Episode 167 – Seeing The Opportunities on this New Lockdown

It has been seen now that the COVID-19 Pandemic is really serious with the new 4-week lockdown and it is affecting business owners like us pretty bad. However, there are two ways on how to face this pandemic which is crying and be lonely in your house, or find opportunities to take advantage for you and your business. We choose to be the latter. In this episode, Adam Stott talks about the new lockdown and seeing the opportunities to take advantage. Listen in to hear tips from Adam Stott on how to survive this lockdown.

Show Highlights:

  • Opportunities with the lockdown and how can you take advantage
  • Finding your voice and speaking to a lot of people online
  • Determining the opportunities in this lockdown
  • Looking at the positioning of your business
  • It is good to take advantage of this lockdown to keep your mind fresh and learn more

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Adam Stott:

With this new lockdown approaching and everything that we’re going to be looking to help people when and we decided we were going to start the series of lives again. Well over the next 30 days I’m going to give you something different to work on every single day or say to work on but give you some areas to focus on.

One of the things that happens that hang on your circumstances and what’s happening with you right now. What’s happening with your business, of course, some of you are gonna be able to go and work for this period. You’ve got loads on and you’re not gonna be concerned at all. There’s gonna be other people out there they’ve got, you know they’ve been severely affected and sometimes it’s quite hard to stay super motivated inspired. When you’ve had like a massive impact on what it is that you do.

So whenever you’re already in a good place, your plans are prepared you’re ready to rock and roll, or whether you’re in a place where actually you need a little bit of direction you know we’re guidance. We’re going to be here, very much for this period over the next 30 days doing your live video every single day except on a Sunday. So we do six days a week. Where we give you lots of inspiration, motivations, and guidance and help you in different areas. You know it’s incredibly difficult for a lot of businesses out there, and that can’t be ignored.

We went through the first lockdown. Obviously, there was a lot of businesses that were impacted there’s a lot of people that found it difficult there’s no doubt about it. There were a lot of people that made some smart decisions and smart choices, and were able to add new revenue streams their business or change their business in a way that was able to prepare them better for where they are right now. If you didn’t do that, and you didn’t make the changes last time out and you didn’t put that effort into you know transition and learn how to use online vamps. Or learn how to communicate online and get yourself out there in the right way, you know now really is the time to make sure that you look at doing that. 

We’re all hoping this is just going to last for weeks of course, but there’s nothing to say that this kind of thing won’t come back again. Some of the things I was sharing with the group the other day on the things that we really want to see our clients do. Here’s what we’re gonna run through today is the first thing you need to be looking to do right now is look at the opportunity.

I was explaining to everybody just on Monday and Wednesday that there is real opportunity I said that last time out I was absolutely now, I was spot on I fell within. A lot of people were able to seize the opportunity and make things happen during this period, and there’s no reason why you can’t do exactly that. But I think sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in negativity and it’s easy to get caught up in “I’m not able to do this or this has been taken away from me or I can’t go and operate the way I usually would operate”. And not see the opportunity that is put in front of them and I think the first part of the opportunity is that we’re operating now in a different marketplace, where there are going to be a lot more people at home. There’s going to be the opportunity to speak to a lot more people. I think it’s very good opportunity for you as an individual to look at finding your voice right now. Finding your ability to communicate.

If you want to grow a business you’ve heard me say it a 100 times, I’ll say again just for good measure. If you want to grow a business then the first thing you need to do is start having more conversations and not quite comfortable with having those conversations online you need to find a way to get comfortable. The marketplace right now certainly during this next four weeks is geared to having more conversations online. So you want to be making sure you find your voice. You want to be making sure that you get yourself out there in the right way, and you want to make sure that you communicate in as much as possible.

Now I know a lot of our clients that work closely. This is something we’ve been working with him on over the last few months, and if you’re watching and maybe you come to one of the Rockstar events Rockstar business. Maybe you came to the home based business event, we’ve been running socially distant events during this period obviously you can’t do that right now for the next four weeks. We’ve had a while over time it’s been brilliant and I think it’s been really good for keeping people, upbeat and keeping people motivated. Also getting them to you know get outside of their comfort zone and do things that they’re not used to doing and one of the things that we really encourage was trying to get people to get used to having more conversations perhaps using live video apps trying to use video in a more productive way to get out there and share their message, because right now the marketplace we’re in now is voice geared. 

So, and that’s exactly why over the next 30 days I’ve literally first thing did coming into this is planned out what I want to talk about the next 30 days. Over the course of 30 days we’re going to discuss loads of stuff. We’re going to be looking at discipline, we’re going to be looking at planning. We’re going to be looking at transitioning, and we’re going to be looking at how you make sure that you actually change your business in the right way. How do you look at other online opportunities other ways to get your business out there in tons, tons and tons more.

So there’s a load and loads of stuff we’re going to be covering, I think its super exciting. Right now can’t see the comments for coming through so make sure you go and drop a comment if you’re watching, but loads of stuff that we’re going to cover today, it would be really good to hear from a few of us and tell us what you’ve been up to. I’ve got loads coming on the app and see it on my phone. 

