Episode 283: Avoid these Business-Killing Social Media Mistakes

If your business is on social media, the main thing you want is to create leads that eventually would turn into sales. This isn’t the case for a lot of people because they commit the same mistakes time and again. What are these mistakes and what does it take for you to gain success in social media?

In this episode, Adam Stott shares the three social media mistakes many businesses make that, most of the time, kill their business. Adam talks extensively about why people overlook and neglect setting an objective, having focus, and thinking that social media is free. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • Who’s at fault when you fail your business in social media
  • Importance of setting an objective when you start a social media campaign
  • Why you need to have focus and consistency on social media
  • The fear of missing out
  • Why people think that social media is free, when it’s not

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:
Welcome back to Business Growth Secrets. In this episode, I recently recorded a video for my YouTube channel on why people make big mistakes with their social media and how they can avoid these critical errors. And if you start to avoid these critical areas, you can start to see much more growth in your social media and get better results.

So I wanted to share some of the info on that video so it can really help my podcast listeners to understand social media in a better way. So I know tons of you. Looking to grow your business and you realize that social media is a great way to do that, so I wanted to make sure that I shared this invaluable content with you.

Hey, if you want to go and watch the YouTube video, make sure to subscribe as well. There’s tons of cool content on my YouTube channel. You might, if you prefer listening to our podcast, that’s cool too. But I want to keep bringing you the best content and help to help you grow your businesses. And of course, don’t forget if you haven’t already shared this episode with another business owner that wants to. They really value it. I would really value it and really appreciate your helping spread the message of this podcast. It’s impacting so many people and I’m super grateful for everybody that’s helped to share the episode and help it grow. Let’s dive in, and I hope you enjoy it. Today’s episode of Business Growth Secrets.

These are the three big mistakes that I see people make when it comes to success on social media. My name’s Adam Stott. If you don’t know me, I’ve sold over 50 million pounds worth of products on social media, and I know a thing or two, but more importantly than even that, I’ve trained thousands, tens of thousands of people on how to improve their social media across different platforms, and I’m going to share with you today in today’s video, the three big mistakes I see people making so I can simplify it and make social media so much easier for you.

I hope you enjoy today’s video. And you get tons of value. Let’s jump straight in. So you’re probably watching this video because like most business owners, you’ve picked up on the fact that social media can be mega powerful for your business and help you to grow. But at this stage, you might have tried a little bit already tried to get yourself out on social media and you’ve seen some mixed results. Maybe you’ve done some stuff on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes it hits, you get a lot of engagement, people are loving it. Maybe you might have even tried to get some stuff out on YouTube and you’re finding it hard to break out and get enough people to see what you do.

First thing I want to say to you is, this is common. It’s not your. We have to be strategic and know exactly what we are doing when it comes to building a social media, following a social media audience, and more importantly, setting your business up to get new leads, new traffic. And new sales. The first mistake that I see happen all the time with companies trying to attack social media is they do it with a lack of objective.

So not having an objective is the first mistake. Why are you doing this? You’ve gotta know why you actually want to do this. You gotta know why you want to use social media and why social media is going to be a good answer for your business. And this, frankly, is what most people never even consider. And what most businesses do is they say, Hey, you know, um, the apprentice in our team, they’re young, they’re good.

Maybe we’ll get them on the social media and we’ll get them to start putting some stuff out of market. And at least we are ticking that box in that way. But that person knows your business the least, and you as the business owner. You know it the best. So really the effort that we put in and the objective that we are going to do needs to come from you.

The objectives that I tell my clients that they really need to focus on are more leads, getting more inquiries. What does a lead look like? Someone putting their hand up and saying, here’s my name, here’s my email address, here’s my phone number. I’m interested in what you do. I’m interested in your product or service.

Imagine you started to get tons more of those into your business. Your business is going to be more successful quickly, and if you task your team or yourself, we’ve generated more leads, that’s a much better objective than hey. I want to get more views on my YouTube show or my reel leads is what we’re looking for.

New inquiries so you can grow to business. The next one is traffic. If you’re an e-commerce business, you’re going to want to get more traffic. You’re going to want to take people from social media, off social media onto your websites, to your product pages so you can get more sales. So your object. Really needs to be traffic and you need to optimize and build in into your copywriting, into your office.

How are you going to move people off social media? And the third one is sales. You need to be looking at, Hey, how are we going to generate more sales for the business in order to see it grow? And usually the third one being sales falls into the category of more leads or more. , and then in turn we generate more sales.

