Episode 127 – Making the Most Out of the Lockdown

The current lockdown on COVID-19 can either be an advantage or a disadvantage. It’s up to the business owners on how to make use of this lockdown to improve their businesses. In this episode, Adam Stott shares how he is making the most out of the lockdown by improving aspects of his business that he couldn’t have done on an ordinary day.

Show Highlights:

  • Adam Stott’s upcoming book
  • Taking away the geographical restrictions of your business
  • Adam Stott’s marketing and branding tip
  • How Adam Stott outsourced work for his company
  • Strategies to make good use during the lockdown

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Adam Stott:

Hello everybody and welcome to the Business Growth Secrets. Today, I’m gonna talk about what lockdown has been like, some of the things that I’ve been up to, some of the things I’ve been out to accomplish because as of next couple of days we’re going back into the office. We’ve fully cleaned and sanitised and ready to rock ’n’ roll. It is certainly been a busy lockdown for me. I’m gonna talk about, today, some of the things that I’ve been working on. Actually of course I’ve helped a lot of people out this big health challenges and issues and people have been affected. I totally understand and have complete sympathy and empathy for everybody that’s been affected by COVID and it’s obviously a terrible thing.

In some ways you know in life you have to kinda make the best of the cards that you dealt and during the lockdown that’s kinda what I think that we’ve absolutely done as a business. It’s given me the opportunity to work on things I really wouldn’t been able to work on. I spoke previously about the launching of multiple different online webinars and adding another funnel [00:01:00.16] to us meeting and doing business with new clients which has been you know a big thing.

Something that I actually for quite some time wanted to look at because over the past few years we’ve been in lots of free events has a fantastic way to meet clients but that webinars given us the ability to do something pretty special and that is the ability to take away geographical restrictions. And I think that a lot of business owners never look at this but it’s something they absolutely should look at because if they want to start to generate more revenue then often they have to look past the geographic restrictions of the area they’re in.

When you take away the geographical restriction and you start to be able to get your message out further to more people, potentially globally and to more countries, I think that’s a really really awesome thing. I’ve mentioned our home-based business which we’re training coaches to build a businesses from home to 6-7 figures, and I mentioned that a couple of times. And we’ve got clients on that program from Canada from South Africa from America are from Scandinavia, other countries in Europe, and the UK during this period in lockdown so we’ve been able to get lots of different international clients and I think that’s a really good thing. 

So, you know we look at this and I’ll try and break it down for you some of the thing that we’ve done. So that really was introducing a new client acquisition funnel to the business, so that was a big thing and I think that was really really cool. And the next thing that I really have my team do was focus on branding and looking at the branding of lots of different things that we were doing and this is another area that businesses don’t focus enough attention.

People have a marketing budget but they don’t have a branding budgets and branding is you controlling your perception, it’s raising and elevating your profile and your businesses profile and we done a ton of that. You know, things like that is joining the coaching counsel for Forbes is a big thing, we’ve got articles being published by Forbes that are written as well without articles published in Five global, we’ve got other articles in with major magazines all over the world and that’s something that we never would have the time to do because I wanted to have the time to write the stuff.

So, I think that where lockdown is presented its challenges, it’s already, it’s also given entrepreneurs the ability to slow down in the right way, okay, because you know you got to move to a fast pace, but about a slowdown and work on things that possibly they wouldn’t have the opportunity to do in the past. So, us being able to to work on the branding has been pretty cool and that’s not the only writing I’ve been doing. 

I think it’s probably the first time I’ll say this, I have also been writing a new book and we put a ton of time into this book: millionaire business secrets, which is gonna be launching I would hope that we’ll launch that probably by first of September, around that kind of time and it is a book literally full of secrets on how you can go and build seven figure businesses or how you get the mindset of a million pound business owner, or a €1 million business owner, where ever you’re from and really start to build that.

Assuming that we’ve been working as well and have put a ton of time into and writing book is like something that people never get around to doing is something that… you know my books one with the audiobook, 40 Rules To Making Your Business Successful and Profitable has been really good. It’s been download of 50,000 times so that’s been 50,000 introductions which has been good. The Social Media Money Machine which we use as a lead magnet and we giveaway to people which is cool. But this is a fully written book which we’ve done with great publishers and writers that we’ve been working up and working on together and it really has put a lot the lessons I’ve learned along the 10-15-year career in business literally into one place.

I think it’s gonna present a lot of value to people and I never would have the chance to do that had it not been for lockdown. So, it’s another thing though I’ve been able to you know put in place and and get created so that’s really good. I’m you know grateful for that I’ve had the chance to do that as well. 

