Episode 128 – Using Social Media for Your Business

There’s a ton of tools that you can use for growing your business and build a relationship with your clients. One of these tools is social media and if used properly, it would impact your business tremendously. In this episode, Adam Stott talks about the important steps to take when using social media to avoid falling flat.

Show Highlights:

  • Adam Stott explains his latest webinars
  • Adam Stott’s 7 steps in using social media
  • How important a good relationship with your clients
  • Importance of giving value to your audience to turn them into clients
  • Programs that Adam Stott created during the lockdown
  • How to make a new package out of your existing products

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Adam Stott:

Hello everybody, welcome to Business Growth Secrets! Hope you’ve been enjoying the podcast recently. If you haven’t gone over and visit the website yet we’ve got the podcast, we’ve got the transcripts on there now as well which is critical so if you prefer reading or you want to read through any of the previous episode you can read from. All we have to do is just go to Adamstott.com/ the episode number you want 123, 124, 125.

So, I wanted to talk today about packages and packaging your products and your offers, I think it’s a good thing to talk about. One of the reasons I wanna talk about this is we’ve been doing our webinars recently as I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the podcast and hopefully you’ve been on one by now. Hopefully you’ve even been on, we’ve got three at the minute. We’ve got social media success strategy, how to build a coaching based business, and how to build a business from home.

So, 3 different webinars three different concepts. On the home-based business, how to build a home-based business. We teach you how you build a business from home pretty much [00:01:00.04] in the coaching-based business, we teach you how the coaching business. So many people want to become coaches because you can help people, you can give back, whilst earning lots of money and get a lot of free time back in your life. Suits a lot of people that want to get into helping people professionally and earning a living from it which is pretty cool.

Then the social media one, so we’ve been doing the social media one, this is probably what I was going to talk about a bit more today is we’ve been doing the social media one, we’ve been doing it in multiple different countries, meeting people from all over the world and helping them which is awesome. And I’ve been going over a strategy in that social media webinar, that helps you to get more success with your social media and that strategy really boils down to 7 steps. 

Most people makes a lot of mistakes with the social media and really, they’re just pumping out offers or try to pump out content hoping that they’re gonna get the results back, sales back, the leads back, whatever they wanna use social media for for their businesses. What I find a lot of the time is their message falls flat and one of the reason people’s messages often fall flat is because they’re missing out the vital steps that it takes in order to build better relationship.

So, on the social media webinar I’m explaining you know the first stage is building an awareness for you, for your business, for your products, for your services. In order for people to buy your products or services they need become aware of you and that’s a basic step, but the problem is most people stop there are and they don’t deepen the relationship with the people that become aware of them.

The second step after you’ve got that awareness of someone knows who you are, knows what you do, perhaps they start following you is you want to deepen that relationship, you wanna start to endear yourself to the audience. And that’s really the second stage is endearing yourself to the audience and the way that you do this is, one of the best ways to do this, is live video. Another really good way to do this is via written word, via writing. Another great way to do this is by education-based marketing, where you educate and you help people and you help solve their problems before they even become a client of yours which is an awesome thing to do because you’re giving back and you’re building that relationship at the same time.

So, they are kind of the first two stages and then that gets you ready to the point where you can start to then generate leads because if you look it like this, look at the process someone has gone through, they become aware of you, they know who you are, they know what you do. You’re starting to deepen the relationship, you’ve helped him, you’ve given some advice, you’ve given them some contents, you’ve given some information. SO now, they’re like fantastic, I can get information here that can help me grow, it can help me change my business, or it can help me use a product or service better.

Really, they’re gonna want to then start to take that relationship further and that’s when they convert to a lead. And then on the webinar I discuss how you can generate leads from as little as you want really. We’ve got certainly lead campaigns run at 5 pennies a lead. We’ve got some lead campaigns run at 10 per lead, it just depends on what they’re for and I’ll show those stats and stuff on the webinar. 

Now for this podcast, I taught you through the stages because I think it should be helpful for somebody on the other end that’s listening and wants to know how to make their social media better and then tell you about you know one of things we did with the packages which have been really successful. So, after you’ve done that, you start to generate the leads then you’re gonna need to move that to the next stage which is conversion.

So how do you convert someone from a lead into a client and that really comes down to making sure that you got your sales process right making sure you got your offer right, you’ve got your package right before you then get into 5-6-7 the next steps which is understand how to use the backend social media to create custom campaigns and retargeting and building a longer relationship with people. Then turning advertising’s profit how do you monitor your cost what you spend on advertising versus what you make in sales before finally look at scaling and there we did the seven steps. 

