Episode 224: The Business Roadmap on the Gold Circle

Do you want to change your business for the better? Have you ever thought of using a business roadmap? In this episode, Adam Stott talks about what to expect at the upcoming Gold Circle event. He shared the business roadmap they developed and will introduce it at the event. He discusses some of the 14 steps they are going to teach to build a million-pound business. 

The Gold Circle strives to help entrepreneurs create and build a thousand seven-figure plus businesses. They are establishing a network and alliance of friendly business owners that support each other’s business journey. Goal Circle is for business owners looking to grow and scale a million-pound business or just starting to have that dream.

Show Highlights:

  • Get the scoop on what happens inside the Gold Circle
  • Find out the value of a business roadmap
  • Learn to grow and scale your business 
  • Produce your unique product and service; and
  • Know how to establish a clear message

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Adam Stott: 

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Business Growth Secrets. I’ve been doing some pretty cool stuff today, because I’ve got one of my Gold Circle Meetings next week. The gold circle meeting is my high-level coaching program where clients come and work with me a one day a month, every single month to build their business out.

So I’m going to give you a bit of a behind the scenes look at exactly what we’re going to be doing with them this month, it’s going to be exciting. And what I’ve been working on actually, over the past few months, is building out roadmaps for them in the certain areas that need to be improved in their business. For anybody that’s looking to create a million-pound business, and if you’re listening to this right now, and you’re looking to get yourself to a million pounds a year where you want to hit the seven figures.

Maybe you’re just starting and that seems like a far off, distant dream, even if it does, the reality is no matter where you’re starting from, as long as you got the strategy and roadmap you can build out and you can go ahead and you can get these things done, right. So it’s just a strategy that you need to put in place to get these results. Or perhaps you’re listening. Or maybe you’re already doing 2 3 400,000 500,000 and you want to get to a million pound, then you’re going to love this podcast, it’d be absolutely great for you. But I think it’d be good value if anybody’s listening.

So Gold Circle, the point of the program is we’ve got two groups, we’ve got one group called grow. That’s how do you take your business from zero to half a million pounds in revenue. We’ve got another group called scale, where how do we go from 250,000? Because it depends on whether person sits as whether they go and grow? Or whether they go and scale and take that to a million. And once they hit the million, how do we take them to 10 million. So our mission of Big Business Events is to create 1000 7-figure plus businesses. We’ve already done hundreds we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of people that have hit the seven-figure mark. We’re looking to take 1000 people there. Why are we looking to take the 1000?

The reason we’re looking to take 1000 is because that means we would have been behind the growth of over a billion pounds in business. Plus, it would have helped so many entrepreneurs to get more freedom, get more time back. Do the things they love. Really a big part of this mission and gold circle is that you know the driving force of that mission.

So let’s have a look at what we’re going to be doing with my Gold Circle group upcoming this week. I’m going to be taking them through what I call a business strategy roadmap. It is the roadmap of how do you go and take a business on a journey and put the strategy in place for the business that allows you to take them on a journey to at least a million pounds.

So the first step of the roadmap is actually understanding the why. And if you’ve ever read the book, Simon Sinek’s Start with Why and I must admit, I haven’t read it. But a lot of people talk about it. But for me having run a lot of different businesses and growing different businesses. I always know when you start with a why question. And you’re on a mission, and you’ve got a purpose, you can accomplish a lot more. If your why is it just one or more money that’s going to drive you. But you know, you probably will earn more money, what happens then? You’ve got to have a bigger mission and a bigger reason to keep going and keep pushing on.

And for me, you know, when we look at my business, the what’s our why? Well, we know we’re helping people, we’re helping people to grow. We’ve got the mission in place that we want to take people on this journey. We know how to build a million-pound business. We want to share that with our clients in Gold Circles they go and do it. And that is our why is we were driven more by the client success than we are actually the money. And that’s something that’s the first step if you want to achieve really great results.

