Episode 231: #AskAdam – Social Media Summit VIP Session

Is social media helpful in building your business? The answer is a big YES! Many business owners now want to take advantage of the power of social media channels to grow and develop their businesses. But the problem is they don’t know where and how to start. The Social Media Summit is one of Adam Stott’s successful day events that gives quality training about social media and how this helps in growing, converting, and scaling a business. In this episode, Adam Stott did a VIP session where he generously answered questions from the event participants about business growth and social media strategies.

Adam shares tips on how to grow a social media audience from scratch. He covers everything from choosing the right social media platform, using SEO and advertisement, giving social media content ideas, and more.

Show Highlights:

  • Discover the importance of SEO in growing a small business
  • Find out how to get the most out of social media advertising
  • What social media channel to focus on for B2B business
  • Get tips on what social media content to use to demonstrate your power
  • Learn how to manage your time when you’re starting a business
  • What is the best approach to building funnels; and
  • The things to consider in choosing the right mentor

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hi, everybody, and welcome to Business Growth secrets. This is, I think, a really special episode of Business Growth Secrets, I hope you’re going to enjoy it. We run an all-day event called The Social Media Business Summit at this all-day event. We literally are on Zoom for the whole day and the clients that you’re about to hear in a moment.

Not only did they spend the entire day with me on Zoom, they then stayed afterwards for the VIP session, which is like a Q & A with me. And I just answer endless questions about Social Media Business Growth. I think it’d be really interesting, because some of the questions that were asked, no doubt you might be thinking of you might be considering how do I do this? How do I do that? I think it’d be really, really good to hear some great content.

So, this full-on episode is fast. And he’s furious. And he’s got loads and loads of content in it. So, I hope you enjoy it. And if you do, let me know. Follow me on Instagram @adamstottcoach, you know, tell me you’re enjoying the podcast. And make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and enjoy this week’s episode. 

So, what I’ll do is I’ll go through the chat and I’ll look at each question individually. And make sure I answer those for everybody. Your question can be anything you want to be personal, business can be about content, can be about the programs, anything you want to know I’m here to serve you. I’m here to answer questions, we will go in terms of how long the VIP will last. I will try to answer every question that’s asked today.

If you ask a question, and when you feel you’ve got to shoot off. That’s okay. I do understand that. You’ve been with us all day. But if you want to stay on right to the end, then encourage that. So what I would say is that sometimes you can learn more from somebody else’s question, then you can even the question you ask yourself. And I’ve seen that when we do group coaching, because sometimes somebody is asking a question you haven’t 100% thought of, but you know business, the problems are common.

A lot of people think that business is complicated, it isn’t actually that complicated. There’s a certain set of problems, regardless of what sector you’re in. And as long as we learn to manage those problems and work on those skills, then we can succeed in business, no matter where we’re starting from. 

So, I’ve got a few questions as I’m going to start off, and we’ll be answering all of those. The first question is for Abby, how do you figure out what keywords to use for SEO? And how important is SEO to your business? It depends. And this is for everybody. So, when I answer the questions, even though Abby’s asked the question, I’m going to answer it for everybody. And I’m going to give you my opinion.

So when it comes to something like SEO, for example, for a small business owner, I don’t believe it to be very important at all. And I will tell you why for a small business owner. Now don’t get me wrong. If you’ve got a large business and you’re running a large business, one of our businesses was doing about 14 million pounds a year. We used to spend a lot of money on SEO, we were in a sector that has a lot of traffic and a lot of search traffic in that sector.

So SEO is relevant. But as a small business owner, one of your biggest challenges is going to be cashflow, and making sales. And the problem with SEO is when you invest in SEO, you have to wait a long time to get that return on investment from the SEO because you’ve got to wait for yourself to go up in the rankings in order to then go and get the inquiries. 

Now for a small business owner. What I prefer to be able to do is pretty much what I showed you earlier, like everything I showed you earlier is what I 100% believe, I 100% believe you can go and grow a social media audience, engage with that social media audience with conversations, and you start to make sales pretty much straight away. Then why would you invest in SEO and wait months and months and months to get the leads and inquiries back when you can go and get instant results now.

Now, cash is king, especially for a small business. And if you want to make more money and you want to make more sales and if you want to make more sales, you need to have more conversations. So, the more conversations you have, the quicker you’re going to get the sales. Get the money. And then SEO is more of a long term strategy. So that would be my answer for you. And in terms of the keywords, you know, you’ve got, you can go and stuff like answer the public, you can go and check out the keywords for your sector. And you can find those different things quite easily.

But for me, I think you want to grow your business and focus on speaking to people, even if you look at what we’ve done today, you know, we’ve had 250, I think, I don’t know exactly how many throughout the entire day. But when we started that off, we had 250 people on, there are 250 people that we’ve built relationships with and got to know a little bit better. And those people got to know us a little bit better as well. And that’s what the keys are: granite businesses.

The key to growing a business is building relationships, and speaking to people, and if you can serve them, and you can help them is going to help you in a big way. Okay, so hopefully that answers that for you, Abby. 

So, Katherine said, there’s been a lot of content sent over. What are the most important ones to start with? Okay. So, Katherine, because I don’t know what program you’ve got? Because I haven’t looked. I haven’t been through everything yet. Because we’ve had a really busy day. I’m presuming that you might have got my program. And from the way, the question is framed.

So what I would say is this, you’ve had a busy day, your mind is probably racing. Okay. How many agree with that? Have you heard, right? Okay, you’ve had a busy day, your minds are probably racing, you’ve taken in some new concepts. From those new concepts, I would give you a break until Monday, truthfully. I would get the onboarding call with my team.

I would let my coach team have that call with you, rest assured that every single one of you that’s invested with us, not only you’re going to get the program, which is amazing, you’re going to get a goal, and then you’ve got any questions, you want to ask anything that you want to know, and might seem to take you through all of that. And I think that that will make it easier for you. I think, you know, what you don’t want to do is be drinking out of a firehose, and just taking so much information that you just get overwhelmed, because that can happen. 

