Episode 125 – Lead Magnets for Business

There are a lot of tools that we can use for the online marketing of our business. One of the effective tools in forging good relationships with clients is with the use of a lead magnet. In this episode, Adam Stott talks about what is a lead magnet and how to use them effectively so you can gain more clients.

Show Highlights:

  • Adam Stott explains what is a lead magnet
  • How Adam Stott used his audiobook as a lead magnet that was downloaded 18,000 times
  • How to create content for lead magnet
  • Developing relationships by giving value to your clients

Links Mentioned:

The 40 Rules To Make Any Business Successful And Profitable
The Social Media Money Machine


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Adam Stott:

Hey everybody, welcome back to business growth secrets. Adam Stott here. Looking forward to having a good chat with you today and I thought I’ll chat today about lead magnets for business. And the the reason I wanted to chat with that is we got a couple of new lead magnets in development and for the follows the podcast and listens to the podcast, it’s important to talk about lead magnets and give you a bit of different perspective on them and why use in few business and why they’re so important.

So, we’ve got a few lead magnets, we’ve been using for years and I guess properly just in case you don’t know what lead magnet is, this explain that. A lead magnet is a piece of value, a piece of content that you give away for free in order to swap that for somebody’s name and their email address. Now why would you do that? What the purpose be? Well there’s multiple different purposes. One of the purposes is to build a relationship and get that client on the list. Now the purpose of a lead magnet is that if you give someone some value first and you help them in some way that solves one of their problems or you give them some extra value that they haven’t had before from else, that starts to develop a relationship with that person that helps him.

For the past three years, I have been giving away The 40 Rules To Make Any Business Successful And Profitable which is an audiobook. And that audiobook is an hour and a half worth of training where talk about my 40 rules on making a business successful and profitable. It’s an awesome, awesome, awesome audiobook and a really good lead magnet that’s been downloaded over 18,000 times over the course of a few years which means we’ve gained 18,000 leads in that lead magnet and thousands of those clients have gone on to become some of my best clients.

Pretty much most people that follow me or you know have been following me for some time have probably listen to audio but got some value out of it. And it’s really really good thing to have for your business, to be introducing people to your business via lead magnet. So, we got a few others, we’ve got an eBook, which is a 96-page e-book called the social media money machine. And the social media money machine is an e-book on how to use social media creating money machine and that is also introduces to countless clients, have been downloaded tons and tons and tons of time, it’s really good value.

What it does it just starts of that relationship with the client and I’m a big believer that if you can give value first and develop a relationship, then that value always comes back to you. And if you haven’t got leave magnets for your business this is something you should be considering. How can you go out and give something of value about your business or that explains you know, what you do or gives what I call a demonstration of potential. So, you are demonstrating what you could potentially help somebody with through your lead magnet and it is not difficult for the clients but [00:02:52.23]. 

Right look, I’m getting to 40 so it’s at the 40 rules for example, getting these 40 rules, these 40 roles are awesome. At the 40 rules, it’s 35 that I didn’t know, that having considered in my business or even if it’s 25, even if it’s 10, you know even if it’s 2, so they listen 38 and they’re like oh, I know that, I know that, I know that, I know that, there’s this can blow someone’s mind and go oh right that’s awesome right I’m gonna put that in place.

So, you’ve added some value to that person, you’ve given them a couple of golden nuggets is not 40 golden nuggets and really there is more two golden nuggets I’d say that. You know that all the rules are good and especially the fact there in sequential order, they’re really good. That helps you to develop a relationship and people [00:03:36.00] to become clients of yours in various different programs and or they come on a webinar, they come to a free event it’s a great way building a relationship.

My kind of questions on today’s podcast is, have you got lead magnet? Have you got something out there that’s having conversations with your potential clients. It’s a really good question to be asking you and you know this, this business growth secrets right you wanna grow your business and there’s one really important thing you need to do, start having more conversations with people. You want to grow your business, you have more conversations, you are gonna get more clients, you’re gonna build more relationship, you’re gonna build your awareness, more people are gonna become aware of who you are, what you do and what you can do for them which is perfect and that’s can grow your business. So, my question for today’s have you got lead magnet? 

If you haven’t got lead magnet, perhaps you should go and work on one and get something that starts having conversations about your business and you know to give you a bit of an insight the 40 rules book, I recorded that audiobook in a day. You know I sketched out the 40 rules from what the most important fundamentals of running a business, I then taught through those 40 roles in an audiobook it’s about an hour and 1/2 long and it really gives a lot of value back to people and it didn’t take me very long to create.

