Episode 270: Mastering Your Mindset

To be successful in business, you need to learn and understand the proper mindset in order to win. Part of this is understanding the psychology of a winner. And ultimately, you need it to learn the critical areas of a business so you would know every detail to become successful.

In this episode, Adam Stott shares one of the critical areas of a business that you need to address in order for it to become a success and that is mastering your mindset. Adam discussed his experience during his time at the London Business Show.

Show Highlights:

  • How Adam spent his time at the London Business Show
  • Critical areas of a business
  • How important Belief System is before acquiring different skills
  • Believing in yourself that you’re a WINNER
  • If you’re not doing it, you’re not learning
  • The right mindset that you need in order to succeed

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Please note this is a verbatim transcription from the original audio and therefore may include some minor grammatical errors.

Adam Stott:

Hey everybody. Welcome to Business Growth Secrets podcast. Today’s episode, I wanna talk about the mindset of a winner. I’ve just been at the Business show for two days, met so many amazing people. It was an incredible time. So we’ll mention a little bit about that as well and what that journey was like and why it’s so important to get yourself out now, we’ll use a couple of examples as we go through this podcast, so we’re gonna jump right in. Gonna be some amazing content today.

I wanna ask one small favor if I can before we get started. Business Growth Secrets, the podcast now 300 episodes. We’ve had millionaires, we’ve had billionaires, we’ve had a list, celebrities on this, guests, plus I’m throwing content out there like mad. You know, we’re just trying to help business owners to grow.

Now, with everything going on in the economy right now, whether you’re hearing about cost of living crisis and hearing about all these types of things, I think it’s more important than ever to keep your mindset right, keep your psychology right, and as a podcast listener, if you’re listening to this, you are in the 80% of highest income earners, they say the podcast listeners are 80% more likely to be a high income earner. And I wanna get more people listening to podcasts, not even just my own, I listen to them all the time. I think it’s really important.

So if you could just take a few seconds of your time to share this episode with somebody you know, that is either starting a business from the beginning. They’re gonna be able to find so much inspiration, so much help, learn from millionaires, learn from billionaires. So you just sharing that podcast with them, encourage them to listen, to make a real change in their life is the beginning of their journey. Or perhaps somebody that’s been running their business right now for a while but they’re a bit stuck. They’re finding things a bit tougher.

Maybe they look a bit tired. If you could imagine that person in your mind and you wanna help raise their energy, perhaps share it with someone like that. Or if you know somebody super successful that wants to learn from billionaires and millionaires, share it with them too. Really important. That is how the podcast grows. Podcast. These are different mediums, so a lot in the social media. In order to grow it, we wanna just add tons of value to you, and I’ll ask you if you could just share it for us quickly with somebody that could gain a real benefit for the episode. So once you’ve done that, come back and let’s jump in and let’s get straight into the psychology of a winner and all about the business show.

Today we’re gonna be talking about the mindset of a winner and the business show. So we have just spent two days at the London Business Show. It was absolutely incredible in the ExCel. If you can imagine the biggest conference center in the UK absolutely jam packed full of businesses. We had a big room where we were doing seminars for our clients. We did six events. Over the course of the two days, met some amazing people.

We spoke on different topics, so one of the topics we spoke on was Secrets of the World’s Top Marketers. Another one of those subjects that we spoke on was really the mindset psychology of a winner. And the third topic we spoke about was really selling to win how to sell through fear how to sell to serve, which was really great as well. Now in addition to running those events, you know what I really loved about the show, was so many of clients from the past, clients that current come out and supported us, spent time with us. There was seven or eight of my clients who were actually at the show who showcasing their businesses, which is really cool to see.

Cause it shows how much they’ve grown. It shows their attitude to sales, it shows their attitude to marketing, it shows their attitude to investment. And they were out there in force doing great things. So I was really proud. If you’re a client of mine, that was exhibiting well done. You did absolutely amazing. I was really proud of every single one of you that did that. It was absolutely incredible. And then of course we were exhibiting too and we did some really cool stuff.

One of the really important things about shows is to stand out, you got to stand out, you got to get known. We put together a quiz on the ultimate business model where we got people to go through the quiz, free of charge, see where their weaknesses are, were, see what they need to work on. That’s something that attracted hundreds and hundreds of people to stand. We had lots of stressful that we were given out for free based on the weaknesses, and we put together amazing goodie bags and we just met so many people.

