Episode 150 – Accelerate Business Growth

So you have your business up and running and are you looking to know what to do next? Are you having a hard time converting inquiries into sales or just bumping into different sorts of problems? You’re in for a treat because in this episode, Adam Stott tells you how can you successfully accelerate your business growth by using tools like marketing and sales.

Show Highlights:

  • How can you use marketing and sales to drive your business’ growth
  • Ways on how to do marketing outside of social media
  • Strategies that you can use in order to increase sales
  • How can you engage with your inquiries the right way
  • Why people don’t sell their business that effectively

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Adam Stott:

Welcome to tonight’s live video. With the circle going round. We’re just about to go live on Facebook. So hopefully, you’re going to be joining us this evening and enjoy what we’ve got to go through. So today I’ve been running our Rockstar business event and it’s been amazing. We’ve got very few people here, but we’ve got socially distance events going on, it’s great. It’s been pretty awesome. It’s actually been really, really good so far. Really, really enjoyed it. We had a fantastic group of people. We’re really covering fast business growth.

So I would we’d talk a little bit tonight about what we’ve been going over with everybody so far. I’ve had some really, really good games. We’ve got big vary group, we also have small vary group, but all different businesses. We’ve got some chaps in here that are creating a new app, which analyzes your food, which is pretty cool. They would tell everyone about how they’re wrapping the treat, and read the ingredients in food which is pretty cool. And we come up with some great ideas for them. We’ve got somebody in automotive, there’s got service sensor that he’s building, which is pretty cool. Actually, we’ve got four people in skincare actually.

We’ve got four people here for the three days in skincare. Again, some great ideas on how to grow their businesses. We’ve got coaches, we’ve got consultants, we’ve got loads of different people. Loads of different industries and having tons of fun so far. And what we’ve been running through is, is how you grow a business. How do you go out and take the business that you’ve got and start to accelerate growth. To get more clients, get more leads, get more opportunities, and get more sales. And that’s what we’ve been discussing today. So I thought I’d share a little bit about that this evening and tell you about it. As you come on the live video tonight, make sure you, you know, pop a comment, say hello. Tell us where you’re tuning in from.

If you’ve been here today, tell everyone what it’s been like, it’s been great fun. Or if you was here last week, we had a lot of people here on our coaching based business. Let us know in the comments and everything. It’d be awesome to hear from everybody.

So what we’ve been discussing? Well, some of you have been with me for a long time, you recognize this diagram. For those of you that haven’t been with us for a long time, you won’t recognize this diagram, but I thought I would talk a little bit about this today and explain to you on how you go and grow your business and you get some good value from tonight’s live for sure. We’ve explained to everybody, look, if you want to grow a business, there’s two aspects that you need to focus on to ensure your business grows.

At the beginning, you know, as you’re a larger business or your business is growing and you know, you’re doing different things, you’ve been going for a long time, you’re gonna want to focus on some other things. But at the beginning, when you’re growing a beginning … business at the beginning stages, really there’s two activities you want to focus on. That’s marketing and that’s sales. We focus on those two activities because that’s going to drive the growth of our business. That’s going to fuel up our engine. If you think of your business as an engine, right? In order to get that engine to go in order to get that car to go, you got to put fuel in it in order to drive it.

So we’re really showing people, first of all, how they can increase their opportunities and gain more leads. Because if you are a business, a service-based business, or a product-based business, you need more people putting their hand up and giving you inquiries for your products and services. You need to become more known and you need to increase your leads.

So first thing we did today is went over tons of different strategies on how you increase leads. Of course, we train social media, we show people how to generate more leads with social media. We show people how to generate sales with social media, but we actually looked at tons more than social media today. We’re looking at tons of different aspects. How you can do offline market and how you can actually do things offline, how you can use digital marketing outside the scope of social media, how you can do repeat business market and how you can do referral strategies, how you do affiliate strategies, how you can do introduce strategies.

What I spoke about is, is literally having … the growth for your business and how much your business grow is depending on how many inquiries you’ve got coming in at the top. Now, if you’re an eCommerce business and you’re listening, you know, it’s going to be where you get your traffic from, how do you get more people visiting your website, buying your products or services via your website. And the more people doesn’t really matter where they’re coming from, as long as they’re coming, right? And the key is to go and get more traffic.

If you’re an eCommerce business, or if you’re not an eCommerce business and you don’t sell products online, then we need to get leads and we need to get inquiries in. So we’re going over that today. I’m helping everybody to understand the different opportunities and different places that they can get leads from. I’ll give you a few ideas. Let’s bring up some of the ideas that we’ve been discussing today. So I can give you a bit of a deeper dive on some of the things we we’re saying. We went over. This is just a little bit of an example.

Some of the things that we’ll run over. We went over the social media sites, of course. So we spoke about Facebook, we spoke about LinkedIn, we spoke about Twitter, we spoke about Snapchat, we spoke about Instagram, we spoke about PPC, so pay per click advertising. We spoke about SEO and we spoke about actually having the free line and the ability to get leads for your business by giving different products and services for free. We spoke about special offers, we spoke about database purchase in direct mail, we spoke about video campaigns, we spoke about offline marketing things like sponsorships. How do you go out and find the people have got your clients already and tap into those networks.

