Episode 260: Essentials of the Modern Business – Consultation Call

Modern technology has brought us convenience like no other however, on the other hand, it has also cursed us with information so accessible that it has given us an unimaginable number of choices. As a result, consumers became confused and overwhelmed due to the vast choices presented to them. How do you make that choice be your product or service? Through a Consultation Call.

In the ninth installment of the Essentials of the Modern Business series, Adam Stott talks about consultation call; what it is, and how it can help your business. Adam also discusses how you can use consultation calls to put forth your offers to potential clients along with tools and strategies you can employ in your business. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • What is a consultation process
  • How to be the choice in the huge selections in the market
  • Client conversation is more important now than ever
  • Tools that you can use for booking calls
  • Rebranding your “Consult call”
  • How Adam uses consultation calls to offer added value 

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hi, everybody, welcome back to another episode of Business Growth Secrets. Today, we’re back on the 10 Essentials of modern business. Today, we are talking about something that’s really important especially for businesses looking to grow in an ever changing world. That is you having a consultation process for your business. Why it’s so important and why I feel for every modern business, this is something that you’re going to want to adopt. You’re going to want to bring it into your business. I’m going to give you a couple of tips on it to power it because some of you might have it in place already. But we might not know what we don’t know. Or we might be missing one or two things that can help us get much better results with this process. 

So first of all, what do I mean by a consultation process? A consultation process is where you give your clients or your prospects the opportunity to have a call with you. Whether it’s a zoom call or a physical phone call, prior to you actually making the offer of your product/service. So this console process gives you an opportunity to talk to your client further. To build trust, to have that client conversation with you and see how you can actually help them. I think it’s a really, really important thing. And I think more so now than ever before. And the reason I think it’s more important now than ever has been before. But with this ever changing world. 

With all these changing options, and so many more options coming up, left, right and center for people to be able to buy your products or services in different ways. It means that there’s this massive amount of choice in the marketplace. When you’ve got a huge choice in the marketplace, and you’re able to go to social media channels and find 100 people doing similar things, it becomes very overwhelming, very confusing for the clients.

It makes their life a bit harder in selecting who to do business with. Where you actually having a conversation or console with somebody where you get to know them. You put the time into them, you build a relationship. You actually talk to them about how your product or service can help them in more detail. It will help clients who are becoming much more aware of this process nowadays to choose to do business with. 

So I think that because we’ve got this increased choice, that this is something that’s important. Hey, you might not have had to do it in the past. In the past, you might have been able to offer your service. People go and look at your service, make an inquiry. And once you’ve made that inquiry, you give them a quick phone call, you go through the process with them. But now we’ve social media with Google with all these different options. When you get an inquiry through your website or through your funnel, that person might have made three or four inquiries. 

So it might even be unlikely that by the time you actually get on the phone, they remember who you are. Which is an absolute nightmare for somebody offering your product or service. If they’ve booked a specific consultation call with you. That means you set aside time whether that’s 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 14 minutes, wherever you want to sit there and talk to the customer. Get to know the prospect and really walk them through the options in a deeper dive in more detail. This means that you’ll increase your sales, it means that you will improve your relationships with your new prospects. It will show them that you’re taking their needs and what they actually need and what they want much more seriously by offering this process.

Now there’s a million software’s out there right now that can help you there. So you’ve got things like Calendly you know where you can get people to book directly out your diary. So you can start to book new console calls every single day in order to make sure that you have really good meaningful conversations. 

Now,if you’ve been listening to the podcast for some time, you will have heard me say that your business will grow in direct proportion to the amount of conversations you have. But it’s not just conversations you want. You want to have meaningful conversations and a meaningful conversation doesn’t take place over one or two minutes. Meaningful conversations are deeper where you establish the needs of your client. Form a product or service that helps them solve their problems. And the only way you can really do that is by setting aside the time to speak to them and give them that time and attention that they deserve if they’re going to become a client of yours. 

So consults are very, very, very important. Something you can bring in now a couple of tips on this, as much as I’m saying to you the reason I’m using the language console. The reason I’m using that language is you’ll be familiar since you’ve probably been on a console call. You’ve probably spoken to somebody in some way on a console call.

But you don’t want to call your console calls, console calls. Because if you call your console called console calls, a lot of the time what you’ll find is that customers I’ve got I’ve been on to other console calls. Probably bad businesses, and I’ve just had the person set him for 30/40 minutes, and it was a nightmare. They’re probably not going to want to attend your session. What I suggest you do is you rebrand that console call and make it more valuable to the customer. 

That could be hey, we’re going to have a 30 minute strategy session. We’re going to have a 30 minute breakthrough session, we’re going to have a 30 minute audit session. Whatever it is, that is going to be more in detail more in depth than just having a consult call. Because the person is going to want to attend it, they’re going to feel that they’re getting value out of it. You can still enact the process, but just give them extra value. Which means they’re going to build trust with you. And they’re going to want to do more business with you. So that’s exactly the way that I would do it. 

And hey, if you want to have a console call with us, we don’t call it a concept call, you can go to adamstott.com. That’s Adam Stott, definitely not Scott, Adamsstott.com. And you can go and get 2000 pounds worth of free coaching. Now on that £2000 worth of free coaching, you will get a lot of different videos and downloads completely free. But you’ll have the opportunity to actually go and book a strategy session with one of our coaches. So you can see a practical example of us not just doing what everybody else does, and saying, hey, come on, I have a concept called instead of offering something of value to the marketplace. And once you offer that value to the marketplace, and you build the relationship, you can then go on to discover the client’s needs and help them more. 

So hopefully you’ve heed that advice. And if you want to check out our process, go to WW dot Adam stott.com To get your one completely free annual free 2000 pounds worth of coaching? And how can you put this in your business? How can you put an option in your business where you speak to more people, and you give them that value? Now there might be some people that are listening right now. Like, “Hey, Adam, I don’t need a console call because I do e-commerce”, let’s just take that as an example and only sell small products. I want people to just go and buy that, hey, there might be a store that was interested in stocking your products, because they haven’t got any option to talk to you, you can never really establish their needs and have that conversation. 

It’s always wise, because even if you sell a product that’s very low in value, you might have an opportunity to sell more of it if you actually go and speak to somebody. So this really fits into any business. It’s something you should heed, I think with the market the way it is today. And the way modern businesses run this is something that can benefit you in a big way. So put it in place, get the gains. And if you enjoyed the podcast, please do go and give us a five star review. Those reviews help spread the message that helps get the message out to more people like you, more business owners, more entrepreneurs, we’re on a mission to get and help people and help entrepreneurs grow their business. 

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