So, we’ll focus on the sales part, step four. One of the things I did recently is create loads of programs during lockdown, some have been in play for quite a while some are new. So, one other ones has been in play for a long time which has created massive results. If you want to grow your Facebook following by 10-15,000 people in a week or get leads from social media, I did a program called social media secrets a couple of Years ago. We’ve kept it updated and literally I just go over how to build ads. How to make your ads work. How to get you copyright right, and how to use the right pictures, the right images. Interrupts, the patterns for getting people to convert on your ad is a really good program.

Then during lockdown I got talking to James Lock who’s on TOWIE and celebs go dating and great friend of mine. We had a chat and he’s done some cool stuff with Instagram and we came up with the product Instagram secrets. So, we did that while we help people to grow their Instagram and helping to get leads from Instagram, [00:05:37.04] all those cool things.

Then we also did a product called video challenge and video challenges designed to get people over their fears. Start to use video to get clients on a daily basis and then what we did with that he is literally we just scripted out the video, showed everyone their headlines pull the videos in one place so they could literally just follow it and put in place. We put all these things, we’ve done all these different things so what I did and this is something that you can do as well, so this is kind of where we’re going with today’s Business Growth Secrets is a lot of the time you can take your existing packages and you can combine them and create a new offer.

One of things I just is put together all that social media content, how to use video, how to use Instagram, how to use Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, all the social media secrets, when you put into one place and we create a social media vault. Now with the social media vault, it’s got everything in one place like everything, anyone could ever need, when it comes to social media, it ticks every box and by creating that offer, we were able to then go and do brilliant, you know get lots and lots of new clients via webinars.

Could have just sold one of the other programs, I could have sold the other program separately, I could’ve charge more and probably made more money keeping them separate but if you look at the value added for a client and this is that our psychology of putting it altogether was.

If give them everything they need on social media in one place all the answers, that’s gonna build a fantastic relationship with that client and its gonna give him immense value and then after they’ve received that immense value, they are gonna want to take you up to the next level perhaps getting the business organized, perhaps getting their their sales streamlined, and looking at our other programs or perhaps get some coaching or maybe they want to build that home-based business or build a coaching based business and they take someone on that journey when they’re in a lot better place, when they come to us for one of those other programs.

So, my question to you is that what could you package if you got other products that you can package together? What kind of offer can you come up with? I’ve helped build businesses around special offers like one of my clients Cam. I’ve mentioned this story many times over the years, we came up with an offer called the home of the 15-pound MOT, his company is called motorserv you can go and check them out cool company. Done really well. Cam has won loads of awards been a client of mine for years and years and years. And we built this offer to get him more traffic and it was the home of the 15-pound MOT.

Now what that means is an MOT is cheaper than anywhere else in the country, you can go and get your MOT cheaper than anywhere from him. What does that do? It starts the relationship, it builds a relationship the client it gives them value, gives them more value they can get anywhere else. And then it is logical for them to turn around go well [00:08:17.13] and get service with Cam. Or which is the bigger sale, the big opportunity for them or you know I need to buy a car you know this place is great, getting your MOT getting repairs done or buy a car from Cam.

So, you got to look at how can you package something in a different way. Build a different twist in that brings you a new level or new traffic of clients. And if you start to think in this way and you do the numbers right, what you’ll find as you’ll get a lot more clients need a lot bigger uptake and you get that very very quickly. Now, it’s something that I’ve done with many many clients in the past, is showing them how to repackage an offer. And when you repackage an offer in the right way and you brand in the right way and you build a lot of value and for the client you’re bound to get more clients taking up.

So, I think that’s kinda what I want to discuss today, that’s today’s business growth secrets about packaging and packaging offers and how you can go about it so you know, what can you do from here? Start to understand what offer you could package up. Look at what your clients need. So, when I did vault, it was like right what do people need? Were there terrified of videos, they need to get up a video, so let’s put the video challenge in. Everyone wants to go to Instagram so let’s get the Instagram secrets in. You know everyone wants access to influencers so I gave them access to James, access to myself. So, we put that in.

Everyone wants to know how to get more leads and more sales and more clients, so we put social media secrets in. So, if you put all the things in one place you know it creates what I call is an irresistible offer and that offer then is irresistible to the clients that want the help because it solves all their problems. So, what can you do? What actions can you take in a similar vein to go and get better results.

I’ll leave you there on that business growth secrets today. Hope you found that really helpful, hope you are enjoying the podcast. If you are enjoying the podcast and you’re enjoying getting these snippets of secrets and business grow secrets then just make sure you go over, leave us a five-star review, leave us a comment. Let’s us know that you’re enjoying it and I look forward to catching up with you soon or meeting in person soon.

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