Episode 257: Essentials of the Modern Business – Showtime

Getting yourself into a TV show that reaches a lot of people is hard 10-20 years ago and not everyone gets that opportunity. However, at present, creating a show using all the different platforms, like this Podcast, to reach an audience has become easier. Thanks to the ever-improving technology, everyone has the power of creating their own shows.

In the seventh installment of the Essentials of the Modern Business series, Adam Stott shares the importance of having a SHOW and how it can turn you into an “Authority” in your industry. Adam talks about the different shows that you can create and how you can turn your business in this direction. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights:

  • How having a show for your business can make you an “Authority” in your industry
  • Building a relationship through the show
  • Speaking to more people with a podcast
  • What types of shows you can create for your business
  • How shows can bring in more clients to your business
  • Meeting a lot of cool people by having a show

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hi, everybody, welcome back to another episode of Business Growth Secrets. You’re with your host, Adam Stott. I’m excited for today’s episode, which is a continuation of the 10 Essentials for a modern business. And hopefully you’ve been listening already, you’ve been getting some value. So far, we’ve talked about funnels, we’ve talked list building, we’ve taught demonstration of power, we’ve talked so many things. This is another one, which is something that can give you an edge in the marketplace to modernize your business. It’s something that might have crossed your mind before but you haven’t taken action on. Are you enjoying the benefits already? And today we’re going to be talking about the power of your business having its own show. 

So why do you need your own show? And what is the power of having your own show? Why is it important? Well, if you look at the show we’re on right now, Business Growth Secrets. This show is something that I do for completely free. It’s not something that we look to monetize, we just look at it as a relationship builder. So if you’ve been listening, you’ve been listening for quite some time from running for many years. We’ve had many different celebrities and stars on this show as well. Where we’ve been able to meet great people and build great relationships, so many benefits. I’m going to break these benefits down for you. 

So you can take them in bite sized chunks. But having your own show means that you are able to talk on the topic of your business, the industry of your business, and you are able to gain what we call authority. Authority is you giving your views your opinions about the business about the industry. Which then you are expressing those views and opinions and building relationships with other people that are interested in your industry. Now, what this does over a period of time is it builds relationships with new potential clients. New potential prospects to go on to do business with you forever. And it’s very, very important. It’s a long game strategy. 

You know, you don’t necessarily expect people to come on. The moment they listen to a podcast episode or a YouTube show, or whatever it is that you’re putting together to instantaneously go, oh, what’s your product service? No, it’s not about that. It’s about building a relationship where you build that know, like, and trust on an ongoing basis. So people really get to know who you are. There’s a lot of power in that if somebody knows who you are. Before you even meet them they’re going to form an opinion. 

And hopefully by that stage, they like you and they value what you’ve done. So far more than likely, they’re going to want to become one of your clients. Now, most businesses don’t do this. Most businesses offer their products or services, they don’t have any type of show. And by not having any type of show they miss an opportunity to have conversations with their prospects. If you’ve been listening to what I’ve been saying during these 10 essentials in modern business, you will see that there’s a heavy focus on increasing the amount of conversation jabs. 

Now that really is what runs through those 10 Essentials. How do we speak to more people? And of course, the show gives you that opportunity to speak to more people. So you might be thinking at this stage, “Adam, what type of show should I have?”. And you know, how do I get my show set up and different things like that. So a podcast, for me, is a really good one. Why can you do it? Like we’re doing it right now. Maybe you’re listening to me on Spotify, iTunes, maybe on the adamstott.com website, you’re listening through the list on there, whatever. Or maybe you’re watching me physically on YouTube. The good thing about a podcast is it gives you the opportunity to even do it. where you actually video it or you can do it via audio. You don’t actually need to show your face. 

And you get to go and have those conversations you get to bring guests on. You can get out to market so the podcast is a really good one. But when I first started out, I didn’t do a podcast. In fact, the first show I ever did was a YouTube show. That show was called The Big Business Show. And I went out and I interviewed really good people and I built relationships with really good people. And I met some amazing contacts on my journey. I need it very, very early on. And we’re going back seven, eight years now. And if you go back seven, eight years, and you look at those episodes that I did back then they were the foundations of me starting to build a personal brand. 

Since then, I’ve done a podcast, it’s got 250 episodes, I’ve done the TV show, which has been poor twice, I’ve been featured on million pound and TV show there. In addition to that, I built an audience of 225,000 people on Instagram 300,000 people on Facebook and overall like, pretty much a million people, including my email list, know who I am a million conversations, which obviously grows your business, when I started out didn’t have any of that. I was right at the ground bottom beginning, people didn’t know who I was, or didn’t have conversations out in the marketplace. 

And so the first thing you gotta do is you got to look at what type of show do I want? Do you want a podcast where you record audio, and I’ll tell you some more reasons why you want it in a minute. But you have to think about what type of show you would have. So maybe it’s a podcast where you record audio, you get used to it, you record it either on your phone, you can go that simple. You can buy a simple podcast recorder, you can do a video like this up to you. Maybe you do a YouTube show where once a week, you invite a guest on, you invite a friend, don’t invite somebody from the industry that you are around, and you have a great conversation, you get that out of the market. 

Perhaps you do a Facebook Live show where every single week on a certain time, certain day, you go live, this is something else I’ve done sprawl, great success. We did that actually, during the pandemic, where I literally went live every single day, called it a show name, ran it for a show time and picked up tons and tons of clients and been to lots of relationships. Maybe you do an Instagram Live Show, where you interview people live on Instagram, you’ve got all these different options. This is incredible, right?

Never before have you really had the opportunity where you can have your own show. If you wanted to be on somebody else’s show 1020 years ago, you’d have been trying to get on TV, it would have been very difficult for you to get that opportunity. And now you can literally create your own show, put it out to market and if you create sound good people will sauce it. And when people start seeing it, they’re going to start to build their relationship with you, you’re gonna have more conversations, so you can make more offers. 

So you can make more money, you can build your brand, you can help more people, wherever your ambitions are a show can help deliver that for you. Really, really important that you look at how your business as a modern business starts to move in this direction, because, frankly, your social media, the second word is media. And you should be using it as your media channel to get out to market.

Now another really cool side benefit of having your own show is you can meet really cool people. Let’s take the podcasts that I run, for example, you know, one of the recent episodes about. I didn’t know these people before the podcast, I invited them on the podcast they came on at some of them asked to be on the podcast both ways. And we built those relationships. And through building those relationships, I got to know them really well. 

So you can actually go and build relationships with industry experts, people that you can start to get to know that maybe without show, you wouldn’t be able to get to know in the first place. So there’s lots of different benefits, it’s something that a modern business can do, it is not super difficult to do. You just need a little bit of discipline, and a little bit of consistency. You start small, and you build up. The longer it goes, the more traction you get. And if you stay on track, eventually you’ll produce something of real quality that gets you out into the marketplace that gets your business now, that gets your business clients that gets your business sales that gets you better relationships with your prospects. 

So hopefully, you’ve really bought into that. And you understand that having your own show can be something very, very, very powerful. So get to work, start brainstorming, what can you do? What can you put in place? And of course, if you want to listen to the show, and you want to see what I’m doing, you can go to adamstott.com, iTunes, Spotify, and you can see all the episodes and get listening because it’s so much value in. I really enjoyed today’s episode. And I will see you very soon. 

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