Episode 240: The Greatest Lessons from the Mötley Crüe

Most of us are lifelong readers, we read books to be inspired and learn valuable lessons. Precisely because books are written to tell a story, and share somebody else’s experiences and journey, it’s the best way to spend your time and learn and unlearn things. In this episode, Adam Stott talks about another book that he recently uncovered entitled “The Dirth: Confession of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band” the story of Mötley Crüe.

Adam shares the great lessons of failures and success from the craziest rock bank about life and business. Adam highly recommends this book if you want to learn some of the things NOT TO DO to be successful.

Show Highlights:

  • How reading books contribute to a person’s success and failure
  • Why do you need to surround yourself with the right people
  • Learn to get attention and build a following 
  • How the bad habits destroy their band career; and
  • The realization of their failures and re-creation of success

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Adam Stott:

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Everybody, how are we doing? Welcome back to another very special, bizarre, hopefully very special podcast episode. You’re with your host here, Adam Stott. And the last episode I did. If you’ve been listening to them in order, and you’ve not been missing one, I was talking about Will Smith and his book. I mentioned a couple other books that I was reading while I was away. So I thought that I would share a little bit more because I got some good feedback on that episode about the other two books I read. So one of the books I’ve read while I was away.

Another one was the Mötley Crüe book. Now, if you don’t know who the Mötley Crüe are, it kind of says what the name says on the tin who they are. They were the Mötley Crüe. And they were a rock band that operated really in the 80s. Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, the drummer from this rock band. And it was a really interesting story, very graphic book with lots of crazy stuff that went on. Now, the reason I read the book is I’m a big fan. Actually the writer of the book, who’s written a number of great books, his name’s Strauss, so picked out, read this one. And there’s a few things that I observed. 

Now, the reason I’m sharing this and sharing a little bit from these books, one people don’t tend to read enough books. I’m a big reader. I’ve been a big reader for pretty much all my life. Even when I told my bedtime stories when I was a kid, I used to read books and things like that as well. And I feel that it’s something that contributes towards a successful person is to read other people’s stories and learn from other people’s life experiences. So you can understand what it is that makes people successful and also makes people fail.

I think it was Jim Rohn that said, Hey, if you want to be successful, hang out with 10 people that are not successful, and do the opposite of what they do. And this book is the epitome of that statement. To be fair, why? Because Mötley Crüe were a crazy band that did some crazy things. But they also had

success, every band member now is worth in excess of $75 million in their net worth. Or most of them, I think one was 50 million. The others were $75 million. Despite the crazy lives, they’ve led the mistakes that they made. They still have managed overall to become successful in what they do in their profession, despite everything. Now, the story of the book, and it’s very entertaining rate is that they do lots of lots of crazy different things. 

There’s lots of stories, certainly of sex, drugs, rock and roll. They’re known as probably being the craziest rock band that ever existed. Doing crazy things like snorting with Ozzy Osbourne to swallowing light bulbs, having 150 people orgies. Crazy stuff, like they’re insane. And there’s a few things I want to point out about the book.

Now the first thing is that when they first got together, and they had their success, they were focused. They were extremely focused on surrounding themselves with the right people. There’s actually a lot in the book, about the interviewing process, and how selective they were for people in the band. And I think that this is a good business lesson. Because whenever you are creating a business, you’ve got to create a team. You’ve got to create a team of people with the right attributes and different attributes to you. So I’ve gotten in the background, on my way to a meeting and in the band. They essentially brought in different people with different skill sets and different personalities. 

And they were so selective of who they won the look of. They wanted the way that they were going to brand themselves. They were so selective, and that contributed a massive way to their success. 

Now the second thing, so there’s a lesson there. Number one, surround yourself with the right people, be selective on the people that you bring into your business. Really hold out for what you want. If you’re looking for employees or staff, don’t just take anybody. Take exactly the right people that are gonna add value to what we do to give a good representation of your business and your brand. That was really important, something that they did very well.

Now, the second thing in that book that I’ve noticed, and I thought was a good lesson was that they got themselves out there now, they couldn’t get a record deal. Nobody wanted to give this crazy band a record deal at all. It was. So what did they do, they went and built a cult following. They went out, they played the carbon clubs, they were relentless, they put on a great show, they got attention. And this is the thing that business owners have to do.

Business owners have to be present, they have to go out there that have to market themselves. They have to get in front of people, and they have to have conversations and there are parts where this band will find in front of 10 people living care. They still went out and gave you their best. I think if you listen to the episodes of the podcast, you remember the Paul Branson episode where he talks about, regardless who’s watching, always make sure that you’re giving your best, you’re giving your role. 

