Episode 288: Profit Like a Pro – 5 Steps to Success

Creating a to-do list is a simple task but doing them seems challenging for most people. Usually, it’s our business that’s prohibiting us from becoming productive and efficient. If this is the case, you have to make time for the most important tasks you need to accomplish no matter how hectic the day is.

Adam Stott shares what he does to manage and accomplish tasks in 5 easy steps so you can become successful. Adam gives us some productivity tips on how to be efficient and avoid frustrations with unfinished to-do lists. He also talks about why these steps can help you focus on important tasks and grow your business.

By the end of the episode, you will learn how to organize your daily tasks by creating lists that will help you finish what needs to be done. Organizing your tasks will give you more control over your business so you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that only successful entrepreneurs understand. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • Things that you can measure, monitor, and take action on
  • Focus Creates success
  • Importance of blocking out time for your tasks
  • Creating your own “Hot list”
  • Make a list of ideas that would grow your business

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Adam Stott: Welcome back to Business Growth Secrets. You’ll be your host, Adam Stott. Just before we jump into today’s episode, which is all about five ways you can become more productive and efficient to make more money in your business, I wanted to let you know that we are putting these episodes on YouTube as well. On YouTube. You have more visuals, you can see it visually got lots of different special effects and things. So if you like a visual learning experience, then it might be worth going over to YouTube and subscribing so you can get the content there as well. If you prefer listening to the podcast, of course, that’s cool.

We love you, we love our podcast listeners and really, really, love to hear your feedback. Actually, we’ve had lots of messages in from people that are joined the episodes and we’re very grateful for that. I would also be very grateful if you are enjoying the podcast, if you could go and leave us a five star review on iTunes.

That is how the podcast grows. That’s how we get more out to the people. We don’t do ads on this podcast. We don’t sell spaces on this podcast. We keep it raw and real. For you to help you grow your business. Having settled that, if you get two seconds to go, move your finger and give us a review. I’d love it. Let’s get into the episode right now, which is five ways that you can become more productive, more efficient, and make more money in business.

Five ways you can become more productive in business, more efficient, and make more money. And look, I know what it can be like for business owners and 100% I’ve been there myself, where it feels like the paperwork is mounting up. It feels like you’re trying to do everything. You’re being pulled in multiple directions. Being pulled from pillar to post time is your most precious asset. You’re working all the hours under the sun and you just don’t know how to get yourself free, how to manage yourself, and you may also have fallen into some bad habits. Those habits where you’ve just done the same thing many days in a row and you’ve cultivated habits that maybe are not helping you. So I’ve made this video specifically for people that might resonate and find some of those things that have been happening for them. Because let me tell you, I’ve been there and there are ways to structure your time to become more efficient. There are ways to become more productive, and I wanna share in this video five ways that you can make those changes fast and start to see better results.

So let’s jump into them. Let’s see what they are. The first thing that you can do to become more productive, by the way, which is easy, simple. Everyone watching can do it.

The first thing you can do is you can set yourself. Three things that you must accomplish on a daily basis. Like I do this to this day. Every single day I go into my business. There are three things before I even get there that I know that I have to accomplish that day. This could be, I could be speaking on stage, I could have an event I’m running, I could be doing multiple different podcasts. I could be, you know, helping my clients, mentoring my clients. Cause I have a million things to do. I could be having staff meetings, board meetings, all these different things. But I will make sure that I still have three must accomplish tasks. So every single day I go into the business, whether it’s a, a good day, whether it’s a bad day, I know that if I get those three things done, I can look with pride and say, I’ve got those three things done. They were my must accomplish and I did them. And that’s just about having three things. It’s a lot easier cause what most people do when we look at two types of business owners, the business owner that is struggling, the business owner’s stress the business owner out of time and the business owner that is productive.

What most people do is they let the business carry them away, and usually they’ve got a to-do list and that to-do list is stacking up, stacking up, stacking up. And then what they do is they look at the to-do list and they pick off one or two or three or four, five different things that they’re gonna do. And they’re the easy ones. They’re not the important ones. I’m talking about three must accomplish tasks that you know are gonna move the needle in your business and get your grain. So make sure that when you go into your business, you have three must accomplish tasks.

