Episode 188 – Hot in 2021: Virtual Networking, Webinar, Zoom

It is the New Year and are you up and running to achieve more and do more? In order to be successful, Adam Stott thinks you have to try the hottest things that we can do in 2021. Adam Stott presents the FOURTH and FINAL installment of our Hot In 2021 series where he talks about his fearless forecast of what’s hot and what’s not in this coming year. Listen in as Adam Stott tells us why he thinks Virtual Networking, Webinars, and Zoom are going to get really hot this 2021!

Show Highlights:

  • How can you produce or join a virtual networking event
  • What are the benefits of joining a virtual networking event for you and your business especially in today’s world with COVID-19
  • Know more about the Clubhouse Platform
  • Why Adam Stott thinks producing webinars is HOT
  • Taking full advantage of Zoom’s best features

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Adam Stott: 

Hi everybody, Adam Stott here. Thanks for checking out my podcast business growth secrets, you’re absolutely in the right place. This podcast is going to reveal to you all of the secrets that you’ve been looking to discover. They’re going to allow you to cure your cash flow problems, attain more clients, bring in more leads for your business and create systems and processes that give you the growth that you want. You are going to discover the business growth secrets you have been looking for that I’ve used to sell over 15 million pounds worth of products and services on social media and help clients everywhere to grow their businesses on the mark. So, let’s get started on the business growth secrets podcast.

So next one is virtual networking, so I mean this is a few different ones. I think that this is really important for business owners to get used to getting to know people online first. We have a lot of people, I mean hundreds of people that we’ve met for webinars this year that have come on the webinar, got to see a little bit about what we do, got an introduction what we do and then actually come on and training and become clients and become good friends. And I’ve met some amazing people, you know through that method and that’s all been through virtual networking actually getting to know. I mean hundreds of people getting to know them online first where they know me but I don’t necessarily know them, and then transitioning that into an in person relationship afterwards. You know that has been massive last year for us. And I think it will be massive and many businesses.

Now virtual networking can take place in so many different ways. Maybe actually the virtual networking event where you can do some networking we get to know people and actually catch up on a join Zoom call other business owners I mean why wouldn’t you, you know, if you’re somebody who’s previously in the past has networked in person. And then you stopped doing that and then you’re wondering why your business is not working the way it did last year, you know, 2019 or whatever. It’s because you stopped doing the activity that worked for you. 

Now virtual networking is faster, easier, you can do it, pretty much, even do it from wherever you want to do it from home, but you know the reality is this you can also go to multiple virtual networking events, do one in the morning, do one in the afternoon, couldn’t do that in real life because you have to drive from location to location.

So I think the virtual networking is a big thing, and even virtual networking right if you’re watching this live stream, and you’re not getting involved, you’re not saying hello, you’re not networking, you’re not saying our highlight, you know, Hi my name is Dave or, you know, Hi I’m Suzy, this is what business I’m in. You know my business is this we do that, there’s going to be other people watching along with you, and they’re going to get to know who you are, you want to be putting yourself out there you want to be making your name familiar, you know if you’re consuming something get involved in it. That’s the reality because the more involved you get, the more you’re actually going to get back out of it. And there is an aspect of just getting yourself out there and actually networking online it’s really important. You know, and this is the thing a lot of people I don’t know how to network online.

Well one of the things you can do is just go and start talking to people, not necessarily you got, and you know 500 people on your Instagram following you. You know, if you’ve not got anything on them, you got any clients for him but he sells going on, go and talk to those 500 people find out who they are, find out what they do, say thank you for following me and you know, is there any way that I can help us, you know, is there anything that you’d like to you know have a chat about, and he sent out 500 messages or 200 or, you know, even you send out 20 a day and you continue doing that, what you find is you are virtually networking and you’ll go and create sales, you create leads, you have great relationships, and you can rate them incredibly quickly. You know, it’s just that opportunity is there for you but people just don’t do it for some reason.

Now, I think that if you do that, and you embrace that. Then you will find that you start to get some much better results in 2021, `really important I think we’ve got Dominic’s saying, I’m building a great team taking over in 2021, that’s good are pleased to hear it. Got the hungry guy, given a wave could see. We’ve got all a saying I’ve met enlightened strategies with the network. It’s brilliant I mean, for our clients and there’s tons of people on tons people watching for growth maybe your madam stop pay, maybe you’re not even that you know wherever you’re from, and you’re watching this, you know, the network that we have is probably the strongest asset that I know business as you know is a lot bigger.

