Episode 222: Sneak Peek on the Ultimate Three Day Business Event

What are your mindset and identity when you started a business? Are you a person who wants to try a business idea or are you an entrepreneur that owns a business and wants to grow and succeed? In this episode, Adam Stott walks us through the Ultimate Three-Day Business event that they are running. He talks about topics they discuss, the relationship building with other entrepreneurs, and the amazing speakers you’ll meet in the three-day business event.

Adam shares the different business growth secrets that help him across his journey to create multimillion-pound businesses in different sectors, his experience from being an ordinary business owner to someone who goes out there to build a business and grow. He also explains the importance of knowing and owning your identity as a business owner and shifting your mindset to success.

Show Highlights:

  • Learn the four steps process for success in any area
  • Meet great speakers like Sarah Willingham
  • Why do you need a mindset shift to growing your business
  • Discover how important it is to understand your identity as an entrepreneur; and
  • Find out how you can be a part of the Ultimate 3-Day Business Event

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Adam Stott:

Everybody and welcome back to Business Growth Secrets with your host, Adam Stott hope everybody is doing really well. And looking forward to a great episode. Wanting to do this episode is going to be a personal chat one, not an interview one, where I tell you some of the things that we’ve been up to the things that we’ve been doing. I’m going to tell you a little bit more about our three-day event that we’ve been running. Which was, we’ve just done a few of them. And they’re absolutely awesome as such a great time they had so many great people attend that three-day event, and build some great relationships with some great business owners.

So, let’s jump into that we’re running a three-day event at the moment. It’s called Business Growth secrets. It is really for me about nine different business growth secrets that have helped me across my journey to create multimillion pound businesses in different sectors. And across this three-day event, we start off really going into every step of the way.

So, we start off really with the like the laws of wealth and success. So how does somebody really change their mindset in a way where they want to go out and create more success in their life and create more wealth in their life. We take people through a process of really adapting the mindset to the point where they can really identify and build on their identity of who they are. So, the next session is like, really about identity, and who you are as individual.

Now, this, I think this is really, really important. Because for a lot of people, when they first go into business, their mindset is I’m going to try a business. So, I’ve got this business idea, I’m going to work on this business idea. And that is not the identity, you want to go into owning a business or growing your business.

You want to go into an identity of I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a business owner, I’m a business boss. You want to be in the mindset of that. You’re going into start a business because you’re going to win because you’re going to succeed. The reason this is really, really important that when I started my first ever business. I just went in with the mentality and the identity that I’m a business owner. And if you go in without identity in that mentality, you’re a lot more likely to succeed.

The thing is about running a business is you come up against lots of different challenges. Lots of little, little different roadblocks things happen. You know, you have your ups, you have your downs. The people that succeed are the people that are able to stay on mission, and keep moving forward. Even when they’ve got the challenges and the roadblocks that keep coming up. So, what we were talking about, and I was talking about how you grow that identity and how you own that identity. If you’re somebody who’s listening now, and you’re in business. You need to have that identity that you are a business boss or business leader. You’re a business owner, and you’re somebody that’s going to succeed no matter what.

If you do that, your chances of success go up geometrically, dramatically. All the sudden, you’re going to be a lot more successful. Because when the challenge comes up, you’re not going to be telling yourself a story. I can’t do this, this is difficult, I get so many problems, you want to get out of that mentality. And out of that mindset of, I’m going to succeed no matter what, as a business owner. And when you do that, everything becomes much, much, much easier.

I was explaining this to the group, and explaining how they build on that identity. And I think this is really, really important. So, a lot of the people that come to the to these events. What we’ve decided to do with our business growth secrets event, is really good value really low priced. So, you can get actually three days of business training for 197 pounds. I mean, it’s an absolute no brainer. It’s right someone and people were shocked. They’re like, oh my god, I paid 197 pounds, a Tim thing. It was going to be anything like this is exceeding my expectations.

You know, this is worth 1000s of 1000s of pounds. That’s one of the feedback items we got. And what we decided to do is to put on an event, make it really low cost. So, lots of people would come lots of people could experience it. And part of my mindset in that was helping build change your identity. You don’t want to be somebody that’s trying to run a business. You don’t want to be somebody that’s trying to start a business. Or want to be somebody that’s having a goal or a business. And you want to be somebody that is going to succeed in business.