So I would say wait for the onboarding call. Give yourself a break. Take some notes from today that you’d sit down. And hopefully you’ve got the overall principles. What I want you to do is certainly if you’re working with me, the principles you’re going to be working with me is this. We’re going to grow a social media audience. We’re going to choose a channel, we’re going to grow our social media audience, we’re going to go and start conversations with that audience that we started, and we are going to direct them into a landing page that then can result in you getting sales or inquiries. It’s really straightforward. It’s really simple. But let’s take it step by step. Right? We’re not going to get results overnight, but we will get results over the course of the next few weeks for sure. If it’s helpful for you. 

Okay, so the next one, Jay, I want to start paying for ads on social media. How should I start with this? And how does it work? Okay, so there’s two parts of pretty much every social media channel, there’s your front end, and then there’s your back end, right? Your front end is what 99% of you that are on right now are using, which is what you say, but the back end depending on what channel you want to use.

So, for example, on YouTube, YouTube’s advertising platform is Google AdWords, and that is their back end. So Facebook, for example, Facebook’s advertising platform is ads manager, Instagrams, advertising platform, man is ads manager. LinkedIn’s an advertising platform is a LinkedIn advertiser, Tiktok’s advertising platform is tiktok’s ads manager, right.

Now, if you want to start advertising on social media, you have to get to know the backend of the platform that you want to conquer. This is why I tell you don’t mess around with trying to conquer six channels, you won’t do it. Unless you’ve got a marketing team, you’re confused that eight yourself you won’t get results you don’t want to do that. We want to do it if you want to focus on one thing, say right, I’m going to grow Tiktok, then you learn the platform Tiktok. 

Now, if you’re working with us, whether it’s Tiktok, whether it’s Facebook, wherever you want to grow, I will show you how to do it. I’ve spent a million is not even an exaggeration. I have spent millions of pounds of my own money by literally millions of pounds on advertising. I know what works, I know what doesn’t work, right. And I can take the result much quicker.

So if you want to start advertising and you’re not on the program, getting on the program will save you a ton of money. And I really mean that. Because if you go and you spend money, especially like boosting posts or you don’t know what you’re doing with it, you will waste money. Right? You need to know that back end, you need to know the type of ads you need to run.

You need to run those specific ads in accordance with the system that we teach and I’m sure that you probably know already, Jay. That’s fine. I’m sure most of you are, which is great. You want to know those backends. So, understand the front end, back end, whatever channel you want. Learn the channel and learn the back end, and let’s get that working for us and then that will help you to get the result. Okay, so hopefully that answers that one. 

Trevor, what social media channel is best for an animation business, doing b2b If I’m choosing one to work with? Okay. So a lot of the time when people are looking at b2b, their first thought is that they should use LinkedIn. Okay, because they see that as a business platform, but they’re forgetting one thing. Who runs businesses? People run businesses, not robots, right? People run businesses.

There are billions of people on Facebook. Facebook has the biggest platform. Facebook has the cheapest platform by mall, right, let me tell you, tiktok’s sort of catching up. They’ve got a very cheap platform as well. And Facebook is really good for reaching business owners because they are the most developed advertising platform of the mall.

What I mean by that is they’ve been going the longest when I started in 2008, I was using Facebook ads back then in 2008. We’re in 2022. Now, it’s about, say, 21. We’re in 2020. So now, and that is how long they have been running, they have the data, they know exactly who to present the message to. Right. So if you want to reach business owners, then Facebook advertising is very, very powerful. 

Okay, the only downside with Facebook is that their platform can be quite restrictive, because they love to restrict ad accounts and ban ad accounts, which is a real pain. Right? And so some of you’ve been through that. You know, that’s the only downside of Facebook advertising. So, I would always look at it if you’re a new advertiser, and you’re on here right now, unless you have a specific, real passion about the channel because I know that we did a lot of for this event, we did a lot of Tiktok advertising, right?

So I know that many of you will be from Tik Tok. Okay, I get that. So maybe you want to grow tiktok, and it is a hot platform. If you really want to grow with that, that’s fine. But I would perhaps start with Facebook b2b. It’d be easier. Your LinkedIn is much more expensive. Okay. Tr, I’m in the aesthetics industry, I want to know the best type of visual content to use for Facebook ads. I specialize in bum fillers, and my ads are always rejected. 

Okay, so we’ve worked with loads, and I mean, loads of people in the aesthetics industry, I’ve got at least 50 clients that I’ve helped in this area. So, now it is really, really, really, really well. The mistake that is in the question to a degree, okay. What I mean by that is the way you frame the question, this is what I shared with you today. I hope that we took him today is what I was explaining to you today is what we don’t want to do is if we just get into the point where you’re just going to run outs, hoping that we’re going to hit someone in the moment, and they’re going to come to us and they’re going to want our product or service, there’s going to be some difficulty.

Now, it depends on how big a business that you’ve got. Now, for example, we’ve got a rather large business, therefore, that we will run ads, but let me say if I was starting tomorrow, and you said, Adam, you’re going to start an aesthetics business. But what would I do? What I would do is I would run a lights campaign on Facebook, and I would get people to come and like my page. From that lights campaign, I would then go and message them. I would start conversations, and I would start booking those people in and I’d start making sales.

The people that I’ve helped to do this with, I’ve got a client called Maggie, in the aesthetics industry, who loves driving a Lamborghini Aventador who does very well. But another client called Nick, who’s done very well, in this aesthetic industry, I’ve trained a lot of people in this industry, and you’re not getting any ads rejected. You’re not banned. Because you are going out, you’re identifying who the people are. And then you’re starting the conversation with them. Right. And it works very, very well. 

So, the system that I showed you earlier, will work amazing. For the aesthetics industry, it will be amazing, right? Just so you know. Okay. So Leanne. I’m struggling to get people engaging with my free content to become paying customers. Any advice? So, where it’s difficult here is because I haven’t seen the content. So I don’t know. I don’t know how good the content is. So I’ll answer in a slightly different way. What you’re looking to do with your content.

And what you should all be looking to do is give what I call a DOP. A DOP is a demonstration of power. You want to be able to demonstrate through your content. Why should somebody choose you above other people? And that’s how good it needs to be. If you because this is the thing, that demonstration of power is what will stand you apart from the competition, because people will look at you and they’ll go, okay, love, I’ve seen the video, they’re really good, or, you know, I’ve seen this thing is awesome, right.

