Episode 179 – Why Branding is so Important for Business

Branding is an important part of business whether if it’s about the logo, the colors, the fonts, and the packaging. It creates identity and if done right, it can spread your message clearly. Are you starting your own business but you are struggling with how you will move with your branding? In this episode, Adam Stott talks about the 2 types of branding and how it can generate more opportunities for you and your business. Listen in and be the go-to-person and start growing your business.

Show Highlights:

  • Determining what kind of brand are you going to create for your business that can attract more clients
  • Understanding that you have 2 brands: for your business and yourself
  • Being clear with your message and what can your product or service do for people
  • Moving from selling product to selling RESULTS
  • Get clear on what brand do you want to build first that can bring more opportunities
  • Build your expertise and authority with what business you want to do

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.


Hi everybody and welcome to tonight’s video, you’re with Adam Stott tonight and we are going to be talking about branding. 01:06 I’ve had a lot of people ask about different topics and different things and I want to get to understand different areas of their business more and I think there are a lot of people out there, especially in the UK.

I found that a lot of UK businesses don’t really understand branding in the way that they should and a lot of UK businesses feel the branding is more about your logo or your website or your consistency or your colors and they kind of look at branding in a very logical marketing way. What we want to look at as a business owner is what kind of tray, what kind of branding you’re going to create for your business that in turn attracts your clients back.

We’re going to look at how do you go and start to build a brand in a more compelling way, how do you get notice, how to get people to understand what your brand is all about, what you represent, what is it that people say about you. I think there’s a good quote from Bill Gates even that your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the rooms is about understanding what the brand perception is of you and your business. That’s what we’re going to be discussing tonight.  

So we’re going to be looking at since its day 8 here because this is the actual wealth system or some of it. Just a small portion of what we do in the wealth system about creating a personal and a business brand and the first thing that we want to look at is the fact that you actually do have two brands, a lot of people feel that they only have one brand which is either their business’s brand or their personal brand so they go out there and they build a brand around themselves as an individual or they go out there and build a brand around their business. What we want to do is we want to understand branding at a deeper level and go out there and create a brand not just for our business but actually a personal brand as well and I think that this is a really important topic.

A good friend of mine, another speaker, atomizes, and really understands branding in a deep level. One of the things he said to me is that you become the honey and the bees come to you. And what that means is how many of you are fed up of chasing clients or you’re fed up of people not knowing who you are and you want to get yourself out there so more people know you who you are and start to understand what your business does before they even approach you. I think that’s the power of actually getting your brand right means that people understand what it is you do what it is you can do for them and before you even have a dialogue.

Just imagine for a moment, how many you think it’d be pretty cool if you were able to start having people making inquiries to you. And when the by the inquiry they feel like they know you’re ready so they feel like they know who you are, they feel like they know what value you can add. So instead of wanting to shop around, instead of wanting to go to five or six other places to get the product or the service that you offer, actually just comes here and say look I know that you’re the person that can help me this. I know you’re the person that can make a difference and that’s the power of what building a brand really does.

Dan’s done a really good job of this, so Dan’s done a fantastic job of building his brand up. He’s got it, he’s actually one of the clients one of our gold circle clients mentioned the gold. So, before that we can actually bring on and we’re going to do an interview with Dan as well on the live showing everybody you know what the power of actually building some of the things that we’re talking about here can do for your business that he started a property business and from his property education business first off he went out built his portfolio.

After he’s gone out there and built his portfolio, what he’s done is create a brand around him being the go to personally in the industry for rent-to-rent and understanding that strategy of rent-to-rent serviced accommodation understanding how you can actually go out and get property not using any money and starting to build a property portfolio. He’s done a really good job of that and a really good job on a hone in on one strategy. So well done to Dan, he’s done some great stuff. Dan we give awards to our clients when they hit their numbers in revenue. Very quickly Dan’s been out of stock coaching and education business, take into six figures very quickly and then multiple six figures very quickly. He’s doing very well, so congrats to him.

So everybody I’m speaking to the man he’s like doing a really good job of staying super focus as making sure that their businesses are thriving and challenging up their offers of being, you know, enthusiastic about what they’re going for at the moment and I think that that’s really encouraging.

