Episode 160 – Secret in Gaining The Momentum of Growth

Opportunities can only work and become beneficial to us if we take it and put our best efforts into it. If we put out time and effort, we can take the momentum of growth on our side and make our business successful. In this episode, Adam Stott shares how Bitesafe and Mark Buswell was able to start creating their momentum of growth.

Show Highlights:

  • How Adam Stott was able to help Bytesafe to kickstart their social media
  • What are the things you must do in order to create a momentum of growth
  • Benefits of feeding your mind with new ideas
  • Why Adam Stott wants you to take action and interact with potential clients
  • How 3-Day training graduate, Mark Buswell, was able to improve and make progress in just one month

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All the people that we train and the most successful people already focused on speed of implementation, they can do things and they can make things happen they make it happen quickly. So you give them the idea. As soon as you’ve given them the idea they’ve taken an idea. Then put in place a major right now.

There was a the boys from Bathe, and we’re here from Biosafe the other day. Look at this. I said to it. right? I’m gonna tell you very quick story. So, we met the boys from Biosafe in Bathe. Okay. Where we met them from Bathe, they just started an Instagram profile. They tagged me in a picture, so he took a picture of me may put it on their Biosafe profile. So you can look up at Biosafe on on Instagram, and you’ll see the guys I’m talking about. I come to the three day event the other day, so they too got the Vault, they can bounce the event. Spent the three days with us. And I haven’t seen him in quite some time, so I mean months.

So the boys have been kind of sitting on this idea of a creating this app and gave them a bit of coaching and a bit of training and we told them where they what they needed to do what what they needed to take action on. They took you on board and they were a bit. They’re a bit like… Actually they said to me because we took him out to dinner as well. And they said to me, Adam like we feel like we just haven’t been taking massive action lawsuit absolutely you haven’t been taking off action, you’ve got a message you’ve got a voice you’ve got something to share it’s time to start sharing it.

So, for me I’m six months ago, having one post on Instagram doing nothing with your Instagram profile, since they’ve been on my free dive in. These boys have been doing stories, every day. They’ve been doing video stories every day they’ve been putting himself out there. They’ve been educating people they’ve been helping people they’ve been telling people about allergies and they’ve been putting their business out there they’ve been putting themselves out there. And that is going to create, you know the momentum that’s going to create the growth.

Every time that you communicate every time that you put your message out there, you have a conversation with someone. And when you have that conversation with some you start to build a relationship, and business is all about relationships you want to grow your business, start building more relationships you want more relationships, start even more communications. Start even more conversations, everything’s linked together every single action that you take creates a reaction. And as you take the action you get the reaction as you get the reaction you get the result. So, really, today is about start taking opportunities start moving forward stop overthinking, you know, success in business, if you’re an overthinker and you’re constantly overthinking that somebody else is going to be touching your market share while you’re thinking about it. That’s the reality.

So if we’re going to take anything from today’s video there stop overthinking this start taking more action this focus on our speed, there’s two things quicker this do things faster just take more action, and that’s going to help us to grow, and that’s going to help us to push on. So Marcy saying love listening to you just the uplifting progressively, but that’s what it’s all about. This is the thing you’re doing some great stuff here even by listening today, you know, and listening and taking things in, you will feeding your mind. 

And as you feed your mind and you get new ideas that helps to uplift you, that helps you to get you in a better place that moves you forward. But don’t just listen passively by if you’re going to listen passively by what I like to do as a coach and as a trainer, is not just having listening passively, because then it’s like how entertaining is it, you know, so I always find it entertaining that’s not really what I’m not here to entertain I’m here to get you to take action. I’m here to get you to do something differently. Not for you to watch me.

I’m here for you so you know what Adam was right I do need to take more action. What have I been putting off today, like what are the things I know I should be doing, but I’m not doing it. You know what’s the thing that will get me a big benefit and a big resolve I haven’t done it, because I’ve been sitting on the fence most of you is to get off the fence.

My job is to get you in to the game. Right? and that’s why when you serve so hopefully, hopefully you like right you know you write in the comments what action you’re going to take. I even listen to them and you you’ve heard something that might spark here so some give you energy give you some passion, like what action you’re gonna take what you’re gonna go and put in place is going to make a difference.

So Bethany’s, can she have a mug. Well, yeah, you can have a mug Beth no problem and so that’s one of our goals from the time. So carry aside love watching the social media vault videos. I’m glad you’re enjoying them Carrie. Glad you can allow them you’re gonna love it when you come to our site, we’ve done a couple of the free day trainings, there’s always stuff up in the air, we’ve got one coming up tomorrow, got three day training coming up some older some big guests come in and we’ve got some cool stuff going on as well. Right, which is going to be awesome. So really looking forward like this three days gonna be epic.