So, if you’re putting any content out, you don’t like, some people tell you, I should put loads of content out, be consistent and get this out there, get that out there, you don’t want to do that. You want to make sure that whatever you put out is of quality, whatever you put out is a real representation of what you want to put into the marketplace. 

You know, any message that you put out to market should be a message you’re proud of. So don’t get yourself on this treadmill where you feel like you have to be posting all the time, or putting stuff out all the time, just to kind of keep up with the Joneses instead, put out something that gives a real demonstration of why somebody should do business with you. And that’s what I wanted to do. You know, I don’t put anything on my Instagram unless I like it.

This is like, right, it’s going on there. Because actually, I think that’s good. On my own biggest fan. But you know, it means I want to make sure that wherever I’m putting out there is quality, because I know someone’s gonna see it go awesome. I didn’t think it was that good. One that I want them to go “Oh, no, that should make sense. I like that”. You know, and that is the mentality that you need to have now does that mean I have to post every day? No, I don’t need to post every day. When I post, you can make sure that what I’m going to put out is going to be of a decent quality, because it’s more important to have the quality than the quantity. So, hopefully that helps you in the end. 

Okay, so John, are we going to start with a select number of so we are going to start with a select number of venues at first that we deal with this guy, we’ve recorded interviews, then post them to our social media channels. From your experience, would you say if this is a good format to try and follow? Venues, let’s go to recorded interviews.

Okay, so one of the things that in these chat anon scripts for those of you that are working with me on the program, is I will say you will say from when you open these up, and you look at them is that the first thing that I suggest you do is you have what are called value add. And that value add is where before you ask anyone to buy anything from you, you actually go out to the marketplace and you say, look, this is a value add.

So, I’ll tell you one of the things that we do, right. So, one of the things that we do this work very, very well is we go out and we say look, we do a weekly q&a, where Adam will ask any answer any question you want. Okay? And literally doesn’t matter where it is if you’re struggling in your business, you’re struggling and marketing is struggling with cash flow, Adams, a business expert, can answer anything you want. And we’ll go out and we’ll have those conversations. So, the first message would be like, hey, thanks for following. Just so you know, is there any error in your business a little bit? 

You know, Adam will answer these questions on this weekly q&a for you. And guess what happens is people come back and they go, Oh, wow. That’s pretty cool. Actually, rather than, you know, this has been asked of me for anything just said, look, you need a bit help. So people asked a question, guess who ends up becoming the clients? People ask questions, like seriously, because they go, oh, actually, this is something that’s different, or adding some value to me first, even like the event today.

So, it’s like, look, come to the event. You know, before we sell a program or a product, we’ll try and add some value to people, try and give them some tips, try and give you some advice and guidance. And then that person becomes you know, somebody that is a fan of yours. Why? Because I’m trying to build a relationship, trying to give that demonstration of power. And you’re not going to do that perfectly with everybody.

But as you scale and as you grow, if you follow the model that I teach, you will find that life is a lot easier. And guess what, as well, you’ll enjoy it more. Because let’s face it, who wants to go and sit there pitching their products all the time people say no. When you rather pitch products, people like I love them, I follow them, I want to buy this stuff. That’s what I’m saying about reversing, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to reverse what everybody else does. And you’re trying to do it in a different way. And that really is what is impactful. 

So, John, the answer to your question is, yes, it can work. But you always have to ask the question. Does this add value? Does it really add value? Like and if the answer is yes, fabulous, but a lot of people are really afraid of putting out their best content. Why put your best content out? For everything you got to give out? Why not? You couldn’t possibly put everything you got to give out anyway even if you wanted to.

Because if someone wants to work with you more, they’re gonna want to work for you. And this is the other thing to remember is like, no matter how much you put out, nobody gets anything the first time they hear it. And nobody understands this but this is true. You know, repetition is the mother of all skills. If you hear something once you’ll become familiar with it you get okay, yeah, yeah, you hear it. Seven times you are on notice. Yeah. 

So, everything needs to have repetition, in order for you to actually put it in place and take action on it. And a lot of people don’t get that. But it’s really true, right? So, you know, don’t be afraid to put your best stuff out on the pole on the three day event, the 18th and 21st. And January, will there be upsells? At the end of that to buy? Yeah, absolutely. We offer, again, I’m very casual with it. You know, very, very, and even more so at the events.

If you’re working with us, and you want to work on your social media, if you’re working with us on your social media, what you are going to get is a system that you can use to go and sell your products and services. The reality is, if you just do what I tell you to do, you’ll make a lot more money than 500 quid. So, just do it, just do what I tell you to do. And for me, that’s about me putting my best foot forward and saying, hey, I’m going to do this. It’s really good.

If you want to work with me further, do you think there’s more I can teach you? Of course there is. Won’t be very good. If there wasn’t more I can teach you. I can teach you more. But it’s not all about that. It’s about if you’re ready, you know, I’ve been at Wembley, watching a football fan, some guy ran up to me, manager said, Adam, I’ll come to your free event. But then we set up made loads of money, never bought anything else. Oh, awesome. You know.

So, you know, it just depends. But I’m a believer in coaching. I’m a believer in training. And the more coaching, the more training you have, the better you become. Does that mean you have to buy every training course in the world? No, you don’t. If you want to cross social media, go and get our Social Media course, if you like, Adam, I want to get to know you more, come to the free day event. And come and get to know me, if you like me, and you want to work with me further then you can. And if you don’t, you don’t have to, you know, it’s very, very casual. So, hopefully that answers that question for you. 

So, Zara said, Is it best to target one customer at a time avatar during a period of time via social media? Or is it good to identify several, for a small business, I would say rather than a customer avatar, because I’m not, I’m not 100% Big on the customer avatar because you know, I have clients that are male, I have clients that are female, I have clients that are you know, from Manchester, I have clients from here from there, I’ve come from everywhere. What I like to say is, it’s more like a profile, who’s your dream client, your dream client.

