Episode 254: Selling, Serving, Success with Nick Staab

Selling is tough. Many tend to hate sales because it is not easy work. However, our guest today succeeded with sales even without any knowledge about it. Nick Staab, is a Public Speaker, Sales & Wealth Coach, and Founder of The Elite Sales Academy.

In this episode, Nick Staab shares his experience with selling from working in an electric company in Australia to founding the Elite Sales Academy in the UK. Nick Staab also shares how important hanging out with good people as well as writing his best-selling book, Selling is Serving.

Show Highlights:

  • Starting a job in selling in Australia without any knowledge about sales
  • Becoming the company’s #1 consultant and the company shut down
  • Working at Richard Branson’s company
  • The moment when Nick Staab realized he was on the wrong track
  • What surrounding yourself with good people can do to you
  • Writing his book Selling is Serving

Check out Nick Staab’s Book Selling is Serving or visit his website at NickStaabCoach.com

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to this very, very special episode of Business Growth Secrets. I’m here today with a good friend of mine, Nick Staab. He has achieved some amazing things through his career, he has a best selling book selling to serve, which was number one in over 21 categories. This book is all about sales and how to increase your sales. We’re going to talk about selling. I am really diving into the depths of it.

Now, Nick not only writes on the subject, this is what he does, he’s closed over 10 million pounds worth of sales in his career. He does it professionally. He teaches salespeople in all different walks of life at all different industries to improve their conversions. But what I love about Nick, is it’s not just about improving the conversions, it is about improving the client experience. So I’m really looking forward to talking to Nick on the subject. 

Next, someone that I’ve known very well on work with has been through our programs and accelerated massively to achieve huge success. So we’re really excited to have you on you go, Nick, how are you doing, buddy?

Nick Staab:

Adam, mate, I’m fantastic, thank you. And it’s a pleasure to be here. It’s honestly such a privilege.

Adam Stott:

It’s gonna be really good. I’m sure this is gonna be. If you’re listening today, you probably want to get a pen and paper handy, because I’m sure there’s going to be some amazing content throughout this podcast. Now, I’m a big believer, and I have been for a very, very long time knowing many, many people that are successful in business and successful in life. One thing I’ve noticed about all successful people is they have the ability to sell, they are able to sell their ideas, they’re able to sell their visions, they’re able to sell their products, they’re able to sell their services. And one thing that I’ve seen with business owners that struggle a little bit more are people that are not comfortable on this subject. 

So what we’ll do is we’ll dive into that and how people can improve. But Nick, you want to give a bit of your background, tell us how you got to where you are now, you know, how did your journey start out? And how did we get to 10 million pounds in sales, and a best selling book in 21 categories? massive success story. But let’s go right back to the beginning. Tell me about how things started out for you, Nick.

Nick Staab:

Amazing. So taking you back then 10 years ago, I was actually on the other side of the world. In Australia, I’d finished my university, I got a first in it and computing couldn’t find the job. Like most people, you know, I was overqualified. They wanted people to have experience. So I didn’t know what to do. I just thought I’d take a year out and go backpacking across Australia. But get to Sydney. And very quickly, my money starts to run out, okay, the party is drinking and I need to find myself a job. 

Now, as a backpacker, I probably had two choices, number one to go find a job in a bar, or number two to go find a job going door to door selling. So I took option number two, you know, I’ve never sold anything really before. And it was very new to me. Now, the job I got was selling electricity. So I was actually helping people change their energy providers. And I learned a lot from the people that I want to say that I learned the hard way.

I mean, if I wasn’t good at what I did, or I didn’t get people up the right way. I’d have people set their dogs on me and I’d be running and jumping over fences. But when the deals were good, they were good. I was able to earn about $50 in commission per sale. And I quickly grew to a point where because I’ve read a lot of books in the past seven let’s see, I was obsessed as a young kid with books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, How to Win Friends and Influence People. 

