Episode 255: Essentials of the Modern Business – Funnels

Why do you need a funnel for your business? You’ve probably heard the term and you’ve certainly been in one. It may sound common and simple yet many entrepreneurs are confused about how funnels can help them with their business.

In the fifth installment of the Essentials of the Modern Business series, Adam Stott shares the importance of using funnels in your business. Adam talks about the concept of funnels to understand it better and some tools you can use to help you start with it. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • The confusion about funnels
  • How lack of conversations about your business can cause loss of profits
  • The basic concept of how funnels work
  • The difference between a website and a funnel
  • Tools that can help you start building your own funnels

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Business Growth Secrets Podcast. You’re with your host, Adam Stott. Really happy to be with you today, and we’re gonna be talking to you and we are back on the 10 Essentials that every business needs. So if you are listening to this on iTunes, Spotify, and you’ve been a big listener, we’re over 250 episodes right now, and we’ve had big names galore on the podcast.

It’s been incredible. What we’re gonna start doing from now on is actually creating these podcast episodes as videos. So you might actually be watching this on YouTube, or you might be watching a clip on Instagram, Facebook, and if you are, that’s cool, but make sure you go and check out the full podcast because we’ve got interviews with Titans, we’ve got content galore

and right now you are listening to an episode that links into a series that we’ve called the 10 essentials of a modern business. So far, we’ve been over some of these essentials, including: how to use social media ads and why you need social media ads for your business, why you need to create a list for your business, why you need to start bringing automation into the mix of what you do.

And of course, today we are gonna be talking about why you need a funnel for your business and why modern businesses need a funnel. So that’s what the episode is about today. We’re gonna jump right in and we’re gonna talk about why do you need a funnel for your business? So funnels, you’ve probably heard tons about them.

You’ve probably seen them about, you’ve certainly been in one, even if you don’t know what you are, but I’ve noticed with funnels that a lot of people get a lot of confusion. So we want to get rid of that confusion and we wanna work on understanding funnels and why funnel is imperative for your business and why it’s really, really, really important. So, in order to do this, we need to really look at a couple of things. First of all, most of you that are listening, most of you that are watching probably have a website for your business, or you’re at the stage where you’ve created a website for your business, or you’re gonna create a website for your business, but you may not have a funnel.

And at this stage you might be thinking, well, why do I need a funnel? What is a funnel? And I think the best way that I like to describe funnels, is with the website you’re gonna give a representation of your business. You’re gonna talk about your history of your business, you’re gonna look at the story of your business. You’re gonna look at your different case studies. Then you’re gonna put all your different products and services on there, and you’re gonna really build out a good representation of what your business is all about on that website.

Whereas a funnel always completely different. You don’t need all that information on a funnel because a funnel is there so you can make offers to the marketplace. Now, one of the most important lessons in business that I’ve learned along the way is that first of all, if you want to grow any business, you’ve got to increase the amount of conversations that you’re having. You need to have more conversations on an ongoing basis in order to grow your business.

And frankly, if you haven’t grown your business, It usually comes down to this one thing. Now having trained thousands of business owners and meeting people all the time and training people at the different events. The first thing that you see with people is they’ve been working on their idea. They’ve been working on their website. They’ve been working on absolutely everything, but they’re not really been launching or talking to people about their products, their services, and not being, having those conversations.

When you have a lack of conversations, you have a lack of sales. When you have a lack of sales. You create a lack of profit. When you have a lack of profit, you can’t invest in your business. You can’t invest in yourself. You can’t invest in people and you stay stuck. So really the key to growing any business is about having more conversations. If we go one step further than that, not to you to want to just be having conversations you want to be making offers.

Now, this is very, very important. The more offers you make, the more that you’re gonna capitalize on the conversations you’re having. And this is where funnels come in. Funnels are easier to build. You know, if you go and get a website built by somebody else, if you have a boy in a bedroom, do it, you know, or go in a bedroom, do it, maybe you’ll be looking at four or five weeks to get it done. Three, four weeks with you working intensive with them, you go and hire a market agency to build your website. You might be looking at three months to get that build. You might be investing thousands and thousands of pounds in actually building that website.

Even once you’ve built that website more than likely that website won’t make enough offers or it won’t compel enough people to take action. This is where the funnel comes in. So the difference with a funnel is you are literally going to be putting an offer. Into a webpage that is designed to convert. There will be no distractions on a funnel over here on the website. We’re gonna be able to go and look at your story, we’re gonna to look at your case studies. We’re gonna be able to look at the different products or services, we’re able to look at your social media pages. We’ve got a collection of everything over here on your website.