So for me, here’s my dream client, my dream client is somebody that is really committed to learning and growing, that’s really driven. They’re not afraid to take action. There’s somebody that listens, somebody that puts things in place, and they’re the people I’m looking for. Now, if you’re male or female, that doesn’t matter to me, if you’re from London or Manchester, it doesn’t matter to me, you know, what I’m looking for is more of a profile, it’s more of a personality. And that’s the difference between demographics and psychographic.

A lot of people look at demographics, you don’t want to look at demographics, you want to look at psychographics psychographics, are how somebody acts and the things that they do, rather than where they’re from. Because we can’t define someone from where they’re from, you can’t, it’s more about the psychographics of the profile of the person that you want to look at. 

So I would look at those psychographic and say, like, what kind of problems this person has, what change they want to see in their life, what they want to do differently, and I would look at it in that way. And I would sit and then I would talk to those people like a good message, meet someone where they’re at, and says to them, hey, look, if you’re in this place, and you want to go somewhere else, you know, things are going to need to change, you have to do things differently. Right, and your products or services to breach to take them on that journey. And that’s the way you need to look at it, which is a different way of looking at it. Right. So hopefully that answers that question for us. 

Okay, so Paula said, What’s SOC? I think that might have been the DOP demonstration of power. Okay, and saying, do you think I should target one service, or the three I want to offer? Cleaning housekeeping dog walking, though, mainly, I want to aim this at disabled people. So what I would say is, this is one of the concepts that I’m a big believer in. And if you’re spending regardless of what three day event, you do this, whether you come on the 19th to the 21st, the one we’ve got the celebs, or whether you come on a boot camp with me three days in our offices, or wherever you come and my team come work out with you.

One of the things that I’m a big believer in is a client journey and a value ladder, right. And that is the bottom of the value ladder. We start with free value and that bottom of the value ladder. And I’ll teach you this in a lot more detail because it is very, very important. But even a brief introduction, the free value is you given that they are opaque saying hey, this is me. 

I can give you value in these areas. So you demonstrate that in the first offer or the first sale that you make should be what we call low ticket, it shouldn’t be high ticket, it should be, hey, look, if you buy this program or this product, or this service, you are going to get more value than what you actually paid to buy. Right? And I truly believe that if you paid us 500 pounds to do my program, you will 1,000,000% say that you’ve got more money than you’ve got more value than 500 quid, I know you will, because I’m giving you more value than 500 quids worth more. Right?

I’m okay with that. Because what I’m doing is I’m demonstrating to you that I provide value in what I do. So the answer to your question is, what are people going to want? And what are they going to say yes to? Now, if dog walking is the thing, right? And that’s the thing they’re going to want? After you’ve built trust with them? Are they giving them a comfortable review in their home? 

Yes, they are. So that might be where you introduce the cleaning here. Right? And after they’re comfortable in your home, and you introduce the cleaning, are they going to be comfortable over here. Now the cleaning is going to cost more than the dog walking, but is the dog walking in is going to be there to build the relationship make sense? Everybody? Do you follow me? So as we build trust, people are naturally going to want to buy other products or services from you. It’s just natural.

How many agree you prefer doing business with the people, you know, right? You prefer going to the restaurants that you go to because you know you’re going to get good experience. You know, and that’s the same in every walk of life. Right? So, I would say to you that if dog walking is the low ticket offer, go out, get a load of dog walking clients and say to him, Hey, by the way, you know, also do housekeeping. You know, I also do cleaning. Let me tell you, my dog walker walks my dogs. My dog has done a lot more than just that.

But I never would have known her. But now she got her key to my house. I’m like, oh, yeah, you can do that. Yeah, cool. Okay, you can do that cool. And just like she’s doing everything now. Because I built a relationship with her. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve never picked up a housekeeping thing and you can’t keep my house. I don’t know you. But here’s my keys crack on. Never done that, makes sense?

A relationship was built. That’s what we’ve got to understand business about relationships. So Jill, should I focus on one product when I’m starting out, I’ve got so many ideas. And I find them stopping me. Okay, so Jill, the problem here is perfection. Slide if you want it to be right. And, and what I say to every single one of you is, you ain’t gonna be right. You know, you got to stop. And you’re better to start and be wrong, because at least you’ve started. But it’s the fear of failure that makes us want to be perfect.

So, I don’t want it to not work, you know, but the reality is, what we got to do is you’ve got to put self out, we’ve got to go for it, go make a decision, make things happen, and then go out and offer a product or service and then you know, you’re the market will tell you whether it’s right or not. 

If the market doesn’t want your product or service, I’m afraid it wasn’t the right product or service, to understand what I mean. But you got to let the market tell you. You can’t guess the market. You got to test the market, don’t get it tested. Right. And that’s going to help you in a better way. So for me, you know, yes.

This is where coaching can come in. In coaching, you say look, do you think this idea is viable. From someone with experience, they’re going to be able to go look, to be honest, you probably should go down this route. You can get a good bit of advice and you can cut the learning curve. If you don’t get coaching, then what you do need to do is you need to do testing, right and testing as you go out. You make the offer and see if anyone wants it, they don’t change the offer. And then you got a new test and you know, coaching cuts that time, that learning time. But that’s basically what we’ve got to do. 

So, Trevor, what’s the most effective approach to building funnels? I launched in April. I wish to use ads to get more delegates. Well, the platform that we use is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is the best platform, and you need to make sure that you’ve got the right offer again, and the right offer is not what you think the right offer is, the right offer is what your clients want. So what is it they want? Gosh, that self that question What is it your clients want? And if we can get insight into their mind and see what they want, they’re going to say yes, a lot quicker.

So, we need to kind of understand that you need to build the funnel around what it is they want. So what’s missing in the marketplace? What you’re being asked for, you know, when you talk to the clients, what is it they continually ask you for? What do they get excited about? When do you talk to them? There’s something they get excited about, then that’s all from that because they’re gonna say yeah, and let’s build the funnel around that because there’s gonna be a yes. And that’s what we’ve got to do a lot of it is psychology.

We’ve learned to take ourselves out of ourselves and put ourselves in the customer’s place or the consumer’s base. So, what does this person want? What is it that they would find value? What would they benefit from? And when we do that You get a lot more yeses. Okay. 