So even though they were given me this sales training, which was very much pushy, pushy, you know, features and benefits, features and benefits. I felt that actually if I just have a conversation with these people, find out what problems they’re having with it. current energy providers will be the bills of service. You know, bridge that gap to a solution and say, Look, if it’s the right fit for you that’s do business. If not, I’ll be on my way, seeing your neighbours and that really worked well for me. And I actually grew to be the number one consultant out of the entire company in just three months. 

That raised a few eyebrows because there were people there that are Australian citizens working for the company for years now. What’s this guy doing? What’s he saying? He must be doing something dodgy.. So this is what I do. And it wasn’t long until they made me a team leader. And things are going great. You know, at the time, I was probably taking around about $5,000 a month. I was 21 years old. And it sounds funny because the money I had back then I don’t know where it went. I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to manage my money like I do now from working people like yourself, who have taught me a lot about that. But yeah, it was the timing. I remember there was a day. That was in September, the 21st. The office was a hot day, right? 

If you can imagine. The sun was blaring through the windows, we’re on the 34th floor in Sydney. You can see the Opera House, you can see the streets and it was a Monday morning. Now, the rest of the team had been out partying over the weekend. So I saw my regional manager across the room. And he was as white as a sheet right now. His name was Matt. He’s known as an Australian surfer type dude. If you can picture him, he’s got blond hair, blue eyes. But he was sweating. And he just looked white. And I said, “Hey, man, you know, heavy weekend?” “No, Nick, it’s not funny. 

You need to sit down”. And he called the meeting. And he called it and read this little bell we used to ring is very much like a Wolf of Wall Street sales Energy Office. The guys were in sharp suits, the women were in nice dresses. And when we huddled up for this morning meeting about 100 people in this small office. A man named Matt just says, “Guys, I don’t know how to tell you this. We’re shutting the company down. Friday is your last day”. Now, at that moment, the ground just swallowed me. But I’d lost my income, which was really good. But the most important thing to me, I was out there on a year visa. I was just granted my citizenship if I stayed for that company. 

So I was really making plans to become a full time Australian resident and relocate. And because of that news, I actually lost my residency. So I pretty much had to finish up my time in Australia. I spent the last three months doing everything I wanted with the money I earned. I went skydiving on Sundays and had a great time. And I came back to the UK and hit the restart button. Right, I was actually back at my parents house in my old childhood bedroom. Starting again, after that taste of working in selling, having no ceiling income and being in a position where I knew that the harder I work, the better job I did, the more money I would earn. I just couldn’t imagine myself going back to a nine to five job with a set salary. 

So I found myself a job working for Virgin active. Now obviously Richard Branson is a Virgin active, it was a great time. And once again, I took that as like a duck to water. I took all the sales skills I had from before my experience and knowledge. And I quickly grew the ranks here as well. Right. 

So I became a team leader, area sales manager. And I was managing a team of people. I was managing sites across London. So it was great right now. Once again, I’m earning good money. But what I find is that Adam is actually quite miserable. Because I’m working all the hours under the sun right now I’m literally doing seven days a week, leaving the house at five o’clock in the morning getting over at about nine o’clock at night. I’m going on all my days off with my partner at a time because I didn’t really love my family because I didn’t love them because I was missing birthdays, weddings, I was just obsessed with being number one, right? 

And I was in a position where I had to exchange my time for money. I didn’t have the money that I was making working for me. Anyway, I just kept doing what I was doing right because I followed the system they teach us in school and got a job. Get a good education, get a mortgage, return 150 pounds a week, if you’re lucky and die right now. I’m not saying by the way that the system isn’t going away, right? I’m not saying the system is wrong but maybe some of you guys who are listening to this are looking for a bit more in your life so that you know you just have more money, more time, more freedom out there. being your own boss or working for someone who can really look after you and cherish you. 