We have a lot of good assets, the actual network of people working together, people to getting to know each other, people supporting each other, people buying each other’s products and services people promoting each other’s products and services and apps some of those people met versus thing going on to meet in person. You know, it’s an incredible network because you go in as you go into network and you might not have tons of business relationships within a month or two months you have hundreds of business relationships, it’s an absolute game changer. You know, you have to build your network. Before you start to build your network or build your results you build in a big way. 

So, I want to track this one in, because everybody’s talking about this at the moment, which is of course the clubhouse platform. And I didn’t join about a week or 10 days ago and it’s certainly something that people are embracing or having I’m always transparent in what I talk about, and it’s not something that I’ve used extensively right now. I just thought if I leave it off this list, you know when a lot of people are really predicting is hard for 2021. You know something that I’ve lived to regret.

So I’m gonna put it on the list and I’ll tell you a little bit about it but basically it’s an invite only platform it’s not really an invite only platform, what happens is you apply to go and join it. Then as you apply to go and join it somebody you know from one of the other social media platforms gets notifications, who do you invite this person in. And then if you invite that person in, you can set up these virtual rooms where you can set up basically chat rooms where you can go and go and have conversations and it’s like, it’s like a really good way of running an audio podcast to multiple people, and I do see that it’s got a bit potential I do see this and it seems it’s a platform that certainly could grow. And I think that, you know, it’s not something that my focus is going to be going into for 2021, and it’s based around collaborations and joint ventures and I do like collaborations and joint ventures.

I think that it’s the reason is we’ve already wrote a marketing strategy wasn’t in it so I’m going to be massively avoiding the shiny penny but I certainly think there’s a lot of good feedback coming on what’s happening on clubhouse are tuned into a few different things I think is pretty cool. I think it’s a good way to go and consume audio content for people and I do see that why people are talking up so being so hot, you know, this year for sure. 

Okay. So, the next one is webinars so let’s go before we get into webinars I say why webinars are hot. Well, reason for 2021, I believe that webinars are 100% is, I think it’s one of the only areas, it pretty much is, is the main area where you can go and do a sales presentation to multiple people online for your business.

Now, we talked about live video. As we do this live video. I do live video to connect with people and to connect with our clients show people with their to meet new people, to gain awareness to actually help people out there and that’s why we do live video. For webinar, you look to go and educate and give a presentation on education, and then tell them how they confer that journey of education is one of the only places that you can go and have a long conversation online and actually present your products or services, and people want you to present your products or services because that’s why they’re there. Right. And I think that’s a really good thing, because you can go out there you can be given content, you’ll be given information, you’ll be helping people all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, you know many of you listening tonight. I’m sure to you know as we always do you’ll go on to the, to the website, big business events or adamstott.com, or whatever it is, and you’ll get in touch with us. Awesome. You know, maybe, and even even on the Facebook page, now there’s console options where you get console from outside and stuff. But I think webinars is just a great place to go and give some education and further the relationship and show people how they can go on that journey with you actually present your products and services, and with all the content creation and with all the putting yourself out there, all the conversations in the world. If there is no call to action, you don’t get any business where webinar, he’s got call to action and people expect calls to action people there because they want to know how can they go further. So I think that you don’t overlook that.

I think for most businesses especially service based business or service based business, you’re not using webinars to promote your products and services that probably is gonna change in 2021, that probably does have the challenge, because at the end of the day if you if you sell one on one, you’ve got to have a lot one on one conversations to sell products or services you sell one to five. Then you’re speaking of five people once you sell one to 50 has been 50 people once you sell one to 1000, you sell to 1000 people once, and I think the more people you speak to we know that the more opportunities you get, the more leads you get, the more sales you make more your business grows right so simple stop, but don’t overlook webinar in 2021 is still super hot, and I’m going to finish the list off without a shadow of a doubt, 2020 hot stack set the absolute crusher of everyone in 2020 was Zoom, and game changing, Zoom is still massive for your business. If you’re not using Zoom a lot, you know, I’m not quite sure we’re planning if you’re not in 2020, but it’s definitely without a shadow of a doubt, going to be around there’s going to stay in 2021 so get used to it. And this is the thing if you’re using Zoom, a start to embrace some of the features. This is about optimization right. A lot of people want to hear that move.

Sometimes you can get much more from understanding an old concept and optimizing it and say, well what don’t I know about Zoom, what are the things I don’t know you know that in fact is awesome, but there’s also as a Zoom webinar rights is two different platforms. And do you understand about the different things you can do with that Zoom webinar about the attendees rules, about the automation about all the different things. So you will learn to master the things you already know, go deeper, access more, it pay more results. and that will certainly help you in 2021.

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