So when it comes to branding and creating a personal brand and understanding that as well as a business brand. We want to make sure that we’re getting things right so we’re going to do is take you through a little bit of a process tonight. We’re just going to do an abbreviated process of one of the days of my wealth system. So in the wealth system, we do 30 days, 30 exercises and I’m just going to give you a bit of an introduction to that and if you’re somebody that wants to get the wealth system. I’ll put a link in there where you can go and get that just means the next 30 days of your business is going to be a lot more powerful because in that wealth system not only do we do marketing, not only do we branding I do social media, we do sales, we do finances, we make a complete business atmosphere really good program.

So, first and foremost is look at branding and they start to understand first and foremost we have two brands, we have a personal brand, we have a company brand, once you build your brand and you start to tailor your brand and start to decide upon what your values are, what ways you do, how you help people, the type of people you help, and you start to build a reputation for that you’ll start to get more opportunities coming to you more frequently. When you build a brand and you’re clear on your message and you’re clear what it is you do for people, people are going to find that a lot easier to become attracted to.

So, first thing you need to decide is like what are you going to work on first, you got to work on your company’s brand, you know, what does your company do? What do you do for people? And the question I like to ask people, when it comes to branding is what results do you get people, a lot of people go out there and they try to sell products so they tried to sell services where if a instead of selling products or services, actually worked on their brand and what their brand promise was what result do you get someone when they invest with you, and he starts to sell results. You’re gonna have success a lot more a lot quicker.

So you want to move from selling your products or services to start to sell results. And then what you’re going to find is you’re going to get a lot more from that. So, you know, a question for all of you, what result do you get your clients? And if you’re not sure of that, so you need to be sure, because your brand is going to be your message that you put out in the marketplace, your message that you distribute out, if you know what you do and you know what it is what you get and go and put in the comments and tell people, you know, what results do you actually crave for.

So get clear, what brand you’re going to work on first, is your personal brand is your company brand, understand that when you get clear on what your brand is it will bring you opportunities, it will give you opportunities, and just imagine this that when next time the phone rings or next time you get a message that person is sending your message is somebody that is something that’s been falling you, somebody that knows you, somebody that knows what you do that has a good idea of the results that you bring people, you know, wouldn’t you much prefer rather than somebody ringing you’re getting an inquiry that inquiry was gnosis like do you do this, do you do that, instead they’re like, look I’ve been following you for quite some time I love what you do. I know you can help me. You know, what is it that, you know, how do I get started?

Can you imagine the difference in that that’s not somebody who’s gone 5, 6, 7 other places to try and find info that somebody said look, I’m coming to you because you’re the expert in this, you want to build your expertise, you want to build your authority, you want to be clear on what it is you do like, what do we do, we help businesses grow that’s what we do. We help businesses to grow in our gold circle we have a category of building them up to their first 250,000 in revenue.

Another category of doing them to the first half a million in revenue, another category of building so first seven figures in revenue, their first million pounds in business, you know, that is the results that we get when people invest in our programs. They go on to a program that helps them to build towards those numbers but they may have other programs that help people get started so we’re very clear. We have your product or every service that we offer what is it you’re getting, you know what is it that you’re going to get what is the thing was a housing going to help you get to the next stage. And I think if you get really clear on that it will really help you with spreading your message, getting yourself more out there, and making sure you attract the right people.

Stop sending your products and services, start sending the results that your products and services, get your clients, and that’s when you’re going to get known for results and you want to build a brand around what it is you do for people. And if you start to do that, you’re really going to generate some great opportunities you look at our clients you know you look at people like 09:31 if you look at Dan, if you look at Tan, if you look at all these people that absolutely flying and the reason they’re flying is they’re very clear on what they do, they’re very clear on the results, they get their clients and they’re very clear on how they do it and they’re building a brand in their marketplace as the go to guy.

So you want to be the go to guy or the go to girl in your industry, so it doesn’t matter where you are working. Let’s say you work in recruitment, when somebody thinks of recruitment, I want to think of you. I want I want them to think, they do recruit yeah they’re the expert this I need to go to them, you need to build that authority and that expertise, and if you get to the stage where you build that authority and that expertise where people see you as the go to person. You’re going to trace and powerful results and you’re really going to grow your business very effective like that it’s really important. If you sell a good experience and a good result someone then you’re going to start to get, you know, start to make a lot of progress.

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