The social media money machine took me a bit longer crate because it’s an e-book but you can do anything you know. We are working on a couple of lead magnets at the moment, gonna be a really good value and there are a lot one-page templates like the template to build a successful coaching business, the template to get coaching clients for your coaching practice. You know these things are a small things are not hard to put together and they really just can give some value to client up front and in exchange they’re gonna go into a list, and if they go on to a list, they probably gonna come makes a free event, or they probably want to come in one of webinars and then they’re gonna see how much we help and grow their business and then they’re gonna end up being a client. 

It’s worth putting your time in to develop this and if you’re in a bricks and mortar business or you’re a service-based business and you don’t have these kind of things guess what the competition doesn’t either. And if you start come up with something that your competition doesn’t have what does that mean? That means you’ve gained what’s called a competitive edge, you’ve got an edge of your competition. 

So, my suggestion for anyone has any lead magnets in place is to start a develop them. Because then when you start doing whatever it is you doing when you start Facebook live, you can start going out there and talking about your lead magnet on Facebook live. You know when you’re doing post on your social media you can start talking about your lead magnet on social media and then what you’re start a build a list because people opting in. And when you build a list, you got the ability to re-market to those people, you can call them if you want to, you can email them, you can text them, you know, it’s all GDPR compliant and totally fine to do. And that is kinda the value exchange

You’re going with. And now I’ve mentioned that, let’s touch on that. What we looking at is of value exchange, how do you give some value to a client that you haven’t met yet in order for you to get some value back which is their email address and their phone number. So, you can continue to have communication with them and talked to them about their different products or services. I promise you this is a really really cool business grow secret that you can start to put into business you haven’t got it already. And look this face at the set you’ve already got it well is it time you got new one? Is it time that you got another couple? Are you offering a different product or different service that you want to attract the right type of client?

In a really great marketing is when you figure out who it is you wanna serve, who’s the type of person that you wanna serve and then you look at what their problems are, what the challenges are, what the fears are, what the desires are, what entertains them, all the different things. You look deep into their psychology and then you create something of value that you can give to them in order to get them on your list and start the relationship. So that’s the kind of business growth secret I wanted to share with you today. I’ve been really busy again today, been at another webinar which is awesome. At a 100-120 people on today which is pretty cool. Met lots of people, lots of new clients and relationships.

We’ve been testing out some new software with my team, and I think that you know, I’ll give you these little updates and tell you this how things have been up to because every single day is a learning day, every single day is a day when you should be implemented something new or should be putting something in place that’s new for your business. We’ve come up with a really cool team working software that we are working on today which has been awesome, which has increased the amount we can chat and the productivity that we got going in the virtual office which is awesome. And if you’ve got a team you haven’t done that, something I suggest that you absolutely do because it adds a lot of value to you to get that in place. 

I’m about to jump on a Facebook live in a minute and talk to everyone in our members group, the big business events members network so we’re gonna jump on that in a minute and have a good chat with everybody and communicate. So, it’s been a busy day here today. Tomorrow we’ve got another webinar where we are gonna be doing a webinar for the people in the by in conjunction with Anthony Burke from Brits in Dubai, who is a great guy. He’s done a fabulous job of getting lots of people together over in Dubai and serving them and helping the audience and he’s asked me to come and give a lot of value to them which is exactly what I’m gonna do.

Give them value first are before we develop a relationship in and of course lots of them I’m sure will become clients off the back of that. So, I think it’s just couple of important lessons. [00:08:59.08] I’m gonna bring you some call interviews soon and I will bring you some kind of interviews with some of our client some of our team, some of the people who we’re working with which I think could be really cool. But in the meantime, I Wanna do is do these 10-15-minute little reminder snippets to get you working on your business and start to get you looking outside that box so you implement some more productive things and get some new results.

Hopefully you’ve had some value today, give you some good things to think about, some good things to action and some good things to look at [00:09:31.10]business and hopefully you enjoyed catch up and I look forward to catching up with you all very very soon. So, thanks for listening today for business growth secrets, if you haven’t already, makes you subscribe to Podcast, got loads of cool stuff coming and that’s really important and also if you’re enjoying the content, give us review, make sure it’s five-star please and give us a nice review and talk about how much you enjoy the podcast and what values it’s bringing to you and I look forward to catching up with you all soon.

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