Episode 164 – Finding The Right Circle with Daniel Moses Part 2

As we all stand up from the challenges we are still facing from the Pandemic, we need the right people to raise us and pull our chin up in order to bounce back. That’s why being in the right circle of dedicated and intellectual people matters if you want to move forward. In this episode, Daniel Moses talks with Ross Temple about why speaking to the right people is important and how Adam Stott helped him bounce back and take action.

Show Highlights:

  • Why business people live a lonely life according to Daniel Moses
  • The role of Resilience on how Daniel Moses was able to bounce back even stronger
  • Speaking to the right people can tell you the one thing that can turn you around
  • Extraordinary things that make people successful
  • How Daniel Moses took the first step in order to bounce back and not standstill
  • Daniel taking inspiration from Adam Stott and Ross Temple on grinding much more during the lockdown

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Ross Temple:
How would you summarize how you have bounced back. How could you summarize that and give that advice to others who may be watching now? Where they may be in a point where they’re like, what I do next I’m frustrated I’m a bit overwhelmed? What advice would you give to those people?

Daniel Moses:
First of all, as an entrepreneur what I often realize is, most entrepreneurs will leave alone in life. Okay. We live alone in life where we are. Imagine you’re the go to person. You’re the decision maker; you’re the person with the vision. So it’s a lonely place and most entrepreneurs, don’t like to talk about their finances. They don’t like to talk about their losses. So, one of the, one of the things I said to myself when I, when I said I was going to go hard and never to quit was regardless if I’m high, I’m going to share it. If I was low, I’m going to share it, because by sharing your highs and your lows in business what it does you as an individual, is that it gives you room for growth. And this is how entrepreneurs going look at it.

So one of the reason and how I was able to bounce back bounce back even stronger was resilience. I didn’t see myself as it was going to be the end. I saw it yes I took update well I spoke to the right person who can position my head in a low pride manner. Because most entrepreneurs, you know you’re bowed down, and sometimes you need someone to just pull up your chin as in look up and that what was Adam did and that was what you did.

Not only did you not only do we talk the most on a weekly basis. You actually you know, give me a huge share support. Okay. So, how would summarize would be that when you think you’re, when you’re thinking that things are not going to work or things are going down the drain. You need to be sticking to the right people. You need to be sticking to the right type of person who will help you see what you’re not seeing. Well somebody who you can talk to just have even if it just a ten minute of a brainstorm session with that individual somebody who can probably be somebody who’s somebody who’s more intellectually ahead of you.

Okay, just kind of gave you the light bulb moments we go wow I wasn’t thinking about it, even though I talk about it but I wasn’t thinking it was going to happen. And I think that was one of the things that made sense that was one of the things that literally transformed everything because I was at some points for those five minutes, 30 minutes or maybe in a day or 24 hours. I was in a state like Oh, My goodness. I’ve got a problem. And I was focusing on my problem.

If I had someone who was more upright than myself. I will stay there for maybe a week, you know, a day, two weeks, and one month. And that was 03:54 because sometimes when you’re in that low moment you stay there for too long. And when you stay there for too long it leads to a disaster. Or sometimes people say, burying your head in the sand and thinking the problem would go away.

The truth is the problem would never go away if you’re not willing to do something that is extraordinary. Success comes with people who do extraordinary. There will be challenges, this particular situation that we’ve been through, no one; you know no one has ever been through it before where, you know, the whole, the whole world is shut down. And, you know, paying your bills becomes a problem, or even trying to go through because it wasn’t the chance of it that wasn’t planned. It just happened. It’s just us being shut down.

Ross Temple:
Perfect. I mean one word that stands out to me. Is you said you know, extra ordinary. Now the ordinary thing to do when times get difficult when times get hard and you feel like you’re being challenged in some sort of way is to put your head down and keep you there as Dan said to ignore what’s going on around you. This is reality when you do that you miss opportunity.

When you do that you miss the chance to grow as an individual. And when you grow as an individual as a business owner your business then grows as well. You know, Dan said this, he, He had that little blip but that’s nothing. It’s how long you stay there. It’s how long you stand still for that really matters and it can make all the difference to you and your business, Dan decided at that moment he wasn’t going to stand still any longer, but he was going to get out and he’s going to do whatever it took to get him to where he wanted to be.

To build division and he worked towards it. Yeah, thankfully he did do that, because, as he said in two weeks, you know, 18,000 pounds. By adjusting his business model, adjusting with the times and pivoting to where he needed to be with the right help with the right support. Got him. The results he hadn’t experienced before. And that’s a key point here, ladies and gentlemen, this is why we you know this bounce back series is to say, bounce back bounce back higher get higher get to that new heights that you’ve never experienced before.

