Episode 171 – Cultivating Culture and Discipline To Your Team

Setting the culture within your team has a lot of advantages if you want to steer your business in the right direction. However, if you are a one-man team, you have to be disciplined enough to achieve your goals. In this episode, Adam Stott talks about cultivating the right culture, discipline, and how can you have a positive mindset that can make you always 100 percent. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • It’s wartime baby!
  • Importance of setting the culture within your business yourself and not your employees
  • Is there a new race of keeping the job?
  • It is in hard times and adversity where you learn important lessons
  • Looking at the language that you are talking to yourself and avoid being negative
  • Keeping your positive mindset

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Now, another really important part of leadership is you cultivating the culture of your team. You setting the culture of your business, you setting the expectations. You wanna take that on and understand that that’s something that you need to do and if you don’t set the culture within your business guess who does? Well, your team does. And a lot of the time you’re gonna find that you’re probably not always happy with the culture that they may set. This is really, this is when it comes out to is like. If you got stuff happening within your business that you are not happy with. If you’ve got performance from your employees or from your team, or an attitude or you got people turning up late. You’ve got people not going the extra mile, you got things going on with your business, sometimes it is easy as a business owner to go, Oh God! Oh, why me? Well why you? It’s because you didn’t start cultivating the culture of your team and you’re not on top of it and you’re the leader and it’s your responsibility.

So you need to make sure you’re in control of the culture of your team. You need to make sure that your managing that and you’re manage that on a consistent basis and you know. Your team right now might be smaller than it usually is because you might have some people on furlough and you need to really get more performance people right now. This is the thing; I saw this really funny meme the other day and it said the new race is keeping your job. Obviously it’s not funny for anyone going through that but I thought you know, so true right now that there is a lot of potential unemployment out there.

There’s a lot of people looking for work and somebody is in your team and somebody is not pulling their weight right now, you know this is wartime baby this is when you need to be pulling your weight. This is when they need to be giving their best, this is when I need to be going the extra mile. Believe me in war time you don’t forget the efforts of the people. You know and it might not be for your business and depend on what you do, doing for a lot of businesses out there, I’m generalizing speaking there’s a lot of people been stopped being out to do what they usually been out to do and you need your people to step up and you need them to work hard. That’s really really important to make so you set that culture within your team if you got people that working for you and that’s really important. And that brings me to #6 is discipline. You see we got a lot of comments coming in so I’ll stop for a moment and see what everybody saying.

So, Amy is saying, this is a wartime baby, absolutely! You know for a lot of business is it is. It really is. And you know as a business owner a lot of people think you know sometimes the business is easy and you know they think the business can be easy for able but reality is anybody that succeeded has worked very very hard. They’ve had good times they’ve had bad time. They’ve had their ups; they’ve had their down and they know how to deal with adversity. And if you never had adversities as a business owner, you never seen that, it has never been difficult for you before, you know maybe is difficulty right now. We’ll let me tell you this will be the making of you.

I learned many many more lessons during my difficult times than at my easy times. The fact is when it is easy you don’t really learn anything. It’s only when its hard that you really learn the lessons you know and I think that right if it’s hard for you this is your opportunity to tap in your mindset stepping up. How are you gonna step up how are you gonna take action how are you gonna get things done quicker you know and that’s really gonna help you to get yourself going. We’ll have that the phrase the day today: it’s wartime baby.

Joe is saying I am the team, I’ll have a good word in the morning. Well if you are the team, if you are a one-man army right now, or you are one-woman army, or whatever you want to say it, you do need to have a good word with yourself sometimes, you know. You need to create that discipline make sure you go out there and making things happen, I think that’s really really important. And when it comes to being that one-man army or that one-man team or one-woman team, where ever you are right now you really do need to make sure that your disciplines on point. It’s very very easy to relax, it’s very very easy to Oh got the time off you know, whatever. No, absolutely not. This is a time to go build relationships and talk to more people to increase the amount of conversation you’re having to go down and drive your business, this is a time right now. You know and if you’re relaxing while your competition is working hard who’s gonna get the advantage, right? Who’s gonna be the person coming out of the blocks. This is very very good time for you to go out there and make things happen and start pushing through, absolutely.

And Cam’s comment in there he says, [00:04:33.24] we’ve had a very tough few years [00:04:38.25] the most that through on business was easy before I got complacent. Absolutely you know absolutely. It’s in the tough times that you really do learn and [00:04:46.05] saying the same a failure is not failure is if a lesson is learned from it. Absolutely. Very very important stuff, very important comments there from both Christian and Cam. Both experienced business owners there as well and in business quite long time. 

So we looked at cultivating culture, we’ve looked at discipline. We’ve looked at leading from the front, being the CEO marketer, we’ve looked at influence, we’ve looked at innovation, and then finally [00:05:15.01] one I think it’s really important, and that is number seven and that’s you. Look at how you’re talking to yourself, look at the language that you’re saying to yourself, look at are are you talking yourself down constantly. Are you saying this is difficult? If you say to yourself this is difficult 45 times a day, then you think it’s gonna be difficult, absolutely. You’ve told yourself 45 times that it’s gonna be difficult.

So, you know, if it’s like “Oh I don’t know how I’m gonna get through this”, do you and you tell yourself that a hundred times a day. How do you think you’re gonna feel in a week? You’re gonna feel like you’re having a long week.  So you need to manage your language, you need to look at how you’re talking to yourself, you need to lead the direction of your business, you need to stay motivated, you need to start managing your language and talking to yourself in the right language because that’s gonna have the right impact and the right fit in your business. Start asking yourself better questions. You know if you’re saying it’s gonna be difficult than just change that around to, if I was really gonna love this process, what would I have to do? If I was gonna make sure that I enjoyed that next week. I’ll make the next week the best week of having business what would I need to do? You know, and that’s how you can turn bad situations ahead and that’s how not really ever affect you in life is when you got the control of your mindset.

If you can control the mindset and you can keep that upbeat, that motivation you can keep that direction and you start leading the direction, you’re gonna find that no matter what’s going on for you right now whatever it’s tough or not tough, you’re gonna find the way through it. You know one thing I will say, the quote I like that have many years ago is that, after every dark night is a bright day. And I think that’s really important and the reason I think that’s important, is even if you had a bad day, even if you had a bad week, and you got a bad month, even if you had a bad year, nothing stay bad forever right. So there comes a time you’re gonna say to yourself, shake it off let’s get going, how are we gonna go and crush it, how we’re gonna go and conquer, it’s war time, it’s time to win, it’s time to take the action and you need to really get yourself going and go out there and smash it and get yourself in the right mentality and that’s gonna make the difference for you.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed that tonight. Hopefully there’s gonna be some good things in there that you take from it. A bit of motivation a bit of inspiration. I’ve got loads more coming, if it’s never hard you’ll never learn, coming in from AJ, if it’s easy everyone will be[00:07:30.13]  absolutely we got Helen saying positive affirmations [00:07:33.29] how are you doing and got loads of good comment tonight, got loads of positivity, we got loads of people out there the all singing [00:07:44.18] of making things happen so, I want to say a big thank you for tuning in tonight of course we’ve got the next thing that we got coming up, that you can come on, obviously we got these daily lives going on, so you can join me tomorrow, I’m not sure the time it will be on tomorrow, but you can join on the daily live that we do tomorrow, it might be [00:08:02.29] on Monday we got business clinic coming up which is really really cool. If you’re somebody that wants to get your voice out there and start getting heard and start marching conversations go and check out our video challenge. You can get that on our big business events website, loads of resources and lots of stuff on there. If you haven’t been on their go over and check it out.

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