Episode 172 – Creating A Millionaire Mindset To Win

How do successful people think, act, and how different are they to those who are not yet there? Creating a millionaire mindset is not as easy as you might think because it involves a set of mindset changes that you need to achieve in order to break out of your shell. In this episode, Adam Stott talks about creating a millionaire mindset to win in business and in life. Listen in as Adam teaches how you can achieve the discipline that you need in order to navigate the long journey to success.

Show Highlights:

  • How Adam Stott’s 30/30 Wealth System can help you as a business owner
  • The fundamental difference in thinking of a business owner that earns millions compared to who is not
  • How the decisions you make can determine your long term future
  • Taking responsibility to get much better results
  • 50 Cent: If you can’t do it, it can’t be done
  • The bumps and the scruffs that makes the journey more worthwhile

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Hello everybody and welcome. You’re with Adam Stott tonight on The Big Business Daily and we’re gonna be talking today about creating and maintaining a millionaire mindset. We’re gonna be taking you through actually I think this really cool thing on both 00:17 of my world system and it’s called creating and maintaining a millionaire mindset. For me, one of the most important things right now is making sure that your mindset is on point, making sure that you really are on a path where you’ve got really clear intentions of what you want to do what you want to create. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about tonight how you can make sure that you’re walking the right journey, and you’re walking that journey towards your success and creating the results that you want to create so I’m really excited to be doing this the same thing, how I’d see a few of you are.

So first of all let’s talk a little bit about mindset and what I think is really important right now. Many of you may have seen has been all over the news that we’re going to be coming out this lockdown. The second, I think is pretty awesome stuff the fact that we’re actually, we got some clear, concise information from the government and they stuck to it first and good stuff.

I think is a lot better to be positive about although I think it leaves a lot of people with a lot of questions, and a lot of questions about how they’re going to bounce back how much you’re going to push in December, what is it they are do? Are they bringing the stock back? Are they bringing the teams back where should they operate? So these are quite kind of questions come up and I think that if you get your mindset on point. And you get that right, you go into everything with the right intensity, the right attitude, then you’re going to get things right. And 01:31 that’s extremely important.

So that’s what I want to talk about tonight. So this is what we’re gonna be talking about. How do we create and maintain a millionaire mindset? Now I know many of you have got the wealth system, the 01:44 system. And that wealth system is some of the creative way you’ve got 30 days of different topics that can help you to build as a business owner, so I’ve decided for you tonight it’s just pick one of those topics out for those of you that haven’t got it. And really go over it and go into it in some depth. I did this about, so the world system something I did, probably about three years ago now, where I just kind of wrap my brain at that point about all the things that help me to build one of the multi-million pound businesses that I was running.

I found that they were really 30 habits and 30 success habits that really contributed towards me creating great results. A lot of these had to do with my mindset. A lot of these had to do with clear focus, making sure I was on the right path, making sure that I was, you know, pretty driven towards and making the right moves to get the success that I wanted. But all of these down on paper and I started to 02:35, and really go into the habits of the things that I was doing and off the back of that we created a 30-day program and on that 30-day program, I got 30 different areas of business 02:47 work on.

And what we’re going to talk about tonight is day 13. So let’s start having a look at what do you need to do to create and maintain a millionaire mindset. Now, the importance of this, and where I came up with this topic and this particular time it was more about what is the difference between how somebody thinks that he’s operating well in business or how somebody thinks he’s building million pound businesses or creating wealth for themselves versus somebody that’s not quite getting the results that they want.

 Now one of the key functions to you changing your life and changing your result, it starts up here. It starts with the mind. How you think perhaps the decisions you make. And if you continue thinking in a certain way and you continue making decisions that are taking you further away from your goals, obviously that’s not productive so if we start to take control of this area, and we start to control and manage the way we think and the actions that we take very quickly, we start to see better results.

