Episode 170 – Leading Your Marketing & Sales From The Front

Leadership is such a big topic that it would need a whole course to be studied but in this episode, we are going to discuss two of the most important part of leadership in business: Marketing and Sales. Adam Stott tells us why it is important to take leadership up a notch in the marketing and sales of your business in the front.

Show Highlights:

  • Leading your marketing for your business
  • Why is it important to understand your clients to be a good marketer
  • Your message should come from you and why people are struggling with this
  • Giving your time for marketing and talk to more people
  • Sales from the front

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Relationships I think it’s really important, is actually leading your marketing from the front, and leading your marketing for your business and your ideas for your marketing from the front. Nobody knows your business like you do. Nobody knows your clients like you do. All great marketing talks to the clients that you want to serve. I think that that’s an important thing to understand if you want to be a great marketer, you need to understand who your clients are. You need to understand what your client’s challenges are. Also you need to understand what the kind of issues that they’re going to come up against where they need help. What are the things that you’re going to need to assist them with. If you are really great marketer you will understand that better than anyone you as the business owner. As the business leader should understand your clients better than absolutely anybody.

In turn, that means that because you have that understanding the new marketing and sales ideas, and new things that you’re going to do. The new things you’re going to do to go out there and get clients and start to spread your message should come from you. Look, I’ll be transparent; I think a lot of people struggle with this right. If this is you then let me know. What I mean by this one is that a lot of people struggle with this. This is the kind of stuff right here. When I tell a business owner will usually come on my mind is usually pushing and pushing and getting the message out then you should be you, and they’ll go wild I’m really not the messages.

If you don’t know what your message is if you don’t know what your magnetic messages if you don’t understand what it is that you want to say to the people that could be your prospective clients, then that’s a real problem, right? And you need to sit down and work out, and you need to understand what is your how your business helps people and how to get that message out to more people and start communicating that message and communicate consistently and it will reach people absolutely. And I’m gonna say something else to you as well.

The next thing that people say so, when it comes to leading from being a great marketer, is that we saw “Oh well you know I don’t really have the time”. You absolutely have the time to come up with ideas. Let me tell you this is the other thing right, so only two things that grow businesses really fast marketing and that is sales and as the business owner, you owe it to yourself to embrace marketing and embrace sales because you want to grow your business. You know, you want to bring revenue in and really the two activities that generate revenue as well.

Of course there’s other activities that generate revenue but they’re the two activities that kind of drive your sales and your marketing your business and drive your business’s growth. So you need to lead that from the front, and you need to be the person coming up with the ideas. Now, if you’re really stuck on your message, start to understand who your client is more of you understand who your client is more, you will understand and you understand what your clients challenges are, you will understand how to attract them to you more.

One of the things that we did with quite a few of the trainers we did recently, we did social media power brand we did this on social media power brand. We did this with our coaching based business group. Actually we did a more even more advanced version called circle probe scale and grow both of them. We took them through a process of understanding who your client is in great depth. The better you understand who your clients are and what excites them. Also what entertains them, what challenges, what desires they have or what once they have what needs they have what blocks they have.

The better you understand that, the better you are going to be able to serve them. The better you are gonna be able to come up with products and services and solutions that help them but also the better you’re gonna be able to market to them, because you understand what they need, and it makes life so much easier right so really consider that when you’re going out there and you’re growing your businesses.

So, a few more comments coming in, or just go over and look part of this a few from the group. So, Anthony how’s Sam? How you doing, Adam? How you doing, Anthony? Hope you’re doing well. And Josue San I don’t know how lives would work for my business. I will this is a thing. Remember, we’re on social media yeah there’s two words in social media. The second one is media. And media, and your opportunity to use the media to go and have conversations with people is a powerful way to grow a business, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beautician. It doesn’t matter if you’re in recruitment or if you are somebody that does e-commerce. It doesn’t matter if you’re in property, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in. If you can get out there and talk to more people and educate more people what you do and how you help them then that’s gonna have a powerful impact on them.

So really consider that, and can be a sign I do all the marketing for the business and absolutely you can now from been with us for years. Absolutely is embrace that comes up with your ideas drives business and that really helps us grow. That’s probably why is fitness looking at, you know, I figured ground for the minute so fair play to him Well done, my man. So what else we got here. So Michelle Sam very cute, little shout out for Rossi out there. Okay, so let’s go on to number four, as much as you lead in from the front of marketing you also need to lead from the front on sales.

Okay. Now, if you’re a small business owner, and you’re at the smaller stages of your business. So I’m going to give this message in two different ways. Alright? If you’re a small business owner, and you’re at the beginning and you’re what you’re that you’re really, maybe you’ve got an employee two employees, very small, at this stage not cute, or you don’t have a big sales team, then this is vitally important. The only thing that can stop your business from thriving and stop your business from growing is you’re not getting any sales right. I was what brings in the revenues what brings in the profit which keeps the wheels turning which brings in the cash. So you need to lead sales from the front, and you need to have that in your mind every single day.

I was asked a question on business credit on Monday. Somebody asked me about time management. So it’s really there’s only one super-duper important piece of time management information I’m going to give you. That is you need to be going off to new business for a minimum of three hours a day. Otherwise you’re out of business. Every single day. Three hours after new business now sometimes, that doesn’t mean you making three hours’ worth of follow up calls. Or it doesn’t mean you send flowers or fingers whatever you should do to get your business. Sometimes it might be that you’re building relationships for that period of time. You need to have that allocate in your diary where you’re speaking to new people praying in new relationships that don’t offer sales, every single day for your business.

Now, if you’re a bigger business owner, and they say you got 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 employees whatever size you are, or maybe you work in upper level management. This is where especially with these lockdowns and everything going on in the world right now. You need to know right now step up and take a much keener interest in sales. I think it’s really important that you look at every single part of the business. You go in there you look at how people performing you look at the conversations that are happening.

You get very involved because right now that’s super important, and sales for a lot of businesses especially that size they’re going to go down, and they really going to go down because right now there might be less people in the market, but a lot of it will be this to do with complacency. And the fact that some of the salespeople are hung up to work harder. You have to map, more conversations in Unix drive that right, as somebody who’s driving the business I think that’s really important. 08:04 

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