If you tell yourself that before we even start, you’re, as I said, your chances of success just got dramatically. You’re going to be a lot more likely to succeed, I think is like when you try anything. You know, whenever you try anything, and you want to go and succeed in it. The first step is actually owning that identity and saying, this is who I am, this is what I’m going to do. And that’s going to increase your chances of success. We do a great deal on identity.

I told people about when I first started learning marketing, I really didn’t know much about it. And the story most people tell themselves about marketing is I’m not very good at Tech. I’m not very good at actually going out and market my business or you know. I don’t know how to market my business. I talked about that being my identity right at the beginning and I had that identity shift. And one of my coaches turned around to me and said, you’ve got to be a CEO marketer, that is got to be your identity.

But the ideas come from you, Adam. You are the person that brings the ideas for your market, and you don’t have to put the ideas in place. But the ideas have to come from you. You have to have the ideas that are going to lead the business forward. That in your identity needs to move from being just a business owner to being a CEO, marketer. As soon as I made that identity shift. Then I started saying, Adam on you’re a CEO, marketer. It then led me on the next part of the search was, well, I need to get good at marketing.

That probably helped when it started to get good at it. I started to study it, I started to become obsessed by starting to learn social media. Then every time I saw something in marketing, that I didn’t know, I made a decision that I have to learn this, I have to get it, because it was part of my identity See, and that’s what changed my results that allowed me just that simple shift, in that one of the early coaching sessions I had allowed me from being just an ordinary business owner, to someone that will go on to grow the largest following in the world in the automotive industry.

Master social media marketing, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and actually go out there and build a business that made me millions of pounds. And it was a conversation. I think that’s the power of it. And that’s what I think people have to get.

So, my question for you listening today is, what shift do you need to make? Maybe you’re at that beginner stage where you’re you want to grow a business, you want to start a business, maybe? Or you’re already running a business? But have you turned around and said, I am the business owner, because you know, I am the boss of this business, I’m the Business Boss, why does that matter?

The reason that it matters is if currently, they say that you’re, you know, an artist or something like that, or whatever it is you do. Or even if you’re a you were previously a recruitment consultant, and now you’re running recruitment business, you’ve got to make that transition from being that main recruiter to being the owner and the boss of that business, right? In order for you to make that next step. So, what identity shift to you need to make. Now, if you’ve already made that shift, where you are the owner, you’re not working in the business not doing everything you’ve made that shift if you’re the owner, you’re the Managing Director, or you manage people when you direct things to get done.

Now, what’s the next shift the you need to make? Do you need to make that shift to start to become a CEO market where you lead the market from the front you bring more clients him? What shift do you need to make? I think that’s really, really important. We discussed that at length with everybody. That was absolutely awesome. I think that helped a lot of people to understand that what you’re thinking and what your mindset is, really does have a massive, massive influence on your results. And I talked about the whole journey of becoming that CEO, marketer, the people that sought me, the people that helped me, I then went through a four-step process for success in any area.

So, whenever you’re making that shift, and you’re taking on that new identity, wherever that new identity is, in order to be successful in it, you only need four things. And this is something I’ve taught a lot to people. And those four things are very simple one, you need the right information.

If you don’t have the right information on how to become a business boss, or you don’t have the right information, how to become a CEO, marketer, you’re not going to put the right things in place, or get the right results, we need the right information. And what I really think is important is that you don’t just need the right information in specialized information. So specialized information is the reason it’s different is you’re getting that information from somebody that is already what you want to become.

And if you get the information of how somebody else did what you want to do, it makes it a lot easier. And it can save you a lot of time. Next thing is you need to take massive action. Why when I was terrible marketing didn’t get really good at because I become obsessed with it, I took massive, massive, massive action, I constantly went put it on put things in place. So, I had the information, I took the action. And that obviously helps you to start getting results, but you’re going to have your ups and downs. You know, whenever you’re learning something new, it’s not always going to go as smoothly as you want to go.

So, you have to acknowledge that and realize there’s going to be some ups and downs. So, we’re going to need to develop some passionate persistence. And that passionate persistence is really, again coming from the identity. If you know that this is the direction you’re going in, you’re going to persist. And you’re going to be really more driven towards getting it and that passion is going to go up because you’re going to hit ups and downs.

