Episode 134 – Boosting Confidence to Achieve Success with Daniel Moses Part 2

Transitioning from your 9 to 5 job to doing your own business can be a challenging task that’s why we use different tools that we can get our hands-on. For Daniel Moses, he managed to get his property business up and running with the coaching and mentoring of Adam Stott. In this first part of a 2-part series, Adam Stott and Daniel Moses talk about the importance of mentoring, coaching, focus, competence, and how the all-in mentality can bring you to success. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • How being all-in or giving it all can make an impact on you and your business
  • Why not quitting can be a game-changer in relation to Adam Stott’s salsa class story
  • We are expected to get frustrated, have challenges, be tough and go the distance
  • Daniel Moses takes us back to the time he was a taxi driver
  • Gaining new ideas by going outside of your usual circles and open to meeting new people
  • How to look out and improve on where you are struggling
  • Why perfectionism can hold you back on finding your business coach

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Daniel Moses:

Adam, a lot of people have asked me in the past and asked me “Daniel, how do you stay motivated and how do you stay positive?”. Obviously, for me, this is my great privilege because you are someone who’s actually helped transform my business in general. I really want my followers to get a lot out of it so one of the biggest problems when people get started in business is not preparing.

A lot of people want to be entrepreneurs. They want to go out there and be successful and they want to do well then they get started in property, then they start to find it like a rollercoaster, the insecurity, the challenges, the stress and so on. No, no, no, it’s not for me. Daniel, I have had enough and I’m not doing it anymore. I’m out. What can you say to people? Like you said, I’ve got a lot of new people here so what can you say to them how, in terms of, not giving up? 

Adam Stott:

I would say there’s only a few types of people in the world. This is a realization, I think as coaches and trainers. I’ll say this to everyone that’s listening, you need to make a decision. Are you a dabbler? Are you somebody that dips your toes in the water? Or tries lots of different things and moves on from thing to thing to thing to thing? Because if you are, if you want to succeed, I don’t want to encourage somebody to keep going when they don’t want to do it. In life, in order to succeed, you have to adopt the mentality that you’re all in. If you adopt the mentality I’m all in, I’m going to see it through.

Doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing and if you are all in. Comment in the comments, I want to see it in the comments, I’ll look at it afterwards. Comment all in because if you got that mentality, then you’ll win. I don’t care if you’re playing tennis or you’re doing property investing. It doesn’t matter what it is. You have to have the mentality, right? What you’re going to go and play tennis and I’m going to master tennis and I’m going to keep going so I’ll get very good. Nothing happens for a little while in the beginning and everybody’s journey has some pitfalls. You have some great growth, you have plateaus then you stop. You have some more great growth and you have some more plateaus and you have this kind of journey, this sort of challenges.

What I’ll tell you is come on, enjoy the journey! I think if you enjoy the journey and you start to get into that process. That was difficult but I learned something and I enjoyed it and that kind of mentality serves you so much better. Every part of your journey where that struggle, where it was difficult for you. Where you learn something, that really plays a part in your story later on to what you’ve created. That makes you more of an inspiring person and somebody who’s experienced lots of things. I would just say to you, just remember. I’ll tell you, just a very, very quick story. Dan, about an example of this and it’s completely unrelated to business or property but the metaphor is there.

I always remember that when I was a bit younger, probably a teenager, about 18. I remember that I went to a salsa class with my brother and one of my best friends, Andy. We went along to this salsa class and this is, promise you this is way better than business and property. Imagine going to this salsa class with my girlfriend who dragged me along and dragged them along and what did I do? I went in there and right, I’ll just pretend to enjoy this and then get the hell out of it. And I went along to this class with my brother and my best friend, I was horrendously terrible.

I was horrendous at it. Didn’t do very well at all and I was definitely sure that it wasn’t for me. My brother was also horrendous and this other guy that I told you, who was my friend Andy, he went in and he was amazing. He was throwing all the women around, having a great time. Laughing and enjoying himself and doing fabulously and I always remember that.

