Episode 131 – Looking Back in the Last 4 Years – Part 1

Big Business Events Members Network is now four years doing service to a lot of businesses across the UK and the world. It has helped a lot of individuals to establish and grow their business. In this episode, Adam Stott is looking back to the most important events, individuals, and companies that have happened in the last four years including events with Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • What Adam Stott feels now that it’s Big Business Event’s 4th year anniversary
  • Adam Stott’s first function meeting that included top business owners
  • How Adam Stott met Perry and hanging out at the business lounge and meeting other business owners.
  • How Adam Stott and Lee McQueen ran their first event together
  • Importance of starting local events
  • Renting a mansion for the first Marbella trip
  • Adam’s experience with interviewing Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and other stars

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

How are you all doing? Welcome to tonight’s live video! Just to let you know to get my phone, get started tonight and I’m looking forward to tonight so I think this is going to make a cool little live this evening because we’re going to be talking about the last 4 years. I think that there’s loads of businesses lessons to share and lots of stuff and info to go over with people which I think is going to be really, really cool tonight so hopefully, you’re all excited this evening and you’ll all be joining on. We’re going to be going over that.

Literally, it was our 4-year anniversary and very kindly, I can’t believe I had forgot it, the very kindly Maxine sent me a message and said Adam, happy 4-year anniversary and I was like oh my god, I forgot because usually we wouldn’t be in lockdown and we’d be running events. 

In the last few years, we usually ran an anniversary event and obviously, we can’t this year, although, I’m very much looking forward to getting back to the live events. We got a shot of that. Can’t wait, can’t be too long now, hopefully, so that’s all exciting stuff and she reminded me so well done to Maxine. Appreciate that, she’s been a loyal client for many years so thank you, Maxine.

Before I talk about this a little bit, what I’ll do, for those of you that have been with us for quite some time, you will remember some of the experiences and stuff we talk about tonight and for those of you that haven’t, it really shows you how bright the future’s going to be once you become involved, become part of the family. There’s many other people we’ll talk about tonight have been in and the results that we go.

Literally, 4 years ago now, 4 years ago last week, so I want to go real back and I’m going to take you back many years and I used to attend this really cool function meeting around my lovely lady called Patsy called Business Lounge and in this function meeting, the purpose was to bring top business owners together to have business discussions and during that period, I went along to business lounge and did a lot of business and I even kind of remember the first one I ever went to.

The first one I ever went to, I went along and, I still remember, because it came around under my turn, this is funny for some of you here but it literally came around to my turn to introduce myself and talk to myself and I got along one of my friends, Chris, I was dreading them coming to me and what I was going to say and they came to me like who are you and I was like my name’s Adam. I’ve got a car business and stuff like that and that was all I could kind of say so those of you that’s been to a lot of events and you’ve been in that stage of introducing yourself, I have been there. I was there and afterwards, some time, I think last too long.

My natural character came out, I started to enjoy going to these events more and more and I started to build some really good relationships so there was a guy I built a really good relationship with called Perry. Unfortunately, Perry did pass away but he founded and owned the company Insure and Go and he sold that company with his business partner, I don’t know the exact amount of money, it’s like £80 million so it’s incredible he got that and we did some cool stuff. We went to the O2 to watch concerts in private boxes, met some great business owners along the way and I built some amazing relationships at this business lounge. 

I always loved it and I always enjoyed going. It became this part of my business. It’s like a business break. When a very large business, a hundred staff and I didn’t have that many people to talk to and I’ve kind of done it all myself over that one, figuring it out myself and going to that business lounge for me was that first experience of actually getting coaching advice, mentoring and I became friends with Perry and Perry along the lines gave me, along the way, gave me a lot of good advice and taught me a lot about building business and more and more people and I’ve met some great contacts in that period of being a member of it and for me.

One of the things I always wish, we just had general discussions but some of us wish there was more education being given and it wasn’t and eventually, the kind of Business Lounge frittered away. It didn’t continue and I think that was a real shame. It had some really good business owners but before that happened, I met Lee McQueen at the Business Lounge and Lee is a member of the group. He’s a top name, won The Apprentice and he’s top man. He’s a Spurs fan as well so come on you Spurs, you Spurs fans that are watching and congratulations for winning us all. 

Me and Lee got talking and we decided we’re going to run an event together. Lee had a lot of experience in public speaking. He built a really good business called Raw Talent Academy which is a recruitment company. He was very, very good at what he did, very charismatic and we built a really good friendship and when we started, we decided we were going to run an event together.

