Episode 186 – Hot in 2021: TikTok and YouTube Ads

It is the New Year and are up and running to achieve more and do more? In order to be successful, Adam Stott thinks you have to try the hottest things that we can do in 2021. Adam Stott presents the second installment of our Hot In 2021 series where he talks about his fearless forecast of what’s hot and what’s not in this coming year. Listen in as Adam Stott tells us why he thinks TikTok and YouTube Ads are still gonna get hot this 2021!

Show Highlights:

  • How different is the ad platform of TikTok from other social media platforms
  • Avoid getting weirded out on spending money for social media ads
  • Identifying what you want out of social media and build a strategy around it
  • YouTube ads if you are into creating videos
  • Important to know if you have more things in your plate then don’t try new things yet
  • Facebook Ads is a reason why you need to use other social media marketing platforms

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Adam Stott: 

Hi everybody, Adam Stott here. Thanks for checking out my podcast business growth secrets, you’re absolutely in the right place. This podcast is going to reveal to you all of the secrets that you’ve been looking to discover. They’re going to allow you to cure your cash flow problems. To attain more clients, bring in more leads for your business. And create systems and processes that give you the growth that you want. You are going to discover the business growth secrets you have been looking for that I’ve used to sell over 15 million pounds worth of products and services on social media and help clients everywhere to grow their businesses on the mark. So, let’s get started on the business growth secrets podcast.

So I think TikTok was hot in 2020, no doubt. Okay, absolutely no doubt. This was the realization I had about TikTok. I had this realization about months ago. The realization came when I would actually just I watched a few people around me and I see them on TikTok, flicking through videos, laughing at the videos, enjoying the videos and just consuming the content on there. Also I didn’t even know you’re on there like I’m not, I’m not, I just go in there and to watch videos. And what I realized very quickly is that actually is massive for people consuming the content, it’s not massive for people creating the content.

So I think that, from there, that kind of sparked me getting a bit interested in it right? Now, off that was the, you know, we love an ad. We started to go often that me and my team and started doing some TikTok ads. And what we found is that the actual CPM. Okay, which is basically the cost per impression like their cost per 1000 impressions is significantly lower than the other platforms. The amount of leads that we got the actual cost per lead was significantly lower than some of the other platforms as well.

We very quickly adapted to being quite, quite a lot of TikTok ads out there. And we’re getting some really good results. I think that you’re going to find with the amount of people out there actually consuming the content and the very few businesses, and I mean it, very few businesses actually using ads platform. Same as Facebook ads, I spend, obviously with our past five years we’ve been training people on social media and how to build their businesses using social media and almost specifically Facebook ads.

We run Rockstar social before we had 3000 people go through that training, and of the 1000s of people who’ve gone through that training. Every single training I took, you know, would start the three days off and you’d have one person out of a room of 50 that even had ads manager in place.

Literally every single time nobody knew you can do it. Nobody knew about the back end. Nobody was using it. And, you know, I think this is something that’s going to happen with TikTok ads as well I think, nobody’s using it. Now the other thing is, when we signed up as a new business. I’m not saying that this still work. I’m not 100% sure is but we got a 500 pound credit, we actually got 500 pounds worth of play money to just go and play with ads on their which is awesome because we play with that 500 pounds, but it is a brilliant thing.

I imagine Facebook could have done that, back in the day you get 500 pound playing money to go on user ads platform. You’d have found out it works and you’d been all in, right. That’s the thing, I think the hardest thing and I said this for years, right.

The hardest thing for a lot of people when it comes to their marketing is people get weirded out about spending money on marketing, and this is the reason they get weirded out is if you went out and you went to go and have dinner somebody. Somewhere and somebody you have 03:56 a 1000 times. You’re going out, you’re going out for a nice dinner and I don’t do that anymore.

Back in the days when you did, you got out for a nice dinner, and you sit down, you’re going to get a bottle of wine, you have some in a way, you’re having a nice time or whatever and the bill comes in is 50 pounds, 100 pounds, whatever it is, you pay the bill and you say that was great value I had a fantastic night. I paid my bill now, I’m gonna go on. What a lovely, and you forget about the money you spent. Spend that 50 pounds on advertising, people like after the first 15 seconds like it hasn’t worked yet. Oh my god, what’s happened, how many clicks did we get, what happened here, what happened there, they get weirded out. 

So, the hardest thing for anybody when it comes to actually spending money on ads is that first bit of actually getting used to actually invest in the ads and wanting to get the return. And once you’re over that, then you really start rolling. And I think the TikTok have done something really clever especially given a big app credit because we’ve gone and use that credit to explore, to find the things that were done.