So it was incredible, incredible event. Really, really enjoyed it. And one of the highlights of the event for me, was that I did a keynote talk, so there was only a few people that were doing keynotes on the main stage. I was one of those, and I was told by the organizers that my keynote was the most attended event over the entire two days, which was incredible. We had people all the way along the front, all the way the sides, all the way to back. The keynote stage only had seats for 70 people. We had about 350 people watch.

And what I’ll probably try and do for the podcast is we’ll look at the quality of the audio and if the audio is good quality, then we will put that keynote on the podcast. For you to listen to because we took the audio clips of that. And really what I did in that is I walked through the critical areas of a business and what I’ll do, cause I’ve got the flip chart here, is I’ll quickly just draw out for you some of the things that we were looking at.

The first thing we really looked at, And which is what we’re gonna talk about a little bit today, was really mastering you. The psychology of a business owner, the psychology of a winner. That was the first thing.

Now the six critic squares, just give a bit context for you. If you wanna grow a business, if you wanna be more successful, if you want to get to the stage where your business isn’t stuck at six figures, isn’t stuck at seven figures. That you go on to build a multi multimillion pound business, then really there’s only six critical areas that you wanna master in the modern times. Right? Back in the day, it might have been slightly different, but right now having trained thousands of business owners, these are the six critical areas, and the foundation is you.

Your decision making, your mindset, how you approach business, that is the foundation. And because at the end of the day, there’s only one of you. Some people, often people say, what’s special about your business? Well, let me tell you what’s special about your business. You. Because you’re completely unique. There’s only one of you that only ever be one of you, right? So we’ve got to get really clear and understand that the better that you become, the better your business will become, and that is the first critical area to understand your psychology. I’m gonna give you some tips on that today.

The second critical area. Is marketing. We’ve got to understand that if you want to grow your business, you’ve got to get out to market, you’ve got to understand how to market your business. And really marketing is how do you increase the amount of conversations you are having. And also how do you increase the meaningfulness of the conversation?

So how do you make the conversation meaningful? How do you target the right client and so much more from there. We need to get good at sales. Even if you hate sales, you’ve got to change your mindset around sales, which starts with the psychology, because in business you’re always gonna be setting, it’s another critical area. From there, there is business strategy. This is gonna help you to increase your profit, the numbers which are gonna help you to monitor. And then of course, building a. That gets you known and gets you clients chasing you.

Now for the moment and for today, we’re just gonna focus on mastering you, and your mindset. We’re gonna talk a little bit about your mindset as a business owner, cause that’s essentially the starting point and really the most important thing to get mastered straight away in order to get great results.

And this is what we were doing at the show, we were talking to people during my keynote, during our sessions, during our quizzes, all about this fundamental about having this mindset right. And I’m gonna give you a few tips on the podcast today.

The first tip I want to give you is that, these are skills. Marketing is skills. Sales are skills. Business strategy is skills. Numbers are skills. Branding is skills. These are skills that all can be learned, right? Very, very easily. You can become good at marketing, good at sales, good at branding, good at strategy. If you focus and you get super zoned in. On this skillset and really whatever your weaknesses is in these skillsets, that will be what’s holding you back.

So if you don’t know the numbers that will be holding you back, because you can’t make the right decisions, if you are not marketing your business effectively, that’ll be holding you back. Because not enough people know who you are and if people dunno who you’re, they can’t buy your products and services. If you can’t sell or you struggle to sell or you hate making the offers, that’s where you’ll struggle as well. Because sales is very important because that’s what’s gonna create more profit, more business that’s gonna keep the bank account full. So whatever you are not strong at in those areas, that would be holding you back a little bit.

But there’s skills and there’s something that comes before skills in business and that is mastering you. It’s your belief system. And I was talking about this at, during my keynote that it’s super important. And, and another thing, a podcast episode that’s gonna be coming up is a podcast that I did with Harpreet, from The Apprentice. She won this year’s Apprentice. I watched The Apprentice this year. She was a standout candidate. She was absolutely amazing.