Catherine, could you tell us any more about how to go about creating an audience from scratch? What can I be doing now before accessing the paid training. So, building an audience from scratch, I mean, if you are desperate to get access to training go and access training now. And there’s Facebook Lives campaigns on there, showing you how to go and build your audience straightaway. And you can do that. In terms of building an audience, we need to understand, as I said earlier, that the game is completely great.

If you want to build a social media audience in today’s market, in today’s world, to go and explode out on social media, games like social media, companies just don’t let you do it, they’ve changed that. So, we need to invest in the ads in the ad section. Now, you can run ads from as little as one pound per day. And when we run those ads, what that will do is that will put your message in front of more people, which will grow your audience and then we’re going to go and have conversations with that audience which is going to convert them, which is exactly what I said earlier, It will all become clear.

As you get into the training and start working through the training, you’re going to be surprised that it’s a lot easier than you think it is, for some of you’re going to think oh my god, is it difficult, it’s not difficult, it’s actually going to be really easy. Because all we’ve got to do is run a very small ad. And I’ll give you an example of one of my, one of my coaches, actually, so this guy is a coach of mine from America. 

His name’s Damien, it’s just opened a new fitness center. I did a lot of coaching with him in America because he was a speaker trainer. So I wanted to get into speaking, which is what I did now, about five or six years ago. He trained me in this industry and he wanted to open a gym recently in America. And he said, Adam, what strategy to put in place to make money because it comes to make so I’m going to go over the world from talking about social media. I said Damien, exactly what I’m telling every single one of you on the show.

Now, I said, what you need to do is we need to drop a pin on your fitness center, we’re going to build around that we’re going to put the message in front of these people, we’re going to get them following, you’re going to message them, you’re going to build a relationship with them, you’re going to put them into a funnel, and you’re going to send me a gym membership over the phone. He has followed to the tee, what I told him to do to the tee. And he’s closing before he’s even opened his gym, about $30,000 a month worth of sales on gym memberships.

Right before he’s even opened. Because he did exactly what I told him to do. And I’ll promise you if you follow what we said, you’re going to get results. Okay, so hopefully that helps, Charlie, in the early days, how did you split your time between working in the business as opposed to on it? Is there magic? Okay, so what I did so this question is, in the early days, how did you split your time between working in the business as opposed to on it? Is there a magic percentage between business life and children now? I’ll be straight and truthful when I started my business and didn’t have any children.

So I do understand, I know the challenge because my little boy is autistic, and I’m not with his mom anymore. And I take him to school every Tuesday at a plectrum school every Tuesday, at the same school every Wednesday, I have him every like virtually every weekend, as well. And I spend a tremendous amount of time. 

So I do understand that children can take a lot of time. I do get that right. You know, I understand what it’s like in the beginning, the way that I split my time. The only way I could get out my business in the beginning, was actually to go on training courses and 100%. I know it well, for training reasons. I’m not trying to say that.

But I am saying I used to go on training courses because it would take me out of my business for a couple of days where I could actually not be in the day to day and be in the trenches. And while it’s hard when I come out, what I found is that I was more motivated. I was more inspired, added more ideas, and I put more in place and I swear to you that 100% genuine answer that really worked for me. And why does it work for me? Why do I think that works? I think that works.

Because most people get swallowed up day to day. They just get swallowed up by it. But their day to day takes over everything. They think that they can’t find the time to change. They get addicted to the day to day grind, they get addicted to the struggles, the issues, the things going on, if it’s a complaint, if it’s an issue, if it’s their service, a staff member and you just get swallowed up by the whole thing. And you’ve come to be assessed by it’s horrible. And honestly, that’s what I used to do. I say, right, I’m away for three days. I’m away for two days. And that’s it and you will have to deal with it with my team. 

And I did and he started to give me the breaks. That’s how I did it in the beginning. What I do now is so I’ll give you a different example of what I do now. What I do now is I just went on a scan to pick up on expenses with him. Is it just going through that I don’t look at my phone? I don’t answer my calls, my team doesn’t ring me and I don’t feel guilty about that and that’s it. There’s no problem that can’t wait till it’s very few problems unless you’re in a cash flow crisis. Right?

I’ve been there. Right, I’ve been there. I’ve been in this cash flow crisis, I’ve been in a cash flow crisis where I need to find a million pounds by the end of the week, or we’re not going to be open anymore. I’ve been in those kinds of, but there’s very few, especially the beginning where it’s that bad. So it’s only as you get massive that you kind of had those kinds of crises come up. So what I do now is just so well, we do it tomorrow. If somebody is upset that they can’t get dealt with until tomorrow, my team can’t deal with it. I think most people understand. I think you’ve brightened the addiction. And somebody should just try it out.

If you’re on holiday, I’ve been on holiday this week. You know, I had a lot of messages. And the message back always messages people. One thing that never bothers me is sending people messages. And that should never bother. You should never get irate about speaking to clients, you’d never get irate about responding to messages. You know, people messaged me while I’m away last week, and I just sent a message back. I was just like, hey, I’m back Monday. I’ll get it booked in. We’ll go now. Yes, people. Okay, thanks. 

If someone said, Well, I really need to talk to you today. I’d say I’m gonna hold out and speak on Monday. And that’s that you have to have that discipline. One of the things I think is that it’s really important that you have to cultivate that discipline. And if you do cultivate that discipline, it will really help you. So that’s what I would suggest you do there.

Okay. So Margaret, one of our clients, how are you doing? Darlene, hope you are doing? Well? How do I get my professional restriction that doesn’t allow me to make the first approach to prospective clients. Usually a professional restriction, you think it’s a professional restriction? But it’s in the mind? Like that is the real answer.

Because I’ve had everyone tell me, I’ve had mortgage brokers. And when I first started working with Gary, Gary’s a guy that I trained, went on to become a very successful mortgage broker told me the same thing. I remember when I started working with Steven Pitcher from St. James’s place told me the same thing. You know, I remember so many industries, they tell me they can’t make the approach. What you can’t do is go in and pitch with a lot of help. What you can do is you can talk to people, you can’t tell me that you can’t talk to people, you can talk to people, and in somebody, if you talk to him and ask you, for her. 

