Episode 166 – Good Debt, Bad Debt

Daniel Moses, an immigrant and was an Uber driver, is now a real estate businessman with the help of the right coaching of Adam Stott and Ross Temple. Daniel was facing a huge amount in debt right in the smack of the pandemic but with the right mindset, he was able to bounce back. In this episode, Daniel Moses talks with Ross Temple about how he quit his Uber job, good debt and bad debt, achieve financial freedom, and many more!

Show Highlights:

  • Good debt, bad debt. Know what kinds of debt you need to have.
  • Using money the right way.
  • Why Daniel Moses felt disgusted to be working as an uber driver.
  • The moment when Daniel Moses achieved financial freedom.
  • Work with enthusiasm. If your work doesn’t wake you up from sleep, then it’s not for you.
  • Go out and find the money. How to not let money problems be an excuse to start your business.

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Ross Temple:

Dan mentioned about the debt aspect of it. But it wasn’t too bad actually reframe his debt; you know you’ve got good debt and you’ve got bad debt. What Dan speaks about he is using money in the right way to grow as a person, a business, and an individual however you want to word it. That’s what Dan use his money for. Dan hasn’t got that amount of debt from going to buy things that don’t matter. What do I mean about things that don’t matter, I’m all about quick fixes. I’m all about immediate gratification.

What Dan does is he takes money he uses money that’s accessible, and he invests that into himself because Dan knows that the more that he learns the more he can earn. That is true. When you learn from the right people, you’re learning the right way. That is a fact, that is a trait that every successful person that we work with, who I’ve come across, who I’ve met associate with, etc. That is the truth of it. They use money in the right way to grow themselves and to invest in who they can be. What their business can become and what it is they want to achieve 02:14 rather than using money for instant gratification of the stuff that doesn’t matter, or whether that quick fix, is a quick fix it doesn’t last very long.

Daniel Moses:

Absolutely. I mean one of the things I like to Adam’s work. I think most entrepreneurs, you know, I’ll use Adam as a case story for example. If you’re go to Adam’s social media platform, you know. You’re seeing success story, right now. You’ll see the entire success story. Well, what I a lot of people forget is it’s been 15 years of craft. When people aspire to be an entrepreneur, a coach, a trainer, someone is achieving a tremendous success like Adam. When people 02:58 they want to be like Adam tomorrow. Not knowing he’s taken 15 years.

So, on the back of this lockdown 03:06 this is July now, so last month, like I said, I attain a portfolio 03:14 and its taken me three and a half years. When people, especially fellow Uber drivers who is now connecting with me a lot. And they are this questions, “oh I want to attain what you just did is been easier”. I’m like, no. It’s three and a half years. Like, three and a half years of hard work, because one of the things is when I discover how to do property.

I used to rent-to-rent vehicle to get started. I had to quickly develop a habit, a habit that allowed me to first of all get disgusted with what I was doing. Because I had to get disgusted at driving Uber in order for me to get out of it as quickly as possible. Because if I wasn’t disgusted enough, I will be there thinking, you know, I’ll just keep doing it. This is, you know, it can be a bad attitude. It can wrong attitude if you want to do something on the side. 

Well, for me. If you want to do something, just go all in. They give you time to grow. I actually became financially free 12 months to 13 months later after getting started in property after I quit from Uber. Had a timeline, the timeline was 13 months from today, I wrote the date down somewhere. I said 13 months from today, I’m gonna take of this sticker. I will never in my life drive taxi again. Yes, it was a good job. I loved it. It’s fine but that was not me. That was not my calling. Okay, it was just for me to survive. It was for me to survive, feed my kids, and feed my family. Well, I needed to get out of it.

A lot of people get started in property for example And want it to build a massive property portfolio. As whether it will rent-to-rent or property whatever you’re buying between usually a year. It can be very possible for some people but 05:04 at least a minimum of 12 months, and do that thing consistent enough, every single day. Let it wake you up from your sleep. If it doesn’t wake you up from your sleep then it’s not for you. I think that is one of the biggest 05:16 actually driven to me because my passion for success and my passion to dominant my industry wakes me up.

Sometimes, I’m sleeping wakes me up. You know, and I’m sleeping, I’m looking for properties for example. I’m sleeping and I’m teaching properties. It’s a saying what goes inside my head. Because it’s a passion. It’s something that I so passionate about. You know.

Ross Temple:

I told you this guy is so passionate. I did tell you this at the beginning. But what Dan is saying there is so strong that it pulls you that it pulls you towards it. You know, and what I’m here with a lot of business, owners, entrepreneurs, not a lot. But those 05:58 is I feel that what they’re doing is a choice. When you go in to business, when you become an entrepreneur. It’s not a chore, it’s a choice. Meaning you chose to do this because of what is going to bring for you, your life, your fulfillment, your success, your family. For whatever reason you love why you got started.

