Episode 223: Determination to Build Assets for Life with Jay Munoz

Having the determination to achieve his goals, Jay Munoz left his home in Colombia and went to the UK to learn English and have a master’s degree. He works full-time doing unskilled jobs to fund his study to have a master’s degree at Surrey University. Jay loves building houses and is obsessed with helping people. In this episode, Jay Munoz talks with Adam Stott about the journey of building his life and career in the UK.

Jay Munoz is the author of the best-selling book Property Metamorphosis and the Co-Founder and Director of Assets For Life Ltd. an award-winning property investing and training company. He grew in an environment that shaped his work ethic and his love for building. Jay worked on some great projects including The London Underground, Construction of the Wallbrook in London, and more. He used to aim to climb the corporate ladder, but one book changed his view of entrepreneurship. With the help of his business partner Liam, Jay started his own business and now shares his knowledge with people.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn Jay Munoz’s journey of building his life and career
  • How he overcomes obstacles to achieve his goals
  • Find out the book that changes his view on entrepreneurship
  • Discover how he builds his own company with his business partner; and
  • Jay explains the purpose of his book, Property Metamorphosis

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott: 

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Business Growth Secrets, I’m super excited to have a really, really special guest today. Somebody, I’ve come to know really, really well over the past couple of years. And he’s done some incredible things. He’s recently launched a book called Property Metamorphosis, which really explains his journey of how he started out and came into the country to the United Kingdom, we’ve really not a great outlook, I’m not really sure what he was going to do.

And he goes on this amazing journey, where not only to turn into a property investor that goes on to do multiple different buildings, builds multiple different blocks and things like that you’ve done some incredible things. But he then went on to inspire and train 1000s of people to do exactly the same. So, I suppose I’m talking about Jay Munoz. He’s going to be joining me today. He’s an incredible guy. I can’t wait to hear the whole journey. Because I know a lot, Jay, but I don’t know everything right.  

We’ve just had a chat before we’ve come on. And some of the things you told me, you know, I didn’t know that’s where you started from. And I think it’s really good to uncover these success stories. Because when we do a success story like this, allow somebody else to realize that they can do it. Right? And that this show is really cool, Business Growth Secrets is all about how we bring the secrets of how you build a business, how you create wealth, and create those results. And you’ve certainly done all of that. So, I’m excited to hear. So, Jay, do you want to kind of introduce us? Maybe tell us where you are now. Where’s Jamie? Not now. And then we’ll go back in time and they see where we started from.  

Jay Munoz: 

Absolutely bro. Thanks so much, Adam, for your kind invitation. Today, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my message which I hope is very powerful. And it will be heard by your audience first of all, so, thanks so much. 

Adam Stott:  

First of all, where is Jay Munoz, right now?  

Jay Munoz:  

Jamie Munoz now is a very happy Chappie as ex Colombian 

Adam Stott:  


Jay Munoz:  

So I was born in Colombia by Colchester, I’ve been living here for about seven years. What I do for a living now he’s very excited. I’m a property developer, I absolutely love buying land and given the life and given some meaning, right building houses is what I do. And I love buying land the most, buying offices converting into homes is one of my passions. At the minute and at the same time, I absolutely love it. I’m actually not obsessed, actually not passionate about helping all the people do the same. Because let’s face it, if someone like myself came to this country, as you said earlier, with a bag full of dreams, you can do it. Anyone can do it. So yeah, that’s a little bit about myself.  

Adam Stott:  

Okay, cool. So where do we start trying, we’re now building buildings with developing land. I know you’ve got your own project; you’re doing as well. Can you tell me about you building your own eco home as well. So, you’ve all these different things going on. Now, you’re training 1000s of property entrepreneurs with your business partner and your training company. Tell us about where we start? What happened when you first came over to the UK? What was the journey like?  

Jay Munoz:  

Absolutely, bro. Well, I came to the UK in about March 2000. Okay, landed up in Gatwick and I didn’t understand a word. My English is very basic. And I had several goals at the time. So, one of my main goals at the time was learning English to be able to communicate with you and your audience. And then I had a goal to do a master’s degree so I’m an engineer. I trained as an engineer in Colombia, did a BSC and I wanted to be able to do a master’s degree in the US. That was my first goal. But then I arrived on this tropical island and absolutely loved the weather.  

Absolutely love, you know, the people over here and I decided to stay so I went back to Colombia to study that, Surrey, when that was to save money to pay for my studies. And then I decided to come back. So, I applied for universities before I left the first time. So, I came back in 2003 and started a master’s degree at Surrey University, it was quite tough at the time, because I was basically supporting myself, my parents did help. But you know, the difference between the peso and the pound is currently about 5000 pesos to a pound. And it is very, very difficult to, you know, be able to pay for all the university fees and accommodation fee, so I have no option but to study full time, I work full time.  

