Episode 156 – Using Instagram for Your Business Effectively

Instagram is just one of many social media platforms that anyone can use today, but it is one if not the hottest. There are more engagements and influencers on Instagram than the other platforms so it’s ideal to have your business there as well. In this episode, Adam Stott talks about how to use Instagram for your business, EFFECTIVELY!

Show Highlights:

  • Where can you get help in creating your Terms and Conditions for your business
  • How Adam Stott’s Instagram Secrets can help you with your Instagram strategy
  • Looking at your ad spending and the amount of your followers 
  • How to get an idea on how much you should be spending to get Instagram followers
  • What Adam Stott found out when he bought literally every single Instagram program in the market
  • Patience will be key on growing your Instagram page
  • Is there a best time to post on Instagram

Links Mentioned:

Big Business Events Members Network
Instagram Secrets
Rocket Lawyer


Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.


Okay. So Amanda asked the question on terms and conditions. So terms and condition are really simple, and you go and get them done online. You know, you can go on something like RocketLawyer and just get them done nice quick. Alternatively, there’s a couple of really good people in this group Amanda, that if you want more specialist terms and functions where you can get and written and the one that I’m taking now will be one of those people. Sarah is another one of those people, Sarah [00:01:24] as well. So there are couple of people that you can speak to and you can get those terms and conditions done by HR consultant.

Alternatively, you can go in RocketLawyer or somewhere online, you can get them done, it just depends how specialists that you want them to be. Okay? So that one answered as well. We’ve got … Wahomi has asked about promoting posts and things on Instagram. So the way you judge this, so this gets into a bit, a little bit more advanced territory, right? If you’re trying to build a following on Instagram, if you haven’t already, but literally like I’ve mentioned it probably a thousand times and most people probably on the line have already got it.

So forgive me if you’ve already got it, Instagram Secrets and do let me know how you’re getting on. I’d love to know how many of you are enjoying the program and if you’re really doing great things with it, put it in the comments and let me know. If you haven’t got it already, you know, my first thing I would say to you is for what its costs is such a small investment. So if you haven’t got it already, you can go and get that. Just click the link, it’s in there, you can go and do that straight away.

In terms of the promoted posts with Instagram, and we all can start any more advanced, is what you need to do is you need to look at your ad spend versus the amount of followers that you [00:02:39] within the insight section. So you want to go into your insights, you want to see how many followers that you’ve gained from the promoted posts you’ve done, and you want to just base it. You can look at how much is it costing you per follower. So you need to look up what your follower cost is, and all you do is you take the ad budget and you divide it by the amount of followers you’ve got and then you’ll find that what it’s costing you for a follower.

Now, I outlined on Instagram Secrets four or five strategies for getting more followers, and in the promoted post section, I’ll give you a couple of different ways you can do that. And it just depends on which method that you’re following or the outline. So if you’re following kind of the most effective one, you should be paying less than 10 pence per follower on Instagram.

If you’re doing it really well, you’ll see several of mine are operating like three pence and two pence a follower, so we’re gaining a new Instagram follower literally, it’s 1 to 2 penny a follower, which means I can grow by 6, 700 a day if I want to. Very, very easily with very, very little ad spends and that is exactly what we’re doing. And so that’s going really, really well and then I’m using the live videos to speak to those people, introduce them, introduce myself to them, and literally that’s awesome.

Now, Jordan Sam was a good price for a follow, a good price or that is a very good price. I mean, it’s a phenomenal pressure follower because the pure reality is if you want to get followers on Instagram, it is a more difficult strategy. It’s almost, if you don’t know what to do or literally, if you have no guidance, you will struggle to find out. Because I literally, when I created Instagram Secrets, I went out and I bought every single Instagram program on the market, and there was not a single one that gave me a strategy, that worked. Not a single one.

In credit to Beth, me and Beth sat down in the office and I was like, “Oh, why don’t we do this? Just try it.” And basically, we tried something that had a similarity to some of the stuff we’ve done on Facebook, it worked. And we tried it and we literally cracked, it was so cracked and then we started running it, and then we just couldn’t believe how effective it was working, the book just kept going up. And that’s why then I thought, right, I’m going to teach this now because it’s not out there, you know, it’s not in the marketplace, and that’s essentially what we did.

But if you can gain followers at three pence for a follower on Instagram, then you’re absolutely swimming the channel, right? As I would say, if you’re gaining like local followers, you might like people that are very location-based to you. You might be paying quite a bit more than that. You might be paying 30, 40, 50 pence a follower. If your business or your brand, and you haven’t got in on point and you done a hundred percent now with what you’re doing. With Instagram, it can be endless, it could be 10 pound a follower, you can lose it more than you get them.

You know, that’s where the difficulty is, and that’s where I would say for everyone, if you really do want to grow Instagram, you don’t care about Instagram [00:05:27] but if you do want to grow Instagram, you should get Instagram Secrets, you really should. And I think anybody that’s on the program would tell you that as well.

So in terms of Wahomi, I would say too that you need to be patient. You need to allow it to build, you need to put more content on the page, you need to look at the content I’ll suggest, in terms of the quote cards and some of the infographics, everything that I’ve done, and you have to have some patients to let it build. You know, it will come, but it might not come instantaneously, but it has for you anyway. I looked at you following, your following has already going up 20% in about 40 days, so he’s working. But remember, it’s like anything, there’s no magic fix, the fix comes and builds over time.

That’s with business, that’s with marketing, that’s with everything you do. It’s a gradual, gradual increase and things go up gradually. So don’t expect instantaneous, but expect that over the course of a month or two months or three months or four months or five months, that’s when it’s going to explode and that’s where you really going to gain and that’s where it’s really, really going to grow.

Okay. So that’s the answer to that one. Steph’s asked me about timing of Instagram posts. I don’t think it’s specifically Instagram, I think it’s just timing in general, but it has the timing change. So one of the things that we’re doing at the moment, this is, you know, very rarely that you ask the question that I can’t give you a direct bang! this is the answer like, cause that’s how I like it to be. But the reality of this is obviously, we’re in new territory, there’s a special word that everybody like, everybody sat at the moment unprecedented. And in that new territory, what you’ve got is you’ve got a lot of people at home, you’ve got a lot of people doing, you know, doing things that they didn’t usually do. So everyone’s patterns have changed.

I will tell you what we’re doing, you know. We have run webinars at 7:00 PM at night, we have run webinars at 1:00 PM lunchtime, we’ve run them at 2:00 PM, in the future we’ll be running them at 10:00 AM and we’re testing the shop rates. We’re testing the view rates, we’re testing when people respond. You would have seen the times of my lives that mixed up because I’m testing the responses. And in any change in marketplace, in any change in things that are happening, that’s when you need to test this for everyone, you need to start testing different roads. And if you test, you will very soon find out.

I mean, the other thing is on Instagram, you can see in the insights, when your people are seeing your posts, you know, it’s just something like with James. When I first sat down with James, one of the first things he’d show me is he’s very, very much on the timings, he’s always showing me on his phone, like this is when, this is what I’m gonna post, this is where the most people can see it, this is where our post, cause he’s always looking at his insights.

Now, if you’ve got a fans around the world, not just in one country, you need to put, you need to allocate time zones for that as well. So you need to be careful about the time zones when you post. So I know that you’ve got quite a few people in America Stephanie, so you want to, you want to just make sure that you’re posting in a timeframe that the people over there can see it as well.

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