Episode 332: The Path to Success for Couples in Business with Gillian Andale

As couples, understanding each other better is the first step towards building a harmonious relationship whether in life or running a business. Gillian recognizes that whether couples are similar or different, both scenarios come with their own challenges and advantages.

On the sidelines of the Done For You Branded Retreat, Adam Stott interviews Gillian Andale, the winner of the Best New Product and Service award at the Branded Done For You Retreat. Gillian shares her journey from the corporate world to starting her own business. Her unique approach to addressing the emotional side of relationships emphasizes the importance of building a life by design rather than default.

Gillian is the founder of Osprey Couples Dynamics and is passionate about helping couples build the lives they want while growing their businesses.

Show Highlights:

  • How Gillian helps couples and families in business
  • Helping couples define the life they want before building their business to support it
  • Importance of caring for clients and creating a safe space for them to address their relationship challenges
  • Gillian’s experience as a blended family with six children and 16 grandchildren, which have given her a wealth of knowledge and understanding of family dynamics
  • How Gillian overcame her initial fear of reaching her target audience and now helping couples navigate the emotional aspects of their relationships

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