What happened? Next week, I didn’t go back because it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t my thing. It wasn’t what I was going to do but my brother and Andy did go back and what happened the following week? They both went back and went back and went back. 4 or 5 months later, Andy stopped going. My brother, 10 years later still goes and my brother is now going to become a very well-renowned salsa teacher and he was horrendous on the first day and he got shown up by Andy and so did I and it’s not about me but it’s not someone else but the reality is, often, it’s the person that stays in it the longest who gets it well.

That is the reality and most people quit before they get to the stage so I will say to you, if you’re going to do it, just do it and go all in and be the person that keeps coming back. Be the person that keeps getting information. Be the person with a never say die attitude and be the person that say you know what, I might not be great at this but am I expected to be great Day 1? No, you’re not.

Are you expected to get everything I teach you or Dan teaches you the first second you get it? No, you’re not. You’re expected to get frustrated, to have challenges and you’re expecting it to be tough but the payoff is massive and the reason it’s tough is if everyone can do it, everyone would. Everyone can’t do it and that’s the reason if you stay in the longest, you will get there so my advice to you is be all in and go the distance and if you’re all in and go the distance and you do everything it takes to succeed, then you’ll win.

Most of what I see, talented people quit and when talented people quit, that’s the biggest shame because they didn’t realize how great they could be. 

Daniel Moses:

I completely agree with you, Adam. One of the thing is 2015, I lost a lot of money and that made me come in to be a taxi driver and for like a year and a half, I was driving Uber and in my. Mindset, I said, obviously, I had to hate Uber driving enough and have that strong passion and for me, driving a taxi became my biggest blessing because if I never drove Uber for a year and a half, I would not have the kind of passion that I have now because it took me back from taking someone for about 3-mile journey with about £4 so now, just less than 3 years, my hourly rate is about £250 pounds, minimum.

So you can imagine from someone who used to make less than £5 an hour, now £250 pounds minimum so basically, have a strong reason why, isn’t it? Do it long enough. Don’t do it too quick. A lot of people start a business for 12 months and they quit because nothing is happening. My first year in property wasn’t all roses. I’m sure yours wasn’t. At the end of the day, it’s all about doing it and doing enough. That brings me to a few questions that we’re currently having from Facebook in a minute and I’m going to read through it quickly so Samuel was saying that definitely surround yourself with people with the same force as you so you can level up so do you agree with that? Do you agree you have to have the same surroundings so you can level up with the same force?

Adam Stott:

I’ll say you have to go outside of your usual circles and I think you got to be open to meeting people and getting new ideas and going on and taking new opportunities. When you get offered an opportunity, that’s what opens the doors so when you get a new opportunity for something you usually won’t do, that’s what you should say yes to and when you open that new door, guess what happens? A load of other new doors come in front of you and that’s how you go on a different path. Just start saying yes to more opportunities and you’ll start seeing more results and definitely, you get around the right people, the results are going to follow. There’s no doubt.

Daniel Moses:

Samuel, hope that answers your questions. So, we have another question from Isaiah. As someone who is just starting in property and business, how can they focus? How can they be able to focus to someone who’s just starting out a business or a property and, business in general, how can they focus?

Adam Stott:

How can they not focus?

Daniel Moses:

How can you be able to focus?

Adam Stott:

I mean, how can you not? You got lots to focus on so in terms of focus. First thing you need to do is look where you’re weak. Look at where you’re not strong and where you’re struggling. The places that you’re struggling, the things that stump you and the things that defaults you. That’s the indicator or the universe. That’s someone tapping you on the shoulder saying you need to learn. You need to understand that.

It’s not good enough to go I don’t get it. It’s not good enough to say “oh, I find that confusing”. That’s the standard so when we talk about getting around the right people, that’s the standard that I hold people to and I say right, it’s confusing you? Good. It’s difficult? Good because that means to me that you’re about to change because if you go through it, you’re getting your result so I think it’s expected to be difficult but I’ll look at how do you focus?

