Episode 165 – Taking Your Business Online with Confidence

Daniel Moses, an immigrant and was an Uber driver, is now a real estate businessman with the help of the right coaching of Adam Stott and Ross Temple. Daniel was facing a huge amount in debt right in the smack of the pandemic but with the right mindset, he was able to bounce back. In this episode, Daniel Moses talks with Ross Temple about how he took his business online, hire virtual assistants, and many more!

Show Highlights:

  • Implementing information and ideas. How can it help you and your business and not just sit on them.
  • How Daniel Moses was able to create a team of virtual assistants.
  • If you are not on social media, your business is dead – Adam Stott
  • Social media; focus on people who are giving you love and not those who are giving you hate.
  • Why is it important to send your message out and not worry about imperfections
  • Confidence gives you Confidence

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Ross Temple:
And there’s a big difference between just keep getting information and education is the implementation that’s going to give you the break through. 

Daniel Moses:

Absolutely. 01:12 to be honest, when you acquire too much information and you’re not using it. You could have just stayed there and this is one of the things I’ve learned from Adam a lot. I’ve learned so much from Adam. And one thing I learned from Adam is I remember, you know at some point I was dwelling a lot of circumstancing issues for too long. And he said to me, fine. If we have a meeting again and you thought about this again, don’t even 01:41 I’m like, okay, that was for me. Because as an entrepreneur, people one of the biggest things we’re trying to do the numbers, 01:52 acquire more information, processes and stuff like that. Yes it’s good. If you can do it, or sometimes, stop at one information at a time, information about stuff so get started. Information about structure, get in structure. Information about marketing, get in market. So just one step at a time. Don’t try to accumulate all the information and then go in between the process. Because you know, sometimes 02:25 imagine when he first to me, Daniel takes your business online now. Stop worrying about nothing. Right now, think about how you can take your business model; be whether you managing your staffs or whatever the case might be. Take it online as soon as possible. So, I did that. I immediately build a team and I have a massive team in India.  02:51 I have not trained them to a place where, I usually spend at least 3 hours a day now a week in my business. Guess what, I used to have a PA whom I spend, I’m paying my PA about, I think it was about 30 pounds an hour. And she was working for me about half day. And she comes to see me in my virtual office in Bromley. We see about for about two hours, 03:18. I have virtual assistance based in India, they are very hardworking. And I got this from you. Saying, take even your staff. Take everyone online. And people were still thinking, oh what can I do. It’s all about somebody just positioning you in the right direction. Give you the right 03:39 to follow. And then you go in and implement. So implement. Don’t dwell on too much information, putting on the process right or it has to be right first. Before you go and start. Some people want to start a business and simply won’t get started to get a or have a website or simply do a business card. No, just get started.

Ross Temple:

I mean, for me, Dan. One joy that I have is when I speak to people who are in similar circles just property investing network should we say, which is, which the big network, and they’ve come across you. I love that. It’s great to hear that because what that shows is you become in the 04:17, and you’re becoming a real expert with what it is you do within your industry. Or what word of advice could you give others to begin that journey to start positioning themselves as an expert, as an authority you’ve given some good tips on that. But if we can summarize that, how would you help others to start in the right.

Daniel Moses:

You know, Adam will say this anytime, any day. He will tell anyone of us, he will watch you right now. He will say if you are not on social media, you know. In business industry, one of the thing was before I met Adam. For some reason, out of my own curiosity, and the first things first is, go out there. Create a social media account. Whether in Instagram or Facebook. Tell everyone what you do. All right? Focus on the people who are giving you a love. Don’t focus of the people who are giving you hate. You know, I remember when I first started on social media, one of the biggest issues I have was mistaken how I speak. Because I’m just somebody who speaks from the heart. I speak how I exactly how I see it. Okay, I just say how I say it. It doesn’t have to be polished. It doesn’t have to be 05:27 english, but at the end of the day, I’m communicating. I started speaking and understanding about what matters to me. Some people would start the thing, oh I’ve got about this, I’ve got about that. And because this almost ruin my life. If I did not come out 05:40 where I was putting out myself. I will not allow putting myself in a place where, I’m earning a big amount of money. I’m earning my business now. So what’s in my property state? I probably have about 4 to 5 businesses. So, if you are getting started. You’re somebody who’s thinking how you position yourself as an authority. First of all, you go and put yourself after social media. You can start with what’s up stories. Do a video, put it on what’s up story and tell people what you do. At least, maybe people might just watch it. They might not comment. At least people start watching it. Then if you feel comfortable enough, they go into a group like big business events which is a massive network. We got over like 11,000 people in that network. So people who generally will not give you the hates you’re trying to avoid. People which just come back with great feedback. So once you feel comfortable enough, then you can start doing it on your own personal social media. For me, I don’t really care. I just go out on my own social media. 06:47 and trust me. I’m so lucky. I think I should use the work lucky. The negative feedback I’ve had on my profile was one very big, I think, there’s something like 07:00 somebody said, if you can’t take time to proof read whatever you are writing. I’ll go out myself to pay you for your expertise if you can’t even proof read. And I’m like that’s 07:13 you know, some people that will automatically just get them withdraw. 07:21 I usually responded about the interview, well no one is 07:27 I didn’t read it the third time or maybe I read it the second time. I didn’t read it the way you read it. But again I noted it was a small I it was to meant to be a capital I. So that was a problem. A lot of entrepreneurs who has time to position themselves as an authority between their business spaces. That would be a strong turn over because now somebody said they could have proof read what they are writing. And again, when you start doing videos as well, don’t worry about whether if it’s perfect of not. People will actually see you and your passion come across. And people will pay you for your passion rather than your professionalism. 

Ross Temple:

Definitely. I remember you were saying, people bought for people. And one thing I hated Dan saying there is really what’s holding you back is a belief about yourself, your capabilities, your skills or belief of how other people are going to see you. If you just begin, you break the belief. If you just begin, you break the belief. And what I mean by that is, you know, confidence gives you confidence. And once you become confident in something and you just do it. You become more confident in it. And that’s the competent confidence and its support you. You know, Dan is very open about it. There are things that are holding him back. You know, Dan has an amazing story and he shows this. What I would say is check that out, check out what Dan involves and how he’s evolved.  Dan was an Uber driver, you know, Dan said himself. He came as an immigrant and he came to this country. He wasn’t born in this country, yet he just changed so much because he believes that we’re weighing him down and let me tell you sometimes beliefs can be heavy in any type of debt you can imagine. So, when you begin, you break it. You do a bit more, and you break it.

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