Episode 238: Social Media and Marketing Sales VIP Session – #AskAdam

Do you feel nervous connecting with people on social media? And unsure how to approach your target market and offer them your product or service? Then, you have to listen to today’s episode because this will give you clarity and confidence to make the best decision on running your business.

In this episode, Adam Stott answers the questions from one of his VIP group sessions. He responds to each participant’s questions and gives detailed explanations to help with their problems. Adam shares tips on how to have confidence in your business environment, deliver a magnetic message, build relationships, create opportunities, generate clients through social media, and more! 

Show Highlights:

  • How to get your message to people in a short period of time
  • Learn to focus on your target market and what pain you can solve for them
  • What are the social media magnets that include marketing sales
  • Find out how to overcome your fear of social media 
  • How to look for your ideal clients in a specific niche
  • What are the processes to take to fill the gap in your chosen market; and
  • The importance of having a knowledge of how to generate clients

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hey everybody, Adam Stott here. Thanks for checking out my podcast Business Growth Secrets, you’re absolutely in the right place. This podcast is going to reveal to you all of the secrets that you’ve been looking to discover. They’re gonna allow you to cure your cash flow problems, attain more clients, bring in more leads for your business, and create systems and processes that give you the growth that you want. You are going to discover the business growth secrets you have been looking for. I’ve used to sell over 50 million pounds worth of products and services on social media and help clients everywhere to grow their businesses on demand. So that’s how I got started on the Business Growth Secrets Podcast.

So we’ll start off, hopefully I’m pronouncing that right thing. Maybe I’m not okay. But we’ll come to that in a minute. I’m sure you’ll tell me in a moment. You said I have been working on my 62nd presentation of my services and it is still not perfected? Which keywords do you select to capture the problem solving that keeps your clients asking questions and continuing to engage? You are listening to this somewhere on how to craft the message that gets their attention? Absolutely. 

You know, as part of the training that we do, that is something that we help people with to help them to create what we call Magnetic Message. But we don’t just help them scratch a Magnetic Message in a 62nd presentation. We help them to do that in every area of their business. But what we’ll do is we hear from you in a moment a little bit more you give a bit more context to that question. Beyond. I said, Hi, social media magnet, and finally and includes marketing sales. What product do you use for that? So that’s the easy one to answer, but we will answer that for you in a minute. Okay, absolutely.

So I got a couple more minutes to get those questions in. So let’s start off by listening to yourself. I’m gonna ask you to unmute now, you should be able to unmute yourself, and give us a bit of context. And just remember everybody while I’m answering this specific question, this will apply to you because you’re all going to business common problems, you’re all going to have the same things come up, right. So talk to me about why this is the most important thing for you.

Guest 1:

It’s important to me, because I probably have an ability, like so many other people, you end up chatting about a lot of things because you’re nervous. With you only have like, in this case, a short period of time to introduce yourself to a network that could be unsaved, like you do, what are those key points of which where people stick around, especially now that we’re doing a little bit of zooming, if there are quite a few people, they falter with wayside quite quickly, if you’re not good enough for selecting those keywords that really identifies who you are. Also people are saying, oh, wow, okay, I like to engage with this person. And go ahead and probably offer a meeting or you meet up if it is a mingling network where you people actually come over to you and want to have a conversation?

Adam Stott:

And do you find that this is a problem for you at the moment, you found that in the past, this is something that you struggle with?

Guest 1:

Because of confidence and that nervous element?

Adam Stott:

It’s okay. At the moment you come across very competent, to be fair, which is good. So I would, I would say a couple of things here to keep it very simple. Write down. I think your sign makes you become overwhelmed. Because you want to get your message across in a short period of time. But the reality is, what you’re looking to do is not explaining the ins and outs of what you do. You’re just looking to spark that interest to move into a further conversation. Very simply, you know, wherever you are using what you’re talking to me now about you introduce yourself to people getting to know you. Let’s see anyway, so tell me what you do. I don’t know what you do at this stage. Right. So tell me about you and what you do.

Guest 1:

A few years back, I set up a multifamily office. And instead of focusing on financial investment, I focus on private lifestyle elements in wealthy families’ lives. So that has everything to do from travel purchasing property. Mme needs to go shopping, whatever it may be. Lately, a lot of luxury property rental families have come to me and we will sort out what they need to do when they go on holiday. It’s a very new space. And I’ve been in that space for 15 plus years, so I’ve got a good mindset. And it’s a pleasure to see that I have travel agents coming to me today and obviously family offices that I work with as an extended arm to that staff that’s sitting there.