So anyway, I just kept doing what I was doing, right. But there was a day, there was a day where I got hit by the hammer blow. Now I just found out that my nan passed away from cancer. It was May 2018. Now, they got the dates for the funeral. It was going to be the first day, the 31st of May, the last day of the month, a day that we call clothes out in the sales industry. The targets had to be here. Everything had to be done.

So I had a boss, I won’t say his name just in case someone might listen. But he made you feel really small, right? He was one of those people he’d love to abuse his power, small man syndrome, as they say, Now, I go into his office. And I tell him I need the dates off for the funeral. “Ah, sorry, Nick. No time off at the end of the month”, Right. And that was just when I said to myself like, “Nick, you’re better than this, right?”. Because for so long, I’ve been working hard climbing that slippery, greasy corporate ladder, only to realize I’m on the wrong roof. 

Right now, I’ve been chasing the wrong currency, which was money. In reality, I was miserable. Because I didn’t have time to enjoy that money or do the things I wanted to do. So it was actually that very night on the train home. That I listened to someone. Someone I’ve been pushing away for a long time, somebody’s been trying to reach out to me.

Now I’m on my phone. And there’s this guy on my screen. It’s got these big white teeth, tanned, proper Essex boy, right, even more than me. And it’s my amazing new business partner, Liam Ryan. And he’s telling people about how they can get started in property and become full time business owners. So I was a little bit skeptical. But, you know, I knew I needed to do something different in my life. Because if I didn’t change, nothing else was going to change. So I went on this training, and I was just hooked, right? I went to his boot camp when it was advanced mentorship, because I knew that I had to invest in myself if I really went to get where I needed to go.

And fast forward a few months, I was doing such a good job in property and making some amazing deals, raising money, and a few investors that Liam actually said to me, like, “hey, there’s a position in my company. I want you to come and sell my event. I want you to come and run my sales team” Actually it’s back at the late end of 2018. And I remember the sales process when they took me in right. It wasn’t pretty if I wanted to join because it was a great offer. For me to move forward against what I wanted to do, it was very pushy features and benefits type selling not really finding out my problem. So I was very confident I could help Liam grow his team.

And just one day, it was a Saturday event in London, I was able to make over 2000 pounds in commission working four hours. That was more than what I used to get in my old job. And the same week after that I earned over two and a half then 3000 pounds. So I wasn’t long because I could actually come out of my job. And I actually gave my letter of resignation to Jay. I was a bit of a strange name but slipped out. 

I gave my letter of resignation in and for the first time in my life, I felt free. Right. And from hanging around Liam, who’s a prolific business owner, you know so much about property managing teams looking after other people. He said I was able to scale and grow my own business as well as he’s because the thing I love about sales and the gifts that I think many people can do is that they can sell for themselves, right? They can grow their own businesses, but actually is another stream of income they could sell other people’s products. And this is an angle that I found to be very successful because as well as selling for Liam, I sell for other top business owners in the UK. I’ve even done a little bit for yourself here and there, Adam as well.

Adam Stott:

Also, you know when you’ve done that.

Nick Staab:

Thank you, man. And you know, it’s been such a privilege to be hanging around some of the UK A’s best business owners and trainers and I mean, that’s where my life has transformed in the last four years mainly just getting around the right people because I’m a big believer in your the product of the five people you hang around the most right? Like Jim Rohn says, hang around five negative people, you get to be number six, right? 

Adam Stott:

Yeah, hang around with five. I think that so few people buy into these kinds of concepts and they’ll hear that kind of concept they buy into it a little bit. And maybe they’ll have one or two people, but I don’t really spend time with them. I think that when you actually make your network five successful people, and you spend time with those people, and you listen, and you’re humble, and you learn, I think everything changes for you, and you just elevate so much faster. 