To find the things that don’t work, get the sound down and start cracking on and actually we found it to be really good. So that’s one of the things I’d say certainly hot for 2020. If you are somebody that’s already doing too much and you don’t have an area of focus. If you’ve not got process or a system for your business that works, then you don’t want to go and start 10 15 new things.

You want to push down and want to double down on the things you know do work, but if your business is going well, you got things in a good place and you need to add some new ideas into small care, and this is certainly something that we’re going to be talking about tonight. This is the thing I’d like to say right about marketing, which a lot of people don’t actually know about marketing. But the most important thing when it comes to marketing is testing because there are some platforms that are so explosively your business. It can take you to another level that you never even dreamed that you could get to. But the reality is if you don’t test and you don’t find out, then you’ll never know.

Now give you the one other reason, I think this is hot. Okay, I think this quite a hot area. Is Facebook ads have been nothing short, I’m gonna say it. 05:58 Facebook’s platform that is probably gonna blank, 06:01 The Facebook ads have been nothing but many in 2020. Right. I mean, how many of you, for those of you who are using an ad span. I mean, it has been insane. 06:13 so many people on this. So many people have had a cache restricted that’s only been bad accounts, for so many people have ad accounts banned, you know, and it drives you crazy right and he’s like, you know, very, and that has been one of the, you know, still use Facebook marketing, we love Facebook marketing, we promote Facebook marketing but that is a bit of appropriate. 06:37 

And that is something that’s difficult, and it almost seems sometimes like Facebook doesn’t want your money, you know I mean I actually don’t want to do this I had an ad account 06:46 that we were spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of pounds on big money and restrict today, 06:53 right I mean that’s incredible that you can’t even get a phone call with someone. When you spending half a million pounds. It’s just mental isn’t it you know, this is crazy thing.

But I think there are other ad platforms like TikTok ads which is one that actually want your money that embrace your market and embrace your business and that actually want to go and want you to use their systems for advertising their businesses. This is the thing that I always said, Yeah, I always said this, for those of you that, for those of you that have been out, and you’ve seen us at live events, and you’ve come to maybe see us on free event before, and you’ve actually been in the room of 07:30 I’ve always said this, for ages and I said it all along, I said it right at the beginning.

I was used to saying to people look, the reality is that most of you. How many of you are here for social media? That’s what I used to say and everyone used to put their hand up, and I say, this is the church. If you think you’re here for social media, but the real reason you’re here is for something else, you want to get something from social media, you are not currently getting, and you see social media is the answer. 

Now the first step in making the progress that you want to make towards whatever your goal is, is identifying that and saying, what is it you really want? Is it more leads, more sales? Is it more clients? More business growth? Is it more brand awareness? Is it you want to build more of a following because you want to become more well-known? You know, what is it, it’s like point your thing on that then we’ll build a strategy around it. But don’t just see social media as a magic wand, because if you don’t actually know what it is that you want, then you can’t possibly build a strategy to go and get it.

You know, and I think that still stands, you know, still 100% say that, is that you’ve got understand what it is you want and what you want to use, what is your objective. I don’t know how many of you saw my Instagram story the other week. I was drawing out a marketing plan with my team. And the way that I drew the marketing plan out is the first thing I looked at was assets, right, and an asset is a platform, a channel an audience, something that goes and delivers for you, so an asset could be something like database, an asset could be your Facebook page, your business page, an asset could be your, you know, your TikTok page, could be your Instagram page, could be whatever, That’s the asset.

After we’ve identified that asset, what is our objective for that asset? What do we actually want to get out of that particular asset? How are we going to maximize it and how are we going to go and draw something out of it. This is where it all comes back to what’s your objective; after you got your objective you know you want, that you want to know what’s your step by step plan to accomplish that objective. And that’s how you think about marketing logically strategically. And for those of you who are actually doing.

I wish there was an education based business allowed to do events within an event next week for our existing clients people that have purchased our three day training, where I’m actually going to take him for a systematic process of how you build a marketing plan to pull the best out of every single asset you’ve got, and it’s going to be incredible. When we open for people I think they’re gonna get a ton out of this I’m really looking forward to that. 

So TikTok ads of course have won. And the next one is YouTube ads. Okay, I think, again, if you can get used to using video and you’re going to feel comfortable using video YouTube ads are still really effective ways to drive inquiries into your business. And I think more and more, we’ve been using YouTube ads a lot in 2020. I think they’d become an even hotter for 2021 is something you should definitely consider for your business if you’re not already doing it. And I’ll just say for all the same reasons that we’ve been talking about, when we talked about TikTok ads, it’s slightly different because it’s not as 10:36.

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