Episode 154 – Maximizing Facebook Groups and Ads Spending

Fear of failure most of the time discourages us from using social media for our business. We fear that few people or none would be interested in our products and services but we have to set that fear aside so we can move forward. In this episode, Adam Stott as a Facebook marketing expert, explains how we can use groups for channeling content, spreading our message, and the common mistakes when using Facebook ads. Listen to learn how you can use your Facebook ad spending to fuel your business and more!

Show Highlights:

  • How to get high engagements with your business on Facebook using groups
  • Practice and improve your communication by doing a lot of Facebook live
  • Understanding how to reinvest on Facebook ads and avoid being afraid and nervous of it
  • The common mistake of people when doing marketing with Facebook ads
  • The intangible qualities and benefits of Facebook ads spending

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Adam Stott:

Some people want to just go and put the lives to give content, and that’s fine too, because as you go out and you give more content, you give more value, you’re going to build fans. But there comes a point where those fans are going to want to do more with you. They’re going to want to do something else with you, and you’ve got to give them that direction on how they can do that next thing with you. You know, or how they can get that piece of content or how they can get this, how they can get that. That’s kind of how you want to put it, you know, moving forward onto the next step.

All right. So for me, social media right now, in terms of using social media right now to generate free inquiries, we’ve actually spending our money on advertising. You know … and by the way, the fastest, easiest, quickest ways to use advertising and not to use your [00:01:42] you generate leads, you generate income, you generate sales. Even in the worst time in history, you know, wherever it’s the worst time in history, probably the worst time in social media history right now for actually people going out and doing stuff. It used to get loads of sales and you’ll still get loads of opportunities.

Even if you’re speaking to 10 people, one of those 10 people want what you’re offering. You know, you have to keep that for in your mind. One of those people want it. And if you don’t offer it or you don’t tell them what to do, then you’re letting down that one person. And that’s kind of the mentality you need to have when you’re doing what you’re doing. Right? And if you do that, you’ll find you’ll get better results.

So for me, live video is really, really good. And the next thing I’ll say after live video, will be a group. Now, obviously you can combine live videos in groups, and that’s what I’m doing now. But if you’ve got a group, you do get a higher level of engagement, you get more people going on to your posts, you get more people going onto your videos.

You can build a community of like-minded people. And once you build that community of like-minded people, you know, like I said yesterday on the Adam Stott page, I’ve got some of us saying “Adam, can you sing?” I’m like, “I’m not dancing monkey, right? I’m not … I’m not here. That’s not what I do. I’m here to give advice and guidance on business and everything else like that. And so, it’s … but you’re not going to get that comment in a group because that person wouldn’t be in group, right? No, I’ve got no problem with that, for me it was quite funny.

But what I mean is that person probably wouldn’t be in the group because you can monitor and you can maintain the group and you can put people into the group. And I’ll probably would transition from this question into the next, into a different question of mine, which is another social media related question. And the reason I do that is they’re so closely aligned that they’ll really help you to see a bigger picture when it comes to social media strategy, right? So the next thing I would do is it helps to make the different announcements about when you’re going to do what you’re going to do. It helps if you’ve got actual content plan that you’re going to line up and actually line out exactly what content plan you’re going to follow.

I’ve shown many of you, business come in on those go, so for most people that we’ve been on our trainings, I’ve shown you how I’ve shown you the simplest easiest, fastest way to create a content plan. And I’ve shown you that with post-it notes. So who’s seen me do that, right? If you see me do that, put it in the comments and you’ll know what I mean, but what I want to do is get you to actually start documenting what you’re going to do in terms of content for the next 30 days, and get that in a place where it’s visible, where you can see it. So you don’t get stuck with what … so you don’t get stuck with what you’re going to go over. And after some time, it just becomes easy.

You know? And I think if you’ve watched my video yesterday, I was talking about how you transitioning to just be more natural with it, and if you’re transitioning to be more natural with it, the audience enjoys it more. You enjoy it more, everyone enjoys it more. You know, that’s … it’s just a lot easier. You’re not going to get to being natural with it until you’ve done it 50, 60, 70 times. Now my best advice will be do it 50, 60, 70 times in the next couple of months while you’ve got the time. You know, you don’t become great at anything without practice and actually putting the work in. So we need to go and put that work in and then we’ll start to transition.