And I think it’s something and you know, the biggest problem is most people and where I’ve found my success over the years now, most people are afraid to pay for it. You know, they’re afraid to pay for coaching, they’re afraid to pay for mentoring. They’re afraid to pay to go to good places to meet good people and, and things are this and they don’t invest in that, because you don’t see a tangible return. You know, if you run an ad, and you spend 1000 pounds on it, and you make 2000 back, you’ve seen 1000 pounds returns tangible, so you can justify 1000 pounds spent, if you spend 1000 pounds to go and hang out with an amazing group of business owners at an event or something like that, or even a race event or whatever, you don’t necessarily see the return. 

But the returns are literally geometric. Because one relationship, one person, one chance, one opportunity, as you’re speaking about there can lead to 10 million in sales. Now, if it costs you 20,000 pounds to get 10 million sales, how many agree it’s a good deal. I think it’s something that people should focus on more.

Nick Staab:

100% mate.

Adam Stott:

So very, very important stuff. Based on, you’ve gone on this massive journey, then neck. And that led you to doing millions and millions of pounds in sales, increasing your income in a significant way. But you’ve then actually moved on in a couple of big moves and a couple of things that have really elevated you and I’ve seen you grow a lot. When was the book, which you really worked very, very hard at. And it’s not easy. A lot of people think it’s easy to write a book, it requires dedication, to make it good anyway, it’s easy to write a crap book. But to write a good book, it’s not that easy, right? Yeah, I have to really put your time, your attention and everything into it, which I think you did, and reveal your processes. 

So in addition, we’ll talk a little bit more about what you do for your training, but it’s talk a little bit about the book, what’s the concept of the book about? And why? Because there are a lot of sales books out there. I’ve read them all. You know, the one thing that is very much in common with you is throughout my sales career. It’s funny, because as you talk, there’s a lot of similar things. And when I was working at a powerhouse, I had to sell electricity. Right? 

Very similar to what you said yourself. It’s not the easiest thing to sell and nobody wants to buy it. And it was a horrible sale. But you still did it right. And it was what I did back in the day. But as you grow, there’s many, many different levels of becoming a sales professional. So when we talk about the book, tell me a little bit about what’s in it, why it helps people and why you feel it’s special. Why did you really want to put what you put in the book?

Nick Staab:

Yeah, amazing. So the book is Selling is Serving. I think the title says most of the work is that, yes, selling is actually serving people, because many people out there think that sales is bad. Sales are sleazy. Sales is hard, right? But whatever the brain can perceive and believe it will achieve. So if you say that selling is hard, selling is bad, selling you sleazy, well, you’re gonna be a bad salesperson, you’re gonna be a sleazy salesperson. So the purpose of the book really is to show people that selling is a gift, you know, to have the ability to help solve someone’s problems, and only work with people who are the right fit. Because this is the problem these days. 

And there’s a lot of business owners out there that want to work with anyone with a pulse in the checkbook. And actually, what they’re doing is they’re attracting the wrong clients into their business. The clients who are going to waste their time, want refunds, complain, and just cause loads of hassle. So I’ve actually got a seven step serving system that can take a complete beginner for a journey, and know how to do a start to finish sales process, how to scale a team, how to do the scripts I need for interviews in person setting one to one setting one too many. Because it’s the stuff I wish I had 10 years ago, right and stuff I’ve had to learn from experience through mentorship. And I’ve kind of created my own hybrid system. And it’s working really well at the moment. 

So the book, obviously, was well received. Number one best selling author in 21 categories. When you think about it, one of my teachers was to hear that back in school. I would have laughed Yeah, I wouldn’t be laughing. I’d be like a mess, no way. Next up, and I would have laughed in your face if you told me that I’m going to be a best selling author four years ago, but a point proven to what we just spoke about Adam, that you are the product of the people you hang around. Because from hanging around people like yourself, Liam and all these successful entrepreneurs, I’ve realized if those guys can do it, yeah, I can do it too. Because Liam wrote the best selling book, and he’s dyslexic. 

