Episode 169 – Cultivating Leadership with Innovation and Communication

Leadership is a topic that is very enormous that it needs to be studied in a whole course. But now, Adam Stott gives us some important points on how to be an effective leader not only in this pandemic but in the coming years as well. In this episode, Adam Stott talks about Cultivating Leadership with Innovation and Communication, and more!

Show Highlights:

  • What top leaders such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and others have alike
  • Why innovations sometimes come from talking to people smarter than you
  • What is a think tank
  • Why having the best people such as friends, coaches, and mentors around you are important
  • Leading yourself before leading other people
  • Great leadership equals an increase in influence

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01:00 If you’re not making things happen right now, it’s good that you’re on this live stream tonight because we’re going to talk a little bit about leadership. On what you can do to stop cultivate leadership and make this really clear leadership is a big topic. Leadership is something we could run over you know a whole event, without shadow of a doubt, five days straight and really go over leadership and how you ingrain the principles within yourself and how you build as a leader so for the long term but what I want to do is I’ve just picked out a few things that I think are important right now.

So we make it really topical for what kind of leadership skills that you need to be showing as an entrepreneur right now. And if you can show these leadership skills as an entrepreneur right now, then you can create some better results and create some better results really quickly. And I think there’s something that we want to make sure that we look at you know prioritizing and I’m sure tonight as I’m talking some of you, and somebody signed up. That’s exactly what I need right now, from Amy. Okay. Absolutely. And what I would say is, this is, you’re all gonna have different opinions on leadership as well and if you want to find those into the comments, maybe some leadership that you’ve experienced these things been really good in the past yourself, or some of the things that you’ve been tapping into as well certainly add those into the comments as we go along tonight, and we’re going to pick out seven that I think that are really important right now.

The first one is starting with innovation and creativity. Now, what we’ve seen from top leaders, people like Jeff Bezos people like Steve Jobs from Apple, and from people that actually lead their markets and lead their industry. They are innovators, and they are creative and innovation and creativity are what create breakthroughs. And at the moment, you’re hearing the word change and pivot and change and pivot and change and pivot, where I much prefer the word innovation that what that means is taking a concept or creating a completely new concept and innovating around the way you do business doing things differently. And looking at something and saying look, rather than doing it this way. How can I do it in a completely different way? Or how can I flip the lid? How can I change the complete circumstance? How can I do something completely differently? And that is what innovation and being creative is all about and I’ll give you a couple of tips on how you can get more innovation into you as a business owner.

I’m going to give you a couple of tips on how you can be more creative, and how you can look at things differently something that’s really important. And innovation, a lot of the time comes from conversations with smart people. So you want to bring together the kind of smartest people that you know, and start to talk to those people and run your ideas past them and actually start to have like what was called like a think tank and basically bring your brains together you know it’s like a known fact that when you put two brains together you create a third brain, but the two brains paying off too.03:51  And they might and this third brain is called the master brain. And the master brain is when you come up with new ideas and you take them further.

What happens is brain number one says look I’ve got this really great idea. This is what I think we should do and then brain number two says that’s actually a really good idea but if you thought about it like this. Now these two ideas ping up here, and all of a sudden the ideas go back for both people and they get a new concept of something that they can put into play. And that’s the reason that is really important to have good people around you, good mentors, good coaches, good advisors, good friends, whomever it might be that understand business and understand what it is you’re doing within your business.

So if you’re stuck right now. And you’re in this situation where you don’t feel very creative, and you don’t feel like you can innovate too much. This is where you really need to start to get together and put your brains together because you haven’t got ages to start reacting to what’s going on in the world right now it seems like most of my clients are, and most of them have taken action, most of them have been things in place and I must admit I’ve never been prouder of big business events, networks, especially like gold circle, Business Academy coaching based business that people within our groups at the moment of flying the eventual receipt. 

Now of course there are obviously some businesses that have been really affected in the way that they operate. But this is where that innovation that creativity is being founded because people are able to bounce their ideas off people comes up with new ideas, and that creativity is what opens new doors. When you get when you get really creative and you start thinking inside the box, you want to get outside the box you want to tear that box up want to throw it away and you want to start fresh and say right, if I was gonna sit see what would I do, that’s a better question to be asking yourself, rather than be telling yourself like is really difficult to change is really appealing to me I should pivot it’s really difficult to do this, or I don’t really know what to do ask yourself the question if I was going to succeed.

I was going to make that happen I was going to make it happen right now what is it that I would do, and what you will find is you will start to come up with the answers and good leadership, you know before you lead other people, there’s one person that you need to be able to lead, there’s one person that you need to be really in control of and that is of course yourself. You need to be able to lead yourself before you can lead others effectively and you need to be able to manage your mindset and your mentality and make sure that you bring in innovation and creativity, 06:11 and our business and start to get better results so that’s number one.

