Episode 175 – Take Your Success and Throw Away Fear

Fear is one of the most powerful driving force in the business industry because it can either pull you down or raise you up. What separates successful business owners from those who fail is that they are willing to decide to throw away their fears in exchange for taking the success. This decision is perhaps the most empowering to business owners that’s why in this episode, Adam Stott teaches how to unshackle ourselves from fear and finally achieve success.

Show Highlights:

  • Why fear is just a false evidence appearing real
  • Fear of Failure: The biggest problem with not embracing failure
  • Why fear of success can be a big problem with most of business owners
  • Creating better results through quick decisions
  • You can either have your success OR keep your fear
  • What you are really missing when you avoid failure
  • Being in control of your decisions

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Adam Stott:

Hello everybody and welcome. Tonight’s topic that we’re going to be talking about is overcoming fear of failure. A couple of times during this month, I’ve taken extracts out of my 00:12 wealth system actually brought you some of the content that’s usually behind the scenes usually like a paywall content. I wanted to just bring you some fresh stuff and talking about some of the things that we’ve not talked public about unless you have the world system’s got that opportunity to listen tonight.

We’re going to be going over how you can overcome your fear of failure. So if you’ve ever had a fear of failure or even a fear of success for that matter, in fact, a lot of people actually have a fear of success. What happens if I go out there and create these amazing results? What happens if I get to my goals? Now, how does that change my life? That’s very common that people actually have a fear of success just as much they do a fear of failure.

We’re going to zone in on failure tonight and making sure you overcome your fears and start to get better results. I’m going to take you through a little bit of a process. You’ll see at the end of the process we’re going to give you an exercise that you can actually go and do to help you overcome your fear of failure or really look at past experiences and you know, see where you could have perhaps done a little bit better and got some better results. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Now the first 01:14 which you’ve probably heard before, is you know what is fear and how does fear play in so failure or success? For fear is a massive thing for people. Fear is usually something that you can’t see the outcome or you feel like you can’t control, and you’ve broken it down, you probably heard about that before as false evidence appearing real that’s really what you know. That’s what fear is you predicting a situation or predicting scenario and imagining how that’s going to feel on the other side of the scenario before you’ve even experienced there. And in that case, if we’re doing that we can see that’s definitely not a productive behavior and that something is going to affect us in the long way.

So how do we start to overcome our fears and move past fear of failure in order to start to get more success and that’s what we’re going to be talking in on tonight. And if you’ve ever had a fear of failure or fear of success for that matter, go and let us know in the comments. You know, go in FOF of Fear of Failure or FOS Fear of Success. Let us know, as we see that you’re on this topic with us tonight and that’s something that certainly resonates with you.

Now, The reason I think this is a really important topic to talk on I think it’s a really important topic that we zone in on is because the reality of being successful means that you’re not going to be successful in everything that you do. The biggest problem that happens with people that are entrepreneurs or want to run businesses or want to get more success in their lives. They want to get more success in their jobs and relationships wherever it might be. Its the biggest problem is they really don’t embrace failure. They don’t embrace the fact that they could fail they get so afraid of taking any action so what fear really does is a kind of paralyzes you from taking action.

For anyone that has create their success, create really good results. If you look at their past experiences, you look at the things they’ve done in the past. One of the major reasons that they’ve created big success is because they’ve been able to move past their fears and actually go out there and make things happen and take those actions in order to move forward. So we need to accept that if we’re going to go out we’re going to do great things.

The first thing that we need to accept is that failure is a reality and is a part of being successful. Not every single thing that you do is going to work. I’m not saying every single endeavor that you take place on is going to really pop every single time. I think if you can look at that and start to embrace that from an entrepreneurs perspective, then you can free yourself and empower yourself to gather and make more things happens. If we embrace that it is a reality, fear of failure, fear of success, it’s just the reality of being successful and making sure that we go create the results you want to try. We embrace that and we understand that not every single thing we’re going to do is going to be super successful.

Not everything we do is going to be perfect. Not everything we do is going to pop or not everything we do is going to make massive strides for us and we still go in and we still have that courage. We still have that bravery to go and make things happen and take actions and make decisions that will ensure that we actually drive ourselves towards more success and drive ourselves away from failure. That’s really important and every single entrepreneur that I’ve ever met that’s been super successful that’s created amazing results has acknowledged this. They have not been afraid to test, they’ve not been afraid to try new things, they have not been afraid to take actions. They’re going to bring them closer to their goals and they’ve taken those actions because they accept that sometimes failure is a reality of being successful. I

t’s really important that we get our mindset right in this area and it’s really important we don’t stop ourselves from taking action. Because this is a thing, when we go out there and we try to make things happen and we start to build our businesses or build our results and you know take actions that drive us towards more results or drive us towards more success.