So that’s genuinely what I did. Jokes aside, I said, if Liam can do it, I’m gonna do it. I just copied the process. It’s like, this is the funny thing about being successful. It’s not that hard. When you get a mentor who can literally take you from talking about their failures, their successes, their systems, all you gotta do is just copy it. Right. And it’s pretty much foolproof if you do the work. So, yeah, the books, but the books have been amazing. It’s got a lot of great reception. It’s kind of the catalyst for me after writing that book to realize, actually, I’ve got more inside of me in terms of my training academy, my boot camp to actually mentor people, one on one, business owners, coaches, consultants, which is what I’m doing right now. 

Adam Stott:

Yeah, absolutely awesome. And what would you say to somebody that’s been listening so far, they’re afraid of sales, they hate sales, they do anything to avoid putting themselves into a sales situation, they literally are in a race to the bottom in terms of just discounting their price or giving away their price to try and buy a yes. What do you say to that type of person? 

Because there’s so many people on there that, you know, that is okay. You know, if you’ve been in that position in the past, but how you change how you succeed, what you do to improve is going to improve your results. So what would you say something like that from your expertise? And if you’ve worked with many people that name?

Nick Staab:

Yeah, honestly, about half of my client base are probably people in that path, where they just hate the idea of selling. But I have many clients who would actually go to make a sales call, and hope that the customer didn’t pick up, which when you actually break it down logically is insane. Because if you’re trying to sell a product, you jump on a sales call, and you hope that someone doesn’t answer so you can’t even sell them. That means you need help. The reality for guys and girls is that I’ve been there, I’ve done that, right, I’ve got the t-shirt, I was never a confident person in school, I was bullied. And I never felt good about myself. And I felt like I had to sell to survive in Australia. So I was kind of forced into it. 

But the reality is, when you think about it, everything you do in your life is a sound. Right? You know, obviously, when you sell products you’re selling, but also getting your kids to eat their vegetables, convincing your partner to do something you want. It’s all the art of negotiation. And it’s really simple when you break it down if you just get away from those bad sales connotations, because the days of the sleazy car salesman or dead sales in this current day and age is the future because people aren’t their buyer, because they’ve got problems in their lives. And all we are is the problem solvers, right? 

We’re the solution specialists. And to be a great salesperson, you just have to follow a golden rule, I call it the 8020 rule, which is 20% speaking, 80% listening. And this is what many salespeople don’t do business, they try and get on the phone, and hey, you gotta buy my product, my products amazing is gonna help you do this. Whereas actually I should have jumped on the phone and just said, I want to find out more about you. So what’s your current situation? Like? What are you doing right now? How’s that making you feel? How’s that impacting your life? And when you can really dig deep and uncover this information, it actually becomes more of a conversation with someone. 

And if you know, you could have the solution, where you can help your customer see that solution right now. We want to find out what their goals are, what their wants are, what their desires are. And if we can work with them, we do it right. And the great thing I love about my system is if someone is not the right fit, we don’t work with them. We don’t tell them hey, I’m not working with you, John, by now, we will just obviously say “Look, John, I think you’re right for this, but now’s not the right time. What I recommend is you go and do X, Y and Z and maybe have this YouTube video, have this product and come back to us in the future”. 

But that allows us and my clients to build a pipeline of actually clients coming in and out daily who are the right fit and you’d love to sell if you’re working with people that you would like to hang around with people that you want to go for drinks with and be your best friend that’s what it’s all about from taking them through this sales journey looking after your clients. I know you’re a big believer in having multiple raving fans, right and I mean that it all comes down to listening to them and being good at sales. So if you’re listening right now and you don’t like sales, I get it but seriously I believe it’s the number one skill that you need to master right now, if you really want to be successful.

Adam Stott:

Absolutely. And what can change this asset? You know, what have you seen? What can change for somebody from mastering the skill set? Because it’s as we talk about it, we know, you know, I know, my whole background is sounds, I changed my life through sounds. 

