Episode 153 – Promote Your Business without Facebook Ads

One of the problems being asked by people is how to promote their business if they don’t have funds to run Facebook ads and there are a couple of ways on how to do just that. In this episode, Adam Stott shares his experience with promoting business without Facebook ads. Adam gives us simple and free solutions to create interest in your business and how to use them properly.

Show Highlights:

  • On Adam Stott’s content producing for home-based businesses
  • How to maximize social media “live” broadcast to promote your business
  • How to use click funnels effectively and correctly
  • Creating conversations out of your live videos
  • Landing pages and contact forms
  • Making useful content to provide value and entertainment

Links Mentioned:

Big Business Events Members Network
Brand Yourself


Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hello everybody, and welcome to tonight’s live video. Things are just loading up with the old new Facebook live creator. It sometimes takes a few seconds to get going. So we’re live now. Good to see everybody. I hope you’re doing well. Couple of peoples, I was also couple of minutes late. So like, “Adam, is the live still happening?” Absolutely, it’s still happening. We’ve got some great questions in today. So I’m going to be answering those questions for you this evening. We’re going to be going over a ton of info.

I’m going to say a little bit about what I’ve been doing today. Some of the things that I’ve been working on. Actually really working quite hard today, even though it’s paying holiday. Let me know what it is you’ve been up to, what It is you’ve been doing on your bank holiday. Whether you’ve been relaxing or have you been working? Have you been putting things in place? What is it you’ve been up to? Let me know in the comments as you come on. Amy said hi, how you doing Amy? Good to see you, darling. What are you up to in world system, let me know. Where you up to on Instagram secrets people? Really pleased to hear where you’re up to. Hi, Leslie, how you doing darling, hope you’re well. Hope things are going good for you. Good to see you on the live as well.

We’ve got a load of questions. The questions range from being basic to advanced tonight. So we’ve got a couple, and this should be easy to shoot through, and I can give some really good direct straight answers. And some of the others are quite advanced. And as we go through them, I’m going to give you a range of different answers. We should provide a lot of content for every single person that’s watching.

Hi, Helen, how are you my darling.? Hope you’re doing well. Let me know what you’ve been up to. Hopefully you’re feeling super positive. Leslie is saying, “I’m making a batch of fruit mix chutney.” You certainly got some personality Leslie, that’s for sure. Right. And then Amy said, “I’m trying to contact a hundred people as it says in 3030 world system.” So far, I’ve done 37. Well that’s 37 people that are now going to become opportunity issues in that social network instructor. So you’re doing really good. One of the questions is how you’re show relates tonight? Helen, so you want to stay through the live because it could be someone that can add some value to you today as well on this live, which would be great for everybody.

So as I said, as you come on, let me know in the comments, what it is you’ve been up to? What’s been happening? What you’ve been implementing? What you’ve been putting in place? How many of you are at the day often chilled out? How many of you have been working hard? What is it you’ve been doing today? So let’s say a little bit about what I’ve been doing today.

Today, I’ve been doing some self SEO. One of the things obviously, many of you will know, and I’ve train most of you on social media, and many of you on social media and most of you on business. But actually today be in this, it’s a quiet time, this is a lot of people look at like a bank holiday. I’m looking at it today like a bonus tag, A bonused that I’ve worked uninterrupted to put things in place. I’m actually been doing some self SEO. So I’ve been on claim because it’s just little things like, you know, all my books on Amazon collating them and [00:03:51] them, putting them on Goodreads, doing all the backlinks. Different things.

I’m actually been doing that myself. It’s something that, you know, you’d never, ever get time to do. I’ll tell you, actually. I found a cool little site that I’ve been working through. This is actually really simple, really easy to use. It’s called BrandYourself, that just helps you manage your online brand. It looks at everything that you do. Essentially really, really cool. I stumbled across it earlier and I found it so easy to work with. I’ve ended up spending about four hours working for it and using it in the right way and it’s pretty cool. It’s definitely been helpful. Already, when I’ve looked at the actual results already, I’ve seen some good results from it, which is phenomenal because people say SEO can take months or years. And the reality is it don’t really after, you know, the simple stuff, the basics you can do.

Obviously, if you want an expert, you know, speak to the experts. Chris, within our group is an expert on SEO. And actually I texted him while I was doing it and said, “Hey buddy” you know, and asked him a couple of questions and he’d come back straight to me with a couple of good answers. So go and then take them in. But if you need an expert in SEO, Chris is your man. And if you need the basics, then you can start yourself off from the basics. For sure, you know. So that … in doing that, in addition to doing some more content.