So, I started cleaning toilets, and I started delivering pizzas. And I started the newspaper around four o’clock in the morning. And I remember, you know, several, at the end of the Masters, when you have all the exams, like vividly putting my feet in cold water, just to stay away, because I was doing all this stuff. I have no time, you know, to sleep. So, I just have to do it. 

Adam Stott:  

Where does the drive come from because there’s people listening right now that, you know, you look at it. Obviously, you’ve trained 1000s of people, and do property, and we meet all these different people. And a lot of people come with a readymade drive and desire. But I don’t know many that come with a desire to work in the mornings, study and work in the evenings, as well, just to get by just go and get the qualification right. Now qualification wherever it might be, you know, it’s not necessarily, it’s not about a qualification, it’s about aspiring to a better life. Right?  

So where did the drive come to get you in that? You know, where you were inspired? You wanted to make something happen? How did you keep going? And I think some years, so here, because everybody has their moments, like everyone has their moments on the field? Do I really want to do this? You know? And it’s like, they don’t, don’t they? And I think a bit of information, like what drove you, what was the early dryer? 

Jay Munoz:  

I think, personally, I think it is about two things. One is having a clear goal, right? Having a clear goal, where you’re going to go to play the vision of where you want to be, is fundamental, and in that sense of very starboard when I set myself a goal, but don’t rest and to accomplish.

So, I had to go to study English. And I had to pass these exams, and they were my goal to pass this exam to be able to get a masters. And then once I got them, started the Masters, I wanted to get the master’s degree. That was my goal at the time, you know, and then once I got a master’s degree, I wanted to get a job in the UK, that was the goal at the time, so I had to work really hard for it. I think this is done to the person, I guess, right? If you’re driven, if you’re passionate. Okay, you can achieve anything. And don’t you agree, you know, and that’s it.  

Adam Stott:  

Yeah, I totally agree. I just seem to some people that might not set the goal, or might not or when the hurdles come up? Because let’s face it, I think that’s some pretty big hurdles, not knowing the language and studying for a master’s degree. I can just imagine how difficult that must have been. Very, very difficult, isn’t it? And educate yourself? Well, obviously, you’re studying but doing that self-education studying to go and get that must have been a, you know, speak English accomplishment. I know a lot of people do, you know, we get a lot of people to come to the UK and do that. And it’s incredible, really, isn’t it? But setting goals, you know, is a great tip for people.  

Jay Munoz:  

And you know, the other thing I must say, as well as is, you know, people, you just nail it on the head. People usually get demotivated by their parents. But I think it’s important for you to reframe all the obstacles as part of your journey, and be grateful for them. So really, it’s kind of a stoic philosophy. And if you think about it, every single obstacle that you have overcome as a person makes you stronger, makes you who you are. So, every time I have an obstacle, I just see it as part of my journey, I might just be grateful for it. And also enjoy the journey as a consequence, you know, you always learn from you. 

Adam Stott:  

Yeah, absolutely brilliant way of looking at it and really good, you know, framing it in the right way for people. That one sets the goals, expect the challenges and when they come up, just realize they’re part of it, right?  

Jay Munoz:  


Adam Stott:  

So, what happened? You managed to complete that goal and go on and get your Masters and what happened next? 

Jay Munoz:  

Yeah, absolutely. So, I’ve got my master’s degree, okay. And in my head, right, he was out to be for this massive corporation, blah, blah, blah, I want to go and climb the ladder of you know, Corporate World. And I started really well. Believe it or not, I’ve got five job offers. Because when you’re a Southern American with the visa router, you have to compete hard.

You got to be better than the locals, obviously English engineers from the UK and also at the time, you got to be better than foreign engineers from the EU or companies to say look, well, you’re worth me spending all this money and getting you a working permit. Right? I had to do extra hard work, really hard, and perform really well for the interviews. But then you know, and then I have a massive debt. When I finished university, I had about nine grand worth of debt that I couldn’t pay. And I couldn’t get my certificate without paying for it.  

So luckily, the university allowed me to pay in installments. So, the day that I got my first job, oh my god, I was so happy. Honestly, that was one of these, you know, Will Smith in this pursuit of happiness movie when he goes, when they often have the job, and he just in his face, you know, I couldn’t, when I saw that movie, I just saw myself almost crying out of, you know, out of joy, because I was like, a big massive way out of my shoulders. It’s like, oh my god, I’m so grateful.

So, I started. I love engineering, which is one of my passions as well. With stuff that you can do with the right infrastructure, they will take this for granted. But you know, civil engineering is everything around us, you know, where airports are row roads and buildings and all this as far as I am quite passionate about it. 