So I know, but a lot of people don’t know, they know what they know. But if they’ve never mastered this skill set, they don’t necessarily know the upside of what can change for them. So tell me a little bit about what you feel. Once somebody gets good at this. What changes in their life?

Nick Staab:

A one word answer, everything. I really believe, obviously, aside from just making more money than ever, being good at sales is actually going to build your confidence, your relationships with the people around you is going to improve, you’re gonna have better relationships. So maybe you’re listening to this, and you don’t even have a relationship right now. 

If you learn how to sell, you’re gonna be able to go find those relationships, I guarantee it. You know, and I think it just elevates you as a person having that confidence, you can sell, you can negotiate, you’re able to have more time and more freedom to do the things that you want to do with the people that you want to do them with.

I genuinely believe there’s so many reasons like countless, countless reasons why selling will enhance your life? What would you say are the most of yours? If you said, like, I want to hear from you. 

Adam Stott:

So in terms of what I would say is that if I go back to when I first started out in sales, I’ve got into it by accident, same as you. Literally my first ever sales job was working at a power house. And prior to that, I’d been working on building sites, I had a short stint at KFC. Talk about that.

So if you’re listening to the podcast, you had a short stint where I worked there. I’ll tell you what, I was good at making chicken to be fair, and it was a very, very big secret. Even then I took pride in it, you know, wanted it to be good with it, right. But literally the reason I got this job was because I walked into this showroom. And a friend had recommended me, I never thought I was gonna get the job. And I saw that they had free coffee. I was like, what you can have as much coffee as you want. 

They’re like, yeah, you know, it’s no, I’m saying you have awesome, you know, I was looking around the place. And I was like, oh, I fancy that I don’t fancy getting up at 6am to go to a building site. It would be nice to walk around and talk to people. And then when I started, I wasn’t very confident when I started and this has changed my life.

You know, to be totally frank with you. At that point, I was in a little bit of a row, I got into a little bit of trouble here. And there. I used to go out. As you know, I was terribly ill disciplined. And in all different areas of my life. I just didn’t have it together. To be honest, you know, not insane. And I had no direction to know where I was going to go and didn’t know what I’d do. I didn’t think about the future. All I thought about it was the weekend, right? 

So I had everything I was doing wrong, but I was still young, and there was still time to change. And look, there’s still time to change no matter where you’re at. That’s kind of where I was at. I got this job and I’m in this place. And I just sort of I was talking to this lady and I was dying, a lovely lady who kind of mentored me, she had given me the job. I had no idea why. Because at that point, I definitely didn’t deserve it. But I think they were desperate.

So I got this job. And she said she can talk to him. You know. And I remember seeing these people walking around the cookers and the toasters and it’s like, what do I say? Should we just help them and see what they want? So I’ll go over, talk to him, help them and they will buy it. And then Diane said, you know, and they ended up buying a couple of different things: a bowl cup or toaster bought, and I and I thought, Well, that wasn’t so bad. 

But I didn’t get any kind of bars or enjoyment out of it. I was just like, Okay, well, that was all right. I think I could probably do this at that stage. Diane said to me, Well, look, every time you make a sale goes on the system. And if you log in, you’ll see what money you made. And I was really confused. Because I was like, well, no, I know what money I’m on pay for being it because I don’t even know. I didn’t come, I didn’t know anything, I was so green.

And I logged in and was that I made 14 quid. So I said to Brian, are you telling me I just made 14 pounds for talking to them about that cooker? She said, yeah, I was like, Oh my God, my brain was just blown. And I’ll tell you what, in that moment, everything changed for me. I was like the Tasmanian devil, going around that place talking to everyone. And before you know it, I was number one. And it’s exactly it’s very similar to what you’re saying is I fell into it by accident. But what it did is it actually gave me discipline. 

So I think sales can improve your discipline because now it’s like I don’t want to go out and get drunk because I want to be on film. tomorrow because I want more money. You know, like that was a discipline outbreak. It helped me to build relationships with every single different person from every different walk of life. I can go to any party, I can talk to the grandparents, I can talk to the children, do you understand what I mean? Like my communication skills were built in that foundation, where I think a lot of people, their communication skills are not actually built up in that way.