So the first thing you ought do is set an objective for your business. You know what the objective is? Now? We’ve got that one out of the way. What’s the second mistake that people make? It is a lack of focus. Hey, you’ve probably heard, maybe you watched some YouTube videos before. You’ve heard a ton about consistency.

You need to be consistent. You need to be everywhere. The bottom line is if you’ve got a business to. often it’s difficult to be everywhere, right? And that’ll probably resonate with you. And look, I’ve been there myself, where I’ve been building a business, been with the clients, been with the paperwork, doing all the work, and then having to show up on social media constantly.

It can be very, very difficult. And where most people make the mistake is have a lack of focus. And this is what they do with their lack of focus. They say, Hey, we need to make sure that we’re on our Facebook. and we need to be building our Facebook. You need to put your posts out on your Facebook. And we start begging here for those traffic, for the leads, for the sales.

And they go, you know what? We need to be on Instagram as well. And we start begging over here. Now we’ve got some presents going on on Facebook, some presents going on Instagram. Then someone says, oh, you know what? YouTube’s cool. YouTube shorts are really good right now, so we need to be on YouTube as well.

And we start digging here. And then somebody mentions, oh, what? My friend went viral on TikTok the other. So we need to be here as well. And, oh, we’re, we’re doing business to business. We need to be on LinkedIn. So we’ve got all this digging going on. And what tends to happen, because we have a lack of focus, is we do a bad job here.

We don’t really get any depth. We do a bad job here. We do a bad job here. We do a bad job here, and we’re doing a bad job here. We’re spreading ourselves too. Where if you are starting your earlier and you want your business to crush social media, you want to combine your efforts in a focused attack. And that means choosing the channel that’s going to suit your business best.

So for you, it might be if you’ve got a broad base and you sell products and services that you know pretty much anyone can buy, and then Facebook is a great place for you to. Because we’ve got massive audience, right? We’ve got huge audience. If you sell a product or service of very visual, then Instagram might be the best place for you to go.

If you sell a product or service that really needs education, you need to educate people, you’ve gotta make educational based videos, then YouTube might be the place to go. If you sell a product or service that’s cheap and that’s fun that you can want to get and spread the message out to marketing, TikTok would be really good.

And if you serve b2b, then you want to be looking at Linked. And once you’ve decided which channel you want to put your focus in, all you do is you move all of your efforts into that channel. See if this is the clients and this is the gold, this is where the deals and the opportunities are. If we only dig this deep, We’re not hitting any clients, we’re not hitting any gold before we take our combined efforts, and it doesn’t matter which channel, whichever one suits you best, and we combine the efforts.

All of a sudden we’re hitting clients, we’re hitting gold, we are making money, and that lack of focus is something I see all the time. now, this is the way that you want it to work. You start with one channel, you dig deep. Instead of going a mile wide and an inch deep, you just dig deep. You get to know the features of that channel, because if you take any one of these, just say Facebook, you’ve got Facebook Organic, you’ve got Facebook ads, you’ve got Facebook groups, you’ve got Facebook stories, and so much more, right?

You’ve got all these different things. And even that alone can be overwhelming for a business. The first time they do it, you know, Facebook Live, we can go on and on, right? So you’re just like, oh, I, I don’t even know where to start. Now if you add that in that every channel has these different facets, all of a sudden you’re dealing with like 30, 40 different things.

Your marketing team gets confused. You get confused, and then we go, Ugh, this social media thing, I dunno if it’s right for our business. And then you go, and you work on your referrals. You work on your repeat business and back to that slow growth where instead, if you don’t make this mistake and you focus on whatever channel is you want to focus on, and you dive deep into growth on that channel, you will unlock more clients, more leads, more traffic, and more opportunities than you could ever dreamed of.

And another reason people lack their focus is they’re like, I don’t want to just be on Facebook. I don’t want to just be on YouTube because if I’m just in that place, what about people on Instagram? They’re missing me. Or what about people on TikTok? They’re missing me. What about people on LinkedIn? We get this fomo, right?

We’ve got this massive fomo. What am I missing out? The reality is, and you are watching this video, I ask you the question. Hi, are you on Facebook? Yes, you are. Are you on Instagram? More than likely. Are you on YouTube? Yes. You are right. Are you on LinkedIn? More than like, So the reality is all the people are all in the same places anyway, so you’re not going to miss out.