The next one, you gotta have three to five money making tasks that you accomplish every single day. Why is this? Well, I’m guessing you wanna make more money, and hopefully I’m right in saying that if you do, the only things that improve are the things that we monitor and measure and take action on. So by you just saying, Hey, these are my five money making tasks today. They’re gonna bring money into the business, guess what? You make more money. And another little tip to add onto that. Is you should measure daily the amount of money that your business generates, because if you do that, you can look and you can monitor, and you can know that you are focused. Focus, create success, so make sure that you have three to five money making tasks every single day. That way you’ll make more money. The next one.

Time blocking. I have spent time with interviewed and, you know, shared the stage with have friends and associates that have created million pound, 10 million pound, a hundred million pound billion pound companies, right? And every single person that I have ever met, That is successful, including myself, block their time. They have a diary that they manage. They put their tasks in and they block the time out to achieve certain tasks. If you are not managing and having a diary yourself, it’s very easy to do. This is not an expensive thing. You do this for free. Go and get on your Outlook. Block out the time in your diary. Even like making podcasts and videos today, this is blocked out my diary. It’s in my diary, Adam, you will at three o’clock create this content because you love business owners. You wanna help them grow. It’s part of what I do and it’s blocked out. And when it’s blocked out, guess what? Nothing else goes in the diary. That’s all I’m doing at that time period. And that’s how I get it done, and that’s how you get anything done is your time block. So you gotta learn to take sections and time blocked out of your diary to go out and get things done. Very important, great tip to help people and great hip tip to help people grow and start to improve.

Next one, you gotta have what we call a hot list. A hot list is bills, inquiries, things and people you need to speak to that you are about to close or do business with. If you’ve got a hot list and you make sure you just make a very short, hot list of the people that are like, I need to speak to them today cause we’re about to close on a deal. I need to speak to them today. We’re about to close on a joint venture. I need to speak to them about today because we we’re about to do a partnership deal. We’re about to do a property deal, whatever. It’s, you have your hot list of people and relationships that you need to follow through in the moment. That way, the hot list so people don’t get ignored. You go back, you do the things that make money. You do the things that build your business. Very important. Always have a hot list.

The next thing we need to make sure is that we have a three to five things you can do that are gonna generate new business. What are you gonna do on a daily basis? That we generates this new business that allows us to grow. So it’s like a business development goals and tasks that you’re gonna do daily. If you don’t grow your business, your business dies. So we wanna make sure that we focus on growth and focus on new business, which is very important. Now, this is the caveat and this where it all sinks together. Your plan these into your time block. So your three must accomplish. You put first, your three to five money making task. You put next, your hot list is on there and your three to five new businesses on there. That completes your day. That makes you more productive, more efficient, and starts to make more money.

And hey, I have this in a business Growth Secrets Planner and my business Growth Secrets planner, you just have to pay shipping. It’s free. It comes out completely free. If you want to get a copy of that, you can go and check the link in the description. If you don’t, that’s cool with me. I make these videos to help you. You can just go and get actually a diary out. And structure it out and put these things in. What am I must accomplish? What am my three to five making money tasks? How am I gonna time block? How am I gonna do my hot list? How am I gonna get my three to five new business opportunities working? And as I said, you can get that in the business growth Secrets planner in the description if you want to, or you can work out in your diary self.

So look, I wanted to share those ways with you today. Hope that’s added some massive, massive value to you, and you can see how putting these things in place can help you to become more productive, can help you to become more efficient, and in turn, make more money, grow your business easier, grow your business faster, and give you some time freedom and flexibility back in your life if you enjoy the video, please do make sure to subscribe by hitting the subscribe. And perhaps if you can share this video with someone you think could benefit from it, maybe you know someone that’s stressed out doing their thing, doesn’t know how to change it, and this could help them have a breakthrough. Thanks again.

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