When I sat down to do the interview of her, she just said, Adam, like I didn’t go to be a part of The Apprentice, I went there to win. Right. That was very simple. Her belief system was there. She said, I went there just solely to win. I wasn’t going there to be on a TV show. I was going there to win. And, and really that for me, demonstrates the psychology of a winner. And this is the kind of mindset that you got to cultivate.

So many people are afraid to let themselves down that they don’t want to commit to winning. They don’t wanna commit to goals. They don’t wanna commit to targets cause they don’t wanna feel like they didn’t succeed. And that might sound familiar with you and if it does sound familiar with you, we’ve got to change that mindset. We’ve got to change that psychology. Because, hey, look, you don’t win all the time, but when you get your belief system right and you believe in yourself and you have self-belief and you go to win invariably, You do win.

I’ve had multiple different businesses, I’ve had my ups and downs in business and I’ve built multimillion pound companies. Also I’ve been at the place where I’ve been starting out and I’ve been struggling and not knowing what to do. I’ve been in the place where, you know, we, we’ve got million pound we coming in. I’ve been through the whole ups and downs and business journey. What I would say, is this, you’ve got to cultivate that belief first. You got to have your mindset say that you’re a winner and you got to convince yourself and sell yourself on the fact that you’ll win. If you do this, everything else becomes so much easier because the reality is these skill sets here.

Marketing, sales, business strategy, numbers, and branding. They’re the critical elements of growing a successful business, and every single one of you can learn them. When I started out as a horrible market and nothing about market, I didn’t even know what marketing was, but marketing was saying you did a university. I didn’t understand that that was something you did in business. That I didn’t even get it right when I was at the beginning, but what I did is I commit. I mastered it, I learned, I was on marketing for as long as you can possibly imagine. Then I read every book going, I watched every YouTube video. I listened to every resource that was out there in the world.

And then once I consumed that, I stopped wasting time and I got mentoring and coaching that area and that’s when I really took off. When I got the right coaches. So I mastered that skillset, but it took me a long time to. Right. And if, if you haven’t mastered that yet, that’s gonna help you. Sales is something I’m mastered in my career, something I still practice today. All of these can be learned, but this one is the step that you need to take and you can do some work for yourself for sure.

You can do some work on your mindset. You’re doing some work on your mindset right now just by listening and that’s great. But one of the things, recently I was listening to somebody else that does great podcasts. Cause I’m always learning, I’m always listening. And he was talking about on this podcast that, hey, just listening is not enough. Right? If you are not doing, you are not learning, right? So it’s really, really important to make sure that if you are listening, you’re practicing and you’re putting things in place.

So you’ve got to be saying to yourself right now, if your mindset is still a bit off. If you don’t believe that you can win. If you’re full of self-doubt, if you’re struggling a little bit, you’ve got to have a conversation with yourself. You’ve got to tell yourself every single day, I’m a winner, I’m a winner, I’m a winner, I’m a winner, I’m a winner.

I’m gonna be successful no matter what it takes. And if you can start to do that, you’ll start to see some changes in your psychology. Those changes in your psychology are gonna build your belief, which is gonna see you get better results. And I think it’s really, really, important. You got to have that mindset, that you’re not going to compete. You’re not trying. You are going to win. That is the mentality. I’m going to succeed in business.

So I meet people all the time and they’re like, well, I just started in business. I’ve got a little business, and they’re putting themselves down. The bottom line, if you are listening to this and you’ve started a business, you are further ahead than 95% of the country already who are still working in jobs or unemployed, and you’ve started your business. You’re being entrepreneurial.

So you’ve got to give yourself some credit for that. And now you’ve got to say, this business is gonna be successful no matter what. And you have to sell yourself on that. You have to sell yourself on the psychology. If you do that, your results are going to change. Manage the story you tell yourself in your head. Everybody has a story. Everybody has a story as to why they are not successful or why they are successful. Successful people tell themselves the same story. I’m a winner. I’m going to succeed. I’ll find a way. I’ll make it happen. And they tell themselves that story where people are unsuccessful, tell themselves a different story.

