Episode 158 – Get People to Understand You and Your Business

Not everyone has the courage to be in front of the camera, let alone speak about their businesses in front of it. The fear of being in a video is real and we have Chris Lampitt to attest to it because he happens to overcome it and become the winner of Adam Stott’s 14-Day Video Challenge. In this episode, Adam Stott talks with Chris Lampitt, an insurance business owner, and they talk about how the challenge changed how Chris produces videos for his business.

Show Highlights:

  • Why is it so important for people to understand and know who you are to increase the chance of them getting in business with you
  • Building relationships by talking to people online or in-person
  • How tough is the lockdown for Chris and what it has taught him
  • What can you do to be able to have confidence being in front of the camera
  • How the Big Business Events Members Network group was able to help him with his Insurance business

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What’s really interesting is that part of the exercise part of the 14 day video challenge is about raising your awareness. It’s about getting more people to understand who you are, and more being to understand you, why, why does it matter, because people at the end of the day, buy from people. And if you’re somebody that’s out there frequently, and people get to know who you are, then they’re much much much much more likely to go and buy your products or services and Chris just rolled off as I sat down before we sat down for these thoughts we just rolled off 10 people that are just gone and arranged their health insurance or life insurance that are part of this group.

This community and certainly our clients who’ve been gold circle, Business Academy are helping each other or doing business with each other. And that’s an awesome thing, but that probably doesn’t come if Chris doesn’t get himself out there and start having conversations about what he does. There’s no point in this world being the best kept secret. Like, if you’re the best kept secret, and you’re watching a video Comment below like best kept secret, or you’re not getting yourself out there, we need to change that we need to get you out there, we need to get you having more conversations we need to get in front of more people. We need to get new building more relationships.

A lot of people don’t recognize that the way to get products and services sold online is to actually build relationships, and how do you build relationships in real life. Well you talk to people. Right. And you start to engage in conversation and occasion, you’re going to share some things about you, and they’re going to share some things about them and you will open up a little bit right now the scary bit for some people that video is you’re not getting the feedback. Okay. And if you’re not getting the feedback, people are oh you know people watching.

Well, there’s always people watching right there’s always people watching there’s always people viewing those people watching this video right now might be the first time you’ve ever seen me might be the first time you’ve come across Chris might be that you’re new to this group and if you are gone comment below and, you know, say hello and, you know, showed and you showed you’re there and and sorts us about, you know, I’m sure many of you will agree about the importance of having, you know protection and the insurance around you and fitness and. And if you’re somebody that’s really interested in fitness comment fitness below. And if you really look after your health or health below, just increasing get a feel for the people because the market is really really big again.

Chris there are lots of business now you’re growing, you know, things have changed for you and your confidence is growing, and you seem in a much much better place so you know you said to me that a lot that have been tough for you. We had a conversation and you said that have been tough, but actually getting yourself out there and having conversations during that period. I’m sure that really helped in it but it you know that, yeah.

Chris Lampitt:

I mean lockdowns for are difficult physical health and mental health because I’m an active person so I’ve been told to stay in our clinic size for a certain amount of time was pretty tough, but I did also allow me to come up with a few coffee business proposals and for me to grow a lot more ideas, 03:53 our business , concentrate to initiate to businesses to help the NHS as well. The NHS. So, although lockdown was difficult, very difficult for me because of the physical fitness and stuff, and may also enabled me to think of different things for my business as well.

Adam Stott:

Okay, so what would you say to anybody that is still stuck on video or not quite getting themselves out there what kind of feedback in the run the video challenging stuff out there you got great feedback, you’ve got clients you’ve got leads, you’ve got business, raise your awareness more people know who you are, things have changed for you and you just rolled off 10 people that I know that my clients that have come and done business with you. Right, so you’ve done really really well what would you say to someone else watching this they’re on the fence with this.

Chris Lampitt:

Well, obviously, I think. So, First of all, I would say really just studying communists I mean if you’re in a Facebook group, or your own personal Facebook group. Maybe practicing now by yourself. But I would say, and then if you want your business to grow, and you want to be more known. You should just do really difficult. And don’t listen to what other people say will come from your products and what you can do for someone. And I would recommend that you just, just do it as I could say, I’m not sponsored or not. 

Adam Stott:

Yeah, this starts with people, starts by building relationships and start getting yourself out there. Okay, Chris. How’s it been for you. You’ve been a part of the business since quite some time now. Yeah, what are some of the benefits you saying of being a part of this group.

Chris Lampitt:

Apart from the extra business. I would say, I’ve been in it for up to come up 05:40. I’ve never had my own business before but other ideas, pretty well my parents around business and I’ve had a background in banking. So it was just being fully equipped, having the leadership, and the 05:57 bunch ideas off of entrepreneurs as well. Overseas isn’t punch community, you’re able to talk to people that come to different things you can meet someone, and there’s nothing like anyone in the group will be happy to help you. Or add anything especially you’re a sole trader or business owner and he’s only a year or couple of people do need that other perspective.

This group gives us clear perspective and gives you ideas, because any day you’re one person. And you see things in one way, but other people can see things in another way. It just helps you as a person, as well as for as your business.

Adam Stott:

Yeah, I’ve seen your confidence grow massively they’re really you know you’re doing really, really well. So in terms of everyone getting in touch with you, Chris wants him a little bit about how they can get in touch. I hold my cell Chris for him because I believe that everybody should have life insurance so I really do, and Chris is passionate about health insurance, you know as well.

Chris works within health and well being, so we can help people with their insurances for plus free Apple watches as well and stuff like that, where he gets people on Apple watch when they get their insurance or different gifts and different benefits. So why don’t you just have a quick, you know, one minute synopsis of like, what, how you can help people Chris, how can you help people why should they, why should they come to you my man.

Chris Lampitt:

Well, obviously, I like 07:23 life insurance or business cover is to protect their own business or personally. If you’ve already got life insurance in place. With people 07:32 I’ve actually looked and saved them quite a bit of money. So a lot of people have life insurance or health insurance or any insurance type. So if you’ve got insurance and you’ve got sloppy I’m done even, even, even though I can do a comparison to save you some money. We save you money I also can get you out of benefits like caffeine or coffee memberships and kind of stuff. So yeah, feel free to contact me or the charities that went on they’ll do with and they’ve got free moment. Up until September.

Adam Stott:

C’mon everybody now is the time. Now is the time.

Chris Lampitt:

Obviously too much free policy to create policies. If wants to have a chat with me. I don’t mind advising personally as well as any one person that are not saving money for 08:37 health questions or wants to be healthier and fitter healthier. Feel free if I can help. I will do mostly my passions and health well being. So, yeah. So reach out, we can have no Facebook, and I’ll be happy to help, whether it’s with insurance or school or mental health.

Adam Stott:

Okay. There you go. So, well done Chris. Video channels may not be clap for me. Everyone said congratulations to Chris, get in touch with Chris if you haven’t got your life insurance, health insurance. You want a cheap buy you want a better deal. You want some tips like you know we want to talk to him about now the chairman’s words after him whatever it is that you want to know get in touch, for him. He’s done really well, he’s grown his confidence he’s getting more clients he’s growing his business. He’s taking the right actions, somebody that you should connect with for sure. And I’m sure Chris we are to help you in many ways.

So big thank you to everyone for watching today. Hopefully you enjoyed that chat with Chris on the benefits of video how you can get yourself more out there. Understanding the challenges and how to overcome them, as well as really getting to know Chris and understand a bit about his business so. Thanks everybody.

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