When we start making decisions and we start taking action, what happens is it means that we don’t deal with things. So essentially what happen with a lot of business owners when they start at businesses or they grind with their businesses are they running their business everything in the beginning seems to be going okay. Things that happening from 05:17 taking in actions where things are all okay. Then at some stage, for whatever reason, they get the fear starts to say, oh my God like, I’m doing and this is the fear of success, I’ll think I’m doing better than I thought I was going to do. Oh my God. You know what happened here, you know, I’m really falling into the FOS, the fear of success. Okay like oh my God. I don’t want to lose it and they become really protective of what that is created. And then what they do is they set in a perpetual movement that actually takes them more towards failure aspect because they start making decisions.

When you start making decisions and you stand still. The world is still turning around you. The world keeps moving, everything keeps going on but you’re actually standing still. If you’re standing still while the world is moving around you that means your phone is still ringing. It means your emails are still coming in, it means that people still contacting you. You’re getting more messages. People are coming to you. People asking you questions. Things are happening in your business and then what happens is you don’t make the first decision and then that one partner lands on your desk. Then you don’t make the second decision. Then don’t make the third decision, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh. But what happens is you start to build up. This is where you’ve heard the phrase, but I have a business owner saying “I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders”. The reason you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders is because you procrastinate so much that not made the decisions are not taking the actions he should have taken and then you’ve ended up with all this heavy stuff to do and guess what people say then. They go, I don’t know where to even finish the sentence in the comments, I don’t know where to. And of course, I get all these backup of stuff that we’ve got to deal with. And that procrastination can really cause massive problems.

So, one of the ways that we can make sure that we succeed more and create better results is by making faster decisions and making quicker and taking quicker decisions. And the reason being is even if you get a few of them wrong. Right, as long as you’re making decisions, as long as you’re doing stuff and you’re making things happen and you’re working through stuff and you’re getting stuff done. You’re not want to end up with like 100 decisions land on your shoulders that you’re gonna made, and having a try and weave your way through and sort stuff out because you’ve been doing things in the 07:24 and you’ve been making things happen.

One of the most empowering things of business are they can experience is where they actually take off the shackles of that fear of failure and they start to have a belief in themselves and that’s happening like a strong inner game around your business that no matter what happens, you will succeed. No matter what happens, you’re gonna keep going. No matter what happens, you’re not gonna let the unknown or the false evidence that, you know, you’re worried about this or you’re worried about that. You’re not gonna worry, you’re not gonna be impacted or that’s going to come true. And I think the when that happens, you start to trust yourself and you start to make decisions. You start to work through things, and then you don’t carry a heavy burden in business. I think it’s a really important thing and that’s why it’s so important that we make sure that we do overcome this fear of failure and we get some strength in those areas.

We need to accept that it’s a reality of being successful, reality of 08:19. And really, you only ever get, and this is something I’ve said before, and for those of you that have been one of our three day trainings, or 08:27 and a bit more of that. At some stage it might have help me say this I think this is really true, really important. When it comes to growing your business, when it comes to succeeding more, when it comes to creating more wealth, when it comes to having a better lifestyle, when it comes to being able to create the kind of lifestyle that you want to spend more time with your family or buy the things you want to enjoy the things you want to do or have more holidays. When it comes to all of this, you know, you really, in order for you to succeed, in order to get to that place are extremely important that we recognize that we need to overcome our fears. If we don’t overcome our fears in this area, we will get stuck. And if we get stuck that means we start making decisions, we procrastinate and we drive ourselves towards failure. Now, the reality is this, when we don’t get stuck, when we make the decisions, we drive forward.

So this is what I’ll say to you all is that you can have one or the other. You can even have your success, and you can have everything you want in your life. You have to 09:29 or you can keep hold of your fears. But you can’t have both. You can have your success, or you can keep over your fear. And that is your choice as an entrepreneur, that is your choice, that is you working on your mindset, you working on yourself and you’re understanding that your drive, your ambition, your passion is bigger than your fear.

If we can get that into perspective and we can make sure we drive forward in the right way, then you can start to create some amazing results. You can start to bring things in your life, and expect that you could bring into your life, you can start to create more wealth, you can start to enjoy business, succeed in business because this is the realty. It’s not all about money. If you don’t love what you do, even if you don’t love what you do and you’re not really doesn’t put smile on your face and you don’t enjoy what you do. It doesn’t really matter how much money you earn. You’ve got to have both really. You’ve got to have the way to earn the money, the wealth and the success of that you want the financial rewards. But you gotta love what you do in the meantime if you can get that mix. I think that’s really important and it’s really 10:31.