So, we ran this first ever event together and this first ever event that we ran together was like an education event. I was going to share some of the lessons that I used in my business. My business was doing a £25 million in revenue at that time. Lee’s business was also a multimillion pound business and we’re going to share some advice and that first event, we had about, I can’t remember the exact number, we had about 80 people come and we sold tickets for this event and myself and Lee did like a day of education and content and at that first event.

We had Cam come so it was like Cam, Celine come to that first event and Cam came down with Simon as well. We had, funny enough, we had Paul’s cousin come to the event. Pam didn’t actually come. We had Adam Walker there and we had some other great, great, great, great people attend this event and we offered everyone like a 2-day course, 2-day business course. 

This 2-day business course that we did was really awesome. We had some great, great people there. In fact, we did 2 dates and with the first date we did was gray and the second one, I remember that, Adam was in the room, Adam Walker, Paul was in the room as well and he’d come see his cousin over the course and literally, we started this process of Big Business Events and I started coaching Adam and Paul and Lee did some coaching with Adam.

I believe as well and they went on to achieve amazing results and Cam and all of them became this award-winning business owners. They started getting a lot more groove, a lot more success and that’s when we kind of first turned after that, offer like a membership type option and people then started coming back and we just saw Adam grow. Adam had really good business. He had Walker’s Estate Agency. He had really good business. We helped him rise up the level. We helped him become among the best estate agent in Britain.

Adam then recommended Dan Simmons. Dan went on to become best travel agent in Britain and we shared these strategies with business growth and marketing and this was right at the beginning, years and years and years ago and we had this fabulous group of people to which many are still clients today and many of them had massive successes today to date so congrats to all of them who have been with us for all that time.

What we did is we started, I’m going to try and put in some lessons in this for everyone so it’s not just me talking about Big Business Events results all the time but, literally, we started in the local area. We started in London. Used to do a lot of work in London. We moved into Essex which is my local area and we started doing these events in Essex and that’s when I met people like Maxine.

She came to the first event I did in Essex. Stephanie came to the first event we did in Essex and lots of other people like that and we started this really cool Business Cabinet Center and everyone became members and we started to grow and the results started to grow and things started to go from strength to strength and for me, I wanted to bring in a lot of the experiences and some of the stuff that I’d done, things like that Business Lounge. I wanted to do that in better stuff so I had this ambition of growing it to help people and at that point, I just found myself really loving what we were doing after I first started and went out to South Africa and started speaking in South Africa and America and I decided that I wanted to focus on this full time.

Lee had his business so he kept on focusing on his business and I focused on Big Business events and now, we both work with thousands and thousands of clients all over the world, working with people from different countries. It’s been an awesome journey over the 4 years and we’ve done some really cool stuff so I’m going to tell you about some of the cool stuff that we’ve done and for those of you that were in some of these cool events, maybe you can talk about what ones you enjoyed the most and stuff like that.

For me, one of the things that was really cool was the first Marbella Trip we did so I rented out, imagine this, I rented out this €7 million mansion. It’s got this beautiful outdoor heated pool that overlooks the mountains and we got some of the top clients have these camps there. Adam’s there, Hilton’s there. Lots of other people came along, myself and Lee, we got a wicked time out in Marbella.

We spent the whole time sort of learning and educating and the evenings were a little bit of fun as well although, a lot of people viewed it like oh, you’re just going to play and we did a lot of work, working on the businesses and stuff so it was awesome and that first trip was just amazing. The growth in people that we saw was amazing and the relationships we built were amazing and everybody kind of like came together and we started building great relationships, started doing business with each other.

I remember at that first Marbella trip, we got Kevin Nicholas from Nicholas Antony Kitchen and we got [09:36] got a really nice kitchen off him and we got Adam there, we had the Hilton there and loads of other people. We just had a great time in Marbella and then after, I can’t remember if it was before or after we came back and this was in the first year.

I invited to do an interview with Floyd Mayweather and Floyd Mayweather was one of the obviously at the time, at the height, was massive. For anyone that doesn’t follow boxing, he’s one of the world’s biggest boxing stars and probably one of the most famous boxing stars and I took 20 other clients to go meet with Floyd Mayweather and before we actually did that, I rented out this mansion in Birmingham which is really nice and I took 20 of the clients to go and I brought along 2 speakers.

It was me, Lee and I brought in Gemma Collins who is a good friend of mine and Anthony Middleton’s who is a good friend of mine to come and talk to the group and mingle with the group and they did a couple of really impressive talks but Anthony Middleton’s talk at that small event, to me and like 15 clients or 20 clients, which is like amazing. Everyone’s like oh my god, that was so good and Gemma did a really good talk on branding and we all went out and had dinner together with a thousand other people and I got onstage and did this interview with Floyd Mayweather and it’s so awesome and so, for me, that was probably one of the best events that we did in the 1st year and that was really, really good.

