.

Show Highlights:

  • Investing time, discipline, and patience in your social media
  • How producing content that resonates with people can build relationships
  • Types of people that will follow you on social media
  • What can you do if you want a quick win in social media
  • What emotional attachment has to do with how you do social media marketing

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott: 

Now, there are two social media games. We’ll look into these two games. We will talk about 01:08 we want obviously guys here but there’s two games. There’s organic game and then there’s paid advertising game. Okay, for bringing different things and different results. So what we’ve got to decide on these two different games is you know what we want to achieve from.

So 01:27 for example; if we’re going to go organic game which is you’re not using paid advertising. You’re just starting to spread your message and you’re starting to build a brand then what you got to do is go build a brand. You’ve got to build with the slow way. Okay, a big investment you’re gonna have to make if you go the organic ways you have to invest your time. Not necessarily, you’ve got to invest a lot of money, but you got to invest your time and you’re gonna have to invest in discipline and patience. So time, discipline, patience. That’s going to help you bring them closer to the result in the organic game.

Now, how the organic games work? The way organic game works is stop worrying about 100,000 people. Stop worrying about hundreds of comments. Stop worrying about people 10 year amazing. And stop worrying about people telling you they hate you. All of it doesn’t matter. What we’re looking for in organic game is to keep it simple and say I’m gonna produce this video or I’m gonna produce this post or this written content. Whatever you decide that you’re gonna produce. You’re gonna put it out there and you’re gonna hope to reach one person copies the content that it resonates with and that you start to build a relationship. You build some traction with. Then when that one person gets there, then what we’re going to do next?

Then we’re going to create another piece of content. We’re going to bring in another person. Then we’re going to get another person, then we’re going to get another person. We’re going to start collecting these people that start to follow our content. People switch off too quick is because the reality is you probably create some content, you’re probably got some people following you. Because I didn’t reach out immediately and I want to buy you stuff. 02:56 in reality, it doesn’t work like that. How it works, is you’re building those relationships and you’re building traction grant. The more you start to produce that content that resonates with people. The people going to start to follow you and then you start to build that audience. Then you got to start spray fans.

One of the things that so this is obviously streaming on to my group. Okay, we’ve got a lot of people in. This is good stuff for them you know a lot of stuff when I talk about moving, especially with that patience thing. So as we’re doing that and we’re building out there and we’re building this collection of people. What’s going to happen is you got two types of people. You got one type of person, first type of person is going to be a fan of person that’s going to reach out. It’s going to come in and there’s going to say hello and it’s going to be quite open to developing relationships on social media. That’s awesome and everybody’s watching so make sure you say hello guys! 03:48 As well you know and and tell us like what you’re enjoying tonight.

So you’re gonna get those people. But then you’re also for every one of them, you probably got five lurkers. Right, you got five people during the background. So watching what you’re doing a guy like this guy what are the skill? Does that resonate with me? Do I share the same values of them? Do I feel that they’ve got a strategy that could help me get the result I want? Also do they understand that I don’t know how to get enough clients? Does he have an answer to and they’re asking these questions and they’re not necessarily showing you who they are. They’re not necessarily putting themselves out there.

Now, the content that you’re creating is there to develop a relationship with those people to the point where they will reveal themselves at some point to. And then you’ll build the relationship and you’ll start to, you know, like house and business from it. Now that’s the organic game. And the good thing about if you’re watching this video tonight is hopefully that motivates, inspires, those of you. The sign to get that content out there and start to make that progress but not quite, 04:55 not quite getting the satellite.

Now, this is the reality, if the content is horrible and your content doesn’t help someone. And nobody watches it and nobody ever reaches out to you and you make no traction and nobody sharing it and no one’s gonna look at why. Is my presentation style right? Is my writing style right? Also, is my content valuable to someone? Does it help somebody? And you got to figure out. In order to get that engagement sassy organic going out for those of you that prefers a quick win.

Then the other game is paid advertising. And paid advertising, there’s a front end where it’s boosting posts and all that kind of stuff that doesn’t really work. And then there’s the back end campaign. Now the benefit of the back end campaigns is you get to set objectives so if you want more people to like your page. You can set the objective for getting more page likes you set page like campaign up and you’re gonna get through example 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 people. Got a lot your page into it pretty quickly and with one method it’s going to cost you a penny to three pennies per person with the problem is most people can do it and it cost them a pound per person. 06:01 you need to be strategic in the way you go about and pray that content.

Adam Strong:

First, to trade off instead of paying in for your time. You’re paying in currency right? 

Adam Stott: 
Absolutely. This is the thing. This is the thing so you have to decide where you sit. Now, if you are totally committed, then you do both. Right. So if your business runs from social media then you’ve got to master both. You know I do both I do live video. I used the grove restrain the lives. I do written articles as many published in five Bible articles being published in Forbes Business Insider.