Because once you add enough value, I think Zig Ziglar said, if you want to be really successful, you help enough other people get what they want, you will surely in turn, get what you want. And when you focus, your first step around, what are you looking to do? You know, who are you looking to impact? Who are you looking to serve? Who are you looking to make an impact on you will make such a bigger impact?

So that’s the first step is start with why? And you have to ask yourself that question in business strategy, because it’s gonna allow you to come up with better answers. I’ve done a lot of coaching myself. Over the years with lots of different people, have lots of different people add value to me. That question has been asked me many times every time I started a business, that’s the first thing I do.

So it’s like, why are we doing this? What is the impact we’re looking to create? What do we want to do? Now the next question, so question number two, which is really important. And if you’ve been on a three day event, may we do an exercise around the who? That is a next question that we need to look at ask ourselves a second step on the roadmap, who are you looking to make a difference to? Who are you looking to take on a journey? Who are you looking to, to serve and who you’re looking to help?

This is really, really important because if you want to make products and services that are people want to buy and that people say when you offer a product or service? If somebody doesn’t say that’s exactly what I’m looking for. But oh my god, I feel like you read my mind or that’s amazing. That’s exactly what I need, this is exactly what I want, then you probably haven’t thought about your who enough. Who is it that you are actually looking to add value to it? And who is it that’s going to want your products or services? Who is the person that you are going to be able to get an absolute product to market match with?

I mean, that’s really, really, really important. So whatever the why question is, why are you doing it? The next question is like, Who? Who would want this, who needs this? Who can we serve, who can we help? Now the next question that we’re going to ask ourselves, and basically, what I’m giving you is the outline, obviously, we go a lot deeper. In the event, I will show people how to identify their target market, who is the best buyer of their products or services? How do you establish what that person’s challenges are? What their fears are, what their needs are? How can you actually make an impact and serve that person? Obviously, we’re on a podcast today. So normally, I do every single step of it. But I want to give you an outline of the questions because it’s really effective.

I think with this podcast, the first thing you can look at is really challenging yourself and get to understand. First of all the Why. Why are you in business? What is it you’re looking to accomplish? Why do you want to do it, if you can find a reason bigger than money, is going to help you. The next question of who’s going to be the best buyer of your product or service? Who is your product or service going to make an impact on the most, that’s gonna allow you to really change your market, it’s gonna allow you to change your message and so much more.

After you establish the who, we’ve gone deep on that. And the deeper you go on the who the better results you get, the better your messages can become. We actually now need to establish where are those people located? Where is it that they are spending time? Where is it that they’re hanging out? If you’ve got competitors? Where are they going to competitors? If you’ve got people to produce content? Where are they following those people? If you’ve got people online or YouTube channels, where is it they visit in those YouTube channels? Where they go in for this problem or issue that they’ve got already that you’re not aware of? And that’s really, really important, because if we can get and understand where they’re located, the next step, which is the message, how do we get the message?

So it’s gonna be so much easier to deliver. Now the message we need to look at, when it comes to communicating to our clients, is what are you going to say that is going to inspire somebody to take an action? What are you going to say that’s going to inspire somebody to take an action? Because if your message is bland, or your message is mundane, people will receive the message and they go, okay, but if your message, hooks them and grabs them and grabs their attention, that’s going to make it so much easier for you to get your clients to really take that next step and buy your products or services much better.

To establish what the message is, first, before you go out and put loads of messages out, do that little bit of prep work to that little bit of thought on how do you really establish a great message. That’s one thing that we do have our clients really, really well. So when they go out to their message to market, their message is so compelling, is so well thought through. And it’s so clear that people can receive that message, say, Yep, this is 100% for me, straightaway.

