Episode 155 – Making Impact on Social Media With 10 Followers

Engaging in social media marketing can be a daunting task for a lot of people namely those who are just starting to understand social media and those who can’t understand social media. However, learning it is proven to be beneficial most of the time and anyone can have an impact on having only 10 followers. In this episode, Adam Stott tells us how can 10 followers or fans can make a difference as you start marketing using Facebook groups or pages.

Show Highlights:

  • Why Adam Stott thinks Facebook groups can give you a lot higher engagement
  • How can 10 followers help you with your social media
  • Why most people miss on engagement
  • Importance of looking at the depth or quality of your following rather than the quantity
  • Ways that you can face the frustrating challenges of starting a following on social media

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Adam, what’s the difference between the page and a group. We have a page, but we think a group would be better for our business. So again, that’s another I can give a really detailed answer, but I’ll give a very short answer, but I might talk about groups anyway. So I’ll be given a, on the next question, I’m going to be going to groups. But the reality is the groups got a lot higher engagement so more people see your message, more people get your notifications, and if you frame those hearts out there, it feeds the message more to the people in the group. Okay.

So Allison is saying, “How can we create customers? Is Facebook is mainly your friends. How do we engage with new people?” Okay. So there’s another good question there. So the answer to that is you’ve got to expand outwards from just being your friends and start a business page and maybe start a group page and decide what one you’re going to use, what one you’re going to grow, what you’re going to develop. And I’m going to answer a question on social media in a minute, which hopefully will clear some of those stuff up. You can also get my social media secrets program, I’ll show you all of the answer to that.

The next question, I’m going to go straight to, I think it was Shane’ s question about building, getting the business out there with social media, and this will be relevant for a lot of questions I just saw on the page that people are asking. A lot of people feel that you need this huge following to make an impact on social media. The reality is you don’t. You actually don’t. Those of you that are using Instagram secrets will know that there’s a section in there, and in that section, what I discuss is how to make your first thousand pounds using social media online, right?

On that first the reason I’m referencing that is because it’s simplistic client. I’m just going to tell you a little bit about what I say in that. And what I’m saying is that many, many people think in order to make your first thousand or your first 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, I do a sliding scale where you go 50,000, a hundred thousand, et cetera. I’m just going to focus on the first thousand, right? Because that’s where many of you might be. Well, what you need to do in order to build your first thousand is not how to earn your first thousand pound in your social media marketing is not necessarily to have a massive following.

Realistically, what you got to do is have a good following of a small amount of people. So look at it, let’s say you sell some for a hundred pounds. Well, then you only need 10 people, right? You only need 10 people. So if you’ve got 10 people that are your fans, that interact with you and like your content and like your stuff and liking your posts and doing all this stuff, we only need to sell 10 of them or something for a hundred pound, and then you’ve made your first thousand. That’s how simple it is.

So you want to build that following, engage that following. So for those of you that are on the business academy call that I did … seems like ages ago now because I think we’ve been in a lot [00:03:42] But those of you on that business academy call is I showed you that the first step of marketing is actually building that awareness, and once we’ve built the awareness, the awareness is somebody knows who you are, they know what you do. Okay? And if you build that awareness, so they know who you are and they know what you’re doing, then after that, the second step is a step that most people miss, and that is engagement. Okay? It’s actually engaging with those people. So the thing that you’ve got to do is you’ve got to look at the people who are aware of you, aware of your products and services, and then you’ve got to look to go and engage them.

Now, the best way to engage them is, the next step, is by being able to provide them with a value exchange, something of value. Now that value exchange could be an eBook, it could be a webinar where you give more content, it could be a consultancy call, it could be a demo. You know, let’s face it right now, it just could be a conversation. You know, a conversation with somebody that actually you reach out to somebody. Because this is a thing, right? There might be a lot of people that are sitting there alone on their own, they’re a bit bored, right? They’re a bit bored, they might be a bit lonely, they might be a bit down, they might be climbing the walls.

But the reality is in you reaching out to them, you making a small difference in a difficult time for them. So that engagement is how you actually built that first. Don’t worry about building a following, really look at the depth of your following rather than the width. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a hundred thousand people. This is the pure reality. I’ve got 330,000 people that follow me on Facebook. And when I do a live on this group, I’ll get much better interaction. And the reason is because my clients around here are the people that know me around here.

The people that bought my products and services and the people in our business academy or in Rockstar Social, Rockstar business, DNA gold circle, and people on Instagram Secrets. Now, the people who use a wealth system now, they bought my products and services and they’ve received value, therefore they like what we do and we now have a relationship because that’s what you got to look at building, it’s about building relationships. You don’t need a hundred thousand people. What you’re probably need for your first thousand is 10. For your first 10,000, you might need a hundred or your first 50,000, you might need 500. For your first hundred thousand, you might need a thousand people. Right? Love what you do. Okay?

So that’s kind of what we’ve got to get into the mentality when it comes to following. So really going to the depth, the depth of it rather than the width and look at what value do I add to these people and cultivate relationships. Just remember, the person that you’re speaking to on social media, but the other end of it, you might see them as a little circle with their face on it, of their very best picture that they’ve possibly got, whoever it might be. But you just got to remember that that person is a person and they are doing something as you messaged them somewhere else. And literally, if they’re showing an interest in what you do, they’re showing an interest in what you do, because you are adding value to them in that moment.

Now, I know it can be frustrating in the beginning. It can be frustrating in the beginning when you start to build a following or you start to get your message out there, where you’re taking the brand out there and people aren’t seeing what you’re doing and people aren’t saying what you’re saying, that you know, there isn’t, specially if you’re not gonna have any ad spend, there isn’t a magic pill. Now the magic pill is you start using some ad spend, then you go out there and you spend money to attract the right audience and the right followers. And once you master that, which is something I teach as many of you know, then you can get that done very, very quickly.

If you’re going to do it where you’re just going to do it from organic way and start getting your message out, then you’re going to have to have patience, and you’re going to have to engage the people massively. So the people that do watch your live, if you know who they are, you message them afterwards. You say, you know, thanks, blah, blah, blah. What did you think of this? What did you think of that? How you doing? What’s happening? And you start those conversations.

Now, if you do that and you do it every single time that you do something and you engage with every single person, you’ll start to get the depth of following of people who like who you are, like what you do, know what you do, know who you are, and all of a sudden, those people are going to turn into your clients. Those people are going to turn … let’s face it, they don’t turn into one of your client, they might even turn into something more valuable, and what might that be? That might be one of your fans.

They turn into one of your fans that actually often is more valuable than a client because the client might buy one thing and not buy loads more things or whatever, but the fan that you’ve got might spread positive vibe and positive messages about you nonstop to everybody, which in tongue starts to bring more awareness to you and it could bring you seven, eight, nine, ten clients. And a lot of people forget that. You know where that’s a really, really good thing to keep in your mind that you want to turn followers into fans, and if you turn followers into fans, that’s when you’re really going to start to get results with your social media.

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