So for me, live videos are great. Groups are great. You know, I say, live videos, live streaming that any of the live sites. YouTube, LinkedIn now, Instagram, this is where the eyeballs are. This is where everyone is. That’s been said for many years. Yeah, I think that it is absolutely fundamentally true more than ever right now. Because as people see at home, they’re not really going to Google for things, you know, and why they’re not going to Google for things really? Because even if they go to Google, when they find something, they can necessarily buy it. Right? Because is it going to be delivered? Is it open? All these kinds of things. So what they’re doing, they’re turning to social media in the moment to look for entertainment, right? That’s something that’s really, really important. You know, they’re turning social media to look for entertainment.

Now, on that Home-based business webinar. I speak to about the flow of money and how money flows, and entertainment is one of the places that money flows. So you got to go out then you got to look to entertain your audience in some way. Now that might mean that you entertain them educationally. It might be you entertain them with fun. It might be you entertain them with humor, but you’ve got to entertain the audience as well to keep their attention. And this is where your confidence becomes really, really important. Actually being, you know, a confident person, because the best way to get good at this stuff is to not care. Right? That is the best way to get good at it. Because every time you’re caring.

I can look at a live video now. As I look at it, without even clicking and watching, I can tell you that person is confident or not just from actually seeing their body language. Without even tuning in. Now, how many of you would agree, put it in the comments if you could agree. Put it in a comment. So yes or no, if you know what I’m talking about. You’re seeing someone doing a live video and they don’t look comfortable in what they’re doing, right?

So you’ve got to build upon that confidence. The building of that confidence, confidence comes from competence, which means that you are good at something. And the only reason that you get good at something is if you do it enough to become good at it, or you get the education, the information and you learn from it, and that’s how you start to become better.

That’s how you start to grow. And that’s how you start to get better results. Okay? So for me live video, groups as well. Another one, you know, Jordan have asked this question. Another one which is good for everybody, right? Is actually that social networking pace. I can honestly say I, in the past have not had time to be socially networking.

So the principle of social networking is that you use social media as a networking platform in the same as you would if you went to a networking meeting. So you go and just start looking at who’s liking your posts, who’s sharing your posts, is watching your posts, is watching your stories, who’s comment on your stories, and you start a conversation with them.

You can open the conversation with them. If you want to say, I know you seem to have been watching the stories, you know, just by saying hello, and how you’re doing. You know, you can even say, “I’m trying to make my content better, what’s the sort of stuff you want to see?” And open the conversation up, like … I’ve got this from yesterday off the live video on my personal page, have sent me a message, someone in Australia that I haven’t spoken to for 10 years.

I started having a conversation with him. I actually found it really interesting what he was doing. It’s the first time I’ve had time to go back and actually start a conversation. Usually what about I do it right? Or usually it would have been one of the team was doing that for me. So we actually get by yourself and I actually had a really productive conversation with this chat.

So social networking and going out and reaching out to people, this is the thing that’s like, say you want to feel a webinar, right? You could do that in a multiple different way. You could do it through using live video and asking people to go to the webinar. Okay. As I do, you could do it through advertising and actually promoting and using the back end of Facebook or back end of Instagram, or even the promotional posts, whatever, to go and promote that webinar as well. And you will get people there, but you could also just reach out to 2000 people.

So I’ve got this thing coming up it’s really interesting. You know, if you think you want to check it out, not those 2000 people, you probably will get a hundred people to that will say, actually, I’m interested. Now that’s a lot of work, but it still works. So if you’re telling me you don’t have any ad budget, when you’ve got no ad budget, what you usually have got is time. Because if you had ad budget, you’d obviously be making money, so you’d be smart enough to go, you’re not going to go out and reinvest that money to save myself time, because this is the game of money and time when it comes to marketing.

If you have no money, you do have time, because you’d have money if you had clients and obviously, you’re struggling for clients, which means you haven’t got loads of clients, which means you’ve got time. So this is that time, money struggle, right? When you get the clients, you reinvest the money in the market to go and get more clients. And that’s how you scale a business. It’s you take what you’ve earned. You invest it, you put the fuel in your business in order to follow up and get it going, which is in the market, and to get it going.

Now, what I find with a lot of business owners, a lot of their time is they get very, very, very nervous over ad spend. So those of you who’ve been on Rockstar we’ll know, and I’ve spoken to that as before, is if it comes to going out and buying a Nando’s or probably the worst things aside right now, because how many of you are craving of Nando’s. And sorry if Karen’s watching it’s vegan, but you know, absolutely mind you I’ll tell you something else … that to you in the moment.