So we did all of that as well as tons more stuff around repeat business strategies. How do you get your clients to come back and buy from you again. We spoke about referral strategies and it was awesome, really. And as I say, if you’re watching the live tonight and you’re struggling to get leads for your business, or you’re struggling to grow your business, pop in the comments, go and tell us.

You know, we’ll, tell us what you’re using. Maybe you’re using Facebook, you’re using Instagram right now. And you need to expand that from that, you need to use more. Now if that’s the case then let me know and we’ll discuss that a bit further. Second thing that we spoke about after that was how do we then make sure after we got those inquiries that we don’t lose, like how do we do a better job of looking after the inquiries we actually get? Because of course, we’ve got to drive more inquiries, we’ve got to drive more leads, but what we really need to be careful in what we’re doing, is making sure that we engage with those people in the right way. We respond to the inquiries that we do get in the right way and we look after them.

So we spoke about setting up automation to give you instant messaging and instant responses. We spoke about implementing things like WhatsApp and Facebook opt-ins to get data rather than having, you know, tons of contact forms. Like some people were saying that on their website, they had like tons and tons and tons of things that people got filled out in order to give their details where we don’t really need that in the modern day and age. We need to be a bit more strategic than that and make it easy for people. So we went over how do you improve the effectiveness of how you engage to your clients before we then moved on to the sales process. How do we go and maximize the way that you run your sales process that you get your clients. And this is the thing that we saw.

We invited some people up to come and actually sell their products or services up to the forum. And they came up and they did their thing. And what we noticed was the same thing, pretty much time and time again, that most people don’t. So their products or services that effectively, most people shy away from sales. Most people don’t put their effort into actually selling their products or services. And I’ve seen it so many times.

But one of the things that I think you owe to yourself as a business owner is to go and find your voice and to speak your message and to tell people about your products or services. If you really believe that what you do helps people, if you really believe that what you’ve got is a value, then you owe it to yourself and you owe it to the potential clients, the potential customers, go and talk about it. And to tell people what their options are, how they can go and get your products and services. And we went over all of that today as well. We’ve done times before we moved on to increasing transaction value.

How do you actually go and do more transactions with your clients and get people to repeat purchase to create referrals for you, went over that also as well. We’ve done tons and tons and tons and tons of stuff. It’s been really awesome. It’s been a great group, they’re super interactive, worked really hard, puts lots of different things in place. And I’m really looking forward if you’re going to be joining us because we’re starting to really start to get these Rockstar businesses going again.

So now there’s tons of you that have the booked on and there’s tons of you that have gone and got the vault that you can come and look forward to actually spending the three days training with us. And I would encourage you to get … like Ross said, get on as soon as possible because you know, everybody’s been for a lot, there’s been lots of ups and downs for people in business.

One of the things I’m really noticing. And one of the things I’m really seeing from the people is them just being around other people. Now, of course, they’re socially distancing and we’ve got hand sanitizer everywhere and all that kind of stuff. But just being around people and spending time with people is lifting them. You know. I’m sure many of you would agree that, you know, you’ve been … every time you go anywhere, we’re try to avoid each other.

But the reality is, as human beings, people need that contact. They need that interaction, they need that discussion, they need that to motivate them, to drive them. And what we’re seeing is people’s mentality lift, their mindsets lift, they get them re-energized, they’re get them re-motivated, they’re getting inspired. And once you get motivated and once you get inspired, you start to take more action. When you take more action, you start to get more results. And that’s the benefit of kind of getting around people, making sure that you spend time over people and really get yourself out there. So it’s been loads of benefits in terms of that.

So far has been, you know, a great first day. Well, what I’m trying to do is a couple more live videos, give you a bit more of a brief on the stuff that we do tomorrow. And then we do on the third day, if you’re watching and you’re booked in to join us, try and get over as soon as you possibly can. We’re four systems go now unless you’re not holding the big events or the free events, because we’re not allowed to do so till the first … till after the 1st of October we’re told. But we’re running these small, there were get together as in the bubbles, following the rules and you know, speak to our team. If you’ve got to book in and you want to get on because we’ll try and fit you and got loads of different things coming up.

So I wanted to do that touch-based video with you, do a bit of a live, just to say hello to everyone and engagement everyone. I’m not seeing any of the comments or anything come through so far, whether that’s Facebook or wherever, we just picked a terrible time. I’m not sure, but make sure, if you’re watching this and you’re watching on the replay, you go and comment replay, or you tell us some of the things you’re up to and you know, you engage and say what’s happening with you and whether your business is growing and making sure that you’re, you know, you’re, you’re keeping your motivation and your engagement. Cause I think it’s really, really important for you to, you know, reach out and do some social networking as well.

Okay everyone. So we’re going to cut it a little bit short this evening, but hopefully you’re in a good place. What can you take from tonight? You’ve been watching tonight. First of all, you want to grow your business? Really, simple. Go and increase your conversations. Go and start speaking to more people, go and start making sure that you increase the amount of leads as you can, and look after those leads, engage with them daily. Use your sales process in the right way and make sure that you get your sales process on point, and that’s where we’re going to start seeing a lot better result. So hopefully, you enjoyed tonight. I look forward to seeing you in person soon and looking forward to getting back together with you soon. And thanks for watching this evening, and we will catch up soon everybody. Thank you very much.

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