And then finally, number four is you need to get in the right environment, getting specialized information and how to do it take massive action, be persistent, the ups and downs, but get around people doing what you want to do. Because if you get around people doing what you want to do, you’ll see how possible it is for you to make that change and things will speed up a lot faster.

So, we took them through that process in a lot more depth. We then took them through the process of that SEO market page. So how do you market your business? How do you get people to become aware of what it is you do? How do you how do you actually feel comfort with them online? So, they start making inquiries, visit your websites and that turning into sales, and then we explain how you use sales funnels to make that happen.

In addition to that, we show people really the piece of copywriting and understanding how to get people to convert in your funnels. And then we went deep into business strategy. But how do you take clients on a journey with you for the long term? How do you provide value to them again, and again and again. So, when you get a client, they don’t just come to you once they come back to again and again.

So, it was awesome. I mean, that’s just a snippet of what we were doing. From the free days with so much more. We also had the wonderful Sarah Willingham from Dragon’s Den, join us. And let me tell you, she was amazing. She was brilliant. Her enthusiasm was infectious. She came into the room, she even before she got in the room, we had a phone call, the day before she was due to speak. And she’s like, “Adam, I am so excited”. This is what I’m good at. I love helping small business owners and medium sized business owners to grow, I can’t wait to get in there. I really want to provide value to want to make a massive difference. She had all this enthusiasm. That was great.

And you know, I knew she was going to be awesome before she got there. Because she came from a place of wanting serve and wanting to add value. So super excited. But what really, I thought was brilliant about Sarah, this is somebody who’s had success at the highest-level taking companies public, made hundreds of millions of pounds. Start on Dragon’s Den is one of the Dragons is a seasoned investor that’s invested in hundreds of businesses, has been on multiple different TV shows, is a public personality. And she had, she was so humble, and so dedicated to helping every individual in the room, there was not one shred of ego in Sarah, she was just a lovely, smiley, friendly person that wanted to come and help.

I think if you’re listening to this, and you’re a business owner, as exactly who you want to be around, you want to be around somebody that’s done, it all made it happen, but has got ultimate humility, to just say I want to help other people. So, I was really impressed with her. Want to do more with Sarah, because she was awesome. In fact, I’m going to get her on this podcast. So, you can be looking, looking to the podcast, but when Sarah is going to come on, so I think you’ll be astounded by her story, her story was immense.

Now these three-day events, we’re going to be running more of these, we’ve got one coming up in January, which is going to be incredible. And if you want to get yourself on it, you just go over to my Instagram, the link is in the bio, at Adams stock coach, this is going to be sort of first come first serve tickets because the room sizes.

So, it should be around about 100-150 people. So, you want to go and get your ticket you can do, we’re going to bring on some more huge celebrity guests. Like I want to bring the biggest best people in business to these events, to show you how to become a business boss to go on and develop and create the results that you want to create. I mean, they’re incredible events. If you came on it well done last time sure you loved it.

And if you haven’t been on it, and you’re a business owner, and you’re listening to this, wherever you are, stop what you’re doing. Go over to my Instagram, get yourself reserved, come and join us because it’ll be an incredible, life changing experience, which gets you in the mindset with the strategies to go out and win and succeed in business. So yeah, cool stuff happening. But lots of these coming up next year with loads of great people. I’m going to be doing a few more podcasts like this, in addition to the interview style podcast, so I can just, you know, help people serve people let you know my thoughts, the things that you know we’re doing behind the scenes were so much going on. So much going on.

So, I want to just keep people updated with everything that’s happening. And hopefully you’ve enjoyed wherever you’re listening, where you’re listening in the car, where you’re listening in the gym, drop me a message on Instagram, if you’ve been listening.

So, you were inspired by this podcast. Love to hear from you. It’s great to answer every message on Instagram personally, that I get sent in. That’s the one I run my team by my LinkedIn and stuff like that, and my Facebook live on my Instagram. And I look forward to catching up with you soon. Hopefully got some value from today and maybe a couple of little tips. So, what’s the business growth secret I want to take out today? We’ll say let’s give it to Sarah and just say, you know, humility always wins. Right? I think that’s really important. So hopefully enjoyed today’s episode. I’ll see you soon.

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