They certainly did this, which I think was another impressive trait, they did this for so long. So long, so long till finally they got noticed they got given their big break. And I think that’s something that business owners can learn a lot from, you know, some people are getting no views on social media, getting nine engagements, social media, they’re not marking themselves and not having conversations, they’re doing all these things. Instead, make sure that you show up, you give it your all constantly, even when nobody’s watching. Because believe me there are people who are watching, you just don’t realize that they’re watching.

So you got to garner, give it your all. Show up, give it your best, put on a show, get yourself out and have the conversation. So I did this very well. Now, this kind of led to their success, playing the small clubs in front of small people, because one day a manager in the early stages of the career called Tom came and watched them, and gave them a record deal and took a chance on them. And from a business perspective, and I think the business is a business. It’s a lot like the music business, right?

It’s a very sort of bad relationship. It can be pressured, very pressured. You’ve got to get yourself out there, you’ve got to market yourself, you’ve got to brand yourself. You’ve got to do all the same things you’d have to do in the music business, right in an actual business to succeed. 

And they did these things, which I thought was really interesting. So this time gives them their big break, they start to move forward, they get this record deal. And they make it massive. Now these are where the big mistakes come in. Big, big, big mistakes. I talked about this on the Will Smith podcast the other day, when you start having success.

That is when if you want to, it’s easy to get on top to be fair, do the right things, every single one you listen will get on top is a different thing. Staying on top. Staying on top means you have to have discipline, you have to create the right habits, you have to practice the basics, you have to do the things that got you there in the first place consistently. Because most people get bored, they get distracted. They don’t do that. And that’s why they don’t have the levels of success that they deserve in the long term not deserve. 

They don’t actually they don’t deserve it because they don’t do the basics continually. So when you start having some success, stay humble, do the basics. Make sure you don’t get carried away and don’t get into bad habits. Now, the Mötley Crüe, their bad habits, one that I hate, a massive bad habit, and they got involved in drugs. I’ve never done drugs of any kind for the record, not judging anyone, if that’s your thing, and you’ve done that, that’s okay. But I really feel that that is an incredibly destructive behavior.

And the reason I mentioned it, especially if any young people are listening, right, if you want to be successful, then one of the things you have to do is start saying no to the things that really impact your success. If you’re going out drinking, it’s going to impact your energy, it’s going to impact your success. If you’re doing drugs, it’s going to lead you down a very bad dangerous path. So you got to say no to these things. You have to be strong enough. Because really over successful people don’t do that. Right. I think that’s really, really important. And these guys did. So what happened? 

So, of course, the wheels fall off, their energy goes down, they can’t put on the shows they used to put on, all of the sudden, the second exit, they’re not making the impact they used to have.

Everything goes wrong, all the band members get addicted to drugs have problems, and essentially, their business, their band hits the wall, and that big, big, big problems, then they kind of realize that this realization, hey, you know, we will good and then they break up, they have rounds, they get personal rounds is another thing that happens in business, you know, you got to look after the people that made you successful. And you have to not forget their contributions as you grow, that’s really important as well. And these guys don’t hate each other, it all went wrong. Some of them were badly addicted to drugs, some of them badly addicted to alcohol, and they got dropped by their label on it all the way up the wall.

Now, why am I saying this, because these kinds of habits, and these behaviors, you know, maybe in business, it’s not necessarily drugs and alcohol, but sometimes it can be, they’re certainly bad habits, but other bad habits like overspending, you know, other bad habits like becoming to flash other bad habits, like not appreciating the people that helped you to get to where you got there, all things that you don’t want to do. They’re all big problems, right? That you need to avoid, stay on track, stay disciplined, create the basics, and the habits that make successful, keep doing them. And the results will keep coming your way, and you’ll stay on top. 

And look, we all have our moments. But these moments are some things that you’ve got to be, I want to bring them into your awareness. So you just understand that these things are things that you want to avoid, because they can really impact your results and impact how successful you are. Now, what happens next is these guys realize, hey, look, we had a good, we had a great, so gone wrong. So what do they do, they go back to the basics, they go back to what made them successful in the first place. And all of a sudden they recreate their success. And then in the end, after a lot of ups and downs and crazy, right? You know, they go on, and eventually sell 300 million records and become one of the most successful rock bands in history, despite a crazy journey.

So if you want to learn some of the things not to do in this book, because it’s littered with somebody else’s experience, somebody else’s journey that is basically crazy. And I really enjoyed it, you know, I enjoyed the book. It’s a good book, very entertaining, read, you know, some points, there were some really emotional parts in that book as well. Certainly one I’d recommend but I don’t recommend it. As a business book, I recommend it’s a life book or some of the things you want to avoid in order to make sure that you stay successful. So hopefully, you’ve enjoyed downloading the Mötley Crüe book, and you’ve enjoyed these last two podcast episodes. 

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