But for me, it gave me that skill to be able to communicate with everybody, because I had so in this showroom, and you know, and then later on, I went into cars, and then went into leasing jets, then went on to start my own businesses, and I want to grow. 

But the other thing that it does, and this is the cool thing, I think, is the 14 pound irons were an amazing example of being rewarding this, what I love about it, the reward rewarded for going over and above. And what that did is it set a new discipline for me that if I do more, I’ll get more. If I serve more, I’ll get more, if I have more, I’ll get more. And that is filled into every area of my life, but also the fact of the uncapped potential cells.

What that also did for me, is it said, Hang on, there is no ceiling, nobody’s in charge of my growth, but me. And that is a very, very powerful feeling of freedom. Because now all of a sudden, for the first time in my life, I had the ability to create what I wanted. And all of a sudden, I could create more, I could grow more. And that’s what gave me the confidence to go into business. Because for me, it gets tough. I will ring 25 people, and I will find myself, you know, and it gave me some I mean, it gave me that confidence. 

So I think confidence, discipline, you know, focus communication skills. I think it’s everything I do, I know, it’s what you do, I love it, we still do a lot of training with our clients in this area, to help them but I love that your specialism and you are focused solely on this on you. I think it’s such a very, very important skill. And I think I don’t know if you know, I’ve recently, you know, recommended people constantly to come and see you, you know, on an ongoing basis, because I really believe and you’ve done some sales training for our teams, you’ve worked in our teams, which is great.

I just think regardless of where you’re at, in your life, if you haven’t got this handled, there’s still a missing piece. Even if you’re a successful business owner, I think there’s a missing piece for you. And I think you got to plug that gap, because I think you’ll make a world of difference, because that’s my opinion. Right? Okay, there we go. Nice and ready, wasn’t it? 

Yeah, exactly. Because you know, and that’s what I wanted to have you on. Because I know the importance of it, I want to get that message across to my clients, I want to get that message across to the podcast listeners, I want them to understand that this is something that we need to attack, this is something that we need to master. This is something that we need to push through if we want to become more successful in our lives. So tell us a little bit about what happens next, when you start working with somebody. And somebody comes, I know you got a three day training, which is an amazing training. I’ve sent my staff on it. And they raved about it. They loved it. 

So tell us a little bit about how you get somebody walking in on the first day that’s afraid of sales or that has preconceptions. I actually did a sales training the other week for a clinic, one of my inner circle clients brought a staff up, and people walk in with these preconceptions if you’re gonna make me do this, or they’re going to make me do that. And we’re going to have to say I’m uncomfortable with telling me how you, you manage that. And you help them to, you know, actually enjoy sales? Because I think that’s an important part, isn’t it? They got to enjoy themselves.

Nick Staab:

Oh, 100%. Yeah, great, great question. And I think it all comes down to having a complete system, which is structured from start to finish, rather than just trying to take people coming in and day one, throwing them in the deep end with sales script training, I need to break down the psychology of sales first. So actually, my first two modules are your psychology as a person. Because when it comes to sales, it’s 90% mindset, and it’s 10% strategy. 

And like I said, it’s all down to what you perceive and believe so, first of all, we’ve got to overcome those barriers about selling, being bad at selling, being sleazy and showing you that selling is actually a gift. Selling is helping others, it’s serving others, it’s growing as a person. And then once we master your psychology, your own psychology, the next step is to master the buyer psychology.

Because when we know how other people think the people that they like to buy from their impressions per perceptions, when we can start to manipulate these actually starts to open people’s eyes, oh, this is quite fun actually, like you said, I’m able to go and talk to this person, have a great chat and sell them this item, get rewarded for it, they are happy they solve their problems, I get my commission, and I’ve done a great job and it whether that’s for my business or someone else’s, it actually opens people’s eyes. 