You have to remind yourself of that and make sure that it fits in with who you are, the values you’ve got that success and you are cheaper, and it doesn’t matter when there’s an obstacle, it doesn’t matter because your definition senses that pull you forward, and you’re never ever going to stand still. That’s what Dan is saying. That’s what it does for him. So make sure you tap in to that passion and enthusiasm. You know, Dan is a real fantastic member of big business events. He loves being part of the community, part of the culture.

Really, you know, Dan is made full use of the network. Dan has utilized coaching; Dan knows the power of coaching. Being part of the support mechanism that can get him to new heights and you know for anyone out there, one thing I would say that Adam always says as well, is that someone’s hard way can lead to your easy way. That’s what Dan’s been saying that. Why try and do it the hard way, when there’s someone out there who can show you the easy way. Someone that can take you down the path of where its’ going to be easier for you to reach the success that you want. Rather than me taking you through the trenches that’s going to cause you the injury to hike. And let’s face it, it’s just not the best way easy then..

Daniel Moses:

No. 07:41 

Ross Temple:

Alright then, you know. It gives you a tremendous amount of advice there, some really good tips and some tools for being able to implement for yourself. What would be like that one liner that one piece of information you’d put out there now, supposed to feel good and bounce back higher and reach the success that they want in these times. These times, I’m being general, these times in bouncing back and getting the best results they possibly can.

Daniel Moses:

I think one of the biggest that I like to share as a giveaway would be is a lot of people think about you know, where they would find. For example, if you’re looking to invest in property, if you’re looking to invest in yourself.  People ask them, so I don’t have it. Instead of asking themselves, how can I find it?

Ross Temple:


Daniel Moses:

Okay, if you come to me to coach you and you know how to make money from properties that you do not own. I’m telling you this is possible, okay. You’re saying to me about I don’t have the money to take the information. But you’re not asking yourself, how can I go out there and find the money? Ask yourself the right type of questions. The how. I don’t have. Because most people focus on I don’t have it. I can’t afford it. If you say you don’t have it, it’s like knowledge. I don’t know it. I don’t know how to read, and then you do not know how to read. You don’t know when you don’t know. And you’re going to remain the same way, not knowing anything. But if you ask on how can I learn to it. How can I learn to be a speaker?

A year ago, this time last year. Put me in front of people, I wouldn’t even know what to say. But nine months down the line, I watch all my videos and I look above, and I’m like, how did I get there? I’m like, I did it. So I could have said to myself, I can’t. This is a lot of people do, a lot of people think, like okay, I can’t find the money. I can’t do this, I can’t do that. I can’t. There’s always I can’t. You don’t know what will happen.

Now, you got to switch around, you know. You got to use the law of attraction. You say what the heart can 10:08 if your heart can receive negativity, your energy will flow in to negative. So, you’ve got to use your mindsets in a right way. So if you’re using your mindsets in a right way, start asking yourself, how can you become a millionaire? How can you become successful? How can you become a speaker and how can you become a coach? Also, how can you become a trainer? How can I get better on social media? Trust me. You’ll stop to see you all the 10:37 just in front of you.

Ross Temple:

Definitely, you’re right Daniel. I think it’s really a good summary, a really good way to summarize that top of advice. You know, Dan spoke about law of attrition there. They definitely part of it. Having that vision, owning what he wants. But also the law of action. If you don’t take the action, you never get the attraction. And he never learned it. You know that’s a big point.

Just a very quick summarize, his time when he was an Uber driver, which is nothing wrong with that. If that is your definition of success, but for Dan it wasn’t. So what did Dan do, well, he switched his mindset from a survival mindset to a thriving mindset. What we say, are you trying to survive or are you looking to thrive? And many people get wrapped up on this survival mindset. As long as I’ve got enough money just to do this or little bit of money here or I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive. You’re going to stay surviving. Unless you switch that focus.

You have to ask yourself the right questions, for example, the examples of that can switch you in to thriving. How can I get this. How can I make this work? Also how can I be part of this, how can I take the action? And that is a different type of questions while 11:55.

Now, Dan asks those questions that got him the results. He got him the answers. Always remember this; what is it causing you not to do it. Imagine if Dan stayed still, stood still in life. And he just carried over what he’s been doing and doing. Because he was surviving. He didn’t switch that to the thriving mindset, what would have caused Dan? That will cost Dan a lot more of money than any of money invested in all together.

Daniel Moses:

100 percent. 

Ross Temple:

So Dan, thank you for being here. It’s been fantastic speaking with you. It’s always always a joy speaking with you for the passion, enthusiasm and you just got a great energy about you.

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