And if you haven’t got that clarity in your message and the message you deliver to market, one thing we need to remember is that a confused mind doesn’t buy. Your message that you are putting out into the market, whether it’s social media base, wherever you’re using PPC, wherever you’re using SEO, whatever medium you’re using, that message needs to be so ultra clear. It needs to address the person you want to reach. And it needs to motivate them and inspire them to take an action. And that is something that a lot of people get wrong. Their message doesn’t have the clarity they need. So one thing we need to get laser focus on, how can we get the message better? I’m going to show the clients of the event how to do that.

So the next step is what is the medium we’re going to use to deliver the message. And this is important. So people say to me all the time, Adam, you know, should I be using Facebook ads? Should I be using Instagram ads? Should I be doing things on LinkedIn? Or should I be doing things on YouTube? Should we doing things here? And should we do try to be doing direct mail? Should I be pushing for referrals, and sometimes it’s difficult to know which one is the best. So what most people do is they go out and use six or seven.

Then they go and do six or seven things badly instead of doing one thing well, and all of a sudden, the messages isn’t delivered with the velocity that needs to be deliver that. So the next thing when we look at medium is we go back to the question of where where are your current clients currently located. And we use that medium that is going to get your message to your dream ideal client as quickly as possible and in as much mass as possible.

So I’m going to show people on this gold circle event we’re doing, what medium and what medium they should be using and how to really address this and look at it in a deeper way. That’s just the start really. It is looking at these different bits and there’s a lot more we’re going to be doing I’ll rattle through the next ones a bit quicker. But it’s really important for you to know what medium you’re going to use.

Now the next stage, which is a lesson that I’ve been helping our clients with for many years, and the ones who have implemented it are the ones that have got. The ones that every single client I’ve got, that’s already here, seven figures and above, and they’ve grown their business really understands that you need to take a client on a journey. And you need to know what that journey is. You don’t want to just have customers customers are some of the buys once and then goes, clients are somebody that stays with you for a long time, and keeps coming back again and again and again and again.

Now, how do you cultivate that? How do you make that happen? You make it happen by making sure that you’ve got a journey in place, and a journey of what is the first thing that a client is going to buy with you? How are they going to dip their toe in the water and get to know you and prove value through to how they’re going to start to using your products more regularly? Through to how are they going to become a client that buys your higher ticket, more expensive products, which is really, really important. And the next thing that we look at after that is how do you build a community that gets people to want to stay with you for a long time be a part of what you do, which is important too.

And then we look at joint ventures, which is your cross selling opportunities as well. How are you going to find ideal partners for you to work with, they’ve already got the audience you want, What support you’re going to need to put these products or services in place. So the support is there. So you’ve got the staff support, you’ve got the team support, you know who you need, you are delegating properly, you’re putting things in position properly. Then we move into understanding your why you from an unspoken and so a spoken why you there’s a big difference.

And unspoken, why you is the things that an unspoken one is when people are actually looking at you from a distance, and they’re seeing your credibility. And with their own eyes, they’re making their own decisions. That really is what branding is about. It’s about perception control. And we explain to everybody how you control the perception, how you can make people see that you are the best version of you possible, both online and when you speak to them as well. And then we look at the spoken why you want the mission, the values the one that put across in order to really influence someone to want to buy your products or services.

So in total, we’ve got 14 step process that we’re going to teach. That 14 step process, if the clients which I’m sure many, many of them will because they’re super driven people. And by the way, if you’re you know, you’re not in Gold Circle that saying you want to, you know be aspiring to do because it’s a game changer. And obviously, if you want to build a million pound business, we’re on a mission to help get you there.

So it’d be a great thing for you to do. And this 14 step process is really designed to get the strategy right, before we dive into the other parts, because there’s five things you need to grow a business strategy is one of them. Branding is another, market is another sales and then we need to know the numbers as well. If we get those five things, right, we’ll crush so ton of content in here. Hopefully you took some some little mini lessons out of that and some business growth secrets as you were listening along.

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So hopefully, if you’ve been listening along, and you’ve got a question you want the answer to, you will be able to go there and get any question you want answered just a little bit of help from me. So thanks, everybody for listening, and I look forward to catch up with you soon.

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