I’m too young, too young to succeed. I’m too old to succeed. Well, look, you know, you’re never too young. You’re never too old. And right now, if you’re saying you’re too old, you know you’re only gonna get older. So you might as well start now. Right. You know, if you’re saying you’re too young, that’s a brilliant advantage. Get started right now. So all of these things that we tell ourselves and the story that we tell ourselves in our heads, we need to replace that with a more positive, empowering story that is gonna allow you to go out there and succeed. I wanted to do this podcast for you today to just tell you that the foundation of success is you, and how good are you right now?

How good is your mindset right now? And if it’s not quite there, go to work on it. You know, start to believe in yourself more. You can be successful, you can do this, you can make it happen. The skillsets can all be learned. Mentoring, coaching, finding people that are successful in this area will allow you to get these skillsets. So all of this can be done. Right, but mastery you is the first phase.

There’s one other thing that I wanted to share actually because a lot of people at the business show, they’re coming up to me. We had all different types of people, super successful people there. They’re absolutely smashing it, doing great, love talking to those people. And lots of ’em are gonna be working with us moving forward, which is awesome. People that were a bit stuck and he had people that started out, and this is for the people starting out and this is for the young people, cause I met a lot of young people as well, and for the people starting out and the younger people, a lot of people looking for one big idea.

I see this all the time. It’s like, oh, I dunno. I wanna be an entrepreneur, a business owner. I don’t wanna work for somebody else. To get control over my future, but I haven’t got that idea yet. The bottom line is the idea is just 1%. The idea is 1%, you can be a successful recruitment business. You can be a successful drinks business, food business, restaurant, whatever, there’s successful businesses in every single sector. You’re not looking for an idea. You’re not looking to be the next Uber to get started as an entrepreneur.

You know, in fact, if you look at Travis who, who ran Uber, he had multiple other interests in businesses before he ever got Uber. The idea comes when you are qualified to handle the idea, but what you got to do is start becoming a business owner, an entrepreneur, and gaining control of your own future from the beginning.

So I always say to people, focus on what you’re good at. Look at for your idea. All you got to do is say, Hey, what am I really good at? Are you good with people, sales, marketing? Are you good at some part of your role in your job? You know, I had a, a client of mine, Mary, She struggled with this for quite a long time. Eventually she’s gone on to be really successful because she did exactly this. So Adam, I’m really good at winning tenders.

So what she did, she started tendering business, right? Because she could help people. She knew how to do it, she was confident in it and got a start in it quicker. She played around all different ideas and eventually she went, bang, that’s what i’m good at I’m gonna do it. So what I would say to you is, look at what you’re good at. Use what you’re good at and develop that idea and stay on one course until you are successful.

Fundamentally, the starting point, the starting block for anyone is make yourself the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Continue to work on you, and if you listen to this and you’re a superstar and you’re successful, this is critically important for you as well to keep reinforcing that foundation. You know, you are always, no matter how successful you are.

Even if you are top of the tree, millionaire multimillionaire, you need mentoring. You need coaching, you need to be playing with people that are playing at a higher level than you. So if you are doing a million, you need to be around people doing 10. You know you are doing 10. You need to be around people doing a hundred. If you are doing a hundred, you need to be around people doing a billion. So you’ve always got to be growing because at the end of the day, you’re either growing or you’re dying. And obviously we wanna be growing, we wanna be in that place.

Okay, so hopefully you’ve found some value in what we’ve had to talk about today. You know, we’ve mentioned the business show, we’ve mentioned psychology. We’ve mentioned some of the fundamental skill sets, and you’ve been listening to the podcast and you’ve been enjoying it. I’d really ask you with the podcast, we don’t do any sponsorships. We don’t sell on the podcast, we just do it. Pure value. Pure value, pure value.

And of course we wanna work with you at some stage and you can go and look at so big business event adams com. See the kind of things that we do. We’ve got events running all the time, but what I would say to you is this, if you could help me to help another business owner by sharing this podcast with somebody else that mean the world to me. And I’m sure it would mean the world to them.

So have a little search of your mind. See who you could share the podcast with and go out there and share it. Do somebody else a favor today where they can start listening to. And getting value from business growth secrets big thank you to everybody and I haven’t met you in person already. I very much look forward to meeting you in person. Thanks everyone. I’ll see you on the next episode of Business Growth Secrets.

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