Adam Stott:

Okay, so the probe with the message is almost a clarity. And you need to get that clarity across a bit quicker. So you need to look at who is your ideal client, who you describe as your ideal clients for someone that you want to work with.

Guest 1:

So private families, wealthy individuals, but they could be across all sorts of sectors, it could even be in the corporate sector.

Adam Stott:

Most wealthy because wealthy to someone might be 10 million and that might be nothing to somebody else. It could be how wealthy they earn 300,000 a year could be two there and 100,000 a year what is wealthy because everybody has a different definition of that course. 

Guest 1:

Okay, so another way to look at it could be that the offerings that I have on my books is anywhere from 30,000 pounds a week for property rental, but also 250,000 Private islands, for instance, in the Mediterranean 250,000 to 300,000 per week. That’s sort of what we’ve been looking at certain people. 

Adam Stott:

Okay, so the way that you would introduce that in a different way, it’s all about language. And it’s all about being specific and having clarity, and that’s not coming across, right. So what we need to look at, and we have structures for this, I mean, for you, someone like you, and I think don’t think I saw your name on it, you should be on that expert speaker program, it will change your life, because one deal could be worth half a million pounds here. And your communication skills, in speaking to people in this way, would make the world of difference, right?

So someone like yourself, I would say she’d be mad not to do it. I’ll be that direct, because I know how much it’ll change your life, right? But what you need to be doing is you need to be focusing on who you are after, what pain are they in? And what gang can they get from working with you. That’s a very simple process. So you establish who you’re after, look, I help wealthy people, right to either do a pain or again, it could be we start with the game. I help wealthy people, wealthy families, to enjoy their money, finding them the experiences that they could never get access to, or never even knew existed. 

So they can have more fun with their money, without having to stress about getting the best deal, or wasting money on the wrong opportunities, knowing that their time is precious, making sure they maximize their time. Well, this sounds like somebody I want to talk to. Make sense? 

Guest 1:

Yeah, perfect. Thank you. 

Adam Stott:

I would say to you take action on that. Because giving you the communication skills, it will change your life, it will change the way that you get people to respond to you. It will change the way that you communicate and catch people’s interest and attention. Because it’s not that you’re not and this is the problem, right? For most people, most people are really good at what they do. I’m sure you’ve got access to some insane things. And you know, there’s no doubt that people want to use those things. If they never are able to know about those things, they can never use them.

So we ended up being that secret. And then what happens is all our business comes from word of mouth or referral. And we get that slow growth. So we want to get out of that and instead be able to communicate and express ourselves more clearly, which will enable us to get more business. All right. So hopefully that answers that one for you there. And that helps you and gives you some clarity. 

Guest 1:

Okay, thanks. 

Adam Stott:

Great. Pleasure. Right, so it’s just gonna put you back on mute and get into the second question. So the second question is from below, as an easy question beyond social media magnate and failing includes marketing, sales, which products ClickFunnels, you know, that’s what we use is what all of the world’s top marketers use. Anybody that succeeds in that space, that’s what they use. Ironically, in that you are in this VIP, you actually get access to my marketing resources suite.

So on Monday, what will happen is you’ll be getting sent an email, and on that list, there will be a link there for a free trial on ClickFunnels account, because that’s what we will use, you’ll get access to that. So if you wait for Monday, we’re gonna check that stuff out. You can go and check it out. It’s the best. You can create funnels there, you build those funnels, those of you on the social media program, you’ll have access to those funnels immediately because you’ve got that as part of the program. Three pre-built funnels for you as well. That was a nice easy one there beyond. Hopefully that helps you.

I really need to add something else with that right? Okay, so how do I get rid of the fear of being in social media? So where is it MJ you there, man? You’re good looking fella. Bye. Hey doing buddy. Right? Okay, so I set you off. Can you tell us what this fear is my friend before we get rid of it, right?

Guest 2:

I have never been on social media before, and I don’t even have any account of anywhere at all, it just, I just tend to avoid them as much as possible. The fear that I have is, you know, you try to be a, you try to engage with people, sometimes the fear of people being, you know, making comments about you, and, and writing negative stuff. Those are the fields that I really find, or I’m actually kind of struggling to come over, in order for me to engage in any of the social media or kind of to do any business.