So, it’s just a way of doing it. And remember, even what I said earlier, when we were talking about this chat and an aspect, I never, ever encourage anyone to go to pitch, what you shouldn’t do is go, “Hey, my name is Joan”, buy my thing. You shouldn’t do that. Anyway, if you do that, you’re going to get no CLA. How many had a few messages like that on LinkedIn anyway? Right? You get them all the time.

We’re just like, oh, go away? You don’t want that. So don’t do that. Like, why would you say to someone else that you don’t want done to you? Does it make any sense does it? So you’ve got to have a slightly different approach where you just go out and have conversations, you don’t need to go and pitch your products, you need to have conversations, which is a different thing. And there is nobody in the world that is restricted from having conversations.Make sense? Can’t do ministry like this. Okay.

Catherine said I’ve received no confirmation for the pay training course. I make it really good. Anyone that’s on the training, my team will be doing the onboarding calls on Monday. Okay, so every single one of you without fail will be getting a phone call on Monday. If you don’t answer the phone, you will get WhatsApp. If you don’t answer WhatsApp, you’ll get a text message. And f you don’t answer the text message, you’ll get a Facebook message, we will get hold of every single one of you. I promise you.

All right. Okay. Is that fair? Good stuff. But I’ll make sure that I make sure that we do right. And I will be personally looking over that. And I will be with the team, making sure that we spoke to absolutely everybody, I promise you, there will be an email confirmation, but it might be in your spam box. If you want to look at it, it may feel better, you can go and have a look at that. But I promise you that everyone will get an onboarding call Monday. 

Jack, Sam, would you recommend staying in your current job? And so you’ve paid off your debt before starting full time? Also, what should you aim to get from a mentor? So, two questions. Would I recommend staying in your current job, what I would recommend that you do is I would start a side hustle where you start going and offering products and services, I would use that side hustle to pay off some of your debt to put you in a better position. So you can then quit your job and you’ll be debt free.

So that’s the answer to the first question. The second thing is what should you look to get from a mentor? i It depends what you want to get. So, I said to you earlier on, which I stand by, you should only really be looking for somebody to mentor you that you’d be happy to swap places with. But if you’re on here now and you want to take your business to a billion pounds, right, I haven’t done that.

So, I haven’t actually done that. But before you get to a billion pounds, you need to get to 100 grand. And before you get to 100 grand you need to get to a million before you get to a billion you need to get to 10 and then you need to get to 30 and then you need to get to 50 and I’ve done all that so I can help you get that thought that after that, if you want a billion pounds, you better call Elon Musk? Because I’ve been there.

All right, you know, and I think that what we got to do is understand that, you know, from a mentoring perspective, you know, and I’ve got clients that have worked with me, and I’ve taken them so far and that and that’s fine. You know, and it’s a good sign of a good mentor is, have you got clients that have gone on to be more successful than you? Because if you haven’t, then you’re probably not a good mentor. Right? 

So, I think that is important. So, I think that what you need to look at, is you need to say, Jack, I’m here, wherever you are, wherever you are, in your URLs, my goals are here. Like, if you’re looking at me, can Adam get me from here to here? And if the answer is yes, then helping you go on that journey is the job of that mentor. So that’s what I would say. So look individually, where do you want to go? Where are you now? Where do you want to go?

That’s the way I would look at it. That’s the way I look at it. We want to, you know, like, I’ve had so many different mentors. If I want to learn, you know, anything, I will always go out and find somebody to teach me it. Whether it’s playing tennis, which was horrendous out, I’ve got a tennis coach. Why? Because then I’ll get better at it. You know, and I think that’s the way you got to that. That’s the way you got to look at it wherever it is you want to learn it can be learned. And I think that you know, 100% 

So, Rochelle said, I’m drinking wine. Good question. Yeah, that’s it. That’s good. But my mind’s racing good stuff. And I’m extremely motivated. Oh, mine the glass for people, can you… But also, I’m not invested in it now because it’s three months ahead, where I have the energy for, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you. I’ve got a lot to learn from, as I said earlier on, you know, if you’re working reverse, you get loads out of it. If not, then it’s okay to write. And it’s no problem.

Right. So, Angie spoke, you mentioned no fancy website landing the landing page, how do I get my full range of products on the landing page. So Angie, we will go over that with you. And we will look at what it is you want to offer. And we’ll look at the products that you want to offer. It might be the dump. But you know, one thing you want to say is a good tip is a confused mind doesn’t buy. If you give somebody 42 options, guess what they’re taking none of them. Right? A confused mind doesn’t buy.

So one of the things that a lot of people would do is actually bring their product range down a little bit. And instead, put it in an order, like I showed you that value ladder. So you can offer them something now, and then you can offer them something later. And that’s a better way of doing it than giving someone 42 options. They don’t know what to do. But we’ll look at that with you when we start to work with you. Okay.

So Michelle, Hi, Michelle, my question is about their home. Michelle’s works with us as well. So a very long question. I still believe I should have a target market in order to speak to the market and speak to them, but I’m struggling to convince them. So I have to read this. My question is about who, the ideal client, my businesses don’t use digital social marketing. I help artists and creative entrepreneurs develop their brand, develop content and use their digital marketing to read to reach a global collectors market and sell art. How do I sell that idea service to my clients?

Well, Michelle, the question is already too long. Right? What you need to say is I help artists, this is how you simplify. I help artists with their branding and social media. Right? So that’s what you do. Okay? Or what is the biggest problem that artists have with their social media and their brand? Find me to answer that and go out with the problem. And you’ll have no problem getting people to latch on to the problem.

I have done that. I know my target market. It’s getting them to adopt a mindset of those who don’t care who buys their art, they just want to sell their art. Okay, if they’re hiring me to do their social for them, and develop content for them, and their messaging to someone. Yeah, you know, what you need to do here is you need to define your methodology. Okay?

Define your methodology. And what I mean by that is you say, right, if I’m going out there, and I’m helping somebody to build their business, I have a methodology and I defined it very clearly for you. earlier on. I said, right. You work your mate, this is what we’re going to do together. There’s 250 a song. If that doesn’t suit someone, and I want to do a different way. That’s okay. Right. But this is my way. I know my way works because I’ve done it with so many people.