So this is really fun. And as I go through my training account, I’m going to take you through, for time, all of the steps. Because I could go on all day. But the thing that people start to realize is actually Nick, when I went before I came into your training, I fought the sales were bad sales were sleazy sales were pushy. But actually what I found is like therapy, like you’re literally just talking to these people finding out what their problems are, what’s good, what’s bad in their life, what could be going better. Then you’re helping them paint their goals, their visions, and actually uncovering different issues that they might have been facing in their businesses or their personal lives and then you’re able to fix those problems. 

For just hearing your total, I can just, I feel amazing as well. That’s how you feel. Now imagine, if you’re going out and doing this time and time again, if you’re growing your business. And the one thing that my training offers, which is completely unique. I don’t know anyone else who has this right now. Actually, I give an opportunity for the people who come on my training to actually join our team, whether they be selling on the phones or on Zoom selling in person at events, because I want to teach people the system.

And my goal is I want to teach people and as I’m growing and scaling my business, I want the people that have invested in me to actually have an opportunity to come and join me and, and work with me behind the scenes. And I think that’s what really people would buy into is the fact that they get to be part of my vision and be part of the journey. 

We’ve recently been going to the US very soon. I’m really excited about that. But because of that, I’ve got a problem in my hands. I need a big team, I need to grow. And I need to keep scaling and growing. And I don’t want to go and hire another salesperson who’s got loads of experience in London, I want to hire someone who’s actually been on the journey who is invested in themselves. Even if they had no experience before, or even if they were completely green. 

I actually find that sometimes the best salespeople aren’t the people who have done the sales for years, worked for big businesses, actually the most common regular people who were previously scared and nervous about sales, who I’ve been able to install the right beliefs. They’ve had no ego. And it’s been able to copy the system. So and as a result of that I’ve had clients, you know, after four days of attending my course, selling products for some of the biggest business owners making 3000 pounds a day, in closing on the phone is just incredible. 

Adam Stott:

Been a fantastic journey for you Nick. In terms of people listening to the podcast about what’s the best place for people, if they want to contact you, they want to get in touch with you. I’m sure you’d be open to that. 

Nick Staab:

So, I’m very open on Instagram. Yeah, Instagrams a good place, I’ve got my website as well, nickstaabcoach.com. You can send us a message, you will find out more about what I do. But I’m very open on Instagram as well. 

Adam Stott:

And everybody so they can hit you up, go and follow.

Nick Staab:

But I’m gonna have to spell it for people. So it’s nickstaabcoach. Same as my website.

Adam Stott:

He’s amazing guys, lots of different sales tips that he’s putting out on a regular basis. And look, I can recommend Nick’s book. I’ve read it, and very kindly gave me a copy. Yeah, I read it and really enjoyed it for its fantasticness, and it’s a lot of value there. That might also be a great place for people to start. And I’m sure they can go and get that on Amazon. Can they?

Nick Staab:

Amazon, it’s on Kindle. And it’s available to buy a hard copy, soft copy as well. So selling to serve. Selling is Serving,

Adam Stott:

Selling is serving, right selling is serving. Yeah, let’s get that right. Let’s get that. Okay, well, thanks for coming on, mate. It’s been amazing. Love speaking to you, as always totally aligned with where you’re going, what you’re doing. I think it’s incredible. And certainly go and follow Nick or hit up his book, because it is a powerful, powerful tool. And this is something you need to get mastered in your life. 

Thanks, everybody. Of course, if you haven’t already, if you want to hear more amazing interviews like this, go and give us a five star rating wherever you’re listening to the podcast. The podcast is always free. It’s always here to deliver value. We just want to get the message out further. So if you give us that five star rating now. We’re gonna be more people to hear about the show, to see the show, and also to just keep delivering these amazing guest statements today. So thanks, everybody. I look forward to seeing you all very, very soon.

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