So I’ve been content producing for a home-based business. As I said to you before, we’ve got a webinar coming up, it’s coming on Wednesday. We have an insane amount of registrations there. I don’t even know what happened today. And funnily, enough, some of the questions are on social media tonight, and how to get your brand out there?

Obviously, we you use a lot of social media advertising. But one of the questions relates to not having a social media advertising budget, but I can tell you, well, I’ll tell you what, I’ll save that for the question rather than go off it. But I think quite a bit of social media myself yesterday did several lives, did a live on YouTube, did a live on Facebook group in the morning and in the evening, did a live on my personal profile and also other places as well. And I’ve seen a ton of inquiries coming back from that. And we’ll discuss that and we’ll kind of talk about that strategy in the live on Instagram as well, when I walk my dogs yesterday. I’ve got a hundred and … I forgot, it’s 168 people viewing at once on the live on Instagram, which is pretty good.

It’s a lot of conversations to be having at once, you know, so that’s good stuff. We’ll talk a bit more about that. So Andrew is saying, “Definitely, hadn’t signed Braille.” So he’s been chilling out with the family when it’s really good. You’re working your way through Instagram secrets, Kelsey is saying, and she’s loving it. We’ve gotten so many people … like so many people like today. It’s funny because you know, there were a lot of promotion for it when we first launched it a few days ago, but I’ve overpromoted it that we now seem to have people fill in through constantly loads of people adding on, you know.

Christy, make sure you take me in your stories, tag James in your stories, and speaking with James again today. James has actually come up with an awesome idea, a really, really good idea of something that we’re going to do together, which will relate to Instagram secrets, where we’re going to be starting a new Instagram page and actually demonstrating the growth of an Instagram page from scratch. And literally, that’s going to be really cool. So that will happen next week and everyone involved, we’re going to let you know, we’re recording demo over there. I’m showing you what we’re doing with it in order to grow it, so it should be quite a good cool challenge and you get all that content that go in there as well.

We’re still just going to keep adding contents to that because there’s so much content to go in and add in, which is pretty cool. So that’s some good stuff. Let’s see some … I have some complaints from Lordship upstairs. It’s felt fun. Chris is saying “Even that I’ve been working a way good man, hoping to be in productive for you. So now we’ll saying to secrets is great. Well, I’m really pleased that everybody’s loving it. Lot of work went into it. Hopefully as you can see, and there’s still a lot of work I’m into, which is really cool. So I’m really pleased that everybody’s enjoying that. Oh, Amy is saying that sounds really good. Yes. And all smart. They really liked the idea of what we’re going to do. And it’s created a big new content piece in there as well, which should be pretty cool.

Okay. So I’ve got some good questions tonight. Some really good questions. As I said before, if I get a question, then I can just give content nonstop. And I think that really gives for a really, really good live. So if you got questions, even if they don’t answer tonight, they’ll be answering tomorrow. Always put them in the comments because of … the questions that I have today, so the first question was a really good question for a lot of people which Jordan asked, what do you do to get social media traffic to your website or to get leads out of social media if you don’t have any ad budget and you can’t really promote your business using ads, but how do you get the traffic? And how’d you get people over to your website.

So we’ll cover that. So tonight, I’m using the live creator studio rather than just the Facebook live thing. and it doesn’t show you the hearts and the things. I don’t think it does anyway. Right? So I need you to just all throw us some hearts to me and let me know because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do that. And that, of course, when you’re doing the live, I mean, this is a typical engagement question, but when you’re doing a live video, you want to get an engagement going. You want to be asking people to throw out a love, throw out of the hearts. So if everybody just takes a second to start frying out the hearts a little bit, then what that’s going to do is actually going to drive that message to more people in the group.

And that’s going to allow more people to see the video and more people to get exposure to the content, okay? But you actually can’t see it on the new live creator, you can’t see the hearts. It’s a shame. She said, “Love all that, I love that.” Amy. And Jessica, she was flying out the hearts non-stop. An easy use to fly the hearts non-stop, but I’m seeing it these are on the lives, where are you my dear? Right, Okay. Let’s get into the first question everyone. Right.

So Jordan’s question. What do you do with Facebook marketing or Instagram marketing? Wherever it is, social media marketing, was the actual question, he didn’t actually name a channel. In terms of getting your message out there, driving traffic to your website without having any ad budget. Well, I mentioned live video yesterday, what I did yesterday. So just to give you an example, I looked earlier on our click funnels and we’ve had 162 inquiries come through from organic social media yesterday, 162 inquiries. Now those 162 inquiries from various different things. That was on one thing that I posted. So if you looked at the videos I did yesterday, the only link that really are out there was about the home-based business webinar.