So I’ll say a few hellos. So, hi Helen, how you doing? Helen was recently training to be a speak with us, she’s in the HR.  05:57 Go and check her out she’s lovely. Hi Kelly, how you doing? So Alison, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. How are you? Helen sound brilliant she’s feeling much more motivated and in a better place where it’s good. 06:09 She was there was with me the other day as well.

Hi Iffy. Iffy came down, just this week alone actually to do a coaching session with me. We really look to see Amy Jessica 06:20 from Frozen hearts out there. It’s great to see so many of you on yeah she’s really awesome. And Iffy, I believe she’s going to be doing some webinars on relationships as well. So you want to kind of get your business in a better place. Sorry, get your relationship in a better place during this lockdown. You want to check out what she’s doing. Hi on May. Hello Beauty. Hi, Julie, how are you? 06:39 how they hope you’re doing well, Julie. Julie and I have one of our clients, Olympics swimmer so good to see you, darling. Hope you’re doing well. 

So yeah, I was explaining, first of all your, see the opportunity. I don’t mean seize the opportunity, I mean see the opportunity. What is the opportunity for you to gather and have more conversations, spiritual message and find your voice? If we can tap into the opportunity, and we can start seeing that actually right we’re in a different circumstance. We’ve got a different marketplace in front of us, we can adapt to that opportunity much quicker. Secondly, we want to look at how we are positioned what opposition like right now as a business. Have you got products and services, you can offer. Have you got things you can do online? Do you have an ability to communicate with your clients online? Have you got a way of selling your products or services online? If you haven’t, you know that’s something that we’ve got to look at and we’ve got our mend our position because you know right now. Let’s face it, everything going on the world there’s a lot going on in the world.

Trump’s election, everything, you know, say Trump’s election for Donald Trump’s election at the moment. Or Biden’s election but, you know, all the stuff going on in the world right now. There is absolutely no doubt that you, as a business owner, and you as an entrepreneur. This focus on the word entrepreneur rather than business owner, because when we focus on the word business owner, and we say we’re a business owner and this is my business. That can actually put you in the box, and your success is going to come from not being in the box right now. Your success is going to come from being outside the box that’s where your success is going to come from.

We need to, in fact, not be in the box. We can be outside the box tear that box up rip it up, throw it away and start to look at opportunity in a different way. That is going to be the first thing, and it gets us thinking differently and gets us acting differently and that’s going to make a big difference. You’ve got to embrace online as a business, it doesn’t matter what you do.

For my filming last week, and I didn’t say the show I’m not allowed to say what TV show is on the end the eyes and things they’re not saying what I was doing. But I can tell you a little bit about him without giving too much away I know some of my clients obviously will know, but I just can’t go out there and say publicly what it was, we were doing. 

But basically, you know, I spent a week, basically living a different life and going out and doing some different things. It was really good for me, because it really did create a quite a big change I think in the way that I see things. Actually, it got me realizing that you know I can do a lot more, not just for myself but for other people as well and keep give back more. I can help people more and be a lot more charitable. I think when I saw the person that basically I swapped lives for was in a completely different position to me, but was doing a tremendous amount for other people.

It really made me realize, you know what you can you can make a difference in a different way and that kind of sparked me wanting to make sure that we really make a big impact on people across this lockdown I think there’s a lot of people, whether you’re on your own, whether you’re not on your own, you want to get that. You want to make sure that you’re keeping your mind fresh. I’ve been working all day today, and got myself out of it if you’ve been able to my Instagram you see our little walk with the dogs and stuff. Caught me really good spirits and got me in a really good place to want to come and give back and make more of a difference.

So, as the stars go on and as we are doing the 30 days. You should feel really comfortable to ask questions to put things in the comments to ask for suggestions. During this period for us we want to help, and we want to try and make an impact on you see if there is something that you’re struggling with we want to hear it. You know, if it’s social media. If it is, you know, how do I position my business online wherever it might be and it’s easy for me to say, you need to be online. It’s easy for me to say, I’ll go and get yourself online. I realized the challenge that lies for a lot of people is like academe, how I go online like you know how to actually go and do that. Now one of the things that came out with from the TV show that I did is, I’m actually starting another business with the person that was involved in it. So that’s something that’s come out of it. And this actually in the food industry, which is going to be pretty cool. 

So I’m looking forward to that business thriving and changing. And as much as that’s a food business, you know, a lot of the way that we introduce that products or services will be online. So what you got to do is get inventive, get outside of the box, and understand the power of education as well, because I think a lot of people don’t understand the power of education. It doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in. Sometimes people think are no one’s gonna be interested in my construction business or no one’s gonna be interested in my bathroom business or nobody’s gonna be interested in hearing HR works well this is a reality. There are people that want to know about your construction business and there are people that want to know about your cookie business. There are people that want to know and understand what it is that you do. 

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