That’s my methodologies, my philosophy Right. If you have a philosophy, and somebody doesn’t care about your home, they’re the wrong client for you. Because you need to say, first thing we’re going to do is we’ll define the home, then we’re going to do this, then we’re going to do that and they go, Well, I don’t care about who just get me results. And you say, Well, I don’t think that we’re going to be great fit for each other. Because you’re not going to get results. And as we follow the process, to plant things, thank you. Okay, that makes sense. 

And that’s, that’s like, especially if you’re selling a service, you know, somebody comes to you for a service, and this is for everyone. You’re the expert. That’s the mentality, right? Or you should be the expert, if you’re gonna offer the service, right? And your methodology, and your process needs to be this is my process, define it, package it, and sell it. And if they want to go against the philosophy, then you obviously didn’t clearly explain the philosophy when they made sense. They’re thinking, my pleasure. Okay, so now, I realize the hurdles have overcome. So, I know that as well. 

How are you doing Donnie? I’ve realized that all the positive people and now surround myself, I’m fearful of fucking up. Excuse my language is causing paralysis now. Any advice? Please? Yeah. Gone fuckup, is like the easiest quizzes like what we have to do, we cannot succeed unless we fail. Why? I promise you, we, you have to say, I’m going to do it anyway. That is the mentality that you have to have. There is no successful entrepreneur in history that has got the perfect first time. There’s just no, it doesn’t exist, go and pick up any book of any successful entrepreneur. Read all of them. I’ve read him. I was obsessed. I read them all. And every single one, nobody figured it out.

Right, first time. No one, right. But what they did is they said, You know what, I’m just gonna do it anyway. You know, and like coaching will cut that. Right, it will cut that learning curve. And I really passionately believe that, right? Because I’ve seen it happen for me when I was doing things that weren’t wrong. And someone would come and say, Look, you’re doing that wrong, go over it. That just makes it so much easier. But there are no perfect charts at the top, there is no crystal staircase, that everything magically is going to be perfect, it does not exist, that staircase is going to get scratched up and is going to get messed up.

There’s going to be bits and pieces that don’t work out quite well. The important bit is that when you scratch it, you’re going to sit there on the bottom step and polish snippets in hours. Or you’re just going to go to the next step and keep going. Which ones you want to do. You just move on and keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. And that is what will get you to the new destination. Right? So don’t be afraid. Keep going my dear. 

Okay. Catherine, how do we know the first seminar? Will that be communicated on Monday? No problem at all. I’ve got loads of questions no more on via when I think. Okay, so, Paul, what I’m going to do is ask those who’ve asked questions, because now some of you asked not five or six questions, I’ll have to do one question and move to the next question. Otherwise, we won’t serve everyone right.

So, I’m going to jump into Ed’s question. I love that. Adam, this is what I’ve been looking for, set aside brilliant stuff I’ve got at, I believe, I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly. What would you say about conjoint platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and WhatsApp? What do I want to do all on one platform? Yeah, no problem at all, then you can absolutely do that.

Now, the thing about Facebook and Instagram? Of course, they share the same advertising platform. So if you’re going to use Facebook, is your choice, we’re naturally going to get the bonus of Instagram or vice versa. Right? And then we’re going to use whatsapp with that as well. So yes, I’m on board with that. 100%. 

Okay. But then when I’m talking about that earlier, and I’m presenting, it’s 250 people, I think, gonna confuse the audience. So, but your questions are correct. And we will be using those as a trio. Okay. Do you help with Google ads? We go to Google ads. We do Google ads and YouTube ads. But there is some YouTube in the program, but not specifically your Google ads. Hopefully, that helps you there. And Alex is saying, what platform would you recommend for a men’s underwear brand?

Again, probably Instagram is going to be the most visual for that. Press sooner. I’ve monetized the YouTube channel, only 1700 followers. I want to get into Facebook too, and promote my videos absolutely. If you’re on the program, it will help you with that 100% And you’ll find that you’ll be able to move them across the channels. Can we have a recording? Can we have a copy of this recording as it covers a lot of questions? We may well not be 100% Sure. But when we see every single one of you here that’s got a recording of the day’s event. I’ll have to speak to my team and see if we can get this recording as well.

So two phones that makes complete sense. Polar sad, how’d you go about creating the lights campaign? Well, as soon as you get in the program, if you’re with us on the program, you will get access to that. And it will show you that lackey said, I’m already a social media influencer. I help property investors and business owners with fixing problems to grow over 100,000 followers around platforms.

I’ve just recently learned six and got 1500 followers or sounds good. Well done on that. Abby sound like, how do we start potential, a conversation with a potential customer that looking at that first message, thinking were too pushy? And after only after money? Well, you don’t be pushy, you don’t go after money, you start being interested in people rather than the money as like, you have to switch your mentality? And I think it’s a good question. 

But the problem with a business owner at the beginning, is a business owner at the beginning is a little bit desperate. They just want to do business. Generally, how many agreements sort of like you understand, so they’re a bit desperate to go do business, but what you’re doing, it’s like, dating, you know, if some guy or girls chasing around can go out and go out and garden, what would you be doing? We got oh, no, no, no, no, no. You push them away when you make sense.

Okay, so some of you be like, Nah, just appreciate that. Forever. But what I’ve got to Sanchi is this, we don’t want to do that. We’re going to start conversations, we’re going to build relationships. And if we start conversations, we build relationships, we’re going to get to know people. And naturally, the law of obligation is they’re gonna want to do business with you, because they know you. It’s really simple, but it’s a different mindset. It’s about changing our mindset, right? And that’s going to be really important.

So, if you’ve been restricted on Facebook ads, how can you get unrestricted? Good question. Right. So, the way that you get unrestricted is you need to start a new ad account more than look, of course, this is this could be like, this could be a VIP session itself. You go 45 minutes, I’m going to give you a quick one on this. Right. So two things, live chat, go through, go through the review process, have a conversation with them, if you’ve been banned, get the account overturned, option number one, option number two, get a new credit card, get a new IP address, or buy a VPN, right?