So I’m really really excited I’m really excited to see everybody growing and taking action so we’re going to be doing tons on business. We’re going to be doing a lot on social and we’re going to be having a great time. I think actually what I’ve seen from the couple events we’ve run and we’re following the rules we’re following the regulations. we’ve got all of a sudden hand sanitizer which we got all the staff, you know, but we still need to be human right, we still need to interact with people. We still need to engage with people and obviously we’re doing that in a social distance way, but I think is really really important because what I’ve seen is people becoming so uplifted by being around other people.

And what I’ve seen these people becoming more motivated by being around other people from hearing other people’s ideas and hearing other people’s stories The uplifting nature of everything is really really been a big benefit to people, and I’m looking forward to doing that with a small group over the next couple of days, which is going to be really really good so a few more people saying hi,

As you said you get splinters sound the fence. This is the realities, we do, Mr Boswell, how you doing my man hope you doing well, Mark’s taking action, Mark’s growing. Mark’s making progress. You know if this is a real thing for you. This just look at this. Mark came on all three day training we were training, because we’re training coaches on our coaching based business program. Coaches, speakers, consultants all of these people that want to build their businesses. We’re doing that on coaching based business and we had a room of 30 coaches, because I was the maximum are allowed and we brought him here to, to the, to the event, and spent some time with him.

And Mark, but not long been in the program so I’d only been in the program for about a month. And he gone uncompleted so much of the program he built his framework. So he understood what his products or service is going to be, he built his branding. So he had all these brands in on-point he built his website and his client journey on his website. He understood his client journey he’d started the clients he was going to help. It started the messaging and done lots of the stuff that he needed to do to put in place. And when we bought him up. The first time ever. He never presented in front of people and afford a microphone are going to present his new framework are going to present his new offering.

And I just said to everyone how many of you in the room would recommend Mark or how many the room will trust Mark to help you in this area, he’s been doing record time of coaching him and pretty much everyone put his hand up and I said well Mark has been doing this for a month, you know, but the thing is, he’s took action. He’s put things in place that other people have done.

He will go further, faster, because he’s getting the stuff done. It doesn’t mean Mark is clever, it doesn’t mean Mark is a genius. It’s all about speed, it’s about the faster you do things, the quicker you get results. It’s about speed as an entrepreneur. How fast do you operate how fast you get things in place, how fast you get things moving. How fast do you push things and how fast you get things done.

So hopefully that gives you an indication of an area that if you’re not succeeding in that area. If you’re not getting stuff done fast if you sit on the fence or you’re getting in your own way. The best thing to do is start taking small actions, just do some little things get some little things get your momentum building up, you know, start writing down three things a day you’re gonna implement that day, because you write down 56, you’re gonna go oh my god I didn’t get anything done so depressed, right, if you write down three and you get those three things done, what happens is your brain starts to trust you again. It’s not right I made a commitment, I was gonna do three things and I did, and your brains like, okay, I can succeed I can get stuff done.

The next day you write down number four, you get them done, you’re like, oh yeah I’m being productive I’m getting my stuff done, then you can go for five, then you can go six or seven, then you can build forward, but sometimes we have to go backwards in order to go forward, sometimes we have to revisit the past, deal with things there in order to make sure we move forward in the right way. So hopefully there’s some good stuff for you to put in place. And Chris is saying taking action is the key to success. It absolutely is. Unless you sign I haven’t got much competition I’m unique, you know, which is awesome. It’s awesome to be unique. But once you start really crushing it. You’re attract around competition because people will see you crushing it.

So you got to stay one step ahead of the curve, you got to stay on your game. Because if you’re doing really really really well. Then eventually somebody else is going to look at that and go oh could I do that and then all sudden you’ve got you created your own competition because you are successful. Alright, and then that’s when you’re gonna, you got to really make sure you get your edge, you find your edge and you start pushing on you start getting great results. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed that video. If you have some questions you want to ask you saw some question Wednesday, you can go and put that in the comments. It can be about anything, it could be about marketing it could be branding, it could be sales.

We’re going to answer all those questions that are asked tomorrow live at Thursdays, six o’clock. So, pop your questions in. I’ll happily answer them. If you haven’t already, you got the opportunity to join us on our social media webinar tonight. And so I’m doing that 7pm tonight so hopefully we’ll see a few of you there as well. Big Thank you for watching today. Hopefully taken 10:33 and hopefully a little push until it gets things done. And I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

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