So, the minute I got the job for this consultancy, I wanted to be charted. That was my second goal. And I had that in my head. So I went for the company that supported my chartership with the Institution of Civil Engineers. And that was my goal. As a professional, we charted and claimed the corporate ladder, okay. Until this day, I was running a lot of sports.

I was running, I remember, in December of December 2005, I went out, you know, just decided just to go running in the evening. And I saw this guy going, coming in the opposite direction. And I thought to myself, well, like he’s going to say hello to this guy. That was in West Byfleet in Surrey, where I used to be. Look, what did you do when I started chatting, and at the end of the run, he said, do you like reading? I said, yes, I love reading and he said, have you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And he’s an asset now.

So, he gave me a copy of the book, forever grateful for the sky. So he gave me a copy of that book, but couldn’t put the book down. Honestly, he was just ready within, you know, the couple of days, he was so simple, but made me realize what I was actually doing. Or what I was doing Adam, which is basically claiming their own ladder, or my ladder was leaning against the role.  

You know, I didn’t realize either, until I read that, I wanted to be the manager of the manager, right. And obviously, I was working for someone else. And I was fulfilling someone else’s dreams, simple as that. So, then I thought, this needs to change. So, at the time, I went, I spoke to my no other half wife, and I said to her look, we got to do something different. She was actually doing a PhD, as a breast surgeon. And at the time, she’s doing a [00:1250-00:12:52], and wrote the book as well as, right. So, we started investing in property by 2006-2007. And we study a little sort of hobby, because he was only a hobby.

And fast forward to 2008. I got charted after four years working really hard for companies and stuff like that. But this is what happens to pretty much everyone. Right? Once you charted the companies, Jay, you qualify now, they give you more experience, pay rise and all that stuff. So, it’s like dangling the carrot, right. So, money comes in, obviously, in your bank account, are you comfortable, but always wanted, I was wanting to have my own business, then on to fast forward.

You know, I was fed up, you know, with a company and moving companies, I went from a designer to work for a main contractor, the mega projects in London, the Heron tower, they broke, you know, 250-million-pound projects. I also work for EDF doing a nuclear power extension at Hinkley Point or 20-billion-pound projects, you know, massive, massive infrastructure. And then I worked for another company. And I’m going to mention the name because, you know, it wasn’t a good experience.  

But luckily, obstacles are the way so at the time when I was in this company, this toxic environment just made me realize what I am doing with my life. I look at my bank account with an award that is really hard for these companies. So, for so many years, leaving Colchester station at six o’clock coming back really late, not home for my family. And I look at the hobby that I was having, you know, as a hobby property, I managed to, you know, have several properties at the time and I was like, you know, not praying I was just the balance on the hobby side was much higher, and still have those assets. And I thought someone needs to change.

So, I decided to go back to education. Right? We did a course in 2006 and we paid 6000 pounds for it, and taught us how to buy HMOs. We did it you know and a nice portfolio there. So, I decided to go back to education. Ignorance is very expensive, and I decided to be you know, educated but the best I mean those out there. And that’s when I met Liam Ryan.

Liam Ryan, I was in my little corner after I resigned for the job. I was doing my little thing, Liam Ryan, my business partner now came and knocked on my door. We just left our house on fire. You know, he’s obviously had a lot of experience and intrapreneur I have no experience in entrepreneurship. But I have all the technical ability, let’s say, you know, to make a property for a developer, and he was great.  

We decided, I said, look, man, if we want to be successful in this, we need mentorship, one to one mentorship, right? And that’s it. You know, every time just, just the best advice I can give to the audience is, every time you want to complete something, just go and copy and paste someone days ahead of you. That’s exactly what we did.

So, Liam, we need these two guys to mentor us. We pay 25 grand, okay, to mentor us for a year, we learn all the secrets. And all we’re doing right now is just copy and paste applying all that knowledge now that we actually have a little bit of a head of in some areas with our mentors, because our mentors had mostly experience in commercial conversions. And now we have more experience and then the new big projects that we’re currently doing are media, we’re doing a project in Maidenhead 26 units, about 9 million quid worth of TDV. So yeah, that’s pretty much the journey in a nutshell, for the last few years. 

Adam Stott:  

So quite a turnaround. You said we’re, you know, cleaning toilets, working in McDonald’s, to now building out 26 units and making eight right and doing an incredible, you know, incredible ride, incredible journey. Tell us about how that comes across in the book. For everybody that’s watching, because you told me about the book before we got on the call. And it sounds like it’s really heartfelt for you. It’s quite serious, you know, for you want to take it really seriously. You know, your journey. I think a lot of people’s journeys start with a book as the inference to say, Yeah, I like this concept. No more. Right. And that’s what started with us. We’ve reached that border. So, what happened with your book? And how does that help somebody that’s listening today to go on the journey? What’s in the book tell us now? 