I think that, certainly with the businesses and things that I’ve done in the past and then different businesses, I’ve had there’s nothing that I’ve ever enjoyed as much or nothing has ever put a smile on my face. Nothing has ever made me happier than what I do right now which is helping people to get bigger results you know that’s what drives me. 10:48 That’s what I love doing. That’s something that’s you know truly rewarding and if you feel that way about what it is that you do, then you’re gonna really enjoy and flourish in what you do and create amazing results which I think it’s really important.

So Helen, saying fear of failure and regret and also saying I don’t want to go back to how I was at the beginning of first lockdown mentally it wasn’t good. So I need to keep on track with my thoughts or my actions and I think I know a lot of people went through that process and obviously it’s been some good news, you know they’ve been some news that there’s lockdowns coming to the end and of course there’s gonna be some other restrictions and some other things you can and you can’t do we know that that’s all coming.

I think the reality is that you know there’s a lot to be positive about right now and I think there’s a lot that you can take for and I think this is the thing as an entrepreneur and this is totally on topic as an entrepreneur, if you never face difficult times or you never face tough challenges before, and everything has gone swimmingly for you and everything has happened you know quite easy for you to feel like you’ve been able to navigate what you do, you know in quite a sensible way and an easy way. And you’re not pushed, you’re not stretched, you’re not challenged. Then, you never can really reach the heights that you want to reach because you don’t know what it’s like when it’s tough.

I think for a lot of entrepreneurs as much as they will hate what they’re are going through. As much as they will hate the lockdown we had as much as 12:12 as much you’re gonna hate the previous lockdown that you have before. You’re gonna look where did that take you. What did it help you to create? You can put it in the comments like what did you change about your mindset?

Of course, I’m hoping that there’s gonna be some 12:28 things to say but even if it’s not so positive, we can work with that. So go in there and put in the comments. It’s not what is it the first lockdown taught you. What it did teach you to change some of your success habits. Did it teach you to be more determined, be more motivated? Or did it change your little bit about yourself where you know you need to be around people more? Did it teach you as some of the things that you certainly shouldn’t do?

And this is the thing, right, you know, I think it was Jim Rohn that said, you know, success is doing very small things, right, every single day. Right, so it’s a case of doing the small things right on an ongoing basis and failure is also a result of doing the small things wrong, every single day. So for example, they say. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well that is a small decision, every single day and that is going to contribute towards your health, and in the long term, you’re going to be a bit healthier.  Now if you choose every single day to have a McDonald’s a day, then that probably is going to mean that you will be seeing the doctor great soon. I think that understand it in that context and understanding that doing small little principles right every single day builds and compounds towards a result.

Doing small little things wrong every day builds and also compounds towards a result but it’s not the result you want. So if you’re going to go over here we’re going to create the result we want or we’re gonna go over here and we’re going to create a result we don’t want. But the important things to understand is you are in control of that result whether it’s a positive one or negative one. And I think that this is something that is extremely important.

So, if we understand these principles, we understand that that you’re actually in control. What does that tell you, you know, if I say to you, you’re in control? What does that tell you? That tells you is that actually you know if you fear the outcome in the future, whether you’re going to succeed. If you fear the outcome of whether you’re going to fail? If you fear on the outcome of whether you’re going to get to where you want to get to. Whether you’re not going to get to where you want to get to. Where you need to actually live in the present and say well actually right now it’s up to you. Is the decision that you’re going to make and are the decisions that you’re going to take today that are going to create your tomorrow. And if you don’t take the right decisions and you don’t do the right things and you’re not going to correct this more than you won’t.

So let’s start making those small decisions right now, they’re going to be our daily decisions, they’re going to take us forward, and that’s going to be the changes 14:53 that’s gonna be what takes you away from failure, and what takes you towards success and takes you towards better results. And then, you know, an important little part, to discuss the previous lockdown a shoulder that business with viable. I think that’s really great, you know, because you know perhaps you didn’t have that belief before, or perhaps some of you didn’t have that belief before during that, you know, and now if you’ve got that belief, and you’ve got the belief that your business is 100% viable. Then you’re going to take that on, and you’re going to start to move forward on the right path which is going to ultimately lead to your success.

We’ve got to understand that, you know, business is a journey and we’re going on a journey began a journey towards success, and a journey towards better results and a journey towards the correct decisions, and a journey. That’s going to take us to where we want to go in life, or we’re going on a journey that’s gonna take us away from there.

What journey, do you want to be going on and the reality is your decision making is going to take you on one of those two paths and when you are confronted with that decision. You know that’s what we got made sure that we make the right decisions.

Put in the comments and tell us what did 15:58 what’s these four weeks taught you about business. What is it helps you to understand? What is it that you’re going to do differently? And what actions are you going to take in future? What’s going to be different for you moving forward that’s really important? So remember as we just said that in life if you want success you’ve got one or two choices. You can have your success but you can’t keep your fear, or you can keep your fear and not have your success. And that’s really important concept for people to get their head round.

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