Because my background is medical. And I tend to, for me, it’s a one to one basis, it’s a lot easier. But when it comes down to crowds, I’m trying to engage myself, I have always this fear in my mind, what if I say something and people think it has a negative way, and then they start making comments on social media, it’s just not that one person will know about you, you took loads of people would know about you. And sometimes people can take things in a negative perspective, though, you want to be really positive in yourself. 

Adam Stott:

Okay, so, good question. Right? First thing I would say to you two things I’m gonna say to you, first of all, you’re overestimating how much people care about other people in a big way, they just don’t care. That’s the reality on social media, right? They are not looking to hunt you down and expose you, cause you problems or say bad things about you, that just don’t happen. And especially if you’re doing a good job in the marketplace.

Now, if you make enough noise, and you are big enough, you will find your critics, they will find you, don’t you worry about that. They will, they’re out there, right? However, we’re talking about being in the hundreds of 1000s of people following you on social media. And when hundreds of 1000s of people follow you, some are gonna like you, some are not gonna like it. In the early stages, it is incredibly unlikely that you are going to find people that send you messages, right that cause you problems or that say bad things about you. And frankly, if they do, they’ve never used your product or service, they’ve got no latest down and no grounds to say anything, right? 

So you got to understand that anybody looking to pull you down, is somebody that is below you. That’s the way I look at it, right? They’re looking to pull you down, they’re looking to criticize you or say bad things about you, when you’ve done nothing wrong. It’s because they’ve got a problem in their life, not actually a problem with you. It’s what we call projection.

If you understand the psychology of projection, the psychology of projection is if you’ve ever had somebody say something really bad to you, and you thought, where’s that coming from? I don’t understand that. Maybe in a personal situation, maybe in a relationship or a breakup, right? Something like this. Somebody says to investors, I don’t get it, I can’t do that. I don’t understand it. It’s been aimed at you, but it’s been projected from them. It’s actually how they feel, not what you’re actually doing. And that’s the projection. And if somebody’s saying something bad about you is because they’re feeling pretty bad about their life right now, not because they really care about you.

People don’t do things because they care about other people, they do things because they care about themselves. People are motivated by self interest. And don’t get me wrong. There are lots of people that are motivated by giving back and adding value to people and doing things as well. But those people are not going to criticize you anyway. Right? Because they’re nice people. 

So I think that you’re massively overthinking it, my friend. And the reality is, you’re not the worst thing buddy. You’re putting your success and your growth in control of other people that you haven’t met, you don’t know. And you don’t even know they exist because you’re not on social media. 

Guest 2:

Absolutely. I totally agree. 

Adam Stott:

Yeah, so we got to change my friend. Now let me answer the second part of the question, right. Which is this? Okay. Many years ago, and funnily enough, when I say to you, I bought that first social media course, I mentioned the training earlier, they included an event in America, I got asked to go to the event.

And at that point, about a year earlier, I’d flown back from Las Vegas, and the flight was the worst flight of my life. The plane started dropping, I never had a problem with flying, the plane was dropping, and it was the most horrendous flight ever. And what it did is it caused me a fear of flying, I was actually afraid of flying, you know, admit that she was totally afraid of it. It was something I didn’t want to do, something I didn’t like, because I frankly thought I was going to die on this flight. Right? Like literally.

So it just caused me this fear. When I got on a plane. I was sweating, I was nervous, I don’t want to be, I don’t feel in control. And I had this terrible fear of it. So I said for a few. I had a few opportunities that came up and I was like, no, no, no. Like, deep down. I knew while I was turning the opportunities down. But I didn’t admit that to myself. But I knew I didn’t want to fly there. That was the bottom line. Right? And I had this fear of it.

Now. Now I fly all over the world and I couldn’t care less. So how do you overcome that? The only way you can overcome it is by doing it. That’s the bottom line. Whatever you’re afraid of, you just need to do it. So far, you, you need to take some action today, while you’ve got some motivation, and you’ve got some inspiration and get it done my friend because the thing you’re afraid of gang there ain’t gonna happen, right? And literally, you’ll be absolutely fine. And that is a real turning point.