Go and start a new Facebook profile, prove your identity on it, start a new ads manager and go again. And this time don’t break the advertising rules. So, there’s the two bits. Hopefully that helps.

Catherine I think I’ve answered a few from Catherine. So, I’m gonna keep going. So, you’ve got so many. Right. Have you worked with clients in the skincare industry? Yes, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the skincare industry. My girlfriend has got a skincare business. She originally was a client, but she was caught after she was applying just you know, right. from a professional point of view, but I helped grow her business massively. In the skincare industry, you can go and have a look for a company called Sasha called Beauty. She’s been very, very successful in building a skincare business. And I hope she was a gold circle member for a couple of years and did very, very well.

Okay, so yes, I have. So next one. Chicago, yes. Okay. I’m hazarding a guess the best social media platform for delegates from esthetics Training Academy is YouTube, but not necessarily. Again, this is the thing. The platform, so this is what’s the best one for an aesthetics company? The platform doesn’t matter that much. Right? What we have to understand is who’s on the platform. People, right? People on YouTube, people on Instagram, people on Facebook, people on LinkedIn, is the conversation.

So how do we have a more effective conversation? Now, if you feel the best effectiveness of a conversation is to do that for YouTube, then? Yeah, YouTube. Makes sense to everybody. But it’s not about the platform because the platform is got the people on, you can never outgrow one platform. Why did you choose Instagram? You can’t outgrow it or business you can’t physically outgrow it is impossible for you to outgrow it. You know, and I think that’s what we have to recognize. This is not necessarily about mastering like what’s the perfect platform, there’s no perfect platform is the perfect conversation that matters. Okay. So, okay. How did you manage to get over your fear of doing videos to your audience? 

So from Josh, good question. So, the first time I actually had I had some coaching on this originally, when I was first doing videos, and the thing is I didn’t actually have like the massive fear that I’m just gonna do it because I’m gonna be crap anyway, so I’m just going to do it and move on crap. It doesn’t really matter. So, I just started off doing the videos.

But then I had somebody who was a coach who was a good coach. And he’s a very good coach, very good speaker, coach, absolutely dissected me to pieces, and told me exactly how terrible I really was. And that made me even more like, oh, my God, I’m really this bad. But bit by bit, I got better. I think that the important thing to know is this is your videos like at the beginning, they’re probably going to start, they’re probably going to be really bad. So you can choose whether they’re bad in a year or whether they’re bad today. So when you want them to be bad, because if you start today, they’ll be good in a year. Or you can start in a year and that can be bad. Would you want to do it? 

So, I just think the quickie gains ring the bell. Right? Make sense? If that makes sense. Okay. Right. I’m just making sure I think of income, answering the questions of anyone that I haven’t seen so far. Chrissy? Have you worked with singer-songwriters, Performance Coaching now singing comes to a standstill? Yeah, I’ve worked with lots of different people, you know, in terms of who we’ve worked with, you know, I’ve been in this business now for about six years, we’ve had 15,000 clients, there aren’t many industries we haven’t worked with. We’ve worked with lots of people in the industry of singing, songwriters, performance artists. Absolutely.

Yes, we have. Juliette San, how do you start a relationship or solicit potential clients from a job you are working in on your own business? Okay, that’s a good question. So I think what Juliet is trying to say is, I’m working for somebody else, how do I take their clients? Well, the truth is done. Right? It’s a lot easier.

I’ll tell you a story. So when I left BMW, I thought I’d work there for four years. And I thought, you know, what I’m going to do is like, all these clients love me, I want to go and I’m just going to serve them on and off from finance. And they’re all brilliant. So what I did is I worked for a company called [00:56:58-00:56:59]. And we probably won’t give you a recording after this story now.

But I literally got the database. I went out, I sent them all letters and a market turmoil. And I had a massive legal claim come back like a major from Cigna. I’m doing my business like dead in the water. They want I’m like, Oh, my God, I have no plan B. But literally, as I started, I was like, Oh, my God, what am I going to do? And it was horrendous. This is the thing. The world’s a big place. With social media. Now, the ability to reach people, you don’t need to take somebody else’s clients just going to Iran, it’s just so much easier and just cleaner, and nicer. 

You know, you don’t want to build something on shaky ground, and you don’t want to build something, I’ve done it and it just doesn’t work. And you don’t want to end up in legal battles and stuff, especially beginning your business. It’s just messy.

So, I will just go and get your own clients. And go and build your audience, do what we said, go and have the conversations, you’ll get clients. So hopefully that helps you right, from you learning from my experience on that. Okay, so yeah, design. Sorry, I don’t know if you saw my question, good tips for money flow organization, and when to register your business for tax.

Okay, so I’ll give you a good tip for cash flow. The first thing from a cash flow perspective that you need. For some of you, if any of you won the financial bits, you saw the cash flow stuff, we are doing that the biggest tip on cash flows, this is all about foresight. Okay, you need to be able to see into the future. So the way that I run cash flow, or have run cash flows in the way I teach my clients to run cash flow is about looking forward into the future, and being able to tell in a month’s time, two months time, three months time, how much money is in your bank account.

Now, when you can do that, your life becomes so much easier. Now, even in three months time, they say you’re running a business, and you look forward to your cash flow. And you see in three months time, oh my god, I’m like minus 82 grand, that’s gonna cause me a big problem. Do you think you’re going to get there and sell a bit more between now and then? Do you think you’re going to have more conversations? You are? Right. 

So the best thing to do is know, no matter how good it is, no matter how bad he is, where am I going to be in three months? The way you do that is your plan forward. You look at like if these are the sales, projected sales that we’re going to get, and these are the protected expenses that we’re going to get where are we going to be in that time period, and then you have to just monitor that. Literally, if you get that right in your business, you’ll never look back. Okay? It’d be so much easier for you to manage cash flow much, much much easier.

Hi, everybody, Adam here, and I hope you love today’s episode. Hope you thought it was fabulous. And if you did, I’d like to ask you a small favour. Could you jump over and go and give the podcast a review? Of course I’ll be super grateful and that is a five-star review with putting our all into This podcast for you, delivering you the content giving you the secrets.

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