I really enjoyed that and then we did loads more events like that and so we did the same thing around Anthony Joshua. Brought round 20 other clients to meet Anthony Joshua later on. We did Tyson Fury and we did Peter Andre. The Peter Andre was loads of fun. We had a great, great time at that Peter Andre event and he was really nice. He was a cool dude and I just remember that was the first event that Chris and Joe went to so Chris and Joe from [11:18] media came along to that event and obviously, you see they have created a lot of success.

I got to know [11:27] and he’s about to sign off a £650,000 deal off the back of that. Massive! That’s the power of network. We’re trying to put a couple of lessons in that as well and obviously, I don’t mind to answer any questions if you have any questions and stuff and yeah, £650,000 deal from someone you went on a holiday with and it always sparks the kind of idea for actually taking people on a retreat together and actually going together and spending time together with great business owners so when I was younger.

I used to go on this skiing trips and used to go on these stag do’s and you always find really great relationships with people when you go on holiday with them and I thought if you just take business owners together and build that relationship together and things just get better and that’s exactly what happened and everybody ended up doing a lot of business and a lot of deals while we’re away and I think that these other events that we did like Mayweather, the Anthony Joshua event, the Peter Andre event, the first one Chris and Joe came on, I met Chris and Joe, I think the night before and we said to them, look, if you’re joining on tonight, tomorrow night or the next night after, you’re going to be coming and you’re going to be meeting Peter Andre.

I got up onstage that night and spoke a bit and stuff like that as well so that was pretty cool and they came and they just loved it and I loved it as well so it was a really, really good experience. It was a lot of fun. There was a lot of people there. We did another one with Robert DeNiro all over the period of a few years and really, the reason that I want to do this tonight is because 4 years had an amazing time, helped thousands of people.

Also, we got this great crew. It’s 12,800 business owners and many of you are clients of ours, some of you come from online and some of us haven’t met in person yet, perhaps you’ve been to webinars, you’ve got some access in the group from that or you’ve been on one of the live trainings and if you have, like sometimes you don’t see behind the scenes at some of these cool stuff so Maxine, when we went to New market, I’ve taken everyone to New market a few times to do like a racing evening where at the racing evening, you have a concept for the evening and these for me, is where you got the really, really good relationships get built and we have a ton of fun.

One thing I can’t wait to do is when we do get out of lockdown is to kind of search these opportunities to bring to our clients and go to our businesses get on and get all our clients and see what we can do together to go out and have fun like business sometimes, as a business owner, you can get very focused on business and I’m a big believer you should focus on business 100% but occasionally, it’s great to be going out to do some things and have some great experiences that you never would have been able to do and really enjoy that and we did loads of these.

We’ve been to New markets, we’ve been to concerts, I took everyone to The Gherkin, we had a private room on top of The Gherkin which is really cool. That was a really nice evening, nice meal and Sue came on that. I think Adam was on that as well. Another cool thing we did is, all of this was really early, we took everyone to a private tour to Rolls Royce and we looked out at the Rolls Royces with me, did some cool stuff like that as well so just that really, some incredible experiences over the 4 years. 

I didn’t mention the second time we went to Marbella so after that we went to, a couple of years later, we went to Marbella for the second time with an even better house. This one was awesome. The place was just amazing. I wasn’t actually planning to stay at the house. I was planning to stay outside but as soon as I saw the house, I was right, I’m staying in this house, it’s amazing and it’s really beautiful like these 3 layers. You had all these different layers. You get on the roof, had the nice pool and everything.

I took everyone to Mickey Beach and we had this really good day at Mickey beach as well where everyone enjoyed it and we had a really, really good time and the clients had a good time as well and it was a really, really great experience and lots of people have been with us for a number of years like Mike Gosling came on to that as well which is really cool and I think at the end we did a couple of awards and Mike was like best housemate, anything I wanted, I’m like keeping the music, he didn’t lose it the whole time and did a fantastic job of doing that. He was really, really good with everyone, it was awesome.

Mike, you’re a top man when he came on that trip and I think when we do the next Marbella which we will because we have one planned before lockdown, we couldn’t do it because of lockdown but when we do have one, you’ll want to get on next. It was such an awesome thing to do. Stephanie came to the last Marbella one and we really came out with some great ideas. Michelle’s saying that she loved Marbella. We had a great time together, Michelle. Really, really enjoyed it.

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