So I went live on YouTube. I went live on Facebook, my public figure page. I went live on my Adam Stott personal page and I went live on the group. So it was three Facebook pages that I was live on, YouTube as well, that I was live on. So it was live on all of those different things. And the thing that I mentioned about was the webinar that we’ve got free content on the home-based business webinar, anyone who wants to start a business from home or understand how to grow it into six figure business, or seven figure business then after. You can go on that webinar. And that is the linker for out there, we had 162 inquiries from that link. Now that was 162 inquiries without spending a single penny, right? Literally, all that I invested in getting those inquiries with my time.

All right. Now I do understand that I have got following. So in this group, I’ve got 12,000, in this group, and we’ll come to groups later, because I want to discuss that with you tonight as well. I’ve got 330,000 that people follow me on Facebook, on my Adam Stott page. I’ve got 5,000 on my personal page, and I’ve got 1200 on YouTube. So not massive on YouTube, right? And even if you take away the [00:11:32], there’s 162, and let’s say it was 16, right? So your followings a tenth for the size, say that it’s not even a tenth for the size. You know, saying that you got two inquiries.

If you were able to just spend 30 minutes of day having conversations using live video, giving demonstrations, answering questions, maybe doing, I know Jordan’s in fitness, doing workouts, whatever it might be. You know, showing what you’re doing, and you’re actually there to put your link there, where people who going to ask you further questions, they can inquire to you. They can get some type of value exchange. Then you will find very, very quickly that you start to generate for inquiries and you can put your website link in there and you can drive them across.

Now, this is the problem, right? Most people on their websites have very low converting websites. So even though you might have got some people over from your live video over to your website, if your website is not geared up for inquiry conversion, you’ll find that you get very, very few inquiries, and it looks like you done a lot of work and not getting a lot result. Now, the thing is, the people might have clicked the link and might have want to check you out. But after they’ve gone and click the link, and after they’ve gone to check you out. If you’ve got no form visible or the formats, too many questions and people kind of back out at the last minute, you’re going to lose that inquiry, right?

So this is why with those types of inquiries, we would use click funnels because the forms are very visible, they’re very easy to see, and they’re very, very quick to fill in. They manage and track the data very, very well. And we use landing pages rather than actual websites, but I sent all the traffic. If you look at what I do, you’ll notice that very, very rarely, and I mean rarely, put a link to the Big Business Events website despite that being our main work, like our main website. And the reason we don’t do that, even though that is a high converting website, if you go and look at it. 
And the reason we don’t do that is because the contact forms are not as efficient as they are through click funnels, which means we will lose people, we will lose the traffic, and we won’t convert the traffic that we’ll be sending over.

So the answer to the question is the live video is super powerful. So you want to be looking at using live video. You want to get inventive on your live videos. And if you, you know, like I said tonight, I wanted to do a Q and A, if it was fitting in. So I’d probably be doing some exercise or some demonstrations. Funnily enough of my Adam’s Stott page, they all wanted me to sing. I was like, what are you talking about? they actually wanted to may sing. It’s all over the comments. Can you sing me a song? And I’m like, you haven’t laughed. Definitely not singing. And you know, but if that’s what you do, then why not, right?

Amy is doing the dance, so why not? You know. Whatever it is you want to engage the audience you’re there. Remember that the live video that you’re doing is there to provide entertainment, is there to provide them the time, it’s there to excite people, it’s there to give something, it’s like you’re setting your value. Now if in that conversation, you’re able to give further value. So what I was doing yesterday is I was saying, “Look, if you want to go and have an hour and a half’s worth of training, go on to the home-based business webinar. It’s on Wednesday, there’s the links in the comments. And what that does is that drives that traffic over and I’m explaining the value of what I’m offering during the live video that I’m actually doing. And that forms a part of the call to action.

Now, if I did seven or eight different calls to action, we’ll do this, do this, do this, do this, do that. You get … the audience will get confused. So that’s why you got to keep it quite simple when you’re doing the actual video, and you’ve got to … this is what I mean. It’s like, you’ve got to be strategic, right? So before I did those videos, I knew what I wanted. Before I did the videos, I wanted to get more people on the webinar, right? And that was part of what I wanted to do. So if I wanted to get more people on the webinar, I’ll talk a little bit about a webinar, I’ll put the link in there about a webinar, and I will instruct the people to go there. You know, simple stuff.

But if you just do a live video and you’ve not been strategic, and you’ve not thought about what it is you’re doing, or you’re not for about what it is you want the person that’s going to watch you on the live video to though, you end up not getting the result that you wanted. So you have to be strategic and think about the end result before you do anything.

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