Jay Munoz:  

Yeah. So basically, what happened was, look, I decided that when I had enough experience, I was going to write something very meaningful and very powerful. Okay. Robert Kiyosaki inspires me with his Saturday moment, right. When I wrote the book, I read, I saw my past Jay, present Jay and future Jay. Right. And I wanted to do something similar with the book, right?

So, what I decided to do as well in a journey, and also my audience, my Academy, students decided, what would you like me to write my book, I’m going to do a property development book, what would you like me to include in the book? And a lot of people said, mindset, mindset, absolutely fine. So, I started with a mindset. So, I give key steps, you know, to help people doing that switch, because that is where you always start, you need to stay in your head, you know, I was in the rat race, right. And I wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

So, all that is that transition is a metamorphosis, for people. So, I started giving, you know, a few. The first two chapters was focused on mindset, how I managed to, you know, go from a rat race, working every single day in the corporate ladder, to be an intrapreneur, you know, and I started with that, but my ambition with the book was to give a mind switch, as well as some tools, right, so the book basically gives a little bit of my background will hopefully inspire people, you know, to do the same local minima story pretty much, and then moves into detail, property development strategies, you know, so understanding on the basics, bit of economics, I’m a bit of a geek.  

So, my book has a lot of database information, I’m just going to speak for the sake of it. Just said, these are the facts here, the data to back it up. And also give clear examples of properties that we have done. I’ve got a chapter [00:19:09-00:19:11] for me, the law is fundamental to understand that concept. And I give some of my student’s successes as well. So, you got plenty of information there at another end. One of the developments that we completed this year, so development in Latin will be completed: 14 flats and two commercial units’ worth about 6.5 million pounds, it’s all in there. So, it’s pretty dense. But that’s what I want. I’m a detailed person. So hopefully, you know… 

Adam Stott:  

If somebody wants and how to start from scratch and gamble properties. This book will be a game changer for him. Right? 

Jay Munoz:  

Absolutely. Absolutely. So, a lot of other books are there. But I wanted to give something special, something that it was you know, had a lot of information then for them to use it to be given a toolbox, right? I’m just given a lot of tools by people that will read the book. And it’s actually something that I wanted to do with the book. It’s also, I ‘ve never seen it before.

But it’s a lot. And we do a lot of kinesthetics learning within us. It’s for life. So, you know, every time we share a concept theory, how to do as well with our students. So, in the book there are some dotted lines for people to start writing themselves and taking action, because it does what it’s all about, right? You need to go as they get the knowledge and take action. So yeah, so that’s also an… 

Adam Stott:  

Awesome, Jay. Sounds amazing mate. And, you know, well done on your journey. I think it’s incredible. I mean, anyone watching today, if you know, no matter where you’re at, and no matter where you started from understanding that, you know, if you set the right goals, you apply yourself, you see the overall journey has been, you know, important to actually moving forward and getting those results.

And then you keep going, keep going and keep setting new goals. And keep pushing yourself further, you know, as well as the you go back to the education, if you don’t know how to do something, don’t be ignorant about it, you’ve got to go and you’ve got to find out and everybody’s equal, everybody can get the same results if they want again, all you gotta do is go and seek the knowledge and put in place, I think the amazing story, amazing journey, go and get Jay’s book if you haven’t already, hopefully, you’ve been listening and you know, go and click the link below or if you’re listening on the podcast, but if they’re listening on the podcast, on iTunes or Spotify, where can I go for this bookshop? 

Jay Munoz:  

Yeah, so yeah, it was, incidentally, an Amazon bestseller, which I’m very proud of as well. So, you can go and buy it from Amazon.  

So, Amazon, a Property Metamorphosis by Jay Munoz and is audible as well. But I highly recommend people to get the printed copy, because he’s got some examples of layouts. And some examples of properties in there as well, that would be tremendously helpful for people that started there and journeys. 

Adam Stott:  

Awesome, buddy. And I’m really, you know, really proud to be working alongside you as well. And, you know, speaking, lots of your different events that you run, and you’ve helped so many people, you know, Jay really knows his stuff when it comes to property. So, if you haven’t already gone and got the book, and also go and follow Jake, because he’s an absolute superstar, and he’s got a wealth of knowledge. You know, what I like about you, Jay is you, you want to share it, you know, some people actually get the knowledge, you know, sometimes I’m not willing to share, but you’re somebody that would help anybody. So, you know, make sure you go and follow him. 

So, I think that’s been wrapped up. Well, it’s been a brilliant episode today of Business Growth Secrets. So, thank you for listening. If you haven’t already, go and give us a five-star review, right, wherever you’re listening on Spotify on iTunes. And I look forward to you know, catching up on some of the upcoming episodes, everybody. Thank you very much. 

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