The first thing I’d say is look at where the end goal is. Where do you want to go to? Dan was talking about more way. So, look at the end goal. Where do you actually want to get to? Go deep on you and say what do I want to achieve? What am I doing this for? Do I want to have a great life? Do I want to have nicer holidays and spend time with my family? To be able to buy my family things that they never have? Do I want to provide for my family in a different way? Do you want to be able to provide for yourself in a different way? Everybody’s motivated differently.

For some people, and I remember, one of the people that I trained, especially in the [09:43] was Gemma Collins and I remember what motivated Gemma. It was makeup! I want to buy Chanel makeup and I said what would you do to buy that makeup and she said I’ll do anything! That was why she’s here so everybody’s motivated by different things and I know it can be family, I know it can be makeup, I know it can be a Louis Vuitton bag or whatever it is you want. You got to find your drivers. Everybody’s got different drivers. Find those drivers. Find out what you wanted and then find out where you want to go. What is the end goal? Where do you want to get to? What’s over there and then look at where you are.

You are over here and in order to get here, if you’re here, we just got a certain steps that we need to do to get you there so your job is you’re going to get coaching which will be my real advice to you and if you can’t afford coaching, then you got to try and work out what those steps are and you’re going to have to work it out so it’s a lot easier to get coaching and invest in yourself and get there quicker but if you’re going to work out what is the difference between where you want to be and where you are now and if we work on that, then we’ll be able to create a route and a path for us to get to where we want to be and that’s really the key.

Whenever I’m starting a business or something I want to do or whenever I’m reviewing where I want to go, I also look at where do I get to, what do I need to get there and I work backwards and I literally go and put the things in place that I need to get and get it every single time because I go on that journey.

I think it comes from understanding yourself a little bit so the questions around focus, in order to focus, you do need to light that fire a little bit so Dan is talking about the drive and the passion burning away and driving a new car and I can imagine it and I’m sure you can imagine it, driving around in your new car just going around all my life I wanted this and I bet there’s loads of you that want more from your life than what you’re getting right now and I’m sure there is because everyone does.

It’s human nature but then there’s a difference between wanting more from a greed perspective and wanting more because actually you deserve more.

You deserve more and you’re worth more than what you’ve got right now or where you are right now and if that’s the case and you deserve more and you’re worth more, then stand up and show it. I kept saying make it happen. Build yourself towards it and it will come. That’s what I would say to you and the focus would come easy because the problem most people have is they don’t have focus. They don’t know where they want to end up and if you don’t know where you want to end up, what are you focusing on? Do you understand what I mean? Just draw that line in the sand, let’s put that flag in the sand and say this is where I want to go and then let’s build towards it.

Daniel Moses:

Hundred percent, I agree. I’m going to go into the next question. Before going to the next question, guys, just give us a lot of likes and again, just type in the word VALUE so that we know that you are there and you’re really drilling this down someone and you’re going to go out and transform your life tomorrow with this information. I know Adam charges thousands and thousands of pounds just to go online and coach people like that and I actually changed it from an interview into coaching.

Adam Stott:

That’s exactly what he’s doing! He’s leaking it!

Daniel Moses:

I’m changing it from interview to coaching so we got a question here from James. James says hi Adam and Daniel, thank you very much for your insights. Here’s the question: how do you go out and find a correct coach and mentor? I think we can take it one at a time.

Adam Stott:

This is a thing. You know what that question implies? It implies the same thing that holds many people back and it implies perfectionism. I need the perfect coach. I need that shining, perfect superstar coach to help me. The reality is you just need somebody playing at a higher level than you and you need to learn from them and you need to absorb that knowledge. You need to respect them and once you do that and you get to the level where they’re playing at, then you might need to go and get another coach and then you might need to work with them and then you get that knowledge, you gain great knowledge, you get great results from them and then you gain and you gain and you gain and you gain and you grow.

This is a thing. Doesn’t matter what industry. Look at footballers, some footballers might play for Ferguson who says it’s the best ever and then Rooney says he plays for Marino and says he’s the best ever. The reality is that there is no perfect coach and usually, your first coach finds you rather than you finding it because somebody, like Dan, you’re a star.