Overcoming fear is actually a turning point that you can create in your life, but it has to come from you. So my advice to you would be take action. Because you know, right now, that’s the next step for you in order to move forward, buddy. All right. Let’s put it behind. You don’t need to live with that. You don’t need it? 

Guest 2:

Absolutely. Do you have any kind of suggestions for people like me who have a medical background, I mean, I’m a GP, myself. And we do a lot of teaching for students, obviously, the demands, demands that I know there are a lot of demands for private tuition and stuff like that. But I just cannot find a niche on social media where I could actually target and say, you know, this could be my ideal potential customers or my niche where I can actually initially start a business, and perhaps work from home. 

Adam Stott:

Do you want to find your ideal clients? Right? You’re a GP right now. Okay, so it comes back to what I was saying earlier, buddy, you’ve got to build an audience on social media right? Now. You want to start a business and and you’re in this position, perhaps want to make some change? It sounds to me like you want to make some changes in life. But the audience is the first thing. I don’t know how to use a GP, who just told me he was the GP, right? And nobody else knows you’re a GP? And so you tell him you are.

So the first thing we gotta do is go and build an audience on social media and tell people what we do. That’s like the first step. Right. So my, my first steps for you are that I haven’t seen again, I don’t know you on the program or not. But this is why I believe so passionately about what I do. So now, what are the changes you can make for people? Is that your first mission, start your social media accounts, start building an audience, right? It’s much better to build the audience first.

So that when you’re reading, say, Hey, I’m a GP, this is what I want to offer. You know, this is my experience, this is what I want off, and are people there to offer it. So there’s anything to say yes, straightaway. Yeah, go spend a year deciding what you want to do. And then go and come up with an social media audience. Because now you’re a year down the line, you better have built the audience now, while you’re thinking about what you want to do, because then when the idea clicks it’s paying, I’ve got people to deliver the message to. Does that make sense? 

Guest 2:

Yeah, absolutely. 

Adam Stott:

The wrong way round, is that most people do it the wrong way around. So you’re not in isolation by any stretch of imagination. So I would say to you that you know your first steps, remember, this is one step at a time. You know, it’s the same as what you’re doing. You know, what you’ve been doing in your career, obviously, you’ve been successful in your career, you’re obviously a smart person.

You’ve been in your career for however many years because you will be a GP, if you hadn’t studied and been and done all the courses, and then everything else to build yourself up. You know, and then you went out and it’s the same thing, my friend, but it’s for business. You know, what I find for most people, is what they do is most people will train for a decade in getting a skill in a career. And then why do I want to run a business that doesn’t train your mind in a business?

A business is multi-layered, it’s more complex. So you need to train in that as well. Like that you need to train in becoming a business owner. And it doesn’t even matter if you haven’t got the idea of the vehicle yet, that comes when you’re around other business people, you see other people making money. You know, you’re asking me for the idea. Reality is a new 15 ideas, but you’re not going to take action on it because it didn’t come from you. The idea that you’re going back is the one that comes from your heart and not the one you got told on a 30 minute zoom call. That’s the reality, right? 

So what you need to do is to put yourself in a business environment and get those ideas spark in me, it will come to you. It will come to you my friend. Alright, so that will be my advice. I would say you definitely need some help to get this journey going. I don’t think you on social media put the link in there in case you’re wanting something that will be a great first step for you. And hopefully that answers your question.

A friend of a big game changes deletion, gets your social media up and running. Get into a position where you’ve overcome that first fear then you get into an environment of business owners. I’ve got a GP that is active. Believe it or not, I helped to build a home cinema company so many random things in the world. So I just love cinema. I just love the speakers. I love the sound. That’s what I want to do. That’s what lights my fire in that game. You know, like it’s, you know, everybody’s that there’s gonna be the sound the lights your fire, right maybe isn’t speaking.

So what you want to do, maybe isn’t coaching. Maybe there’s somebody else that you love. You want to turn that passion to profit, and you can do it. But you’re gonna need the business skills to do my friend stuff and epic rates first off your app. So I’ll put that link up here anyway, just as even though we have filled up those spots today, there’s for you to start. There’s that opportunity just for today. All right, so I’m gonna move on to the next question.

Okay, so let’s just check the next question. Let’s see what we’ve got. So I’m just going to unmute your friend. Okay, this is from Lindsey, I have a business with me that is in partnership with my sister event, it’s clean and I have found a gap in the market. I’m unsure if the process is to take events related. But now I’m gonna need some context on that. Where are you? Lindsey? Wait for me. Yeah. Okay, darling. Okay, let’s bring you in. How are you doing? 

