Episode 185 – Writing Things Down for 2021

The worst thing you can do in this brand new year is to do NOTHING. After the lockdowns due to COVID-19 in the past year, this year is the best time to make decisions and get things done. One of them is writing everything including your thoughts, plans, and goals for the entire year. In this episode, Adam Stott continues to talk about the things that can bring a positive outlook in the year 2021. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • Don’t disregard the gains that you have during the lockdown
  • Create momentum and accomplish more things
  • How writing down 3 things that you want to accomplish everyday and keep your word to yourself
  • Split your focus by creating categories
  • ACTION LIST instead of “To-do List”

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Adam Stott: 
Hi everybody, Adam Stott here. Thanks for checking out my podcast business growth secrets, you’re absolutely in the right place. This podcast is going to reveal to you all of the secrets that you’ve been looking to discover. They’re going to allow you to cure your cash flow problems, attain more clients, bring in more leads for your business and create systems and processes that give you the growth that you want. You are going to discover the business growth secrets you have been looking for that I’ve used to sell over 15 million pounds worth of products and services on social media and help clients everywhere to grow their businesses on the mark. So, let’s get started on the business growth secrets podcast.

What is the thing the last time to a lockdown that put you in a really good place? Was it exercise? Was it keeping in touch with your friends? Or having an accountability partner or having a body partner you speak to? What was it throwing yourself into work? What was it making sure that you contacted your existing clients? Was it improving your products or services? What is it that had a real positive experience for you last time? And if we can embrace that again, we can really make sure that we have a positive impact.

Of course, get around positive people you know where possible, and obviously I know you don’t want to go to a rally last night. What I mean is get around positive people in terms of the people you speak to every day, you know, speak to people, every single day that you don’t get to reinforce it they’re going to help you and gonna help you take those actions and make new connections and take this opportunity to of course 01:54 absolutely 100% write things down. And I’m going to give you a different take on this. So those basic things but let me explain this in a different way, when I say write everything down.

If you want to create momentum, which is exactly what you should want to create right now. What we need to be looking at doing is every single day we want to be writing down the things that we want to accomplish. Now, I had one of our clients we have a week, who is a high achiever, very successful, but also suffers from ADHD. And she was explaining the writing things down just sometimes into her head because she just can’t embrace all the things that she’s written down she constantly focuses and if you’re not a big person to write things down and following things through and doing that.

What we suggest to you is this, write down the three things that you want to accomplish every single day. Because it’s not going to scare you, by three things is not going to scare you, you’re not going to avoid it. You’re just going to do those three things. And when you do those three things, what is gonna do is you gonna get you to build some trust in you, that you can keep your word to yourself. And what I mean by that is if you constantly want to do things you never do it. What happens is slowly you lose faith in yourself, you lose faith in your ability to follow through, you lose faith in your ability to get things done.

But if you operate in a different way and you want to start to build and cultivate more productivity. If you start off just by just writing three things now. And you complete those three things, then you complete those three things every day, what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna build some trust in yourself. And when you build some trust in yourself, you’re gonna start to be able to mentor off the back of the trust that you’ve created yourself, and all of a sudden you’ll find you’ll start winning because this is a reality.

You know, even if you do three things every day and you do that for the next 30 days, you know, we’ve got 90 things done there pretty quickly and if you complete 90s fairly significant task. Over the course of the next 30 days, you’re probably going to be more productive in the app in any business anyway if you have distractions around you. So, you know, start to embrace that. And obviously if you’re somebody that writes every single thing down and you submit the forms wrong we do anyway, then you know what you need to do is then you need to split your focus up by actually splitting these into categories. 

So the categories you want to be splitting into is you should be focused on sales every day. What kind of sales are you putting in place with your business? Even if you’re in lockdown, even if your ability to operate has been taken away in some way, you need to be looking at how you’re going to generate more sales for the future you need to focus on that because sales grows businesses.

The other thing that goes businesses is marketing. You need to be focused on what you’re going to be doing to market your business, what you can be doing to build your brand, what you can be doing to build awareness, what the actions that you’re going to take every single day is going to help you build that, what you’re going to be doing to develop your business, got to remember that we got two businesses one business that we are right now. And then we’ve got the business that we’re going to become, and most people get stuck in working on the business they are right now, you’ve got a unique opportunity right now where you can work on also the business that you’re going to become. 

And if we get laser focus on that we’re going to be able to create some better results that so make sure that you start looking at what developmental tasks, and then you can go with those little actions as little things that you need to do like small little snippets of things that you need to do, then you can get it done and you put them down on your action they start to do additional action, and action last to say you actually do take action on to do lists, these are no one should do that and 05:26 you know, how many times 05:29 doesn’t mean it’s not my friend, or I insist on having an action list that I send them to do it is a stop doing list and start stopping the things that take you time away and causing you issues that will help you with your productivity.

We’ve got loads of stuff coming up, we’re gonna be doing a live every day, we’re going to be talking about different topics. And if you’ve got some ideas of where you need some help. Maybe you want some more help on transitioning online. If that’s the case maybe put online in the comments and I’ll be listening to these comments and I’ll be looking at these. So look, it’s a lovely being with you this evening, I really do hope that you embrace some of the things we talked about. 

Quick recap, feed your mind, get fresh air, change your environment, take more actions, get things done, management your time in the right way, manage your language, manage the stories you’re telling yourself, use your experience, remember you’ve already been furnished even for worse, you’ll get through this, no problem at all. And make sure you write down and you check on your momentum and you leave out your momentum build and you really embrace those small wins and you crack 06:27 results. Thank you very much for every one, wherever you’re watching from whether you’re on YouTube, with you on Twitter, whether you’re watching 06:36. I love you all and I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Thanks everybody!

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