We’ll be able to help you. That’s all I needed to say. Alright, great, let’s do it. Because you can see it but I think don’t let perfectionism hold you back. What you need to do is look, don’t take advice from anyone you won’t go to places with. That’s the reality. That’s the first thing I’ll say to you. Don’t go and get a coach who you won’t go to places with or a coach that isn’t doing more than what you’re doing. If you want to get to 100 million sales, I’m not for you because I haven’t done it. That’s the reality. I’ve done £40 million.

ou want to get there then let’s work on it but that’s kind of what I would say to you. If that’s what you want to work on, don’t really go to someone for advice who you won’t go to places with. Having said that, when you go and find the person, there is different styles so you, as an individual, I have a certain style and sometimes, I’m very good at adapting that style. In the early days, I was just very tough. I was very, very tough on people. Very, very tough because that was the way I was always coached but now, I’ve adapted that style in a big way. I’m able to work with multiple different types of people because I’ve become almost skillful at it from years of experience but in the early days, I was very tough.

Maybe you’ll benefit from some tough love, maybe you need somebody to kind of put their arm around you and that’s going to get more out of you so maybe understand how you like to be motivated but this just comes back to learning anything and I don’t want to get into loads of different stories now but I remember I was learning to drive and this driving instructor, I loved him.

His name is Mark, he’s awesome. Hopefully, he’s not watching this because it’s not going to be a good story for you, Mark, if you are but I loved him. He’s the best driving instructor ever but you know what? I failed my test six times and I still loved him and my dad told me to change, my mum told me to change. I was failing, I wasn’t winning and then my dad introduced me to this other driving instructor and his name’s Les and I’ll tell you now, I hated him. He wasn’t my type of person. I didn’t like him. Guess what? I went with Les, passed straight away.

Maybe it was the framework Mark had done or maybe because Les told me how it is. He said Adam, you’re never going to pass. You’re a terrible driver. Why am I a terrible driver? Mark told me I was great! You’re doing this wrong and you’re doing that wrong. Thank God you’re telling me because I won’t do it, then. Do you understand what I mean? And that’s what a lot of people need. Not necessarily you need to love the person coaching you but you need someone to be truthful and direct with you, I believe, and that makes a big difference for a lot of people as well.

Daniel Moses:

Hundred percent, hundred percent, hundred percent. Now, we got another question from Kelvin. Kelvin says what did it take you to become a Forbes council member?

Adam Stott:

To be on the Forbes Council, you have to have a 7-figure coaching business. You need to be doing millions in sales and you have to have a really good track record and quite a big personal brand to be a part of that so hopefully, that and then you have to go through an application process and that kind of stuff. Is that your man doing his spy work?

Daniel Moses:

That’s my business partner there. We’re going on the next question, he says how do you deal with negative—

Adam Stott:

Oh, you’ll be [17:02] by next year, Dan, so we’ll get you on it.

Daniel Moses:

Yeah, I will be. I will be.

Adam Stott:

I’ll introduce you. I’m going to get you on.

Daniel Moses:

Yeah, absolutely. I cannot wait! So, the next thing here is Isaiah’s other question is how do you deal with negative families around you, negative friends and families around you? I think I should answer that question. Just don’t listen! If they’re being negative, you need to, listen, there’s someone that did that in my forum recently. [17:25] of people who got my telephone number and I was on my phone and I just go delete, delete, delete, delete, delete. I deleted a lot of people who wasn’t adding value to my life so if you think your families and friends are being negative to you, remember the part of the monkey on your shoulder and who is this monkey on your shoulder?

The people that you listen to the most and that could be your wife, your children, your family, your brother, your sister. People who are saying to you, that’s not going to happen because remember, you become the most of what you listen to so for me, I don’t think I need Adam to answer that question. Get rid of the negative people in your life and build the right type of relationship. It takes a lot to be successful. It’s a lot of sleepless nights as well so yeah, obviously, we got less than 3 minutes and I’m going to try to take a few more questions and then I’m going to be letting out that I’m going to have a public glass of white wine or red wine.

Adam Stott:

I’m glad I came here at the right moment but I’ll certainly have [18:31]. So if you don’t want me to answer that question, Dan, what’s another question for you?