Guest 3:

Hi, I’m good. Thank you. 

Adam Stott:

How are we going?

Guest 3:

Good. So I’m, the gap in the market is a job site for festivals and festivals to talk to, to site crews, because of the pandemic, a lot of the infrastructure crews actually went bust saw, a lot of new companies have to come in, but nowhere to kind of talk to so I’m looking at developing a website so that everyone can talk to each other, and behind a wall and to show jobs to everyone basically. And but I’m not sure the process is to take obviously, website designers have a lot to take on as well.

Adam Stott:

Okay, so this could be a long, long, long answer, right? So I’m gonna, you know, because there’s some steps, the first thing you need to do, I’m gonna tell you the questions you need to ask yourself, because we won’t be able to cover all of that here. First question is why shovels? Why’d you want to do it? Right? Is that passion burning enough? Right? Second question to ask is, do people want it? Right? So which there’s there? Third question is, will people pay for it? All right, which is the next answer? Because if you want it badly enough, and they want it badly enough, and they’re willing to pay for it, and then we might have something here, the fourth question is, what’s your monetization strategy?

All right, the fifth question is how you’re going to reach the people that you want to reach? Right? The sixth question is, what’s your message for those people you want to reach? And the sixth seventh question is, what’s your conversion method? For those people? Those are seven questions, you should ask yourself, yourself, those seven questions, you come up with the right answers. And if the opportunity stacks up enough, and then obviously, we go into the financial side of the questions is, have you got the capital to pull this off? Yes or No? If the answers are, if those questions don’t stack, we might need to re-examine the opportunity.

Now, if the reason you want to do it is because you want to get into the job side of it, and you want to help them get jobs that might be better than we actually get, especially for recruitment companies in that area, which is a very profitable business, and we re-examine the opportunity.

Now, what I would say is, rather than waste a lot of time and money, probably a bit of coaching in that area, might be a good thing for you, I believe people working with us next. So I think we can take you through that in a slower, more systematic process. And get us to start understanding what steps you need to take next. Because that’s an all encompassing question like LM handleset are my business models.

Don’t make loads of money, which we won’t have time for today. But if you’re working with us, that way, we can tell you that give you a bit of write those questions down this there start, because look the other day, when you jump on a call with whoever your next step is, whether that’s me or whether it’s Ross, I don’t know, at this stage, you know, we’re going to be looking to ask those questions, and get to understand you and what it is you want to do and what is the rewire behind the business and we’re then going to want to make sure that the business model stacks up as well. Yeah. I will help guide you through that process. Alright. And within the advice on how to get started, okay, great.

Okay. So next one is a service based beauty business offering. So this is from so we’ve had a few more joins, so I’m not sure where this one’s coming from. It just says owner in the chat here, says Adam on a service based business beauty business, offering various treatments in Bristol. A new hotel called [00:24:37-00:24:39] is about to open not far from my room by the looks of it. They don’t offer treatments. I would like to approach them and hope to advertise in the hotel and give their clients the discount, but I don’t know how to go about it.

Adam Stott:

Well, look, you know, from a social media perspective, you can find the people on LinkedIn you can find the people that work and I know the hotel chain moxy into some of the different hotels in different places. Not bad actually. Right. So it’s a good place. I would say to you, that your biggest boundaries from the mountain around the corner might be that you have increased traffic, the amount of people that are available in that area.

So maybe you want to look at some local advertising and want to look at some geo targeting on Facebook. So people walking around in that area can actually start to realize that you’re available, you know, some placement ads, actually getting people to understand that you’re there. Because it’s pretty unlikely that a company of that size is going to endorse a small guy, it’s unlikely there’s no impossible, right, they’re just making that clear, because nothing’s impossible. But it’s unlikely but not impossible, a big chain like that is going to want to endorse a small business that they don’t have a direct relationship with. And that’s where you might struggle a little bit. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on the opportunity. 

So geo targeting ads on social media, actually having your presence increased in the area, having your presence increased around that area, and with things that people would do nearby, that’s bringing in more tourism to the area’s probably just a better bet. So I’ll work on that from a two pronged approach, I would work on it from one prong, that I would go to LinkedIn, I would establish who the people are the decision makers and I would start to build a relationship with them. And I would go to it from an angle.