I watched tiger King last night, I think that’s enough to make me go vegetarian, I think to be fair. Anybody watched tiger King on Netflix? I must admit. I can highly recommend that, I really, really enjoyed it. It was really cool. If you’ve been watching that and, you know, pop it in the comments and let me know what you think. But I thought it’s absolutely awesome. Right?

But yeah, if you craving for Nando’s can put that in the comments as well, I actually do badly, badly, badly fancy Nando’s. Anyway, this is why people get nervous when it comes to market right? They go out there, they go and get Nando’s, they order everywhere and get Nando’s. The bill comes in his twenties, but when they paid the bill there, move on, crack and joke about it. Right? And they’re happy with the value exchange. What they wanted is they wanted a good meal, and what they got was a good meal.

So that value, they knew the price, they were happy with the deal. They walked away, they never thought about it again. Now, when it comes to spending 20, 30 pounds on marketing for your business, you know, whether it’s on an ad or a 50 pound hundred pound, whatever it is, people get super nervous. Like, did it work yet? What’s happened. Oh, you know, it’s a control thing. It’s because it’s outside of your control as to whether you get the response so you get kind of nervous.

The reality is, once you start doing the marketing and you start testing and you start working marketing in the right way, then results will start to come back. But this is another place where people go wrong when it comes to marketing, is they will do something once, and if it doesn’t work instantaneously, they’d be like, “That didn’t work. I’m never doing that again.” You know, without realizing they were only, only a tiny, tiny, tiny tweak or a headline or a bit, a better copy, or a slightly different image, or, you know, a better message. So we’re just that much away from getting a breakthrough in their business, you know, literally that much away. And that is something though, I feel holds business owners back massively.

You know, I test marketing nonstop. I just do not care if it doesn’t work. That’s the reality. Because if it doesn’t work, I know that I found something that doesn’t work. And that leads me on to what I call the killer ads, which are the ads that just work insanely because that’s hype, what doesn’t work. I tweak it. I’m in there. I make it better. I improve it. And I get out there and I do it again. Each time I’ll make it better, make it better, make it better. Like for this for the webinar that we’re running, the home-based business webinar. I literally, I told the teams to run up 40 ads for it. And the 40 ads, you know, day by day.

So day two and a half. I turned off 20 of them, but I wasn’t bothered. They still work. They’re still converted their price point that I wasn’t happy with, and this is where we get to optimization and bringing costs down, they’re a price point that I wasn’t happy with. But the 20 we left on we’re at a price point I was happy with. So it was like, fantastic. You know, that’s kind of how we need to judge marketing and how we need to judge what we’re doing. And, you know, I think everybody out there right now should be testing markets. That’s, what’s going to build your business. That’s, what’s going to build your brand.

We had a question from Carolina yesterday. I think that said about people being nervous about spending money. Well, the reality is, as I said to you, give it to free four weeks and people will actually be back in a place where they’re less nervous. They’re thinking actually, I’ve got some money. You know, I’m not going out drinking, I’m not going out spending money, I’m not doing load of [00:13:39], I’m not buying 10 things off Amazon because all of a sudden, I can’t. You know, all these different things. I’m not going to Nando’s, you know, say, so all of a sudden people start coming back and they’re going to want to look to different services.

I can tell you that I’ve instructed and bought four or five things today that were not small in terms of investment size. Okay. So at the end of the day, you’re asking me, but there’s a lot of people out there that like that as well. Now I really have. And when you look at that, you know, it is that people are buying out there. If people are not buying from you in Asia, you’re not reaching them yet. So you’ve got to put more effort into reaching them. And if you reached the people now, wouldn’t it be a bit harder.

Yeah. It might be a little bit harder. Will you conversions be a bit like, yeah, it will be a bit longer, but all the time that you’re putting your message out there and you’re connecting with people, you are building your brand. You’re starting to get yourself out there. People starting to know you speak, starting to know what you do, and you’re building things up. So don’t forget that as well, because there is, this is the thing about marketing and ad spend, it has an intangible quality to it.

Now, something that’s tangible is something you could measure something intangible you can’t measure, right? So sometimes with your market and you can’t actually measure what it brings to you. And that is what people get nervous about. People get nervous about that aspect of it. But believe me, you know, the there’s fuel so far in up a business and that wait or our business, if I get any market. Right. So, and all of a sudden that that was a long answer. The first question, how have you enjoyed the answer everybody?

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