Episode 290: Time Crisis – Don’t Waste Another Minute

Do you feel like you’re always running out of time? Are you always in a rush and feel like you have so much on? There’s one thing that business owners have in equal measure, it’s TIME. However, there are individuals who succeed and there are individuals who struggle with the same amount of time in a day.

Adam Stott shares how he maximizes his time in order to create successful businesses while at the same time, helping others to succeed as well.

After listening to this episode, you will understand how successful business owners use their time efficiently and get more done. You will find out more about the 3 elements to maximize your time and get better results which are: automate, delegate, and outsource.

If you get to know how to use these elements to your advantage, you can achieve better time management and avoid time owning you.

Show Highlights:

  • How to avoid doing everything by yourself
  • Leveraging technology to your advantage
  • What is stacking time and how can you benefit from it
  • Bringing in people to work in your business such as Freelancers
  • Taking time to stop and evaluate your business

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott: Oh my God, I’m in such a rush. I’ve got so much on today’s video is for all the business owners that feel like they have constantly got too much on, and they need to protect that precious commodity: TIME. Let’s relax, take our time. The most precious commodity. So what’s the one thing that all business owners have in equal measure? It is TIME. Now we never know when our time runs out, of course, but we all have 24 hours in a day to get stuff done. And why are some people are able to create massive success, get stuff done, absolutely crush and others struggle, procrastinate, and don’t get anything finished? Well, really there’s a few things that we’re gonna be sharing in today’s video that’s gonna allow you to understand how people are stacking their time. Getting more done in the time that they have available and actually creating more success.

So if you don’t know me, my name’s Adam Stott. Hopefully you’ve been following the channel and seeing some of the videos we are doing. We’re making videos like this to help business owners and hey look, really there’s two types of business owners, business owners that are successful with their time manage to stack it. Get loads done, are growing their companies making hundreds of thousands of millions of pounds a year because they’ve got this part of their business journey handled. And then there’s unsuccessful business owners that are stressed out, frustrated, struggling, time owns them. They don’t get to spend time with their family, and it’s an absolute nightmare.

And look wherever you are at. I’m making this video to help business owners to understand that really there’s three elements which can speed our time up and get us better results. And this is one thing that everyone needs to get handled to have more success in their life, and that is really managing their time in the right way to be able to get them to a place where they’re maximizing time. So what do we need to do and what are the challenges? Well, the challenges for more business owners that are not really getting the success that they want is they have a mentality. Where, look, I’m the best person to do this job. I’m the only one that couldn’t do it, you know? And in terms of me doing it, I’ll get it done. I can’t trust anybody else with this. And I end up doing everything themselves. And the problem with being this way is, yeah, you probably are really good at what you do and you probably do get it done great. But the reality is you could get so much more done if you had help and you leveraged other people.

So really there’s three ways. That you can get started on clearing your desk, maximizing your time, and getting more out of every single day, which will allow you to make more money, allow you to make your life easier, allow you to spend a bit more time with your family.

So those big three are automate, delegate, outsource. Let’s take a look at ’em. First of all, let’s go to automate. Right now if you are doing tons of paperwork, if you are somebody that seems to be drowning, you’ve got paperwork coming in all over the place, you’re a business owner that’s still doing the invoices, still doing the order forms, there’s obviously a problem with your systems. You haven’t quite spent enough time on working out a system where you’ve got automation in place, if you are doing every single follow up yourself, you’re bashing the phone, you’re sending all those text messages out yourself, and you haven’t automated those types of tasks, we’re missing an opportunity. We can automate the order process. We can automate invoicing, we can automate text messages, we can automate emails and we can do this stuff to make your life easier and get time back. If you’re sitting there calling people to remind them of meetings with you, it means that you really haven’t got into automation and you’re not leveraging tech.

So leveraging tech is actually. Taking a step back, relaxing and saying, Hey, how can I work out some of these tech issues to make my life easier in the long term? Now, when you’re working every day, you’re in the day-to-day and the day-to-day grabbing you, taking hold of you. I know that’s tough. I do know that’s tough, but taking three to four hours to figure out how to automate some simple tasks, they can save you hundreds of hours, thousands of hours in the future, and save your team hundreds of thousands of hours when you grow.

So you’ve always gotta be looking at what are the simple tasks that you can automate. You can automate your invoicing. You can automate your payments. Like some people are still chasing payments up when they can just be automated coming in with the right softwares. So you gotta look at, and my advice would be sit there, look at your systems and processes in your business and all the basic stuff like the follow-up process, like the invoicing process, like the collection process for payments. All of this could be automated and you can start to have a look at how you can do this and get it done for you. It’s gonna save you a lot of time. And put you back in the driving seat in your business. Now, four hours out for hundreds of thousands of hours back. Long term is well worth it. This is about maximizing time.

Now the second one, delegate. Delegate, and distribute. So Delegate is, you know, you might be in a place right now where you’re running your business and you haven’t even got anybody to give tasks too, and that can be frustrating. And it feels like everything’s on you. You’re wearing 17 hats, you’re doing absolutely everything yourself. You might be scared to take on your first employees or bring people into your business, and the third one’s gonna be good for you when we talk about outsourcing in a moment. But what I wanna say to you is like, Building a business and growing a business, you can’t do it alone. You gotta build a team of people around you, and by building a team of people around you, you can get so much more done. So let me just explain this very quick principle to you, to help you to see it in a different way. Let’s say you’re a business owner. You’ve got eight hours in the day to work on your business, and some of you might be working part-time on your business, so you’ve got five hours, whatever it might be. Now, what most business owners do in your typical business owner who’s stuck, and that’s not creating the success that they want, what they do is they say, I’ve got eight hours.