Now, what happens is sometimes we can look at what’s going on immediately and become wrapped up in it, thinking that has to become our reality you think it has to become your reality, your reality is a choice. It truly is. And sometimes we don’t want to hear that. Because what happens is we become susceptible to what’s going on around us and thinking that everyone else is going through something too we must do as well. Or we choose it because it’s an easy way there sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

You know, Dan, Dan is just one example but many have flourished in these times. And you can too. and this is what I really want what the core of the message is here for each and every one of you, so Dan you know you met some really good points that, and I love what you said your extra ordinary. 

Daniel Moses:
It’s got to be extraordinary. It’s got to be extraordinary. Because if it’s not extraordinary the thing is you got 06:57 something I taught myself and I’ve study some few successful people, you know, passion and being an striver is what will lead you to success easily. You know, if you are not prepared to do the extraordinary because I spoke to a business owner the other time he said to me, 07:15 lockdown Daniel. I watched your social media. Is that  some of your kids, 07:21 social media, you posted something you’re saying something and he’s from 2nd week of the lockdown the only time I was like Monday the 23rd. I can’t forget the date. No one would forget the date.

The Prime Minister just locked down. All right, stay at home, you know, just be at home don’t go, don’t do anything. And for that one week I spoke to you on a Tuesday, and everything started to change from Wednesday. By Monday I start implementing. All right. And would seem like 14 days the results that are coming in. Some people will just like a lot people just like you know 08:02 return back to normal. You know why is the lockdown is called off. You know life 08:04. No. It’s not like that. It has to be you doing something that has to be extraordinary so now we’re not prepared when anyplace where we’re scaling. You know I came out to lockdown.

To be honest, I don’t even know there’s a lockdown mentally cause I have to glow up my mindset not even think about lockdown. You know I have to lock my mind set first before. And I came up to lockdown situation now life is back to normal. 08:34 acquired to property’s a value of over, 1.4 million.

So at the end of the day, this is not the vision I dint even have. Vision I didn’t even have that will happened within three months. Obviously at some point I was having a chat with Adam and Adam said something that No like it’s a time that you’ve 09:00 ever done before and I’ve seen Adam do and every single day Adam was doing something. Every single day he was giving value. Every single that way. How was got there in it?

Ross Temple:
That is the true forbid. You know every single day we have been providing value. And the reason why and saying is that is because and I need you to ask yourself this question now. You’ve been in business the point you’re at, are you dabbling or are you dedicated?

Daniel Moses:
I can never be a dabbler.

Ross Temple:
That’s what I’m saying. Never be a dabbler. If you’re dabbler, you’re not going to get the results you want. You’re going to get how far results how far effort is going to produce you those how far results. So make sure you’re dedicated and have a clear understanding of what dedication is. Dedication truly means that you’re never going to stop. You’re never going to give up until you get what it is you want to make sure that vision is clear, that is a key. Now, for you Dan, for those that are out there who, you know, maybe deciding to get into business or their business just has been ticking along nicely. You know it’s been stagnant to say.

What would advise would you give to those people who are even looking to get into business or their business has been at that dabbling way 10:21 that actually now they’re serious because this time is a time where people are reflecting on who they are and what they truly want to do with their life. Because, you know, for me and I’ve always said this is your true security in life, is the skill that you possess the true security, you have in life is the skill that you possess. And that means that a business owners entrepreneur you don’t really ramp up those skills, really make sure you’re sharpening your, your toolkit, essentially, 10:52 and I’ll talk more about that. I know he’s you know he’s so dedicated that we have what’s next, how do I get bigger. How do I get better? Is that you? 

Daniel Moses:

Ross Temple:
11:01 Just to start a business or really to get serious about that business . What word of advice would you give them?

Daniel Moses:
The first word of advice is first of all you got to plug yourself into a real cycle. You know a real cycle that will push you. Okay. Because imagine if you’re a lion okay and you’re surrounded by animals that for example you’re a lion and you’re surrounded by goat. The lion will eat up the goat. Okay. That’s the truth. So you got to be surrounded by lion minded. You’re lion, you got build, and you go out with friends who are lion as well.

So might one of this I say to you first go and get into a cycle. Last year, this time last year where the first time I met Adam and met Ross and I said, you know, this is the person I think will take me to the next level. Instantly I joined the program and I sponsored in January this year. In February this year, I joined the gold circle membership, and every single event or every single value that Adam provide I watch it, I follow it. That allows me to not replicate but somehow give me something to, give me the ideas that I need to create something for myself.

A lot people when they get started in business, they want to do a bit of everything. And that can be a bit of a problem. When you’re trying to do you know, be against thoughts and be like a master of all, and know you’re trying to be a master of all. You know, go and get, just talk. First of all just talk, don’t think about it too much. Just talk, don’t think of about it too much. Get yourself into a circle, you know. And, you know, just follow that second, dedicate yourself. Right and if you’re struggling within that circle, reach out to someone that can help you. Reach out to someone that can help you.

You know, get a word of advice. A lot people when they started a business they attempt to study 13:03. And guess what most people who study a business for so long they never get started anyway. 

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