Now if you’re part of the social media program, you’ve got the chat and on scripts, which tell you how to send a value added message, which gets your responses, right, those scripts are really, really powerful. And you can use those because you’ll see how to go and position the value add. And when you go to them and you make that offer, then you’ll be in a better position because you’ll be coming to them from value rather than asking for something. Never ask someone for something unless you’re given some value first, as the golden rule. Right.

That’s gonna help you in a big, big, big way if you’ve got those transcripts that will show you that the beauty business we have worked with a lot of beauty fans, my girlfriend’s in now owns a beauty salon, right. And I’ve helped her grow a beauty salon in Sydney significantly. And a word of a lot of people in that area also know Bristol really well. So, you know, it should really, really help you in that area. 

Oh, and I remember this is because this doesn’t say sorrow. Sorrow isn’t it’s ours, especially you see, your zoom thing says I’m not. So I didn’t know that you were asking that question. You can rename yourself to increase anything in Iran by renaming yourself. But of course, yeah, I know you. And I remember you, right.

So in terms of, for you, you’re part of the program, right? Go into them chatting on scripts. Don’t just focus on moxy. Focus on the bigger picture here. Right? Because there’s going to be lots of different opportunities. And those scripts, which you won’t have I know that he’s done some previous training with us. They’re gonna add some great, great values here. All right. So hopefully, hopefully that helps you my day. I have other people doing online businesses. How can some people need some clarity on this one?

Do I have other people doing online businesses? How can someone I have no idea about? Work on? Where do I start from? There? Mr. [00:28:00-00:28:01] , you want to give me a little bit more context on that, buddy. If you could just give me a bit of clarity on the question. 

Guest 4:

Because of my knowledge of working in the internet business, I bought goods from the UK to Africa. But I have the music industry. So when I find out I don’t spend a lot of money trying to do these diagrams, or you know, drive traffic to our company, when I find you online, was interesting for me. But I’m just actually sad, because people like us who didn’t have experience last year get no, because I would love it. Manage my business rather than someone else do it for me.

Adam Stott:

I think that’s a good point. And I think the one thing I’ll say to the whole group is this is like if you try and sub this out, and you want to get this done by somebody else, I can absolutely guarantee you, you are not going to get the results that you want. It’s because frankly, I’ve worked with so many marketing companies and marketing companies come to me to try and understand what to do, and they don’t know the basics, right? And even the ones that do now, they’re wanting 10s of 1000s of pounds. And why can they justify that? Because they’re able to generate you more revenue back. So they want proportionate amounts of upfront payment for doing that.

So you know, the more a marketing agency raises its skills, the more money they want to charge. And frankly, most of the marketing companies that people try, especially the small businesses, their small businesses to write and they don’t understand how to do it either. 

So you get in this kind of terrible sort of situation. So I agree that you should learn it yourself. I’m not saying you have to become the all encompassing social media expert. It’s not what I’m saying. But what I am saying is you need to have the knowledge of how you generate clients. And if you’re going into advertising and training, you’re gonna waste a little bit of money, right? You can either learn in two ways: You can learn from somebody else, or you can learn from trial and error. They’re the only two ways.

You know, when I had my first business, I spent 1.4 million pounds on Facebook advertising. Solely on social media. And frankly, that 1.4 million, this is the beginning, I did that over the course of the first six years, and at 1.4 million I’ve written, I probably could have put another 700,000 in my pockets, if I knew what I knew now, because of the efficiencies, and the actual high level that we operate at now and how we do what we do. But, you know, and this is a thing.

So what I’m trying to say is that I have completely been there, I’ve been there wasting money, I’ve wasted extortionate amounts of money, doing it wrong. It’s only actually when I said, Hey, I need to find the person that is the best that this actually started getting it right. And that’s when things started to change. But I would, I don’t know, if you and again, I’m seeing your name. 

And I know these zoom names are coming up a bit different tonight. But if you’re not on the training, you know, the training will give you the knowledge that you need to start to get results and look at the world. Are they going to be world changing results for the very first moment? Perhaps? Perhaps not. But I’ll tell you what, it’s a hell of a lot better than if you try and do it yourself. That’s what I would say. That makes sense, right? I would say to you that from a starting point, probably try and get on with my friend, because trying to figure it out on your own money, you might as well be playing roulette buddy. And we don’t want to do that, we don’t gamble.