Let me know in the comments whether you’re feeling like you’re, you’re creative right now, you’re not creative. If you’ve done some things that you would say are innovative you know innovative you’ve done some things different angles 06:24 which is lovely to see. Let me know if you’ve put some things in place that you think, you know, are really helping you to look at things different and create different results. The heavens putting a hand up she’s saying. Absolutely. We’ve got. And she said she had a really good conversation by me, that’s really the benefit of our network, everybody in our network working together and helping each other really does give you an advantage. There’s no doubt about it. And so we’ve got Josie saying I’m trying to be what she’s good. If you’re trying to be you can push forward you can certainly make that happen. And she sounds crazy some Facebook ads today which is also awesome. 

Amy’s saying that she’s definitely creative and innovating and collaborating right now. AJ Sony spends all that spend it alone to market right now which is good, which is great because, you know, the more you were going to come to market and we’re gonna talk a bit about marketing tonight, in terms of leadership and the mentality because look, when people are fearful. I think it’s a famous Warren Buffett quote, when people are fearful that’s when you must invest and the reason being is that is where the opportunities that is where the marketplace is and if you’ve got the opportunity to invest in market and get clients right now, and everybody else is not doing that you’re giving yourself a very unique opportunity to get in front of the right people very quickly to Christian saying, after we went on the DNA course.

I think that actually the feedback we ran a training entrepreneurial DNA is not one that we promote loads or we talk about loads. It’s based on awesome training is a mindset training around how do you get the entrepreneur over DNA. So repeat the DNA of an entrepreneur got that from okay how do you get that entrepreneur entrepreneurial DNA and the problem being is a lot of time when you start in a job, and you’re building your business out and you don’t really think that you’ve got that kind of employee DNA. You have to build towards being more entrepreneurial and taking more risk and build towards having that attitude, the business owner.

In addition to that, it’s all about really creating that mindset where you are very strong mentally. Where you can make really strong decisions. Where you don’t hold on to situations you let go things easily you can move on in your business very quickly and start to get better results.

You know you don’t carry anger or different things like this. Really freeing yourself of a lot of the things that limit your performance and limit for you from getting great results is so amazing shining and I was just speaking to Ross and Ross has had his baby. So anybody that doesn’t know that Ross has, I think you both probably know because he’s been in every single Whatsapp group we’ve had which is super nice super chats and I’m really pleased for him. I’m sure you will also so you haven’t already say congratulations. Maybe pop it in the comments and say congratulations to Ross as well because he’s having his little baby boy, and he’s calling Rossi, which is cute super cute. It looks so cute and the pics. 

So congratulations to him 09:24. And yeah I was talking to him yesterday and we were actually going to run more of the DNA because exactly what Christians saying. We’ve seen a number of breakthroughs for our clients and I think that that mentality shift is making big difference. So that was from Christians comment there about going on the DNA course which is awesome. Kelly saying that she’s always creative, but come up against blocks in one of my roles have always been done in this way I’ve been reluctant to change. Okay. Well, hopefully.

Leo’s asking when’s the next course run and we’ll let you know Leo make sure Ross gets in touch and AJ sound nice and Ross which is good stuff. And AJ you go on June 10, you have a very good user days as well done, man, super-duper. And so, 10:10 saying don’t carry angry, I’ve lost 400 pounds possible this week and so that was fine. She wants to go on the DNI as well yeah it’s an awesome, awesome training; really good it’s an in personal training. So it’s not one that we’re doing online but as soon as we’re back in person. We’ll be letting you know about that absolutely. So, anyhow, good chit chats there. Let’s go on to number two. 

So next one is influence and communication. A great leader and great leadership skills for business owner right now is to increase the amount of influence they have and could increase the amount of communication they have. I think this is really important like one of the first live videos that did is we started out with a lockdown. I’ve told you five days a week I want to do five lives a week. I’m going to come up and give you content on every single one of these lives so you’re loving that, you know, just go and come in.

I think Chris has actually named the show and so got a little logo up in there. We’ve got big business daily. So BBD so if you’re loving the BBD put BBD in the comments for us we’re doing that five days a week for you right now where we’re coming up with new content, not new content but coming up with some of the things that we believe that you should be working on a relevant for you right now, when I talk about loads of stuff which you don’t need to be doing what we do need to be doing right now is making sure we’ve got our mentality control we’re rocking.

So, why is influence and communication really important? Washington say, one of the things that we’re doing right now is communicating more of our clients talking more to people helping people more, because right now they need that right. And also you know his influence as well as making sure that you get yourself out and have more conversations, you know you as the business owner or the person growing your business or starting your business to be a good leader you need to be able to lead from the front, you need to be a good communicator.

I’ve said so many times lately. So, many times lately that you need to embrace video right now. And if you haven’t embraced video right now and you haven’t quite got your head around that yet. You know, I urge you to that we do have we do have a training for 14-day video challenge. If you haven’t check out, you can check it out. 12:13 your fears and use a video like that. And I think that 12:15 when you get of having thousands of more conversation, really quickly and get your message out there so quickly is very important. So for me, influence and communication is super important for you right now.

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