Adam Strong:

I was gonna say congratulations on that by the way. 

Adam Stott: 

Thank you, very kindly. So yeah, I’ve got articles going out there written word recent content by a different audience that don’t watch video but actually what’s written content you’re going to bring the organic side of it and then you can do the paid advertising, right? And that should you’re going to be really pushing on all fronts. But they’re saying you’re a business owner that is you’re making some income and you understand return on investment because this is one of the most important things you understand its return investment. There so your recruitment consultant or they say you’re financial services. Whatever it is you do. And let’s say you sell products or service and every time you sell one of your products or services, you get paid a thousand pounds.

Alright, so you want more leads. You go out and you pay 10 pound the lead. 10 leads you spend a 100 pounds, you make one so you’ve now swapped a 100 pounds for 1000 pounds. That’s your return on investment. Now you can do that which you can, then why not keep doing it? That’s the payoff of mastering the back end. 07:43 and the back end is if you understand return on investment in scallop is this life beyond your wildest dreams and beyond.

Wherever you for possible that’s what I did with a call business you know crumbling or when we buy 10 pound the lead. We get 10 leads and every time we get 10 leads we sell one call when we sell one call we make 2000 pounds and it cost us 100 pounds so that call. If I haven’t 08:06 tried it cost me 250 pounds so advertising costs out.

If I haven’t signed on Facebook it cost me 100 pound per sale. So now, compared to my competition I can now sell two cars for the costs for the same marketing costs to somebody else, which means I can double the sales right now not to that principle into marketing businesses or to their principal into coaching businesses, or to their principal into a state agency with one of our clients with Britain’s best estate agent. I took into travel agency with one of our clients is Britain’s best travel agent. Now it’s okay it’s one of the clients as a mortgage broker and I showed him that process and they rescale beyond what they thought was possible. Right?

Adam Strong:

I was really interested in here, Adam actually what’s really interesting here is that but here’s the thing guys right what Adams teaching you right? Is essentially if I put 10 pounds into a bank account. Okay, and at the end of the month or the end of the week I’m gonna get 100 pounds back, it’s a no brainer. I mean what bank account or what savings account.  Who’s going to give you a 1000 pounds or 1000 percentage return based on your leads. And I think, I don’t know about you, Adam but it’s like anything. People are sometimes prepared to maybe make that investment because maybe they just kind of see our wallets the cost rather than. Oh, I don’t know.

Adam Stott: 

This is a business issue, right? Things are we say at the events that we do so I’ve run hundreds of events for events and three day events we’re on social media. Lots of things to say about the social media is that if you went out for a nice meal with your other half when she can’t do the if you could. He went out and had dinner and the bills 50 pounds you paid a bill.

You go home from dinner and say what a wonderful ways in the app and you forget the 50 pound was ever there and you want to inquire about it because you’ve exchanged some entertainment value for your 50 pound. Right. You spend 50 pounds a month. In, you know what, I’ve seen for most entrepreneurs they’re nervous wreck they’re like “Oh my god, what happened to my 50 pounds.” Oh my god 10 storm.

Now 20 10:09 based on what’s happening. And what you are forgetting names the investment of 50 pounds. Now you’re gonna have to use your knowledge and your instinct you know your sales skills to talk to the person that lead that you generate and explain to them why they should buy your product or service. So that is that 10:29you still need to be a business person in order to promote this out. But if you were to plug it into a business with a business person that knows how to do it back end is unbeatable. Right?

Adam Strong:

So you think that the reason why people have these kind of maybe what holds them back. Is it because they have emotion attached to it is do you think that’s one of the reasons why?

Adam Stott:

Massively. You know, massive there’s emotion attached to it there’s people you know a lot more comes it’s just I don’t want to fail and why this doesn’t work and all these different things. But look, if you’re going to be in business and you’re going to be an entrepreneur. Right. You got to take some risks, you’re not going to win every time you’re going to lose a lot of the time you get old and you win. And if you start gumming up mentality I absolutely promise you you start to get some wins.

You know, one of the things is that you know is I am relentless. And I think that if you gain that mentality of being relentless. I’ll even find a way will make one. Right, and you have that mentality that you will get there in the end and I’m willing to try and win and so I’m willing to have issues. I’m willing to go through those battles in order to get the result that I want to get. And I think that there’s an entrepreneurship lesson in that in marketing and social media is an extension of business.

I might be one of the main topics I teach and I say certainly has been for the past few years. It’s one of the main topics I teach but the principles that I use when I’m talking about social media business principles because you use it as a business to grow and scale your business. It’s not a popularity contest. 12:02 He’s just doing it because you want fine and you want to go on and be an influencer well that’s easy. 12:11 your pages as much as you want to choose a back end mighty investment. So the shout outs drop down but if you want to build a business that helps people that gives back long term thinking after go out with a different attitude. 

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