When it comes to business. We want to make the right decisions. And there’s no point just frying money after money after money, trying to figure out what works. It’s better to pay a little bit of money and get told this is what works. And frankly, the systems we use will work so it will really really help you. So my advice would be go down that road. Certainly don’t go and hire another marketing company. So for the house, my friend, okay. I hate the sound of my voice when playing video.

So hold me back. Where are you? Are you there? Okay, I’ve seen you all day. You’ve been somebody that I’ve noticed that has been taking a lot of notes. You seem really, like, really driven? Obviously, I met yet. But you know, just from noticing you on the tie. First of all, let’s say you voice them very quickly.

Guest 5:

I think it’s because I’m Scottish. And I’ve just I don’t think we come over as confident as English people. 

Adam Stott:

That’s crazy. How many agree? That’s nuts. Raise your hand if you? Yeah, I think you come over more confident.

Guest 5:

Genuinely, genuinely. Honestly, I’ve done that. I am another business development course officer. So finish that without jumping on the desk. And I would find in these zoom meetings, I would be dying to say something. But I would never unmute myself, because it was just like I was in the corner all the time, you know, and I need to overcome that now.

Adam Stott:

Well, hold on for doing that right now. Yeah, first step, right. Secondly, look, this isn’t anybody else’s problem. This is your problem. All right, you’ve got to understand that nobody else thinks that right? You know, I’ve never ever would have thought you don’t even not sound confident in speaking to you sound confident anyway. Right? And so this is in your head. And what happens when this happens to all of us?

It’s like MJ was on a moment ago, right? We were talking, we’ll start telling ourselves a story. And you know what, we can be pretty convincing. When we tell ourselves that story every single day for about eight years, right? All of a sudden, we believe what we’re telling ourselves. And that story goes round and round and round and round and round the round. And all of a sudden we believe it. Right? And we believe it so deeply. If somebody takes it away from us, we’re gonna fight for it. We’re gonna say, hey, no, give me my story back.

My voice does sound bad. Whatever you want to buy. I would say to you in your head. The problem is if you’ve been telling yourself our story for eight years, you are shaking it right? And you need to stop telling yourself that story right now, because I’m not being rude to you. You will be one of the clients but you’re going to realize for me, I’ll push you to get results. Okay? Don’t mess around. Right? And I’ll be direct with you. We need to get rid of that story because it ain’t empowering you the way you need to look at the story. I’m setting myself up to empower myself, or is it holding me back and frankly, you know, it’s holding you back.

Guest 5:

I need to get over that and then I need to have a need to have energy. I feel like other people will have loads and loads of energy which I don’t feel that I have. And just to keep the motivation going, you know, keep them momentum going to build. I’ve gone from having time to over X amount. And I’ve tripled that on the last course. But I’m ready. I know that I’m ready to go to the next level, you know, I’ve got to admit to doing it. 

Adam Stott:

Yes, there’s no, there’s no doubt, you seem like a focused individual, you seem like a focus lady. You know, you seem like a smart lady. There’s no reason that you can’t achieve what you want to achieve. And this is what you’re doing, what you’ve learned, which is a lesson that you all need to learn, right, as everybody needs to learn. So the lesson that I tried to impress upon you earlier, that when you invest in yourself, you grow, your business grows, things start to change, things start to happen. We have new ideas, we get new voices, we take new actions, everything starts to change you’ve experienced that you’ve already experienced.

So if you just told me to train your treble Mater, no, you didn’t my friend now are going to be in this place. We like hey, you know what, I feel confident I can do other things. I know I can. I’ve proven it to myself. And that’s where you need to be. And now that you’ve taken another step today, I know you’re joining us, you’re gonna get whatever you did there, you’re going to do even more for us. I guarantee you that. Right. So you’re on the right track. Thank you. Give yourself a little tap on the head. Okay, we were overrun a little bit.

So I’m gonna go through these. Okay, cool. Well, I’ll ask what episode was it? Tell me in the chat, and I’ll go and check it out. So I don’t know what I’ve seen. I’ve watched all the episodes for several hours before we should watch a few more of them, Brian. Okay. So Chica said, I’m expecting a call for the team. I was thinking of another payment arrangement for the 499 and not the two payment options. But so it’s a bit more spread out. 