I know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna add some hours on and get in early, and I’m gonna add some hours on and I’m gonna stay late. So now your eight hours becomes 12 hours. Fast forward five days, you’re absolutely shattered. You go on, you don’t give the maximum to your family, you don’t give the maximum to your friends.

You feel like your work is taking over your life and you’re just frustrated. Now we don’t want to do that. We’ve gotta be more efficient and smarter if we wanna grow our business, because we’ve got big dreams, right? You want to go out there, you wanna make more money, you wanna make more impact, you want to help more people. You want to feel more successful. You want all of these things in your life. Well, one of the simple things that we’ve gotta do is learn to stack time. So you’ve got eight hours in your business, you work those eight hours instead of you then expanding either way, knackering yourself out. You buy another eight hours in, you get someone, even if it’s part-time to come in and work with you, now you’ve got 16 hours. That means you’re getting twice as much done in a day than you would’ve done on your own. Plus, you’re not knackered, you’re still fresh. This gives you the opportunity to make more money now. That’s just the way it goes. We’ve got eight. We’ve got another eight, we’ve got another eight. Now we’ve got 24. Now all of a sudden we’re getting 24 hours work of work done in one day cuz we’ve got three people rather than just us trying to do it all ourselves.

Now this comes with the added responsibility. You know, spoiler alert, you got to train these people. You have to work with these people. You have to pass on your knowledge. But by slowing down, taking a seat, spending time with your people, showing them how to do the things that you do, and passing on that knowledge, you will then save yourself hundreds to thousands of hours in the long time.

So don’t be one of those business owners that’s trying to keep it all to yourself and trying to do everything to yourself, because it’s gonna keep you stuck. And I’m pleading with you because look, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. That way doesn’t work. The way that entrepreneurs grow and make more money is by stacking time, using labor leverage, utilizing other people, utilizing other people’s skills, training them to get you to grow in the long term. Now we’ve got automate giving you some guidance on there. We’ve got delegate and Distribute. Distribute is go and get them to do the work. Give those tasks out after you train them.

And the third one, Which is for me, you know, really valuable for a small business owner is outsourcing. You gotta look at who can you outsource the work that you’ve got. Now the problem for a lot of business owners, especially at the start, especially at the beginning, is what happens is you end up doing everything yourself. You suddenly become chief marketing officer, you’re suddenly chief salesperson. You’re suddenly the super tech guru of your business because there’s nobody else. You got to do all the IT. You might even be trying to build the website and the products and everything else at the same time, and it’s driving you nuts. Everything seems tough. It seems hard because when you used to work for someone else, all that other stuff, it was done for you, right? You were a cog in the machine. Other people had their roles because that was a proper business set up in a proper way. But now you are on your own. It is becoming tough, and you are finding yourself becoming overwhelmed. Does this sound familiar? If it’s not you, do you know anybody else that’s going through that? If you do, make sure you share this cuz we’re gonna have some real good guidance that can help ’em to escape that situation.

So when things are stacking up like that and time looks tough, what we’ve gotta understand is that we can bring in people for very small amounts of money, very small investments to work with your business part-time. And actually one of the biggest growing movements across the world right now is freelancing, Outsourcing. In fact, there are more freelancers right now in America by all accounts by stats than in there are actually employed workers. So people are wanting to take control of their own future. They’re now freelancing their skills in the market to business owners that need help. So if you are sitting there and you’re stuck, and you are stuck with stuff like bookkeeping, don’t be stuck with it. Outsource it. If you’re stuck with invoicing, get a va, get them invoicing for you. If you’re stuck with people following up your clients, you can never follow ’em up. Get somebody to do it for you. Outsource it. You can go on places like Upwork freelancer, fiverr, pH online, all these different sites, 99 designs, everything that you are stuck with, you can get somebody else to do for you, for very small amounts of money, and it can allow you to make faster progress.

So really look at your business and if you are a business owner right now, and you feel like you’ve got a full plate, you feel like you’re really busy, you gotta look, have a little analysis of your business, slow down. What can you outsource? What can you delegate? Who can you train to do this job right and who can you outsource to? If you look at those areas of your business and you start to do these three things, you’re gonna find that you move faster, make more progress, make more money.

Look, hope you found that this video has been really helpful for you. I really make this for business owners. I have been in that seat where I’m doing all the work. I’m feeling stressed. I’m feeling frustrated. I’m feeling overwhelmed. You know, I’ve been there 100%, and you don’t have to be. So hopefully you found some value in this video that can allow you to go and actually start to offload some of these things that you’re not been finishing or getting done, and put you in a different position. Because that will allow you to grow and make more progress in your business. Please do make sure to subscribe. We make these help business owners to have an easier life because I’ve done it the stressful way. I know what it’s like. I took multiple companies to eight figures in revenue and built businesses for the long term, which is awesome. And I just wanna share some of those lessons on the journey that I’ve had because I wish some people would’ve shared it with me earlier.

Hopefully you found the value in this, and if you have. Drop us a like or a comment, tell me what business you’re in. I’m really intrigued to know who you are who’s watching. It’d be really cool to hear from you if you found this useful. And look at the big three. What can you automate? What can you delegate? What can you outsource to make your life easier?

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