Episode 251: Essentials of the Modern Business – Automation

Saving time is just as important as saving money. The modern world has given us a tool that can help us save time in our business and it’s called Automation. How does Automation empower us to give better service to our clients?

In the second episode of the Essentials of the Modern Business series, Adam Stott shares the importance of automation in saving tons of time for your business. Adam talks about the benefits of Automation in modern times. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • How automation helps you with appointments with clients
  • Identifying the aspects of your business that can be automated
  • What are examples of how you can use automation in your field
  • Bring in sales while doing other things
  • Embracing technologies that can make money

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of Business Growth Secrets. We’re continuing the 10 essentials that we started the other day, the first essential being social media ads. The second essential today, which we’re gonna be talking about today, is all about automation. And having automation built into your business, your systems, your processes.

I think this is an essential part of modern business. Because whether you’re a big business or a small business, you’re just starting out, you’re super successful already, or anywhere in between. Automation can save you time, save you valuable members of staff’s time. It can ensure your clients are kept more up to date, it can mean that you have a smooth journey and process through your products and services for your clients. I think it’s just something that you should be looking at the early stages of your business, not necessarily the end stages of the business. 

Now, why do people not use automation within their businesses? Usually, because of the complexity. I’m gonna give you some tips on that today as well. Because they’re a little bit afraid that I don’t know how to set this up. I don’t know what benefiel brings me. Oh, and business owners at the beginning, they often have this mentality of like, I’ll do everything myself, I’ll just, I’ll just do it. And the reality is in the modern world in what we live in today, you don’t need to do everything yourself. You can get things done for you, you can have automation in place for your business. So we’ll talk about what I mean, when I’m talking about automation. I’ll give you a real basic example. And you might have experienced this yourself. When you go to the dentist. 

Let’s look at dentists as an example. When I go to my dentist, they say to me and I agree but the appointment is for me. I say, “Hey, you’re going to come back in two months, and yet this standard to get that done? I say “yep, yep, yep”. And I walk away. And I’m pleased to be out, that is frankly, I hope that answers right. 

Now, that’s also my day, you completely forget the back there and certain months, you don’t put in your diary. And frankly, you’re relying on them to remind you that you’re coming back to this appointment. So in the old days, what would happen, the receptionist would call you three or four times to try and get your books in.

You’d probably know the phone call where he went to see the phone call, you’ve been busy, you will pick the phone up. What happens now with my dentist is that with many of these books, I get an automated email and text message that says your book for this day. Click here to add this to your diary. So you get reminders from your diary. So now I can add it into my diary. It’s automated, but then it hasn’t told me I had to tell people to do that as the appointments come up. 10 days up until the appointment, I get a reminder, don’t forget you’re in the dentist on this day, three days before I’m due.

Okay, your appointment is soon. So you know, this is your last opportunity to cancel your appointment. If you don’t, you will be charged. You need to be there. And then on the day, it’s a reminder, we look forward to seeing you at 10:00. Now the amount of time that that’s going to save that dental surgery, having that automation in place is going to save the receptionist time. In fact, it almost means that you don’t need a receptionist to do that, that type of role there, right? Because you’ve got automation doing it for you. It means that your clients are going to turn up. They’re not going to bow out of their appointments. 

They’re not going to forget their appointments. It means that you’re giving a better service because you’re reminding your clients of what’s coming up and what’s happening. Now, all businesses can do this and all businesses can put this in place. And it is fairly simple to do. And if you don’t know how to do it and you haven’t got, firstly, this is the process. Maybe a bit of process first thing. Look at what in your business could be automated, what could be automated in your business, that’s the first thing and look at some of those tasks, or some of the things that people have to do.

That’s a real pain. You would prefer to be done on an automated basis to save you lots of time. That’s the first thing, right? Once you’ve established what they are, what could they be? Maybe if you ran a consultation call process where you speak to people? Well, you can automate the show up with that maybe you run a webinar, you can automate the rest of the show up text, message and email. 

So that webinar, maybe you run a meeting, a weekly meeting for your verbs or weekly meeting for your clients, wherever you can automate that process. Maybe you deal with groups of clients, so you can automate that process. Maybe you have sales appointments, where you go out and you meet people, their offices, you could automate those reminders of those appointments. So all these different things, is there’s an argument for automation to save you time, save you reminders, maybe you have a review process, you have to go back, and you have to review a client, or someone you’re working with all your team does every 12 months, maybe you’re a saddle, or a dentist or something like that, that has appointments, regular appointments and people coming in. Automation can be used in all these different areas in order to help you in your business. 

If your coach, speaker, a consultant, and somebody that does education, you can automate what you teach, right, so you can give them automated reminders and different modules, for example. So there’s all these different ways that you can bring automation into your business. The other thing you could do, let’s say that you don’t do any of that. But you got a list of clients. You could automate emails to go out, you know, every week, two weeks, one month to talk about a special offer and plan your offers 12 months in advance, and get those special offers out bringing you in sales while you’re doing other things.

Maybe you’re an E-commerce brand, you can automate emails to your niche, you could automate text messages to your list, there’s so many different things that you can do that can help you with automation that you might be missing out on. So the first step is you map out four or five things or even just one or two things you can start this process on and put that in place. Now. Secondly, you’re then going to need to look at what technology you need to replace to pull that off? Before you go and get all this different technology, do an estimation of what that automation can save you in time, or what it can make you money. 

So let’s say you can automate emails and text messages out to your list every two weeks. And on your list of 5000 people, you’re expecting three new sales, each time you get this out, those three cells are worth 100 pounds each. So that means it’s worth 300 pound. They say a weekly basis to that means that piece of automation is worth 1200 pounds a month.

So the acid test is passed in the year it’s worth us getting some automation and paying for some automation to get this in place. Because he’s going to bring us 1200 pound that within half an hour. It’s funny because a lot of people talk about wanting to make money while they sleep. Here all the time. Yeah, they don’t embrace the technology that can help them to make money whilst they sleep. Because money doesn’t fall off the monitor, you have to do the setup first, then you make money while you sleep. Right? 

Makes sense. So once you’ve established what your potential return on investment is, for putting this automation in place, then that’s when you move to what technology and that might be the you’re going to need a CRM system. And you might have one already, we’re using Infusionsoft. So people in my industry use Infusionsoft. It’s good for a big business. But there’s a lot of others that you can use, you know, basic ones like MailChimp, stuff like that. You can start some automation in place from those. So which you’re going to use, then you’re going to look if you want automated text messages, you just have to find a text message provider.

Maybe that is we use Text local, for example, among others. Go and buy bulk sets off them and that automation can be carried out. And then the only other thing you need is you need to link it together. And there’s really one app that is the best thing for automation which is as Savior, and that will link all your different automations together. 

Anyway, a little bit of research on your part or if you’re part of what we do and you’re being trained by us, you would have gone deep in these different things on these essentials anyway. You’re listening to a podcast. You’re hearing this information was the first time candover research found research outflows steps.

Number one, identify what process you can automate. Number two, how much money could you make from that automation in place? And number three, identify what software technology you’re going to need in order to put it in place. Lastly number four, just do it, the words and the words at night. And that should get you moving forward. But don’t overlook automation in your business as all modern businesses are using it, if they can do it, you can do it. And essentially, this could save you a lot of time, it can save you staff costs, and it can make you money. 

So it’s something you want to be putting in place in your business. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed that episode today of business growth, Secrets of loads and loads in that quick fire for you today, loads of info on automation, hopefully add some real value to you. And I look forward to hearing about your results. And of course, if you’re enjoying the podcast, go and give us a five star review. Of course, we do this podcast completely free to help business owners out there.

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