So this is the thing, you don’t need to be a millionaire to be getting lots of value out tonight, so you don’t need to worry about it might not even be a goal of yours right but we need to look at is how successful people think. How the successful people act. And is there any difference between the things that they’re doing as opposed to the things that you’re doing, because we can learn a ton of lessons from that. We can put in place some really good building blocks for you to get better results. So right now, it might be that there really isn’t difference between how you think and how really successful people think and that’s great. That means you’re on track and you’re going to get good results, but I’m sure there going to be some small principles between the way you’re thinking and acting and the way you could be thinking and acting to get better results and that’s what we’re going to look at tonight. And that’s what we’re going to look at learning and make sure you 04:31, so we’re gonna discuss these principles tonight and start to build forward.

So let’s first of all look at responsibility. So I did a big live on this and this was a good topic. I spoke a little bit on one of the previous slides about responsibility understanding that everything that you do and everything that happens in your life is a creation from you. In terms of the decisions that you’ve made, the actions to the things that you’ve done and if you learn to take that responsibility, you start to get much better results. And whether you’ve had in the past really bad results in your life, whether you’ve had really good results, or whether it’s been a bit indifferent it’s not quite where you wanted to be, it’s not been terrible, it’s not been great, but you want it to be better. Once we start to accept and take on that responsibility. We can start to make sure we make the right decision which in turn means that we’re going to get more if we want more. And I think one of the things about this is, once we take responsibility.

We first of all understand that if we want more, it’s up to us to do more. And that’s the first thing that I want to 05:31 say is, if you take the responsibility and you turn around yourself and you say 05:36, I want to achieve this, I want to make this happen. This is one of my goals. This is the things that I want to do. These are the things that I want to try. Then don’t expect to just because you’ve written it down, don’t expect just because you’ve kind of imagined there, you know, I hear a lot of people say or believe in the law of attraction and, you know, loads of people say that, and probably risked the wrath of a few people but I’m not going against it. I also feel that the law of attraction is quite powerful. But this is a reality; you can dream up or manifest everything in the world that you want. If you don’t go out there and get it you won’t get it. If you don’t go there and take the actions to get it in one come for you. So yes you should be visualizing, yes you should be, you know, understanding what success and what your success path looks like, you know, that’s really important. But in order for you to actually go out there and get the results you want to get, you’ve got to make sure you take the actions and make things happen.

Now, the responsibility of your success, the responsibility of your results, the responsibility of you growing your business, the responsibility of you, you know, getting more happiness in your life whatever is you’re aiming for. It lies at your door and it lies at your decisions and that’s kind of that responsibility piece that we’re talking about. And once you understand that it can be incredibly empowering. It can be because a lot of people a lot of things like, Oh my God, why is this happening to me or why that happened to me. But the reality is it happened to you because of something you did. And if we stopped doing those things, it won’t keep happening to us, right. So, taking that responsibility will give you that empowerment, where you can actually create the results you want. And once you do that, then we can start to move forward and I think it’s really important if you start to create more value for people, you very quickly start to receive more value. So how can you go out there and give more value to the marketplace. How can you take more actions? How can you take more responsibility? And how can you acknowledge things in a more productive way and that will help you to start moving forward.

Okay, so when we move on to the next one is. This is really important so this is a little bit backstory. I’ve always been a big fan of rap music. And if you answer, you can make and go put in the comments 07:41. There’s a fantastic 50 Cent song. For those of you that don’t know, a few years ago in fact it was only the other week it came up on my Instagram story that was about four years ago I interviewed 50 Cent. One of his songs actually really love is a song where he says to sing it. I know that some of you learn to sing, I’m sure, but I’m not going to sing it tonight. He says, if I can’t do it, it can’t be done. And that is the mentality of a winner. 08:09 right? If somebody else can create the result you want to 08:13.