Daniel Moses:

I got a question, it says how do new business owners hold back their growth? How do new business owners hold back their growth?

Adam Stott:

That’s a very good question. The thing is, every business owner’s different and every business owner has different trends and they do different things. There’s common mistakes that stop people from growing. One of these common mistakes will be not understanding the market that needs to fuel the fires up your engine. If you invest in market and you get more leads, you get more sales, you get more growth. That’s probably one of the most common mistakes.

If you’re afraid of marketing, then you’ll have a tough time in business so you need to really understand and master marketing so I think that really stops a lot of business growing is understanding markets and I think the other thing is somebody trying to do everything themselves and not investing in people or teams and investing around them and I think that there are so many different mistakes that business owners make in the beginning but I would say probably the biggest one right now is not marketing enough.

The other thing is not spending enough time on sales. You need to spend 3 hours a day going off to new business or you go out of business every single day and you cannot tell you me your new business haven’t got the time. When I was first in business, I spent 8 hours a day getting out the new business and I spent 2 hours a day doing the paperwork after I got the sales. This is the reality. As a business owner, right in the beginning, you got to go out to sales at the beginning. There’s only 2 activities to grow a business is marketing and sales so if you do those 2 activities, you’re going to grow. Focus on those activities, you’ll start to get the growth.

Daniel Moses:

Fantastic, fantastic. Thank you so, so, so much, Adam for taking your time this evening to come in on this live interview series with myself. I’m super, super excited the days ahead of us as me being your client is amazing. It’s unbelievable what’s coming so guys, watch this space and we’ll be having a full counsel, mentor and coach and obviously, that tells you the kind of value that we will be giving within our business because I brought the right type of people.

Adam Stott:

I think that’s a good thing what you just said there, Dan. This is what I’ve been saying. Dan is investing heavily in himself as well and he’s obviously got the property training and got the business training. You know what that makes Dan? More valuable to you and the reason he becomes more valuable to you is because as he raises his knowledge, he becomes that fountain of knowledge that you can come to because he’s getting the expert advice from multiple different areas himself and I think I’ll commend you for that and this is the other thing, a lot of people a lot of the time, I’d rather keep my coaches secret.

The thing is, I think one of the ways you always lose is you recognize the people you work with. I recognize Dan and I promote him to the council and I know he’s great in property. There’s a lot of property trainers out there and trust me, I know them, I work in the industry. There’s a lot of them. I know some other people as well that I know really, really well. I’ve got some friends in this industry, big friends in this industry but I know that Dan’s got the right heart as well so he’s going to want to help you and he’s going to want to help you in your journey so if you’ve been on the fence about jumping in with Dan or going in on one of his programs, my advice to you is go all in. Some stages you go all in.

You’re going to make it happen and if you’re going to do it with Dan, he’s the right guy because he’s got the knowledge, he’s got the expertise, he’s got the skills but he’s got the heart to look after you as well. 

Daniel Moses:

Thank you so much, Adam. Thank you so much for those kind words. I really appreciate it. Adam, obviously, for anyone right now, they’ll want to kind of get to hear more of your competence, your programs and all of that. Where can they reach you? Obviously, I know they can reach you through me but maybe to come from the horse’s mouth. 

Adam Stott:

If anyone wants to contact me, Dan, you can have a chat with him. I would say, by all means you can contact me but maybe contact Daniel Moses and he can point you to the right direction. We’re training people to become coaches, it’s one of the things that we’re doing at the moment really, really successfully with a lot of people like we have done with Dan and we’re training people to become amazing at marketing and social media if you want investors and you want to understand how to come to socials and probably one of the best things you could do is come to one of our webinars.

We could hear about the kind of offers and things that we’ve got so I can give you a link, Dan, that anyone can inquire to you and they could come and spend some time but the other thing is, Dan, maybe when we get back to making events, now you’ve watched the videos, they’re really engaged, they want to come along, you can bring a guest along to my event. I’ll be more than happy.

Daniel Moses:

Thanks so much Adam!

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