Episode 180 – Ways to Improve Your Company Branding

Attracting people to have more powerful conversations with you is what Branding is all about and the more you improve your Company’s brand, the more success you’ll have. The first step is to decide how are you going to brand yourself and not rely on other people. In this episode, Adam Stott gives 12 ways to improve your company branding and achieve the success that you haven’t had before.

Show Highlights:

  • Review your “reviews” in all online platforms and implementing improvements based on the reviews and feedbacks
  • Accept that you need to brand yourself on your own, You decide
  • Instill values and vision when you bring in new people
  • Realizing the importance of PR and look at it as a tool for your brand
  • Video Reviews: brings more assurance to new clients that your service or products work! 

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30/30 Wealth System


Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.


We’re gonna give you a couple of ways to improve your company branding so we’re gonna look at some 01:05 logical things that you can do and then we’re gonna look at some other things that you can do that can change the game. So one of them might be review management, making sure that your views out there on all your different sites. Whether it’s Google reviews, whether it’s your Facebook reviews, the reviews on your website. You’re actually managing the reviews, you’re capturing all of those good things that people say about you and you’re using those good things as how about you as positive publicity, positive PR, building upon those reviews and getting that message out there, that’s really important.

You know, when the last time that you looked at that is. One of the things that you want to do and this is honestly something that we do all the time, is you want to be working on your branding all the time. The biggest mistake when it comes to brands.

The biggest mistake that I think people make is people wait for somebody to anoint them as an authority, or they wait for somebody to anoint them as an expert and say right, you’re now an expert in this. They wait for somebody to say right you’re the go to person, or they wait for some kind of achievement they acknowledge that they are. Where the reality is this, you want to go out there and you want to start anointing yourself you want to be.

You want to have that confidence in yourself that you can say, you know what I’ve got the expertise in this, and I’m the authority on this subject. You know, I’ve created these results for these people, I’ve prayed these results myself. And the reason you should listen is if you want the same results then you need to understand that that’s what we can deliver for you and that’s what we can get for you and you need to anoint yourself. If you do that, you’ll get there was so much more confidence, you’ll get there was so much more authority, and you’ll start to attract a lot more people. So make sure that you accept that you have to brand yourself.

Think this is a big mistake, people wait for somebody else to grant them. Now, you brand yourself. You anoint yourself, you decide, and you decide what you want to be known for. You decide what your values are, you decide what your mission is, you decide whether you’re gonna be this big company whether you’ll be a small company. How you going to cost the costs, you decide what commitment you make to your clients, you decide what results you get for your clients, and if you make those decisions, you get them down and you put them down on paper and you go out there and you drive that for your team and you drive that through the people that are involved with your business.

You’re going to see that you start to build a brand and you build the expertise and you build the authority where more people know if you know you for these exact things I think that’s really important. So another way that you can do this and another way that you can improve your brand is actually find out what is happening in your compliance department and understand that all of you are going to have a compliance department, but a lot of people take feedback in an emotional way.

So someone gives them a bit feeble. Oh, they want to hear that. That hurt my feelings that kind of stuff. No, embrace that feedback. And if you embrace that feedback, you can actually improve your business so much from actually hearing what other people got to say from their experiences and if you start to embrace that feedback you can make changes within your business that really make your brand a lot better and really make what you do a lot better because you’ve actually seen people gone through your process, and you’ve improved your process off the back of what those people told you. I think that’s really important.

So if you find out what’s happening in your complaints, come on, you find that the kind of feedback again and you made those amendments off the back of that you’re going to really start to build a powerful business, a powerful brand, increase your expertise and increase your authority.

Now, if you’ve got teams and you’ve got people that are working within your teams, something that you can do which will make a big impact and big difference. You start paying like a zero tolerance on any behavior or any black bad client service behavior that you don’t want. And you need to tell your teams that a lot people recruit people bring people in and bring people into their businesses. And they don’t tell them the values; they don’t tell them the mission. They don’t tell them what the brand stands for, they don’t tell them what you’re there to do. And then you just expect these people to fit within your culture within your business, and to create great results but the reality is, how can they do that if they don’t know what you stand for and if they don’t know who you are and they don’t know what authority that you’re trying to create, they don’t know what kind of experience your trauma craves, and they don’t know what trying to resolve the you’re trying to get for the clients.

This is saying you need to educate your teams on, this is something you need to work hard on, which is really important so put in that zero tolerance and make sure you educate your teams on that. We need to look at where you’ve gone wrong in the past. Is there any areas within your business and really look branding is all about your reputation. It’s about building a reputation and building a reputation from the outside perspective and the inside perspective. The inside perspective is the clients you’ve already got, what are their feelings, what are their thoughts, how do they feel when they’re within your business, how do they feel about your processes.

 Right, that’s how you work on the inside, but then the outside is what the outside perception of somebody who might not even be a client yet. What do they think they’re going to get when they do become a client, how do they think things are going to go for them and we’re going to look at. We look at we’re going to look at how you can communicate that in a more effective way which is really important.