With a funnel it’s very simple. We’re gonna create an offer. We’re gonna take it to market. So where this works really well, you are watching a video like this. We’re not making any office today. This is the podcast, so it’s completely free. But if I wanted to make an offer, I wouldn’t send you to my website. I would send you to a funnel because we are having a conversation right now. And that conversation. Has some specifics what we’re talking about.

So in this case, we’re talking about funnels. So if I wanted to send you to something where you could go and get some funnels, then I would use a funnel to do that. I wouldn’t send you to my website because if I sent you to my website, you might spend four or five minutes looking at everything else and forget the conversation we had in the first place, which means the conversion goes down.

So a funnel is there. You’ve got one offer one message, and you can build that and link that to one conversation. So the conversation, the offer the message all linked together, which means your conversions go wiped up. Now, some other benefits and why every modern business should look at using funnels is it can take you anywhere to an hour, to three, four hours to create a funnel and put an offer out. We’re on a website, we’re talking three months. And if you wanna create a page on your website to add it in, and maybe you’re not a web coder, et cetera, et cetera, funnels are very easy to use.

So I would really encourage businesses to get into the world of funnels so you can create more offers. Not because I’m funnel mad. Not because I love funnels, but frankly, because I know that if you wanna grow your business, you’re gonna have to speak to more people. And when you speak to those people, if you wanna grow your business, you need to make more offers. and the easiest way to do that is through a funnel. So I think that it’s something that links to everything we’ve discussed so far.

Remember wherever you’re watching this, maybe you’re watching some YouTube. Maybe you’re watching a clip on Instagram, whatever. Remember behind this, there are 250 episodes on business grow secrets and those 250 episodes. Some of the last episodes I’ve talked about building a list well a funnel can help you do that. I’ve talked about automation, making it easy to speak your clients, automated text messages, automated emails, building relationships. We can build that into a funnel as well. I’ve talked about social media advertising and why you should be doing that. And of course, running ads to a funnel is gonna get those offers out there even more and all these things linked together.

So today’s episode has really been about the modern business and the essentials that you need. And hopefully that’s woke you up to using funnels and how it can make a difference to your business. So I’ll be very clear about what we use. We use click funnels, we feel it’s the best. We’ve used all the different landing page softwares, but you know, for us, click funnels is very, very good. We’ve been using it for a long, long time in our business. I highly recommend it. Great thing, great product and something pretty much all the world’s top marketers. If you look at people that are spending, you know, hundreds of thousands per month, or millions of pounds per year on advertising, usually the funnel software they’re using is click funnels.

So it’s definitely one you should check out. I’ll put a link in the description of this video. So you can look at how you can use click funnels to go and build funnels. And you can do that. Or if you’re watching, if you’re listening, sorry, and you’re listening on Spotify or iTunes, just go over to click funnels, check it out. And it’s a software that I highly, highly recommend really, really good. And there, you can start to build your first offers and get yourself going. You know, if I look back to when we started first started using. I first started using ClickFunnels about five, six years ago, as well as some other landing page software and five, six years ago, what we found before we were using.

It’s probably longer than six years now, actually, but before we were using it, we would just be putting our new offers onto the website. But when we were putting the new offers onto the website, what would happen? Let’s say we’re coming up with an event. We’re one running one of our three events. We put it on the website. We’ve got it under the events page. What we’re now relying on is somebody going to the website, not getting distracted by the 50, 60, 70 other things that they can do on the website.

Looking at case studies, looking at testimonies, looking at online products, and we’re hoping that they find the next event that’s coming up. And the reality is they’re not gonna, which really brought the conversions down. So I had to look at how can we get one message to the right person to get the offer, which is the event and get it to convert. And that’s when we move to funnels is saying I’d recommend for your business too.

So hopefully you’ve enjoyed that episode today. We keep these nice and short 10, 15 minutes. This episode has been a continuation of the 10 essentials that are modern business should be using. The modern business is a business that is embracing technology to go and increase their sales, a business that is embracing strategy or marketing strategy to increase their sales, to increase their profits.

That’s something that every single one of you should be doing. And of course, if you haven’t already, and you’ve been listening to the podcast or quite some time, it’s completely free. Don’t make offers on the podcast. If you could spare a moment to go and give us a five star review, that would be really appreciated or subscribe. So you can see the next episodes coming up. We have a, a mix of interviews with Titans dragons, TV stars, TV celebrities, along with episodes like this with me, where I just throw content. To get you to start making some moves. So take an action from today, go and complete that action. And perhaps your action is today. You need to make more offers to start looking at funnels. Well done, everybody. And I look forward seeing you on the next episode.

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