Yeah, with the usual, because we’ve kept the investment prices really low today. Usually you’ve got, I’ll put the speaker one in there as well, in case, that’s what, you know what the thing about the speaker one, and being very direct is just that I know what it does to a person’s confidence. And when your confidence grows, everything else just becomes easier, you know, and all of a sudden, you start to tackle challenges much easier, and you make decisions faster, and everything just gets better, right.

So it really is such a value add to somebody’s life, I’m actually really passionate about both, I mean, a lot of you are gonna need more clients, you’re gonna need more growth, you’re gonna make more sales. But if you want to get your confidence up, there’s nothing quite like that as well that you know, the speed train, I’ll put the links in, I don’t have access to another payment option. I don’t believe in that.

I think the only payment options you can do, I think you can do a payment option on the speaker, but you will need to speak to my office, if you do want a payment option for the speaker. What you can do is you can send me a message, send me a message on Instagram, my Instagram is at Adams stock coach. And I’ll make sure my team calls you on Monday. We can sort of put one of those spots aside for you. 

But if you don’t need a payment option, or you can stick it on a credit card in the short time or do whatever you want. And then just go for it. I’ll put both the links in. So you got both the options, you know how we can help you. But I’ve just got a couple more, I’ve got a few people that already ask questions, or asking more questions. We’re already a bit over running. So I’m just gonna first of all, make sure I’ve answered every question.

So Lindsey told me series three, not sure about the episode. Oh. And he said I would love to be a speaker about it. You know, maybe one day you really connected with me on that. Yeah. And it’s not what would sound to the speaker, it’s not necessarily about you getting on a big stage and going and, you know, being that part, it’s not necessarily about that.

What it’s about is how you attack your everyday life. You know, do you go into every interaction, feeling confident? Do you feel like you are hurt? And o you feel like you get to speak up? Do you feel like you are a leader and people listen to you, you know, and I feel speaking skills are what develop that. It develops that ability to be able to have that confidence in yourself to express your opinions and lead other people to create different results. 

So don’t just get zoomed in on, hey, I’m gonna have to get up in front of 1000 people because you probably won’t even want to do that you don’t have to. Right there is potential opportunities down the line for that kind of thing. But I think the first thing we do is we get ourselves in a really good place. Because when we get into a really good place, we attract different opportunities into our life, and people are more magnetized towards us. And I think that’s the important thing. Yeah, and I love action. So Lindsey said the same thing. You know what? I love it. So, you know my grandparents are Scottish Alright, so you know, I do love the Scottish. I have always loved it. So, you know, absolutely. Okay, let’s just see if I’ve missed any.

Adam Stott:

Okay. I say I’m Jason, you’re on social media. Good, man. I understand how early you are in because you told me we’ve had a chat. Right. Let’s get you going, buddy. All right, looking forward to working with you on that. Okay, and be on set. Another one asked our second question. I’ve opened my social media accounts, got my website to have my product, what’s the first step of building that audience to tell them about wylfa? First step, click the link, get yourself on social media monetization, login, follow the 15 minute video, get yourself an extra 10,000 people following you. Because we’re out of time, but hopefully we’ve had a fantastic time.

And you’ve enjoyed it this evening. And you’ve got some extra values and some interesting chat. Yeah, there were some different things there that were discussed. Those of you that I’m gonna be working with are super excited. We’re gonna do some great things together. I love meeting people like this. I know I’ve met Sarah before, you know, but for some of your first time meeting, it’s really good to meet you properly and talk to you. And I very much look forward to working with you all in the future. 

Hi, everybody, Adam here. And I hope you love today’s episode. Hope you thought it was fabulous. And if you did, I’d like to ask you a small favor. Could you jump over and go and give the podcast a review. Of course, I’ll be super grateful if that is a five star review with putting our all into this podcast for you, delivering you the content, giving you the secrets.

And if you’ve enjoyed it, please go and give us a review and talk about what your favorite episode is perhaps every single month, I select someone from that review list to come to one of my exclusive Academy days and have lunch with me on the day meeting hundreds of my clients so you want that to be yo then you’re going to be in with a shout if you go and give us a review on iTunes. Please of course do remember to subscribe so you can get all the up to date episodes. Peace and love and I’ll see you very very soon. Thank you

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