Episode 151 – Importance of Seizing the Opportunity

What are you going to do when an opportunity presents itself? Would you take it or keep making excuses to not take it? Are you a person who’s looking at the upside rather than the downside of an opportunity? In this episode, Adam Stott talks about how important seizing the opportunity when it presents itself and having a positive attitude about it. Listen in as Adam gives advice on how to take the opportunity without hesitation.

Show Highlights:

  • How can you get your questions to Adam Stott
  • Capitalize by not hesitate on opportunities
  • What similarity successful people have when looking at opportunities
  • Why opening a door of opportunity opens up MORE doors of opportunities
  • Why getting comfortable in our comfort zone prohibits us to grow

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Adam Stott:

Hello everybody, and hope everybody is doing well. I wanted to come and do a live video for you today. Give a little bit of content, say hello to everyone. Seems like a little while since we’ve done one of our live videos. I’ve just had a new Big Business Events mug delivered to me just like two seconds ago, just before I started the video, which is pretty cool. And we’ve got the signage on the back wall as well. It’s got a lot of stuff going on. What I wanted to talk to you about today is couple of things we’ve got on Wednesday. We do ask a question on Wednesday. And what that means is you get your opportunity to ask questions and wherever it is that you need help from, wherever it is that you’ve got questions you want to ask on.

Currently, if you have a little look at what you’re working on, it might be that you need some help with your marketing, it might be that you need some help with your PR, your branding, it might be you need some help with sales, it might be that you need some help with understanding something you’ve learned from us already. Maybe you’ve just been on one of the events. You spent some time with us and you’ve got some after questions, you’ve got some follow-up questions.

If you’ve got any questions you want to ask, we’re going to answer them all live on Thursday. So I’m gonna do Thursday at six. So if you’ve got a question you want to ask today, you can ask question Wednesday rather than just posting that up in the group. I’ll try to check with Beth who does all the posts. You should add her. Go and do a live for me and get some good questions in.

I mean, if you’ve got some stuff that you working it might be even about, obviously that’s more announcements come out. You know, sometimes that can really affect people. So if you’ve got questions you want to ask with regards to your business, then you can. We’ve got Chris who’s just come on, he’s saying hello. Make sure that you come on today and you say hello. I got 14,000 people meeting. We’ve actually 14,000 people on these group. 14,000 business owners, so you want to be getting in their common saying, telling people about you, introducing yourself, tell us what business you’re in.

I’ll just mention Chris quickly, cause he said hello. To Chris came, Chris has been a member of our business Academy for about a year, and he came on to our event the other day and did a phenomenal job. He actually came and spoke to the group and he did this amazing job last week, where he got everyone up and sharing the stories and helping practice their public speaking. He’s doing a really, really, really good job. Big kudos to Chris and he’s doing some great stuff. So I’m really, really proud of how he’s developed and the things he’s doing, he’s doing really, really well.

Apart from asking the question Wednesday which I wanted to talk to you about. Apart from our new mugs, which have just been dropped on my desk, we’ve also got some new Branded Big Business events we’ve got full in on the brand new at the moment which is pretty cool. So who would like one of these, if you’d like one of these comments below and the first five, we’ll send one out … I’ll send one out here. If you would like one, then we’ll give a nice mug, but actually of really good quality. So I’m using that. 

So the other thing is, I want to talk about was this is quite a few opportunities that come up over the last week or so. And really, really, really big opportunities and things coming up like massive. Every single opportunity is I’ve said yes to pretty much off the bat. And then I’ve tried to share a couple of these opportunities with other people. Actually I’ve called people and said, right, look, this is [00:03:55] Do you want to do it? And what I’ve noticed is, and is something that when it comes to opportunity, successful people don’t hesitate. You know, they don’t ask questions. I think that’s just like, of course you want to ask questions. You want to engage. You want to make sure you do due diligence and things.

When it comes to opportunity, you really want to make sure that if you get opportunities put in front of you, you get opportunities put on your lap. You’re always looking at the upside rather than the downside. I think what I’ve really, really noticed recently is if you’re constantly looking at the downside and you’re always looking at what can go wrong, you can talk yourself out of pretty much everything. When it comes to building a business, when it comes to being an entrepreneur, when it comes to growth, when it comes to success, the reason that you get more growth, the reason you get more success, and the reason that you move forward when others don’t move forward, is really because one thing. Is because you said yes to something that somebody else said no to. That is the reality.