That’s one reason. But the second reason you’re not going to miss out is there’s a billion people on Facebook plus. You don’t need a billion clients, you probably want your next 10 deals. You probably want 10, 20, 30 deals a month out of one of these channels. If you e-commerce, you might want 200 deals a month, but you don’t need billions of people.

And even if you got them, even if everyone Facebook all of a sudden went crazy about you and your business tomorrow, you won’t be able to serve that audience cuz it will be too big. So get focused. Choose a channel. Mine it deep until that starts to bring you the clients. It brings you to gold, it brings you the results.

So that’s the second big mistake, lack of focus. Now the third big mistake, which I see all the time. is people have this perception that social media is free, and if that’s why you want to use social media, market your business, you are missing the big reason of why you want to use social media market.

Your business. The reason that you should want to use social media to market your business is not because it’s free, because it’s not, and we’ll come to that in a moment. It’s because it gives you the opportunity to do what we’ve never before been able to do in human history, and that is get our message out to the masses.

You can take your business that maybe started a month ago, a year ago, two years ago, or never been on social media and reach tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people very, very quickly. That can impact your business. It can get you more traffic and get you more leads. It can get you more sales.

It can help you grow, right? So that’s the reason you want to use it. Not the reason you want to use it is because it’s free, because it’s not. When it comes to social media, you are always investing in one or two ways. You are even investing cold hard cash or you are investing time and the ironies. It’s always easier when it comes to social media to invest a little bit of money than it is to invest lots of.

Why is that? Because if you were to make content every single day and you were just out there hammering it, making content, making content, make it content, you do that for 30 days. You put loads of time in it. You’re really disciplined. You’re really consistent, and you do it nonstop. What are you going to get out of that?

Because the algorithm sets you up not to win unless you invest, right? It means that you might get 300 views on each video that you make. So those 300 views, 300, 300, 300, 300 combined, you know, over the course of the month, you might have 9,000 new people that have watched your start. That’s good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool.

And if you’re on a limited budget, it’s better than doing nothing. , but actually for a very small investment, rather than you spending hours and hours and hours and hours every single day making those 30 pieces of content, which is your time investment, because hey, you could be on the phone to clients, you could be doing deals, you could be doing business, right?

And you’re putting all the time, invest, making content. You could just make one awesome piece of content and you could spend 200 quid easily getting it out to the 10,000 people that you spend every day. Makes sense. So it actually pays to invest a little bit of money in the right way in order to grow your channels, grow your presence, get more leads, get more sales, get more deals if you’re a business owner.

And when this comes back to is then lack of focus. Because now you realize that, hey, I’m going to make an awesome piece of information, a bit of content, I’m going to get it out of market, so I’m going to meet my new clients. I’m going to help people. And look, that’s why I make these videos, to help people, to meet people, to help people so I can take them to the next level in their businesses and stop them making mistakes.

And you can do exactly the same thing. You can go out, create piece of content. Get it out to the masses so you meet new of your, more of your ideal clients. The problem comes back to lack of focus. Well, where do you put this? Again, wherever you choose to distribute, you choose, and because now you’ve got more time to actually focus on getting everything right in one channel, you can learn the ad strategy for that channel very, very quickly.

Whatever you, whatever channel it is that you choose, whether it. , um, YouTube, whether it is Facebook, whether it is Instagram. Now you can learn the ad strategy because every single one of these channels has a front end and it has a backend. The front end is the organic stuff. The backend is your Google, um, AdWords.

It is your, Facebook ads manager, your TikTok ads manager. Once you learn to utilize the backend and actually get your message out to market, drop a. On the type of client that you want to reach and have a conversation with them, everything becomes easier in your business. So I wanted to make this quick video for you, to give you some value to get your focus, to stop you making the mistakes.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed and if you have enjoyed, please do subscribe because we’re making more content like this all the time. To help business owners to grow, to stop them from getting stuck and to show them how they can maximize, optimize, and grow their. So make sure you are subscribed, and if you’ve really enjoyed this and you want to understand how to do social media in a deeper way, I have a five hour free training.

Doesn’t cost you absolutely anything that you can register for. I’ll put the link in the description somewhere and we can go a lot deeper into how you select the right channel for you, how you then get your message to market, how the ad platforms work, how you can build audiences in the tens of. Hope you enjoyed.

Make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you on the next video.

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