If somebody else can make it happen. All right, if somebody else can take the actions and make the decisions to go make this happen then you can too. And you have to think in that way, you have to act in that way, you have to empower yourself in that way. And you have to believe in yourself that way. Now, I’m really in 2021, we’re going to be doing a big push to help people change and adapt some really strong success habits. So we started a new webinar where I’m actually going to be going over the success habits if you like that, then go and vote success habits and comments for us. We can see that you really like the idea that we’re going to take you through some success habits and some practical actions you can do to cook 08:55 and to really internalize those 08:56 that can start to get you in a much better place very quickly.

So if you like that, put habits in the comments so I can see. And I think that this way of thinking is what will free you and set you towards your success and get you walk in that path and I’m really big right and that’s gonna be the breakthrough for you it’s gonna make the difference and I want you to think like that. I want you to act like that. I think that that mindset for 50 Cent, one 09:22 interview him, he had a way of I am that you could just tell he was a winner. You know, and I think things don’t happen to people by accident or you don’t go on and conquer industries by accident, you conquer industries because you got something special about you, or, you know, and I think even more importantly, not only have you got sang special about you’ve worked on yourself. You know I told the story last week about putting the man together and the world. The man or the woman together, and the world gets put together for you work on yourself first. If you get your habits in place, if you understand how you take and you be you give yourself an ultimate performance that’s when your business is really going to kick in and results are going to come together for you in a big way.

So I think that’s really important, right? Before we move on, actually, let’s just say, if I can’t do it and it can’t be done, it’ll be attributed to business. It can be attributed to wealth and success. It can be attributed to the challenges. If you’ve got a challenge that you face and you’ve got something in front of you, that you’re finding difficult, you know, you have to have that mindset where you’re going to come through it. You have to have that mindset about challenges. You have to have that mindset about problems. And that’s really going to help you to build forward and create better results. So this is really important.

Next one is really important is understanding that is a journey. Now one of the things that I see a lot of entrepreneurs struggling with is their patience. Is that a lot of entrepreneurs massively struggle with their patience, and this is for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is that entrepreneurs struggle with their patience in a big way is that they get into this mindset of they start working really hard and they want things to come to them quicker. They want to get results quicker, they want more money quicker, they want to develop quicker, or they want more clients quicker, they want results quicker, they want more people acknowledging their results their success and respect they want and they want to quicker, than they can often have it. And the thing that I would say if this is something that resonates with you, or if this is something that you feel resonates with you is you have to remember this is a journey. Okay. And it doesn’t really matter how long it takes, it doesn’t really matter how hard is, it doesn’t matter kicks you down along the way. It doesn’t matter how many times you fell. What really matters is how many times you get kicked out and how many times you get up. You have to make sure that the amount of times you get up is more than the amount of times that you get kicked out. And that is the key. Because any journey is going to have its ups and downs and the journey is not going to be smooth sailing.

You know, there’s great audio on Spotify called crystal staircase. And it talks about how your journey is not going to be a crystal staircase. It’s not going to be a crystal staircase all the way up or smooth sailing towards the success and the results that you want in your life and of course it is beautiful if it was it’d be amazing. But actually, that story of your results and that story of your success wouldn’t be worth as much, if it was a crystal staircase, it’s the bumps, it’s the scratches, it is the things that, you know, cost you money, costs you time, it is the mistakes you make sometimes along the way. They are actually your biggest lessons your biggest areas that you learn. So we have to understand that, once we understand that it is a journey.

We create that patience and this is where focus comes in as well. If we get the patient’s right, but we operate with an intense focus, we act with that intense focus and intense perseverance, and we have, we couple that with patience, we sprinkled a little bit of patience and our perseverance, we really will start to create incredible results. This is a reality. Most people, you know really underestimate what they can achieve over a long period of time they think that everything is going to come to come through in a year. Now what if it takes five years, you’ve got to dedicate five years to your success. You got to dedicate five years to, you know, mastering apart from getting to the results you want to get to. Then you know that’s five years to live the 13:21 for the next 25 years to be amazing. And I’m sure many of you will be pretty keen to create those results over a longer period of time.

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