Everyone pretty much gets the same, get similar opportunities, it’s just the people that succeed take the opportunities they put in front of them. And a lot of the time when it comes to opportunities, there can be downsides in different ways. But what I’ve noticed about really, really successful people is they say yes to the opportunity first. And then they worried about the down sides afterwards and they protect for what they don’t want to do is miss the opportunities.

Well, what I found with people that are struggling to push on. It’s whenever you ask them, or you say, I’ve got this opportunity, do you want to do it? The first thing is I don’t know because about this, and what about that, and I don’t know if I have the time. They come up with all these excuses in their mind and really, it’s because they’re living and really, it’s because they’re living comfortably in whatever way. When you live within your comfort zone, we’ve got that zone around us. We can only reach that far. We can only do those things. It’s when we open the doors and say yes to opportunity that we start to move outside of our comfort zone. We start to meet new people, we start to take new opportunities, we start to do new things and we start to get more success.

So I think that I wanted to do this video. I’ve had like three opportunities come up this week. First thing I said, regardless on every single opportunity. So yea, I mean your opportunity to ask questions like, or I think that’s really, and then I got in touch with another one, like another speaker who’s a really successful speaker, but new to the game, but doing very, very well. And has gone on a Big business really, really fast, right. Jordan love that, and we try and probably 92 new coaches and speakers and a lot of them are succeeding. Some of them are still on their journey. And of course other people learn at different paces, but I made one phone call, one massive opportunity to one person.

The first thing they said was, yes. He’s like yeah, I mean let’s do it. You know, I can’t wait. And I think that when you take opportunities, you start to open the doors. And what happens is whenever you open a door, and the door of opportunity, you open that door, you physically open that door, you push for it and you walk for it. All of the sudden you get a lot more doors, you get a lot more opportunities, you get other things that come up. And then you get more options because you took that step further.

You set that step forward. And when you get to those next doors, when you open one of those doors up, then you move forward again. You’ve got all these other opportunities that come up. And I think that I would urge everyone that’s watching today is to look up, what are you doing? What opportunities are you taking? What things are you doing that you haven’t done before? You know, are you getting outside your comfort zone? Are you making things happen? And are you taking those entrepreneurial risks?

So we’ve got Kelly saying hello. Hi Kelly, how you doing? Hope you’re well, thanks for joining us today. And as I said … we’ve got Amy saying hello as well. Amy loves a good cup, so if you’re one of the mugs, you can comment below, we will send the first five people. I know you will be the first recipient of a BBE mug, a Big Business Events mug. And they are amazing quality. Like I can just feel the quality and actually I’m super excited because I just can’t wait to have my coffee, my black coffee, because I’m on my keto at the minute.

Actually, I must say big thank you to Sarah Ashcroft who got me my keto sent out. Well done Sarah, you’re a superstar. And she’s right. Sort of got me feeling super, super motivated, super energized. And Sarah, right, helps us out with this, so that’s good.

So when I have my black coffee in that, in that coffee mug. So what opportunities you take in? What doors are you opening? How are you moving forward? What are you doing differently? What have you turned down that other people taken? How’s that get you where you are? You know, how’s that kept you stuck? What can you actually go out and do? How can you get put more variety and live your life? How can you go out and enjoy your life more? What opportunities can you take? Where can you go that extra mile? Because for me, I think the, you know, growth and success come from moving forward, not from standing still. Not from looking back. You know, whatever’s happened to you in the past, is the past. It’s all about the future.

If we focus on the past, we’re never going to create a great future. If we focus on the future, we’re going to create a great future. The past is yesterday, it’s gone. You can’t change it. So it’s time to move forward to stay and start taking action. I think that’s the … and Andrew is saying, “Keto is the future.” So he’s just gone in and said that. So Timothy is saying, “Good to see you on live again … Good to see you, he’s saying, “Good to see you on live again. Awesome mate. Good to see you too.

Chris is saying, “I enjoyed every part of my speaking before they meet an audience last weekend. Andrew is saying, “I’d love a mug.” No problem. And so, inbox Big Business Events, we’ll send you one out. Pop us the address on there and we’ll get you your mugs. So Andrew, you’re the first one. That’s one down. Who’s taking your opportunity? Right now, the opportunity is a mug, right? How fast are you going to be? How quick you’re going to go and take action? Because this is what it comes down. So I think that we’re talking about opening the doors, we’re talking about opportunity, but let’s have a look at other things as well. You know, speed is really, really important in business. The faster you go out and do things, the faster you take action, the more momentum you gain, the more you move forward. 

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