So other things you can do some basics is, you know, start to embrace PR. A lot of them don’t do this, a lot of businesses don’t put emphasis on PR, and they don’t invest in PR when this is really important. PR is there to tell your story, PR is there to get your message out further to people, PR is there to show the results that you get from other people, PR is there to show the results that you create your business; you trade with your businesses. So you’ve got to look at PR and understand that that plays an important role in your business and what you do.

Another thing that you can look at and which some of our clients have been so successful of doing this in such a big way, you know like, countless, countless, countless clients, 06:50 is one of them, he was on 18 Awards for his business. I think Dan Salmon, how many awards is Dan Salmon while in travel write immense amounts even being voted the best travel agent in the UK, you know, Adam Walker, you know who’s a client of us for four years or three or four years was voted the best estate agent in Britain. I mean look at that for branding, you know, that branding is somebody else. This is 07:14 how good you are, right. You can tell everyone what you do for him right but he’s always more powerful when that comes from a third party.

If you actually get somebody else saying how good you are, or you get an authority or a body or somebody else say and look. They’re the real deal. This is what they good at that has so much more of a powerful impact. So this is where awards and testimonials and reviews and case studies can build into your brand starts make a big difference, and also to, you know, put down how many awards you won. If you’re a bit worried about how many 07:49 but its plus 10 or plus five or maybe one year, first of all, this is reality. You’ve got two businesses, one business is an award winning business, a multi award winning business, and the other business is just a business. No awards, no 08:01 authority, which one you’re choosing?

You’re going to want to work the award winning business because you know they produce results and you’ve been told by a third party is non-bias and then people began to associate put on awards play a big part in your business, absolutely the same as media does as well. You want to have consistency through your business; you want to make sure that throughout.

Now, I’m not on about your colors matching up, I’m not about your message matching up. I ‘m not about your clients stories and the client results that they’ve had mentioned, that’s really important. You want to promote success stories as much as you possibly can. You want to talk to people about the results your clients, again, that’s really important. If you start to talk about your results people again, if you start to show how they got the result and you start actually case study in that journey and showing people developed and the process is they’ve been through.

This is what happens when the person looking from the outside, turns around and says, well if they can do it, so can I. And they get into that mentality, you know, and they get into that mentality very quickly. They start to go okay so they work with you for a year and this is what happened. Think about wow what happens to me if I work for you. You know I’m going to work really hard and I’m going to get that result too. And that success story is going to be the thing that’s going to show someone how they can go, it’s going to show them what the future looks like. And let’s face it, you know, who doesn’t want to look into the future. How many of you are feeling positive right now about the future and about what you can trade in 2021?

That brings us to video reviews. You’ve got normal reviews, you’ve got written reviews, or you’ve got video reviews. What do you want? What do you want to see? It’s much better somebody physically telling you their experience and telling you what that experience was like and actually giving the detail in a video than it is just using in a written word because written word anyone like that natural video somebody who’s been through your process, explaining that is very important, and this is something that be known for years and years and years and years. And this is something that you can absolutely do to, you know, when you’re getting those video reviews, you need to make sure those video reviews are upbeat, you need to make sure that they’re smiling, you need to and when do you get that was the best time they get it straight after they’ve experienced the process.

If you get somebody to go through the process and give you a video review there and then straight after they’ve experienced that you’re going to find that that is gonna be a much more engaged, much more positive review for you. Because there’s only really high at that point I think that’s the important point. So just start the sounds of their happiness point, make sure you get that video review and get that out there. Another thing you can do to build your brand is present your products and services through video. This is really important. Why is this really important? Because a static image is a static image, see so many people wanting to conquer social media are trying now.

Over the last four years 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and suddenly loads of you would have been to free events, loads of you have been to our paid events, no doubt allows you then different trainings with us we try and so many people now, like so many, right, on social media and there is just this reluctance to embrace video where the reality is, you know, conversations grow businesses and a video is a longer conversation.

So if you want to get a more powerful result, start using video and you can have a longer conversation with people. You know they can get to know you more, you can get to know them more, you can get to engage them and if you’re not doing that you’re missing an opportunity. And I promise you, our clients are succeeding right now and I’m seeing it all the time. Now, I’ve had seven years, I’ve worked with seven different entrepreneurs today, one after the other, and every single one of them now is embracing video.  They’ve overcome their fears, and they started to get good results and 11:38 absolutely.

I did post about the video challenge the other day, I mean if you want to learn more on the overalls of business. Go and get the wealth system because that over the next 30 days is video stuff in there as well. Over the next 30 days you transform your business is like 97 11:54 for nothing means the complete no brainer you haven’t done it already, and other a lot of people clients on 11:59 already got that. But if you’re new and you’re just watching this for the first time, and you want something’s gonna make a real difference to you. I suggest you go click the link , get yourself to wealth system. And if you haven’t done the video challenge so very worthwhile as well.

The reason we want to present products and services were video because you get longer to explain them, a static image isn’t good enough, any more. And if you are relying on static images on social media to grow and go and grow your business, you are missing the medium that is making the difference. And, you know, I’ve said it so many times. Yeah. Another thing is Google reviews are really important. That’s going to help you to boost your 12:37 because the way Google reviews work as well. 

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