Also, we’ve outsourced some work to different countries. We’ve been doing a lot outsourcing. The podcast have been back up and running because that was getting to the point where I didn’t even have time to get the podcast don because we were running so many events and were always doing those events and I wanted the quality to be really, really good. And for me, what I wanted for this podcast rather than other podcast, like you see a lot podcasts has got tons of interviews and we’ve got a lot of interviews on here as well.

I wanted to use this podcast to have private conversations with people and give them business secrets and business advice and I think that’s been a really valuable thing to do and I’m glad to be able to get back to that and record these episodes where we give you a really, really kind of in-depth, incisive advice to business owners. And that’s what for me this was all about the podcast because you know, if you want to join a community, you can go to our Facebook group where I’m doing live videos and I’m giving content to everyone at once but this is a chance for you wherever you are, whatever it is you’re doing, where ever your walking, whether you’re going to the gym to get some incisive business advice on a kind of one-to-one basis.

I’m glad to have got that back going as well and there’s tons of other stuff we’ve done and I think that you know for us, and I know lockdown is fully over and I know there is a chance that there could be a second wave and I know that there’s still people affected and I know there are still people affected and I know that there’s people that are still ill and I know that you should still be careful. But it seems to me that with the high street reopening and with people going back to your offices, getting back to work, hopefully sooner rather than later we can see, you know, us getting back to whatever kind of normality is gonna be. And hopefully as business owners you took time to work on the things that you wanted to work on.

Not only that, we launched Instagram Secrets and we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of new clients on Instagram secrets. It’s a program I did with James Lock. We relaunched our work system which is another product we launched, we created two new coaching products, one in home-based business, one in social media power brand. We created another product the social media vault, so not only we’ve done all that we created lots of new products as well so we’ve been really really productive.

Let’s breaks this down then. As we’ve done a lot of work on client acquisition so finding the webinar route is going to get new clients okay? We’ve don’t a lot of work on branding in terms of being a contributor and being linked to some of the biggest brands in the world. We’ve done a lot of work of writing obviously with the book and everything else about that. And we’ve done a lot of work also in exactly where we just [00:07:04.01]. So, we’ve done tons of stuff across this lockdown, with products was the last one and getting the new products out there and. Launch, right?

So hopefully you as a business owner, you been using this time yourself to be productive as well and for everybody, everybody’s in different stages. For you perhaps it was maybe you have to master numbers yet to really get to know your numbers to see where you’re at. Maybe it was you finally gonna start advertising or maybe it was, you’re gonna change your sales process. So, whatever it is that you’ve done, I hope that you just put the preparation in place and the groundwork in place to make sure that moving forward your business is not be worse off because of the lockdown but actually better off.

I believe that during this period for us and for Big Business Events, we certainly came out of lockdown a better company, with more strings to our bow and with more time and effort, [00:07:58.10]importance of branding and the market and everything. So, I think that’s kind of what I wanted to talk about today and in the message that I wanted to give. 

Having said all of that, I’m really looking forward to getting back to doing the events. And when we start doing the events again, we’re gonna have lots and lots of clients coming to those events that we never met before right? Apart from webinar or apart from online. So, I think that gonna be cool and that’s gonna be exciting. Usually when we held an event is because they’ve come to a free event and we met them before but now we’re gonna be talking about we’ll be meeting lots of people and not only by meeting online [00:08:29.05] it’s gonna be a new cool thing and there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of clients that we picked up during this lockdown period.

If you’re one of those clients you know, perhaps you did not go to free events before. And this is a thing I mentioned geographical restrictions before, we’re holding event in Manchester. It’s gonna be very difficult from someone from Amsterdam to come to Manchester of course for a free event. But if they bought into a program, they bought into a paid event, then they are gonna travel right? And I think that’s awesome. So, I’m looking forward to meeting lots of people when we finally do run these events again and I’m hoping that the government doesn’t put those long-term restrictions on the ability to hold events.

Obviously, the football is coming back on Friday as well so you know. Hopefully, you’re feeling as positive as I am and hopefully you’ve put in the groundwork to rebuild your framework for the future and that’s kinda the message I wanted to give. So, I hope you enjoyed today’s podcast and I’m sharing these things not because I’m like, oh wow we’ve done so much but because I will not prompt you to, if you haven’t already use the time correctly, to make sure you do put some time in some different areas. Perhaps you need to work on your brand, perhaps you need to work on your client acquisition strategy, perhaps maybe you should write your book that you wanted to write, perhaps you should look at becoming a contributor for bigger brands and align yourself with bigger brands, perhaps you should remove the geographical restriction from your business so you can start to deal with people all over the world as well.

So hopefully I’ve given you some insights and prompts today to do sound different and when you do sound different remember how we change is how we succeed and that’s how we deliver and drive the results.

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