Episode 161 – Common Mistakes with Social Media Marketing

Using social media marketing for business can give you a lot of benefits but you need to do some important things to avoid committing the common mistakes. In this episode, Adam Stott and Adam Strong talk about things from Adam Stott’s passion for boxing to how you can use social media to your advantage. Listen in to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • What Adam Stott thinks about professional sports especially boxing
  • What is a Relationship Capital and how Adam Stott used it to meet a lot of VIPs and celebrities
  • Common mistakes and wrong expectations with social media marketing
  • How patience plays a big role in how we implement social media marketing
  • Why people fail with consistency in social media

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Let’s give a big full round of applause! 00:07 to Adam Strong. Okay. How are you doing my man? 

Adam Strong: 

Appreciate it. Appreciate the love man. And thank you very much for the introduction. It’s really a pleasure.

Adam Stott: 

I could stop here.

Adam Strong: 

So listen guys. So I guess I’m kind of taken out of the show which is really interesting because you know I love kind of being a supposedly answer the question. Though I suppose it’s kind of the Jerry Springer show but without the drama. Okay.

Adam Stott: 

Let’s see about that.

Adam Strong: 

You know, what’s really interesting because me and Adam been in the personal development arena since we’ve known each other. And everyone comes up to us why and lot of you might ask but they say hey so is it Adam Strong or Adam Stott. They kind of get confused because we’ve got similar certain names. And then,

Adam Stott: 

We’ll look alike as well.

Adam Strong: 

Exactly! Then I’m like, no it’s the good looking one. Listen guys so, just want to say thanks very much to Adam and stuff for that so now is, I’ve got a couple of questions that I’m going to ask Adam actually but more importantly this is a session. Okay, based on helping you with your social media marketing because I’m telling you now there is a massive huge confusion around the whole social media marketing and what to do, what not to do, and stuff like that.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about as well because I know that there is a lot of things going on in online space and I don’t know about you, Adam. But we were talking about this on offline about there’s just so much going on. Right. And it’s really hard to filter the good from the crap. Why? Because there’s a lot of crap stuff out there I’m not being. I’m not joking. And it’s interesting, really interesting. But I wanted to ask, here’s one question I wanted to start off with actually because I know that you have interviewed Floyd Mayweather you’ve interviewed, Eddie Hearn, Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua. I’m going to ask you a question. Do you have a fascination with boxing by the way?

Adam Stott: 

Yeah, I absolutely love boxing. I’m a big boxing fan. I’ve always been a big boxing fan. I think the professional sport is massive for me. Obviously I look like a professional sportsman. I love professional sport I think people gain a lot of inspiration from it. There’s a lot of lessons that you know cross over into entrepreneur, sharing and how you can become a better entrepreneur by understanding you know the habits of sportsmen and boxers specifically I think have gotten a discipline. I think that they have to know.

Look, if you look at a boxer now. Not only do they have to have the discipline. Not only do they have to have the ability to you know focus and really make sure they win that fight and prepare for that fight they’ve got to have all of that discipline. But now that’s become branded. Right? They have bought a brand. Look at Tyson Fury, building a big brand for them. They actually now have to build a social media brand. Right. You know, Tyson Fury is out there on social media all the time right now, Anthony Joshua out there on social media. Anthony Joshua is building a brand. You know look at Eddie Hearn in the media, Eddie Hearn building a brand. Look at Floyd Mayweather. You know, massive.

To these people have come to me for one of the things that I’ve been seeing not teaching but one of the things I’ve been mentioned I mean you’re you know Damian Elson was best man in America great. For a long time, he’s been talking about relationship capital and building that relationship capital happening in the boxing world.  Some good relationship capital where I’m able to kind of do some pretty events for great promoters and that’s for me access to people like Floyd Mayweather ,Tyson fury, Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn and many, many more.

As things, you know when we get back to normal. I can’t wait to take my clients to go and meet you know some of the celebs and stuff especially global sports. Well, funny enough Jack is on Jackson UFC fights he’s watching tonight. He’s a great guy’s been one of our clients and you know he’s a super guy with Dion Simpsons on as well hi Dion, hope you’re doing well Chris Lampitt is still on so good to see everybody.

Adam Strong: 

So listen guys. I don’t want this session to be about me by the way because this this session is not just about me this is about you guys asking an expert, which is Adam of course, around social media marketing. You know, because most of us are locked in our houses right now to steal by the way after weeks and weeks are probably driving ourselves crazy especially we’ve got kids hanging around your leg.

I guess my first question actually interesting question right now. There is a lot of social you know there’s so many social media is a tool when we talked about that in our interview. Didn’t we? But eventually what do you think is I suppose some of the common mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to social media marketing because I think that they have this kind of expectation of such around. You know what it can do for people what it can’t do for people what what I’d like to discuss actually.

Adam Stott: 

I think one of the things I think is an issue with the expectation is that people expect to just be able to splash their products out there and all sudden people like oh thank you very much, and boy. When you do that in real life you know they say you’re a business person or networking event, you will billboard on a walk up to someone and say you know buy my stuff because how are you mental, you know yet. People on social media things okay. Did you splash their offers out there without building a relationship and I think, you know, social media gives you a fantastic opportunity to go on board relationships with people through social media then transpired into sales.

See I don’t use social media. I mean don’t get me wrong we use direct so there’s different types. Direct social media is when you’re going direct and you’re getting conversions. And that’s fine right and that plays a big part in what you do when you go out and you get leads and you get conversions from 06:25 that way if you’re going to create good results from social media. First of all you got to build that awareness build that brand and build the relationship before you get the leads and sales. 06:35 use people’s patience.

People would much rather have a short quick win that actually do the work that is required to build that relationship through social media to get the end result. I think that if people really transition and they learn a lot that word of the minute. They transition to actually saying right, I’m going to use my social media to develop relationships with my ideal type of clients. Once I develop that relationship right in your ideal client. I’m going to then show them my products and service and show them that my product or service is right for them. Also problems, help them with their issues.

The buyers here, you know. Now having them, say 50 million pounds worth of sales in the automotive industry on social media. Multiple millions of pounds of sales in the coaching industry, media, and then I felt my clients so millions of millions of pounds in multiple different industries, whether it be e-commerce, whether it be you know, property investing every single every single industry, it can work for. But it’s not just going to work for you by magic. You’ve got what you got to do is put the actual process in. And in strategy in order to get the result and that’s how you end up getting the result. And I’m sure a lot quicker. Yeah.

Adam Strong: 

So that is an interesting one I think because I know that social media is also around consistency right. And I think you talked about patience being one of them. But I think one of the things I see and let’s just talk about consistency a little bit because I think where people fail or maybe they have these false expectations that they think they’re gonna post a link signed up maybe three four or five times. And because they don’t get the desired result they give up too easily. But is there based on your experience in terms of building those relationships? What for timescales are we looking at here Adam and you know where does it that we need to start in terms of building up a good relationship.

Adam Stott: 

I think the first thing you got to do is if you sign out. The first thing you got to do is change your mentality when you sign out. The problem is a little bit of a bit one of the biggest problems within the general society of business is that people want quick wins. And so one is I see somebody else over here thousand lights and getting business, and business is flying and they’d like to use social media. So, and they want that result quickly.

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